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Messages from The Council of 12

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia -- July 2008

Living in Times of Great Change

You know that you live in times of great change. What does this really mean? How do you make sense of the nonsense? What do you need to know in order to take appropriate action on the things that do make sense? How do you become more comfortable with the ongoing uncertainty that's a natural element of these times?

You are witnessing countless changes in the fabric of your world, and within yourself as you evolve and adapt to the continual shifting within humanity. In addition to simply witnessing these changes, you in fact are an integral part of the movement of change.

The more that you become consciously aware of this, and apply this understanding to your life, the more empowered you will be.

When you begin to view the chaos and shifting in this big-picture way, you have the fuel to start stepping into your authentic power. When you know that you are an instrumental part of what is happening, and that you can alter your experiences by how you respond to them, you step into your ability to become a master of your human reality.

Awakening to Your Mastery

It is your Divine birthright to awaken to your mastery and to fully embody spirit in your human form. Because of your true nature-which is Divine-you have the ability to achieve this in some lifetime on Earth.

This is the path of enlightenment undertaken by the great Masters who came before you-including Gautama Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. They gave you a path of awakening to follow. The jewel that they discovered can be yours, yet you must find it on your own.

It is your inner decision to discover this jewel for yourself that sets you apart from the ordinary human. Your decision, made initially and then reaffirmed regularly, elevates your path to one that is fueled by spirit. This changes everything!

Therefore, why not make the conscious decision that you will become enlightened, to the best of your ability, within your current human lifespan? Allow that one decision to become a real energetic driving force within you, impacting all that you do and all that you are. Strengthen the benefits of that initial decision with mindful appreciation of your spiritual progress, and with an ongoing recommitment to your path of awakening.

Remembering What is Important

Each time you feel challenged by something, you can break free of the dilemma more quickly by remembering what is truly important. Remind yourself, therefore, of your larger goal of mastery. Be willing to look beyond the surface happenstance of your challenge to understand what it can teach you about being empowered and whole.

You cannot be empowered and a victim at the same time. Therefore, each time you step into your true power as an authentic human being, the echo of your previous victim energy grows dimmer.

Humans for thousands of years have learned to think of themselves as small and powerless, with lots of things to fear. This victim mentality goes hand-in-hand with anger, hatred and other low-vibrational energies. A victim mentality has fueled all of the planet's wars involving domination and control. Today's wars take place in politically sensitive locations like the Middle East, but also in peoples' living rooms where television delivers subliminal messages of fear.

The more that you awaken, the more you realize the nonsense of wars and fear-based power structures based on one entity having power over another. After all, this outmoded view of power-based on external factors-leads only to destruction and disconnectedness. It fuels peoples' fear, and the momentum of fear keeps the old system in place.

It is up to each person, at the individual level, to say "no" to the fear and to choose authentic power. This is the sensible approach to the nonsense.

It's normal to have lots of questions as you embark on this different kind of path. The road that an authentic empowered human travels is quite different from the road of the victim. For most people, steeped in victimhood training from an early age, this new path can feel quite foreign. To be sure, the empowerment path comes with its own language, its own energetic blueprint, and its own signposts.

Language of Empowerment

When you are expressing authentic power, you exude life-affirming energies through your mind, voice and beingness. Your thoughts are free of fear, free of judgment, and free of the need to control. You have let go of the scheming and trying to be someone you are not, having given yourself and others permission to simply be. The words you use when speaking with others are kind and without agenda. Your self-talk is aligned with your soul, providing you with an inner confidence and a joyful energy. At the same time, this empowered self-talk helps you to discover meaning and purpose in all that you observe and touch.

Energetic Blueprint of Empowerment

Once you learn this new language, and apply it in your life, your energy spirals in an upward direction. It is a natural "high." You have an inner strength that is unshakeable, for you no longer depend on external power as your fuel. Your life force increases, and your changed energetic blueprint radiates the vibration of authenticity and wholeness. This new blueprint is harmonious with intimacy, allowing you to become comfortable relating to others. Your empowered energy is naturally broadcast out to the world as you interact with people, places and things.

Signposts of Empowerment

As this happens, you become a magnet for all sorts of positive experiences and openings of consciousness. New people begin to come into your life, and even "old" friends are seen and experienced differently than before.

