Thursday, March 27, 2008

Latest Astrology Aspects

Thought for the week:If something you are doing is notworking, doing more of it won't workany better.******************************Thursday March 27, 2008 WOW day…Today the moon in Sagittarius travels overA very sensitive spot which PLUTO goingBackwards over these next few months WILLAgain touch on later in October. AND whichHas already been sensitized in 2007.
WHAT issues have you not cleared in yourLife yet? IN your emotions? AND what doYou KNOW you need to do and have beenPutting off is the question? AND the timeIs NOW to do it…or at least it feels likeThat this weekend.
Sagittarius would like you to have someFUN today and even though we are into a ratherExplosive energy you could have a great dayIf you are willing to let go and think HOWIMPORTANT WILL THIS BE IN 10 years?2 years? 6 months? Laugh not fight is your]Theme for the next 4 days…
Right now energy is high as We are intoTransformation and over the next few days asWe come closer and closer to the PLUTO Station.Pluto getting ready to go retrograde. PlutoMoves retrograde on April 2nd.
Extremism is the theme and as the sun andMars get closer to their exact square on 3/30 at12:22am. EXTREMISM and hot energy bringsUp issues for folks only so that we can seeOur own “:STUFF” and get clearer on howWe really want to live.
11:56am great speak your mind energy1:08pm Great speak your mind and beSorry later energy as URANUS the planetOf SURPRISES enters the game9:13pm Venus and the moon make a squareAnd maybe people do not respond as weMight wish them to. (WHEN do they?)11:05pm the moon squares off with URANUSAnd surprises and some interesting energyComes in dreams tonight- Color today purple for spiritual connection- Use turquoise to connect to the dynamics of balance, and spiritual illumination- Oil of Jasmine for love- Kiss, believe and make it happen
"Although it may crown you Queen for a Day, the worldcannot confer the recognition that will make you feel fulfilled.Only you can. Congratulate yourself upon the completionof a personal accomplishment."– Sarah Ban Breathnach************************************************Did you know?CLEAR QUARTZ AMPS EVERYTHING UP:For me this is a stone or energy NOT TO BEUSED ALONE GOLD IS YANG OUT OUTGOING ENERGYSILVER IS MORE YIN AND BRINGS IT INTO SELFAND THEN YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT TO DOWITH IT WHITE GOLD magically combines both******************************************************Friday March 28, 2008 LOTS OF GOOD STUFF GOING ON
Today at 6:21am the moon moves v/c or times out andAt 7:43pm will enter Capricorn. This is a rather longv/c or time out and the aspect with Neptune is a magicalone.
ABET…today is not the greatest energy for doing your billsor balancing the checkbook. BUT wonderful forworking on manifesting your dream, your visionand imagining what COULD BE in order to create it.
Aspects today are many and most of them reallyHelpful. At 10pm tonight as the moon touchesPLUTO we get a hefty dream time of whatTHE NEXT STEP is for ourselves.
TransformationIs the theme today as PLUTO IN Capricorn touchesThe moon for the energy of seeing our emotionsIn order to transform them.
Today carries a bit of SUPERSIZE me energy withVenus,(LOVE) and what we like, and Jupiter(SUPERSIZE IT) and Uranus (CHANGE) all workingTogether for a change. It is Hard to call this day butDo slow down, and double check details and
Then STEP INTO THE what COULD BELand in your mind and begin to create yourNext month… or maybe next year…..Plans today should be full of dreamsAnd very closely tied in with your guidesAnd angels as they are truly being awakenedAnd also (JUST LIKE YOU) downloadedWith some new intuitive and connectionPowers.- COLOR today Purple for spirit- Use Lapis Lazuli to open the 3rd eye and balance The throat chakra and hook you into INNER VOICE- Oil of Clove which is one of the most powerful oils There is to create healing ...inner and outer- OIL OF RELEASE TO LET GO OF ALL OBSTACLES to you being aware of how divine and perfect you are..************************************************You've got a lot of choices.If getting out of bed inthe morning is a chore andyou're not smiling ona regular basis, try anotherchoice. -- Steven D. Woodhull*********************************I HAVE A NEW SIGN IN MY OFFICEit says “YOU are never finished butAlways Complete”
(not this week)
It sits next to the sign that saysDO LESS….BE MORE..********************************************************************BOEING PARAPSYCHOLOGY SHOW IN KENTWASHINGTON TODAY AT 9am to 5pm.
