Thursday, June 18, 2015

Matt Kahn - Energy Update June 2015

Energy Update June 2015

 by Matt Kahn

Whether you were bamboozled by the Mercury in retrograde that we just successfully completed, or made it through virtually unaffected, the past few weeks have brought forth a rather interesting array of energies. As these energies came into Earth's atmosphere, they assisted in loosening the cellular structure of the old paradigm that is being purged out of the human energy field. You can think of the past few weeks as a "cosmic shakedown," where anything lingering from the old paradigm was loosened out of its fixed cellular position, so it may be released to create space for the immerging 5D light body. While you will still appear physical in form, the immerging 5D light body shifts the orientation of your experience into a much calmer, vast, synchronistic, and intuitively-aligned perspective. In simple terms, as the 5D light body awakens, you transition from being a person attempting to hold light within your field, or in search of oneness with the light, to being the light within the body that experiences each thought, feeling, interaction, outcome, and encounter as I AM.

As the loosened cellular imprinting of the old paradigm is released out of your field by the Universe, the activation of your 5D light body unfolds. Since you have spent more time in a dense physical form than aware of the subtle higher vibrational 5th dimensional energies, it is common for you at this time, to be more aware of the old imprints dissolving than of the 5D light body that is emerging. One common symptom of the dissolving old paradigm cellular structure is joint pain. Whether you feel inflamed, less flexible than usual, or even unjustifiably sore, it is more than likely that you are becoming aware of the unraveling of the old, as the new comes forward. This can also include lightning bolts of energy coursing throughout your body, or abrupt electrical shocks felt within your field.

While I stated at the beginning of the year that we have ventured beyond the point of needing to continuously clear and purge as a means of maintaining alignment with the Universe, it does not take away from the fact that everything you've been clearing up to this point must be given the space to move out and return back to Source. This essentially means while so many have been clearing and purging on an energetic level, there hasn't been an appropriate amount of time and space given to allow what you've energetically cleared - to move out of the cells of your physical form. When energetic healing occurs, an imprint is released out of the etheric body, which exists on the soul level. From this space, the etheric body must converse with the physical body to determine how much time will be required in incubation, in order for the transformation to trickle down from the ethers of the soul and into the tangible form of physical reality.

What I am referring to as incubation is an extended period of rest and renewal. When you are immersed in incubation, you might feel exhausted, depressed, void of inspiration, or without the drive to be a part of life. While it might be easy to think that something is wrong, it is merely the Universe channeling all of your life force energy to usher your healing into completion. While many seek healing modalities to resolve these experiences, they are unaware of how essential these periods of incubation are, just as embryos need time in the womb in order to grow.

If a moment of energetic healing is like a surgical procedure, then the essential stage of incubation is the crucial period of recovery that is necessary afterwards. Using this analogy, so many diligent lightworkers, often afraid of being left behind or left out of the Ascension, worked diligently to cleanse and clear their fields, like patients who have been living on a surgical table for years on end. Of course, each of us has and always will be a vital element in Earth's Ascension, which requires your cooperation and assistance in the most relaxed, faithful, and heart-centered manner. As I was asked by the Galactic Council to announce the end of needing to cleanse, clear, and purify, it was done to invite every lightworker out of endless rounds of etheric surgery, so the body could begin to incubate, recalibrate, and receive all the healing that has taken place.

As the maturity of our highest truth dawns within, it becomes profoundly clear that it's one thing to ping-pong from one healing modality to the next, but a much deeper journey unfolds when you give yourself the time and space to adjust and welcome in the healing you've already received.

Another symptom to notice is an internal shaking, which can be interpreted as anxiety, fear, loneliness, or even projected outward as expressions of anger, judgment, agitation, and frustration. This inner shaking is the recalibration of your nervous system. When the nervous system is recalibrated, your energy field is adjusting to life in the absence of the cellular memories you had carried in your body for so long. When your nervous system is being recalibrated, the best strategy is to just sit still and slow your breath whenever the shaking becomes too daunting or irritating.