Your energy has shifted. As part of that, you begin updating relationships and situations to reflect where you are now in awareness. Sometimes it means getting out of very toxic circumstances.

At other times, you could become close friends with an acquaintance you had previously kept at a distance. A romance with a platonic friend could blossom too. Intimacy is no longer the scary thing it once was. Having left your victim role in the dust, you now are able to come from an authentic place as you relate to others. The relationships you form are based on love, trust and mutual respect. You have stopped trying to change people, and you no longer feel driven to alter yourself to fit in. Your relationships provide you with outlets to express your inner joy, and as you do so, you generate even more joy!

What you do in the world-your work, your hobbies, your caretaking, your spiritual practice-becomes embodied with meaning and purpose. There is an enthusiasm you did not have before. There is a trust, deep within you, that you are putting your energies into what matters most in each moment.

You no longer look to outside authorities to validate whether you are in the right place at the right time. This old-paradigm reference point no longer serves you. You inherently know, with every fabric of your being, that what's really important is be fully present with each activity you are guided to undertake. This guidance is internal, sourced from deep within you and connected with your soul. The more that you trust it and work with it, the more this guidance will become a natural beacon for your next steps.

Your own empowerment is a key factor in your ability to see clearly into the nonsense of these times. As long as you are coming from fear, whether consciously or subconsciously, you will miss or misinterpret the voice of your own intuitively guided reason. This voice could bring you sanity and a sense of peace when there are no obvious outward signs of sanity or peace in your world.

The Distortion of Fear

The following is an example of how fear can distort your reality.

Your typical livelihood may be threatened by an economic downturn or other changes in your workplace. Perhaps funding for your type of job is in question. You are very good at what you do, and you would like to continue doing it. You know that you have additional skills, too, which could be applied to other things, but your fear causes you to overlook this. Your focus, instead, is on the possible "loss" and your desire to keep things on your own terms.

That focus, of course, is your fear talking and not your intuitively guided reason.

When you investigate your fear, you may discover that it is based on some outmoded belief systems recorded in your DNA. These beliefs, stored in your subconscious mind and out of ordinary view, may come from your ancestral lineage.

In a way, these beliefs are part of you, for they are in your DNA, yet in another way, they are old energy you took on from people of long ago who lived in different times. When you realize you have these limiting beliefs, of course, you see how debilitating they are to the current "you" of this lifetime. You understand that these belief systems are casting a dark shadow on your experience, preventing you from seeing things clearly.

Your ancestors may have lived during a time when it was the norm to work in the family business. That work was their livelihood, and the fruits of it were enjoyed by subsequent generations when children matured and took over responsibilities. Perhaps war or lengthy severe weather patterns destroyed the family business.

The young man just about to take over his father's role was forced into a life of servitude with another family far away.

This young man, one of your ancestors, in response to what happened, developed the following belief systems that were passed down through the generations to you.

1. When I lose my job, I lose my freedom.
2. When a business fails, I fail.
3. When my business collapses, I am never successful again.
4. When my job ends, I am poor.
5. When my family has misfortune, I am destined to have misfortune.
6. When I lose my job, I lose the place I know as home.

If you have beliefs such as these in your DNA and your livelihood is threatened, the potential job loss can catalyze the beliefs into active expression.

Then, without your conscious direction, these fear-based beliefs can begin influencing how you respond to the uncertainty at work.

Typically when this happens it's a very subtle, but potent, force in the background. Since the beliefs triggered are from your subconscious and not from something you personally experienced this life, it's unlikely that you connect the dots to recognize what is occurring.

Changing Beliefs in Your DNA

When you become aware of the specific limiting beliefs you hold in such a circumstance-and clear them from your DNA at the origination point-you can begin to change your experience of economic downturns and job losses.

When you change your experience of something, it's more about changing your view and response to what is occurring. You can't always prevent a job loss or some other type of misfortune.

However, when you embody authentic power, you don't let these things defeat you. You see losses and other difficulties as vehicles for learning and growth. You know that oftentimes these situations are quite different than they appear. You have learned to see them as spirit's nudges to think differently, or to move into other directions more in alignment with your soul's path.

To be sure, many of the changes involved in the paradigm shift involve this last point. This is true for individuals as well as for the myriad of societal structures and approaches that were birthed in the much different times.

Humans on a Fast Track of Learning

Humans are on a fast track in learning new more enlightened ways to live together.

