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Message From Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Message From Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru
What you see given is the path you too shall walk
Received by Adele Linsalata

My greetings to you at this spectacular time of your expansion a reconnection that shall have you walking alongside those of the light in this quarter of your evolution living upon your planet of Mother Earth.

As you move along I say to you patience all is in good time in which the originality of living, the directional road ahead that is bringing you up to the speed. Is it not for the fact that the acquisition of the territory ahead of you seems one that is unheard of, one that must be closely looked at for that which you are living and going through has been brought back many times, The cycle then repeats itself to clearly show in the direction in which to live and go. Many have asked what happened to others, where are they all at now? Just look around you they are here, many are living ahead of their time here in the society around you. These are the ones who come to you to give you the experience as it unfolds, as it is about to unfold. These are the ones who have lived this cycle before just like you, but this time it is for them to remember so much that they give to you the answers you seek in the questions you ask. These are the souls who have chosen to be the voices that you hear, the words that you read. These souls knew they would be here at this age of existence to give more so than many others give. They give their personal lives to assist others. Do you not see this? Do you not see what they do and go through to give you so much? Many would say I want to be like that too, well to you I say you have been in other times before you and other life times to come. You shall be the one in your time, enjoy the experience now as these masters guide you in that which you shall too be doing in the time you have already chosen.

It is as you would say going to an arena to see those of your own choosing, you enjoy the experience, they give to you everything they have, they are giving you in a directional guidance to show you what will be expected of you in your next cycle. I can then justly call to you and say you are being guided in this way, so be of that experience to willingly allow the acceptance of that in which you will be in your cycle of time Do you see what is given to you, do you hear what is given to you for then shall I say to you, see what is given in your own perception of your experience to identify that back to you as you listen to what is being given to the limitedness that you allow yourself to hear.

Yes, this is being given to you to open up as you say you are, to give to you the approach in which you have walked and experienced before. A connection to allow you to see, feel and hear your own soul echo the vibrations of the energy as it is told to you and by your own experience that you are living. To know that which they give they give away from which they have much knowledge, is this not what you have many times over yourself?

Of course it is. It is to be on that exactness that shall be aligned for you to give when it is your time. It is a show of the masters to replicate to you the knowledge which is deep within, this you shall take with you, this you shall give to those at the summit of the councils. To then be that which you shall bring to give to others in your field of time in which you have chosen. Yes, I keep saying this as it is very important for you to remember. Many have concerns that they recognize so much and why is it being excluded, it is not, it is for the gain that you are here hearing before that which you shall then do yourself. Is this clear? You have chosen to be in this arena as a spectator to imprint upon your souls consciousness of what is to come, to be there to support those in front of you. For then when your time comes it shall be for you to take that which you are experiencing and then add to it for the generation of whom shall be watching you. These masters before you shall then be with you to move you along even more; they shall gain from that experience also. No soul ever is not on a learning level.

Your planet of Mother Earth is undergoing many frequencies; she is taking on the imperfectness of earthly life upon her and here she is, still with you. Why would you like it to be no more? Yes, I asked that question, why would I not? So many are sending the consistent flow of energy to say she shall end her life. Your Mother Earth has no desire to end her life but she still feels the emotions of those upon her. She still feels that which is tearing her apart. Mother Earth does not want to end her existence so why should you? Do not discount those souls who willing give much for the education of humanities existence. They are well taken care of in their acclimation for they have returned to the original creation with much glory and applause. They now sit on the sidelines to watch as we watch, what your societies shall declare to bring forth in their newness that shall be a challenge to create but one that is inevitable. They have given the greatest as masters to bring humanity upon your planet of Mother Earth much promise for what is to come.

As you are nearing what some would say is the expansion of energy towards coming to a resolution of contentment. How remarkable is that, your time of completeness and surrounding pleasure to one another. Yes, it is attainable as a whole, it is even formulated for you to know and then give. This is why I have been giving to you the exchange about those before you and that which you shall be walking into in your time. Everything that is given to you is the key stone of the experience that has been played out before. It is then to recognize it for the true value and then embrace it. Bringing that into your own time zone to identify the correctness in which it is laid out. Once this is done then you have the blueprint as many call it to see the directional path in which you have to reach the desired outcome of your living experience.