You can also repeat the mantra: "I acknowledge this recalibration as a gift and receive it here as I AM now." This mantra can be repeated throughout the day, or used as a meditation when the nervous system requires more grounding.

As periods of incubation bring forth the integration and recalibration you require for your journey ahead, it is common to sense a wellspring of impatience. As lightworkers and starseeds alike are being rooted deeper into present moment reality in preparation for light body activation, it is natural to want to fast track your healing and desire any possible way to move things along. As is always the case, the best way to accelerate the storyline of your journey is by daring to slow down. At this stage, you can consciously choose to slow down and honor the healing underway, or force life to slow you down through the circumstances and outcomes that arise.

During this period, you might find yourself at odds with time. Perhaps your healing requires more incubation time of rest and renewal than you are willing to offer yourself. Maybe you find yourself confused by your inability to know what to do with your life or where to go next. There can even be an urgent sense of there being something else to do or somewhere else to be without an instinct of how to take the next step. Each of these examples acts as signs of incubation in progress, where the impatient ego structure continues to unravel, as your nervous system is recalibrated. As this process unfolds, the healing that has already occurred on a soul level trickles into tangible physical form.

The best approach at this time is to relax as often as possible, especially throughout the course of your daily activities. Since relaxation acts as a sign of spiritual alignment, the Universe asks you to slow down and be as relaxed, intentional, open-minded, and easy-going as possible, so you may accelerate the integration process and fully receive all that has already been given.

For many, the unraveling of the old cellular structure and recalibrating of the nervous system may continue to occur until enough space can be created for the 5D light body to be felt within your field. While some have already completed such critical stages of incubation and are already experiencing the flowering of their newly-activated light body, it is essential to maintain the utmost compassion towards yourself by not comparing your experiences with the journey of others.

While this stage of incubation may seem to linger longer than you desire it to be, there are other stages that you have completed with ease that may have been difficult for others to process. In essence, we each take turns reflecting the breakdowns and breakthroughs of transmutation, as the one eternal light experiences its emergence in every combination of possibility.

Another sign of an unraveling cellular structure and recalibrating nervous system is loss. Whether you've experienced the loss of romantic partnerships, friendships, sudden career changes, or shifts in your living environment, it is important to think of loss not as a form of rejection or deficiency, but as a parting of ways between you and the old paradigm.

The relationships or circumstances that may dissolve throughout this stage represent the releasing of karmic ties to the vibration you embodied when the circumstance or relationship began. Through the eyes of the Universe, the ending of a relationship doesn't have to symbolize you being rejected, but can be seen as a graduation out of an outdated level of consciousness that such relationships helped you outgrow. If possible, allow yourself to focus on the greater possibilities your life is creating, instead of mourning the losses that you haven't yet remembered how to live without. Even if it seems impossible to remember a greater spiritual perspective, it could only be another opportunity to embrace the one who mourns loss - with greater peace, patience, love, and support.

Whether you are experiencing a lack of inspired direction, feel done with your current reality but without the passion or clarity to take the next step, overwhelmed by the pain, frustration, loneliness, and confusion that arises during critical stages of energetic incubation, confronted by the losses that represent the dissolving of outdated levels of consciousness, or even starting to feel better than you've felt in quite some time, I offer these words of confirmation to reveal the success of a journey that each of us is equally a part of bringing to life.

On behalf of the Galactic Council, I applaud all the inner work you've already completed, and remind you to make time and space for it to integrate, so the fruits of your labor can take tangible form throughout the spiritual garden of your eternal paradise.

In my next energy update, I will speak more extensively on how an activated light body can change your experience of reality, including how it can be used to participate in the world without getting tossed around by the energies others may still be releasing and processing. Through the grace of an activated light body, may you surrender all energetic shields and courageously step forward as a fully integrated expression of spirit in action.

In the meantime, may you savor your experiences as exquisite gifts of divinity, trusting in the grace of the cosmic plan, while loving yourself and others more and more every step of the way.

May all be healed, awakened, and transformed by the light of your highest potential. May all be blessed by the love that you are.