Groups of people--assembled in apartment building hallways, town halls, national capitals, and international think tanks--are moving beyond the "ME" and "what about us?" consciousness to consider innovative bridge-building solutions to impact the whole.

Some of humanity's most brilliant inventions may come out of these times.

The momentum of positive change is accelerating at lightning speed, regardless of how it may appear much of the time. Remember this on the days when you feel that things aren't changing fast enough, and on the days when it appears your life has been turned upside down too fast.

Using Your Uneasiness as a Navigational Tool

Have you ever had a feeling that something was about to happen, yet you felt clueless about what it was or how it might affect you? Did you then get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach or in your throat?

These days, if you feel uneasy some of the time, you are not alone. After all, so much is changing so fast, and it's increasingly common to feel a bit anxious about what's coming next.

It can be helpful if you learn to use your uneasiness as a navigational tool. Sometimes that uneasy feeling is a message from spirit to change course, or to sit still. At other times, it's simply your fear scaring you. Remember what fear is--False Evidence Appearing Real.

The following are suggestions to help you use your uneasiness as a navigational tool.

1. Don't be at war with your uneasiness.
2. Don't insist that it disappear.
3. Don't make it wrong.
4. Don't make it into more than it is.
5. Don't take action until you become clear about what your uneasiness is telling you.
6. Ask questions of your own intuitively guided reason to determine whether your uneasiness is simply your fear talking, or whether it's a message from spirit to be still, to change course, to be concerned, to take an immediate action, or to simply wait.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2008 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved *

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

My investigation into the hidden nature of the human light body
led to a strange and intriguing aspect of our reality. There is a
hidden aspect to the light of the Sun. Mystical and spiritual
traditions from nearly every culture have linked the Sun to man's
higher evolution. Cultures as diverse as the Essenes, The Mayan,
Aztecs, Buddhists, Hindus, Oceanic tribes, and Native Americans all
link the power of the Sun to man's higher nature. According to these
Ancient Traditions, the hidden nature of sunlight holds an important
key to higher human evolution. In this chapter, I will summarize the
major findings of these traditions as they relate to the hidden
nature of the Sun.

The True Nature of Solar Light
Sunlight and eyesight are actually linked in an interesting
way. The human eye is actually a miniature sun and like the sun of
our solar system, it has the ability to absorb and radiate light. It
absorbs energy through the retina from where it is redistributed to
the brain and nervous system. We know that these energy particles
are the carriers of various Universal Factors of Energy that are
capable of doing predetermined and specific work. In short, the Sun
is a living entity and the Light of the Sun is a complex carrier wave
that encodes several levels of information and energy that we use to
sustain life on this world.
There are at least five major components that make up the light
of the Sun. In the early stages of our evolution, we are affected
primarily by the negative factors within these components. As we
evolve and become more knowledgeable of the true nature of Solar
Light, we then learn to take full advantage of the hidden power of
this Light. The five major components of Sunlight are:
A. Information Factors B. Universal Forces. C. Energetic
Factors D. Evolutionary Factors E. Enlightenment

The Ancients believed that these energies affect humans in a variety
of ways. Their knowledge of these energies was extensive. Let us
examine each of these factors in turn.
A. Information factors are intelligent packets of energy that are
somewhat analogous to digital bits of information that are
transmitted via sunlight. Ever wonder where all the information in
the world came from? Where did calculus come from? Where did the
idea of flowers come from? All of it came from the Sun. To be
honest, all of it came from God, but it came to us more directly from
the Corpus of the Sun. In truth, God is constantly streaming out
billions of gigabytes of data every second of every day. He is
literally pouring out everything that he knows into our world. But
for the most part, we ignore the data. Scientists are only now
learning that light can carry information. Every day, billions of
bits of data are encoded into computers, televisions, radio, and then
streamed out to us in the form of light. According to the Ancients,
God has been doing this for a much longer period of time.
Information factors may be downloaded into the brain and used as !
a source of knowledge. The Essenes perfected the downloading of
information from the Sun in a process called Gnostic solar
Suffice it to say at this time, information factors provide a
plethora of opportunities for self-advancement and growth.
Information factors are created by God and as such, contain the
divine spark of creation. The eyes are able to absorb these factors
and later pass them on to the brain where they are further processed.
Information factors may be stored within the cells of the body for
later use. They may also be transmitted from one person to another.
B. Universal Forces are among the most powerful energies
radiated by the Sun. There are at least five main universal forces
that are transmitted via the Sun throughout the Solar system. These
forces are A-factor, B-Factor, X-factor, Y-factor, and Z-factor.
Each of these factors play a specific role in our daily dimensional
A-factor is the prime generative force. It caused the first
propagation of matter to be expelled from the Sun into the third
dimension. Actually, it is the principle force that God uses to
create dimensional reality as we know it. This force is constantly
being emanated from the Sun. Whenever we grow our hair, mend a bone,
digest our food, the action of A-factor is responsible. The A-factor
is also a secondary cause of the aging process. It leads to growth
and maturation within its sphere of influence. The overall action of
A-factor allows a person to develop the ego and to embrace the idea
of needing to express himself as a being separate from God. This
force is necessary because without it, nothing would exist. God
would be complete within himself with no need to create us, reality,
or anything else. With the advent of the A-factor, Primordial Humans
got the chance to create souls and experience karma. A-factor then
creates growth, change, karma, and the need for!
self-expression on a personal level.