That is what this is about. On the other spectrum of your living society it is to be the calmness in the storm of your own intellectual thought patterns to be that which recognizes the level in which each living human is existing to say that yes, I am here and you are there, in which I have the same but at this time I am here to be the watcher to be the next up inline to give when it is my time. With this you have the limitless power to be that much more in your time. To gain the necessary equivalence of knowledge to bring you to a higher plateau the next time around. As this is making more sense to be clearer in the understanding; it is that which is to be given to you, the guidance of knowledge that you have been experiencing your whole life existence. I am honored then to be with you as you are here with me, for in actuality we are all one in the same existence.

As time formulates and moves on it is that which has been developing upon your planet of Mother Earth that cries out all the same. One that the negative seems to be pushing, to bring the fear of ending into your lives, do you see this cycle being played out in the continuous generations of human life experiences? Of course you do, so did the forefathers before you experienced this in the same, that is in essence why we are here to assist you in what makes no sense at the time of your level of experience. Your forefathers had the same guidance that is why there is continuous seeking of knowledge leftover from their own experiences. We see as many search for the elusive clues to place the pieces together, to guide humans in their thirst of knowledge for the ultimate explanation for their own existence of a time in creation. To explain that which comes close to be in truth, in which the soul is reaching to show you the truth of which lies behind in front of the experience. That is why many experience what is called déjà vu, to the platform that is laid out in a timeline of existence of recognition to past events that have played out upon your planet of Mother Earth with its living habitants.

It is in remembering another time and place to makes sense of what is happening now within you. If you reach that recognition what then? Shall you claim that which cannot be claimed? Can you say that yes, I have reached the ultimate pinnacle of desire to prove that which has never been proved before? Can all of this explain what is happening to you right now? In many ways yes, it can, but then again the human society of intellectual will then once again place it as there is no evidence of existence in which you can claim.

Do you see this? Without the true evidence of the actuality the society in which you have created, shall not give to you that which you seek. It is the continuation of the experience all over once again in the system in which has been created.

Why do I bring this up? Ah very good, for every thing in which you seek is right before you but to the mind that will negate it, shall come the mind of neverness which then shall never gain the vast knowledge which is at the disposable to all, not just one.

Remember all that is given to you by those before you that you so watch and wait your turn to do also, are the answers you truly seek to get you through the times ahead. And if you have a dispute inside, it is to look at why this is in conflict and why you fight the truth so much more. For always the level in which you are experiencing is the infant in your own desires. You are in conflict to that which is truly in you, the soul truth of acceptance that there is more here than is accepted to be shown.

The beauty in which you learn to grasp all that is before you is astounding in the accumulation of knowledge that forever exists all around you at any given time of your existence. Take all that comes your way and thoroughly taste how it feels within your physical body, the digestion of which you consume the amount of energy shall always give back to you that which you seek in earnest. With this known to you now, be more than is recognized at any level or emotion and be watchful of your time to step up in your next existence to give as you see those giving so much right now. Be in the experience to see what is given and to declare that you know not what you originally thought that you gave. For those who give so much in which you are learning from give more than you ever knew, they give their life. When the time comes in your decisions to honor and recognize what is given, you then take the steps to be the true master when you give with no reservations all that you shall give to those that shall be waiting for you. The cycle complete you shall endeavor to learn even more with each step you make just as those before you.

May you be open to distinguish that which is said at all times in your physical existence to then create the original cycle of acceptance to new levels of knowledge and love of balancing oneness with all. Always know we are here with much love to you, we are here with much eagerness as you accept your next level of authority in whom you are.

May you always know peace and compassion in your heart for all that is within your reach with no harm to another as you are a master of your own destiny and those around you. Blessings to you.

I Am Lord Amin-Ru

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The Lightspeakers: Panning For Gold

The Lightspeakers: Panning For Gold
through Christie Pennington

Holy, Holy, Holy is to be your mantra. In touch with the essence of yourself and others. Flow, flow with it all, do not try to direct the course with your will but allow and trust the flow of goodness in your life. It is goodness flowing, gushing forth from the mainstream of the Godhead above your will and desires which are uneducated still.Trust the greater knowing and allow the oneness of All to be experienced by you now in all it's beauty and love.