Saturday March 29, 2008 A GREAT CAPRICORN moon dayToday is a Last quarter moon, meaning that the sun wearingThe sign of Aries is not playing well with the moon inCapricorn . That moon says ACCOMPLISH and work,And the sun says FREEDOM, joy and fun…
So, maybe we can do both today and use thatSaturn aspect at 1:08am to find what the next stepIs for ourselves.- Color today PINK for love of self- I will be using the stone (Really petrified tree sap) AMBER Which reminds us our ancient soul connections to self and To others. WHICH I always wear to Shows when I am out in the public. TO me this stone is protective also.- Oil of lavender to soothe, calm and slow us all down
- Kiss for today, is keep it simple and remember at 3:14pm asMars moves into opposition with the moon and Mars in CancerIs very sensitive and The moon is a bit bossy. So walk softlyToday and do truly Keep it simple sweetie*****************************************************Higher power is the only power. Higher self is the only self. -- Alan Cohen***************************************************Sunday March 30, 2008 SUN SQUARE MARSEarly in the am. 12:22am pdt
This aspect again is pushing all ourEmotional buttons ..>NOT to punish us but ratherTo show us what within ourselves needs transformation.
The sun in ARIES and Mars in Cancer is a recipeFor the pot boiling over if you overdo. SO, let goOf old worn out emotions and do something PHYSICALToday. Get outdoors, watch the sunset, go to the water,Or hike, and just be energized by all the options you trulyDo have in your life.
The moon in Capricorn until 9:54pm when it movesv/c with a NICE mercury aspect is nothing to worryabout and should help many of us accomplisha great deal if we choose that option.
Some of you have been putting off choices andThis weekend may be the weekend that the finalStraw comes in and we finally find freedom andGET IT DONE: for many of us, Sunday should beA day of reflection on inner turmoil and workingOn clearing that in order to get ready for SATURNTo move direct next week. MORE to do willCome with this aspect on May 2nd. So get ready,Clear the decks and use this high energy weekendTo accomplish what you have left undone.
David Pond on his SPRING EQUINOX cd mentionsThat this is the ATTACK THE GARAGE, ATTACKThose closets, Attack the yard ….weekened…NOTAttack anything or anyone else. And I agree.- Color today yellow for the joy of what you have and be Willing to open to more joy in your life- Use Amethyst for protection and to clear energy today- Oil of sage for all of the above- Kiss for today be open to happy surprises and slow downAnd be open to angelic messages & ALWAYS REMEMBER If you cannot love yourself, you have no chance to loveanother person. " Matthew Ford***************************************************"Everything you need to make you happy in this world is inside you."Source Unknown*********************************************************Monday march 31, 2008 MOON IN Aquarius day
At 6;34am the moon slides into Aquarius and theMood certainly lightens and many of us may wonderWhat the energy was this weekend. Read aboveAnd you may understand what happened.
OR some of you read it first and it did not happenPerhaps. The Aquarius energy makes an uncomfortableAspect with Saturn the planet of accountability andSo getting into the groove this am may not be easy.
Slow down and realize that it will get done andDo not push yourself or others if possible today.
Neptune, North node and CHIRON are allIn Aquarius so the aspects over this next 24Hours are about (what we need to do NorthNode) (Healing , Chiron) and (illusion, orRather dreamy energy : Neptune) Mix this withThe moon which is emotions and we have anInteresting couple of days. Aquarius isFIXED AIR energy and ruled by the planetOf surprises did you know that? So, expectGREAT surprises and have a day when youAvoid taking anything personally please- Kiss for today is the above…- Color today Red for passion of life or pink for love- Use diamonds, sapphire or ruby for the same- Oil of Juniper to elevate spiritual awareness and create feelings of peace and love***********************************************Is life not a hundred times too short for us to stifle ourselves. ~Friedrich Nietzsche*********************************************APRIL STONE FOR THE MONTH IS another of my favorites:GOLDEN CITRINE one of the 2 minerals upon this planet whichdoes not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipatesand transmutes it, working out problems on physical andsubtle levels is the gift of this WONDERFUL energy…
This is the merchants stone also and helps in acquiringwealth and to maintain the state of wealth.Balances the yin-yang energy and opensAnd energizes the solar plexus, helping us withPERSONAL POWER, CREATIVITY, Decisivenessand ENDURANCE: Helps to clarify problems also…***********************************************
HAPPY APRIL 2008 the 4th month in a number 1 yearMaking APRIL 2008 a 5 month of CHANGES for us all:
Tuesday April 1, 2008HAPPY APRIL FOOLS day with the moon in AquariusMaking great aspects to that Sun in Aries. Today ifAll goes well, I have a day off when I get to go northWith a friend and see the tulips. This would be aPerfect recipe for today.