In the course of fulfilling its activity, A-factor also
contributes to the force of death. A-factor also creates human
thought. It is the primary impelling force that generates what we
call human thinking. Ever try to stop your thoughts? It is among
the hardest of things that you can do. The force that pushes your
thoughts into your brain is the A-factor. In the truest sense, your
thoughts come from God, but A-factor is how he expresses thoughts
throughout the universe

God thinks on multiple planes of reality, but the human plane of
thought manifests as A-factor. Overcoming the urge to express a
separate existence from the Creator is a major step in the process of

B-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecules within the human
genome and helps to initiate the development of certain paranormal
abilities. B-factor is a very powerful force. The force of B-factor
is primarily dormant during the vast majority of human lifetimes. B-
factor is released primarily around sunset and is active in releasing
two special sets of genes from within the body. Science has
discovered that the paranormal powers that we all possess are
controlled by two sets of genes called Psi Genes. The Psi A genes
turn on the paranormal potential that we all have. Psi B genes turn
off our paranormal potential.
The interesting thing about Psi B genes is that they occur in a
position which is very close to a set of genes called the oncogenes.
Oncogenes cause cancer in humans. Oddly enough, increased Psi B gene
activity can lead to greater activation of the genes that cause
B-factor turns off the Psi-B gene and turns on the Psi-A
gene. In effect, it supercharges the human genetic system. The
problem with B-factor is that it is only released for exceedingly
brief periods of time, (a few minutes at most). This release occurs
at sunset and may be seen as a green flash of energy.

B-factor is extremely active in the fifth dimension and is
the primary energy released by the Sun in that dimension. The action
of B-factor in the fifth dimension allows for the creation of a
Higher, More Evolved version of the Human Light Body. Through the
action of the B-factor, the Light Body becomes one with God and the
individual is no longer able to reincarnate in physical form. B-
factor allows one to become self-generating. This is the ability to
create a physical form without the need for parents or traditional
incarnation. B-factor may also be stored within certain precious
stones and activated by the use of mantras.

X-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecule to create a permanent
form of the physical body. X-factor is released primarily at sunrise
and for about one hour. It is also released during the hour before
sunset. Most of the DNA in the human body is inactive. As a matter
of fact, more than 97% of the DNA of your body has no known
function. 1-3% of our DNA is necessary for the encoding of
proteins. Scientists call the remainder junk DNA. X-factor is an
extremely powerful force that may be stored within the brain, certain
precious stones, and activated by mantra.

X-factor is an extremely powerful force that may be stored
within the brain, certain precious stones, and activated by mantra.

The activation of X-factor causes a great change within the
body. As the DNA strands necessary for the building of the Light
Body are gradually decoded, a great deal of energy is released from
the physical body. The Sun provides an abundant supply of this
energy in the form of Primary Life Force energy. One of the main
functions of X-factor is the activation of the Primary Life Force
centers within the human body. In most people, the chakras control
the flow of the life force within the body.

As the energy of X-factor increases within the body, the energy
flow within the chakras increases and the dormant energy of the Life
Force Centers is released.