Without judgment of good enough in any way in your experience, just noticing the pure potential for joyful experience in each moment. You are caught in the hands of the Divine as the precious energy of substance, substance and hands together molding the next experience of awareness.

Enjoy to the full the moments given, so precious they are, as you are, as all are that you meet and experience with. No experience, no person, too ordinary, too lowly to love and interchange your divinities. Together learning anew the many multiple reasons for your coming here.

Expect your joy, but do not define too closely what it must entail. Find the gold within each moment's interactions. Sift through what may appear unwanted and you will see; first the glimmer, and then the steady glow of love's ultimate aim established in every interaction, in each experience regardless how humble.

Know this, your Divine identity cannot go unmasked for long. The divinityis inherent within you and all you breathe within. This mass consciousness, this soup of awareness, every bit is divinity becoming and reforming another version of itself. You and those you see cannot be separate from such substance of All or from one another.

To see all as Divine transforms every experience, each one you meet and most importantly, yourself. It is both humbling and laudatory in the same breath, for all the wonder that you recognize within is without and within all. Seeing this wonder how can you then detail how the wonders will come or what they will look like. Can you allow the beauty within the appearance of the ugly and unwanted before it is truly revealed and unmasked before you?

This is the secret to inner joy that is unchanging. You ask the wrong questions and so receive no answers and so your longing and yearning grow. Receive your questions from the Light of All and the answers come, sometimes concealed within the questions, but the answers are always available for you at once. You may have to play catch up with your own knowledge of time however to receive them now.

"Will I become rich" is transformed to "will I always be open to receive all the goodness of safety, security and well being that I know is mine? Is that then a question or an answer for you?

"Will I find a mate" becomes "Can I express the innate vast love within me that I understand is me already" Can I ever explore fully all the love that I am which continually explodes and transforms and increases, taking on myriad shapes and forms? Is that then the question or the answer itself?

Be the fullness of the Divinity that you are. Holy and whole are you and are we together with you in the Love that is all.

Christie Pennington

The Lightspeakers are reflectors of the Light, teachers expressing wisdom and love from other realms of consciousness, their purpose is to empower us by stimulating our conscious remembering of our Divine connection. Christie Pennington is a channel, intuitive coach, writer and speaker. As the voice of The Lightspeakers, she is called to help you to remember who you are. Sign up for The Lightspeakers free newsletter at * * * Individual and group channeling/ spiritual coaching/workshops * phone: 540 371 1507 * Christie also writes in her own voice at her blog "Living With Light" at Her new ebook "Transform Your Negativity; Ten Short Visualizations" is available through *

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lynn's Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations for October 2009

Summary for October:

This is written for Eastern time zone, please adjust for your own locality.

In October the planetary influences lighten up for a month or so, giving us a much needed break before the excitement begins in November as Saturn (restriction and challenge) moves into position to form a challenging square to Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation).

Jupiter will be changing direction this month to move forward again.Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and luck, and when it travels retrograde that luck is harder to spot. Jupiter also encourages our growth and understanding and helps to give our lives meaning, and it will be virtually stationary throughout the month of October as it prepares for its change of direction on the 13th.

There is a lack of fire energy right now; none of the planets are in a fire sign and Mars, the planet of fire, is in watery Cancer. Fire is the element that inspires and motivates us to take action, so without that driving force we tend to be more grounded, more practical and less able to put our plans into motion. This is more of a time of feelings and ideas, and any actions that we take may be slower to manifest than we would like. This is not always a bad thing and may mean that there is more perfection to our actions as they have been motivated by a more thorough thought process.

This perfection is shown by a strong Virgo influence at the beginning of the month. Virgo is the sign of discrimination, it seeks perfection through evaluating all of the options at hand. This Virgo influence may have created some frustration over the past few weeks as everything under our consideration needs to be filtered through a sieve of possibilities, but a perfect experience cannot be rushed.