Today truly life does draw without an eraser andWe can really get creative with the energy.ENJOY today as tomorrow heats up and youCould already be feeling PLUTO getting ready to goRetrograde at 2:23am Wednesday morning.
Pluto retrograde always is a time when we moveInward and do processing on an internal level. ThisRetrograde is different than anything you have ever knownAs Pluto has not been in the sign of CAPRICORN for260 years.. and it will now begin to back into SagittariusOver this summer. Get ready for some new andPowerful energies in your life and to see the sameOut there in the world.
KISS FOR TODAY::::::we could get someGreat answers if we look at ourselves as the authors of our lives.IF WE EXPECT it to come from outside ourselves we miss thisEnergy…… SO THE KISS IS YOU ARE THE MASTEROf your FATE and your soul is calling you isn’t it- Color today black for calm and deep quite- Use black tourmaline or obsidian for grounded and protection- Sage is good today for clearing and cleaning energy- Oil of Bergamot for depression and this is the main herb in EARL GREY TEA you know? Lots of oils can be found in food and teas and that is an excellent way to get them*****************************************************We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds areshaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act.Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them. - Buddha**************************************************Wednesday April 2, 2008 HERE WE GO AGAINWild dreams carry over into the daytime
At 2:14am the moon moved v/c after touching down onNEPTUNE THE planet of illusion, dreams, romantic loveAnd other fun but not very realistic stuff. THIS energy rulesThe day until …well, how about rules the rest of the week…
The moon moves at 1:55pm into Pisces which has its ownDreams and visions and feelings are powerful and WATER, waterEverywhere except for the fact that how we think and speak,MERCURY moves into ARIES the sign of SELF at 10:45am..Hmmmm……. YOU KNOW the kiss already don’t you?
A MOMENT coming out of the lips and forever inSomeone else’s memory. NO nasty e mails, no fussing atOthers and Please remember that folks are going to come backAt you stronger than you come at them.
PEACE, joy and love is my theme today so maybe I willStay off e mail.2:14am the moon touches NEPTUNE2:23am PLUTO RETROGRADE10:45am MERCURY into Aries1:55pm more illusion and dreams come inAs the moon enters Pisces3:57pm a rather nice aspect with Pluto asking usTo change right now …6:16pm the moon in Pisces wanting the dream and theIllusion opposes Saturn (Transformation andAre you into reality or the dream? They just couldReally mix today and the next 2 days)- Kiss for today is- Color today white for purity of vision- Use Turquoise the stone of the shaman, teacher and protector- Oil of Oil of purity and renewal. Pine, fir, frankincense, or maybe how about the YOUNG LIVING OIL ABUNDANCE? OR maybe RELEASE which is my favorite*****************************************************It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.~e.e. cummings****************************************************** has set up an PAYPAL accountand the next 90 days anyone going to my website and donating the $12for this report I will be giving the money to Ginny Halsenfor her Grandbaby.
I know, There are so many stories and peopleneeding help out there. BUT THIS lady has given generously ofherself for her whole life and now has a very illGrandson in THE Philippines who we are trying to help.
IF you wish to know the whole story, e mail me and I willForward the e mails regarding all this to you. JUST PLEASEKNOW that this baby needs assistance. And we are trying toGet some help to them. Thank you so much for your helpWith this … NAMASTE Carol****************************************************"The bad things in life open your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before."from the movie "Good Will Hunting"***************************************************MORE COMING THE FIRST OF next week, I am soFar behind with EVERYTHING again…. WhichSeems my life theme doesn’t it? Lol
Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for thosewho fear, too long for those who grieve, too short forthose who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. -- Henry Van Dyke
HAPPY March and APRIL 2008
************************Carol Barbeaucarolastro@carolbarbeau.com206-542-7641