The Ancients believe that the Light Body is powered by four main
force centers. They are formed from the combined energy of each of
two chakras. Chakras one and two form the first force Center.
Chakras three and four form the second force Center. Chakras five
and six form the third force Center. Chakras seven and eight form
the fourth force center. As the human mind evolves and enlightens,
the planes of awareness expand and the Higher Mind gradually takes up
residence within the physical body. The action of the X-factor makes
this transition possible. As the DNA is transformed and decoded, the
body and mind are transformed as well. The resultant entity is
called the Vajra Body. There have been tens of thousands of
instances of the successful transition of humans from the physical
body into the Vajra Body or Light Body. This happens through the use
of the X-Factor.
Once a human takes full advantage of the X-factor and transforms
himself, he/she may still return to physical life through the process
of reincarnation. However this is a choice and not a necessity.
This return is often for a specific purpose and usually serves to
teach some hidden aspect of spiritual life to humans. If the Initiate
takes advantage of the activity of B-factor after generating the
Light Body, they can become self-generating.
It can however manifest itself on multiple levels of reality
Y-factor is the primary force of aging and decay in this
dimension. It is carried via the ultraviolet portion of sunlight
during the midday and afternoon hours. Y-factor is necessary because
all things must follow the natural flow of time and reality.
Enlightened beings that have generated the Light Body live outside
the accepted realms of time and space.
In order for a god to generate a Light Body form, they must
become human. Gods live for extremely long periods of time and may
even appear to be immortal. However, after a time, even gods are
subject to the force of Y-factor and eventually die. Y-factor
originates within the fourth dimension and results from the action of
A-factor on that plane.

The action of Y-factor creates the unconscious mind and thus the
process of death. Beings that have no unconscious mind are not
subject to the force of death. The action of the creation of the
unconscious mind creates a repository for the storage of Y-factor.
This storage process creates a series of chain reactions that leads
to the event of physical death.

The unconscious mind creates breathing as a result of the action of Y-
factor. Y-factor also creates secondary life force. Beings that
live in the higher Dimensions are not subject to the force of the Y-
factor. They do not breathe, they do not have an unconscious aspect
to their minds, and they do not die. Fourth dimensional beings do
not have a subconscious component to the mind. As a result, fourth
dimensional beings live much longer life spans than third dimensional

The action of Y-factor on the third dimension creates another
negative emanation from the Sun, the Z-factor.

Z-factor is another negative radiation released by the Sun and
it primarily causes cellular and genetic mutation in living species.
Z-factor causes the creation of the subconscious mind in humans. As
such, this force may be stored within the physical form. The physical
body acts as the storehouse for the energy released by the
subconscious mind. The cumulative action of Z-factor upon the human
body causes aging and death. The combined forces of Y and Z factor
act as a lethal combination for the demise of the human body. The Z-
factor is primarily released by the Sun in the form of midday and
late afternoon radiation.

Evolutionary Factor
There are certain energetic components to sunlight that specifically
help to initiate Consciousness and intelligent thought. The Ancients
teach that this factor is a new creation that was first released by
the Sun less than 250,000 years ago. Primarily, it allows humans to
evolve and move forward as a species. Evolutionary factor is
released continuously by the Sun. There are specific techniques and
Solar Mudras that will allow humans to take advantage of this

Energetic Factors
This is the main function of sunlight that humans about which humans
are most knowledgeable. This aspect of sunlight carries the
electromagnetic spectrum and certain nourishing energy frequencies
that are capable of sustaining life. All of the elements that are
necessary for life emanated originally from the Sun. Water, air,
fire, earth, and all of the necessary nutrients for life came to us
from the Sun. Each and every second, billions of tons of matter are
released from the Sun and hurled toward the planets. This matter
forms the basis for all life in our Solar System. The Energetic
factors that the Sun releases are able to sustain life all on their

How can the body take in energetic factors in such a manner as to
sustain life? Is it possible that some of our dormant "junk" DNA may
become active and allow us to utilize Solar Energetic Factors in the
same way that plants do? Let us examine a possible method.
There is a pathway from the retina, to the hypothalamus, called
the retino-hypothalamic tract. This brings information about the dark
&light cycles to supra-chiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus.
From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel via the pineal nerve
(Sympathetic nervous system) to the pineal gland. These impulses
inhibit the production of melatonin. When these impulses stop (at
night or in dark, when the light no longer stimulates the
hypothalamus) pineal inhibition ceases, and melatonin is released.
The pineal gland is therefore a photosensitive organ and an important
timekeeper for the human body.