We will get a few days of relief from this painstaking process in the first few days of October beginning on October 1 with a Mercury/Mars dance that will light the spark of creative juices and inspirational forces, ready to be unleashed at the Full Moon.

The Full Moon on the 4th is in the sign of Aries, with the Sun in Libra. At the Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other in the sky, appearing to be of equal size through the miracle of the mystery of planetary science. Normally the Sun's quality of consciousness and ego overcomes the light of the Moon and subsumes the instinctive emotions, but at the Full Moon the Earth blocks that light and the Moon is revealed in her full glory. Full Moons are times to allow the truth of our inner selves to shine as the Ego takes a back seat for once.

The Aries Full Moon brings the power of fire in its purest form into our consciousness for the few days, as Aries is the sign of courage, self-defense, inspiration, leadership, and dominance. Even the least fiery of us will have access during this Full Moon to the bravery and assertiveness that Aries inspires. The mind is extremely active now, ready and willing to take in new data and new information to help inspire change. If you have been feeling blocked and unable to take action, this is your opportunity to break through those barriers.

Still, Ceres forms a square to the lunar nodes which represent our evolutionary direction, suggesting that we are not attending to the matters of caring for body and soul in a way that is sufficient for our soul's growth. The Full Moon will illuminate any area in our life where this has potential for future problems.

After the Full Moon things settle down for a couple of days, and on the 8th we get back down to business. This is a reality check that helps to stabilize us and get our feet back on the ground. It is tempting now to feel some negativity or depression as we feel ourselves being pulled back to earth, but this is all a matter of attitude. Recognizing the need for periods of retraction helps to keep us from allowing frustration to control our experience.

The following day, on the 9th, relationships become more important. A Uranus influence seeks to inspire us to break free of restrictions and outmoded patterns that limit our experiences, and when he starts working on our relationships we often try to resist his pressure for change. This can be an exhilarating process, however, if we allow ourselves to recognize that we only need to change the things that aren't working and we can hold onto the rest.

Mercury enters Libra on the 9th as well, so for a few weeks the attention of the mind is turned to matters of balance and harmony. Mercury in Libra likes to consider all points of view and this therefore is a very beneficial time for negotiations of all kinds. That Uranian influence helps to bring in new ideas that facilitate the processes under consideration.

A conjunction of Mars to the South Node suggests that for a few days our energy and drive will be rooted in the past in ways that may not be so helpful for us. The South Node represents the past - traits and characteristics that are familiar but which hold us back. Anger or resentment can lurk in the subconscious where it creates negative behavior patterns and with Mars on the South Node now these patterns can become more visible and therefore easier to deal with.

On the 10th we have a combination othat can signify power struggles and arguments, but it can also provide an opportunity for us to hone our skills and surrender something that we did not realize we were ready to let go of.

Ceres enters Scorpio on October 12. In Libra, Ceres has shed light on the necessity to forge alliances in order to nurture and care for the people in our life and enhance our experiences. As Ceres enters Scorpio it will be difficult to treat these alliances superficially. Ceres in Scorpio demands that the Truth be told before dinner is served; there is a necessity to dig deep into the realm of the subconscious and reveal that which is hidden. Ceres will be in Scorpio until December of this year.

Also on the 12th-13th it becomes easier to express ou needs and desires clearly and directly.

Jupiter turns direct on October 13th (see introductory paragraphs). Venus is active for a day or two, stimulating interaction between people and encouraging more responsibility in relationships. We may find ourselves in situations where our illusions about people bump up against cold hard reality but this is just a temporary effect.

The Venus influence is even stronger on the 14th when it enters Libra, the sign which it rules and which shares its emphasis on peace and harmony. Venus in Libra brings an increased interest in social events and achieving balance in all things. That could be a bit difficult though for a day or two with a challenging square on the 15th that intensifies our relationships and creates the potential for the more negative emotions to arise.

That darkness won't last long though, with a nice aspect on the 16th which opens the doorway to creativity and an idealistic sense of wonder and connection to spirit. That same day Mars leaves emotional Cancer for the robust sign of Leo, bringing in some positive fire energy.