 Matt Kahn

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 We look forward to being with you soon. Peace, love & blessings to all ~Julie

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Letting the Emotional Field GO - Meg Benedicte
As we move through the different phases of the Cosmic Ascension Plan, we cannot avoid the necessary step of detoxification. This involves removing toxins from the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our human energy field. Not only does this process increase our energy vibration, but it resolutely sets us free from past emotional pain and debilitating mental constructs. Remnants of negative emotional pain and karmic debt are stored in our bodies, creating toxic energetic buildup. When not fully accepted and resolved, the toxins join together to form an energy field that lives in the cells of the body.


The emotional field originates in early childhood and builds layer upon layer through adulthood, much of it created by the voice of the Ego. Introduced by Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now and New Earth, he calls this energy field of ‘alive emotions’ that live in every human being as the pain-body. This toxic energy also includes the pain suffered by humanity throughout history, still alive in the collective psyche from centuries of war, pillaging, rape, torture and violence.


In order to maintain our inner Core Balance, we need to clear all stored negatively polarized charge, be it thoughts, emotions, operating systems, and Ego identities. This requires an honest assessment of own personal karma and choosing to confront the depths of our personal shadow for healing. The capacity of the human Ego’s resistance to self-reflection, analysis and forgiveness is astonishing, but very real. We would rather distract ourselves with just about anything before confronting our personal pain.


We all have the opportunity to travel the path of divine enlightenment, the physical embodiment of the OverSoul. And that journey includes the gradual healing, clearing and releasing of all toxic negativity from our body, heart, mind, our morphic fields and our consciousness.


June is the perfect month to focus on personal cleansing and detoxification. Every quarter year is celebrated with a powerful threshold upgrade occurring at the Equinox and Solstice events. To attain maximum results during the quarterly upgrades, I spend 21 days prior to the event doing a detoxification cleanse to prepare my energy field. The June Solstice threshold is arriving on Sunday, June 21st. I’ve been doing this cleansing ritual for many years, just as the ancient initiates prepared for Ascension Activations in Zep Tepi Mystery Schools.


Contributing to the detox ritual is a Full Moon in Sagittarius today, June 2nd.  This Full Moon also aligns with Archangel star Antares and illuminates the hidden shadow for cleansing. Each Full Moon cycles assist the purging and releasing of out-dated energy from our lives that does not serve our higher purpose. The radiant sunlight reveals any shadow subconscious ready to release. The Sagittarius Full Moon opposes the Sun, Mercury Retro and Mars in Gemini, and T-Squares Neptune in Pisces. This is a volatile Full Moon that requires conscious attention to healing, cleansing and releasing past burdens of psychological enslavement.  Be careful not to self-medicate to numb the emotional pain surfacing.


Yesterday we started our 10 Group Cleanse. Whenever I remove my 'comfort foods' I start to experience my own toxic emotional field, as Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body. I woke up this morning feeling emotionally heavy, dragging, depressed, overwhelmed and lethargic. These emotions need an outlet as they release from our cells, especially the fat cells.


As we delve deeper into our shadow self, we uncover the negatively charged energy ready for healing and forgiveness!  We do not need to ‘relive’ the emotional pain of the past, we are not recycling the emotions, but acknowledging and accepting the unexpressed emotions, then releasing all that stuck energy!


Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to increasing our energetic frequency vibration and assist our transition into the 5D feeling field. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy we begin to feel lighter and lighter. We feel lighter thoughts, lighter feelings and also lighter bodies! By converting the dense, lower vibrational shadow consciousness of duality into higher Light consciousness, we enhance our physical health and wellbeing. We begin to feel less disconnected and empty inside, with more Soul presence and joy in our daily, human lives.


To learn more about the changes taking affect in 5D Quantum Living, I will be teaching my 5 Week Webinar starting July 2nd. Early Bird Discount $200 OFF EXPIRES June 7th. Read more here...


I'm excited to join Lavandar and Arielle tonight on their radio show, Starseed Radio Academy at 4pm PT/ 7pm ET. You can join the 'live show or listen to replay HERE.


Lovingly, Meg