Thursday, March 27, 2008

Uriel's Message--Living in Integrity

Uriel's Message--Living in Integrity
Every situation is an opportunity to ascend to your Highest Good. Each experience brings you to an awareness of your potential and your level of integrity with it. When you are out of integrity your reality is out of balance with your potential. You know that this is happening when you feel lost, confused, hopeless, depressed, anxious and afraid. You regret the past and fear the future, you forget that you have the power to transform your life and create the life your heart longs for.
Many people are out of integrity when they wish for one thing while doing another. There is a gap between what they desire and what they actually manifest. They hope for change but are afraid to create it. No one can live in this way of being for long and the Shift is putting pressure on everyone to step into their potential, to move past their fears and to be in integrity with their Highest Good.
Everything in your life is an opportunity to manifest your Highest Good. The most difficult experiences occur when you are out of integrity, when you are not using your power to create but are allowing yourself to walk the middle ground. There is no more middle ground, everyone must be in the light or not, to be fully in their power or not. Everyone must now be willing to step into the flow, to follow Universal law and to co- create with it. Everyone is experiencing the full effects of their creative ability and the when the results are difficult it is a reflection of their level of integrity with their Highest Good, their power and their potential.
So much energy is shifting at this time, the vibrations are speeding up and everything is moving more quickly. You are living in the time of instant manifestation, the Universe is bringing to you the results of every thought, word and emotion. When you are out of integrity with your Self you will see the results as lack of abundance and fear. Moving into integrity means releasing your fears and doubts and allowing the Universe to work on your behalf. It is always there to support and guide you, to bring you your heart's desire but you must be willing to work with it and have faith in it, yourself and in your power. Use this time to create fearlessly and you will have the peace, joy, abundance and every good thing that you desire.
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