The New Moon in Libra takes place at 1:33 am Eastern time on October 18, beginning the new lunar cycle seeking the balance and beauty that Libra desires. At its best, Libra would like the world to be filled with beauty and happy people loving each other with perfect balance and harmony. And there is the potential for a cascade of beautiful and soulful healing energy that clears the way for the new beginning of the New Moon.

However, the New Moon (the conjunction of the Sun and Moon) forms a square to the lunar nodes, suggesting that we will be tested. How much are you giving up to have peace in your life, and where is better balance needed?

There is tremendous potential here for healing the past and healing relationships with others, but it is clear that attention must be paid to the Self here as well. Then the power of the New Moon can operate fully and unenumbered to empower and protect.

The mental forces intervene on the 20th, expanding the mind and creating awareness of new possibilities. This expansion continues into the 23rd. Tthe mind is wide open, ready to receive the lessons that come from the soul. Chiron isn't concerned with worldly matters; instead he teaches the way to reunite with the Spirit within.

That healing process is intensified by the entry of the Sun into Scorpio on the 23rd, beginning the descent into the darkness of winter. We may encounter some mental resistance to the Chironic process of healing. If this occurs there is likely valuable information that is being presented if we remain aware.

On the 24th we are able to harness the power and sharp focus of Pluto in a conscious and enlightened manner. Another aspect facilitates creativity and the imagination as well as our spiritual expression as Neptune opens the higher centers of the mind.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the 28th, at which time there will be three planets in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign associated with darkness as it is ruled by Pluto, the lord of the underworld of the emotional realms. Scorpio fearlessly faces the darkness of our own psyche, and gains strength from Truth.

Over the next few days The Sun and Ceres will illuminate what is needed in order to feel fully at ease and cared for. At the same time a Venus/Juptier aspect brings optimism and a sense of well-being into all of our interpersonal relationships. These are the two "benefics," and for a day or so when they are in a harmonious balance with each other life is full of beauty and love.

Tension may increase somewhat on the 29th with an aspect which can create restlessness and a desire for change. Saturn enters Libra that same day. Watch for an article to be posted on my website soon about Saturn's entry into Libra, but for the next two and a half years Saturn will turn its attention to the realm of relationships, justice, marriage and beauty.

Chiron changes direction on October 31st, moving forward once again and encouraging progress in the realms of healing and soul retrieval. Chiron and Neptune are still working together to open the portals of our mind so that the essence of who we are can emerge through the clouds of personality and ego.

Venus interacts with Chiron that day as well, facilitating the sharing of love and spiritual truth between people, and the Sun and Ceres help us to see what is really important in our lives, and how we can become truly comfortable in this incarnation as a child of the Earth.

Once Saturn is in Libra it will be in a square to Pluto, and there could be difficult times ahead. October's events will be very helpful in paving the way so that when the challenge comes we will be ready for it.

You may have noticed that I've changed the name slightly of this planetary report. There are now quite a few other reports by astrologers called Skywatch, and I wanted to distinguish this one from the others. Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll on my blog which helped me to make a final decision. I wanted to include the word "illuminations" somewhere, because we don't just watch the planets - they illuminate our lives, providing light and wisdom every day.

October gives us a bit of a breather, and I suggest you take advantage of it. The planetary configurations get a bit intense beginning in November, so this is a good time to get healthy and strong so that you will be well-prepared in the event of a storm.

Some news from me:

Visioncrafting: A Self-Guided Journey is finally finished! I've posted some images of pages in the book on my website so you can get a feel for what it's like. It will soon be available on Amazon, but for now you can order it online here.

Next I'll be working diligently to complete the first in my astrology book series!

Here's the October schedule for Astrological Musings Radio, although show topics are subject to change to accommodate events in the news:

October 4: No show, I'll be out of town
October 11: All about Chiron
October 18: Visioncrafting!
October 25: Saturn in Libra

Now on to Skywatch:
The complete Skywatch article can be found on my website, and you can read it here. This email contains an abridged simplification that is easier to understand and read, but you will find the complete details, along with the list of planetary events for the month, in the online version.

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