The unexplored process of energy absorption, transformation, and
processing from the Sun may occur here. The activation of pineal
gland is a key step in psychic, spiritual and energy transformation
processes. Suffice it to say that in this gland, energy processing
and distribution can take place. The pineal gland is the subtle
controller of all endocrine glands, therefore controlling the
endocrine system. Through secretion of melatonin, it also regulates
the circadian rhythm, sleep wake cycle and it also slows down aging
process. It has psychic properties and it is said to be the seat of
soul or mind.

Sunlight may enter the eyes and be directly stored in the
pineal gland. Pineal activation and charging through solar energy
could be a vital step in higher evolution. Once activated and
charged by the Pineal gland, Solar Energetic factors may be
transformed into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body.
Once processed, this energy must be transported & must be stored
somewhere. If the initial processing of this energy starts in the
pineal gland, how does it get to the rest of the body?

The Hypothalamus is the controller of autonomic nervous system.
The pineal gland is connected to it through a net of autonomic
nerves. The new energy that is derived from the Sun may be
transported via this system of nerves into the hypothalamus.
The role of temporal lobe and limbic system also may be
important. It may work as a regulator, if not receptor and may be
psychically involved in directing the energy in proper pathways. The
medulla oblongata contains many centers vital to life and may also
store some of this energy. Other parts of the brain may play as yet
undiscovered roles.

Enlightenment Factors
There are specific energy factors released by the Sun that are
designed to awaken and enliven the human mind. There are specific
mudras and mantras designed to selectively guide these energies into
the human mind. These energies raise the IQ, enhance creative
abilities, enhance musical gifts, enliven the body, and empower the
process of Enlightenment.

The Spiritual Sun

In addition to the plethora of information regarding the hidden
radiations of the Sun, the Ancients wrote extensively about the
Spiritual Nature of the Sun itself. They wrote that the Sun which we
see each day is only a small part of a much larger entity. This
entity is part of a larger universe that feeds and nourishes our
smaller physical domain. Let us examine this information.
The Ancients taught that the Sun is part of a constellation of
Solar Entities connected to the Primordial Sun. The Primordial Sun
is the archetypal blueprint for all the Suns of the physical
universe. The expansion of the physical universe is caused by the Y
factor and occurs in parallel with the contraction caused by the Z
factor. All Suns emanate from a central Primordial Sun. The
Primordial Sun is extra-dimensional in nature. This Primordial Sun
forms around the Source. The Source is the collection point for all
of God's energy that empowers and creates this universe. The energy
that collects in this point is massive and forms itself automatically
into a huge Primordial Sun. All souls enter into this universe first
through the Primordial Sun. The seeds for all our Light Bodies are
said to exist within the Primordial Sun. It is in essence the
physical representation of the Source. The appearance of the
Primordial Sun as a Source of Light is an illusion.
The Primordial Sun emits Primordial Matter. The action of A-
factor on the Primordial Sun impels the release of Primordial Matter.
This is the first state of matter in our universe. It is this matter
that is the genesis of all the elements in our universe. In the
Higher Dimensions, the worlds are made mostly of primary matter.
Orbiting the Primordial Sun are the Primordial Worlds. These
are also called the First Worlds and they are home to The Elders.
The Elders are the oldest created beings in existence. All living
beings are descended from the Elders, even humans.
As the A factor impels the creation of the lower dimensions,
Primordial Matter is pushed into lower and lower states of being. In
dimensions nine through five, Primordial Matter is not subject to the
forces that create mortal forms. The Primary Forces working on
Primordial Matter at these levels are A-factor, B-factor, and X-
As Primordial Matter approaches the fourth dimension, it falls
under the influence of Y-factor. The action of this factor creates
the lower elements and ultimately physical matter. The fourth
dimension has little physical matter in comparison to the third
dimension. The third dimension is more than 95% physical matter as a
result of the combined actions of the Y and Z factors. There are
small amounts of Primordial Matter in existence in all created worlds
below the fourth dimension.

This Primordial Matter is responsible for the healing factors,
intelligence, spiritual growth, and enlightenment that is possible on
these worlds. From the Primordial Sun, the energy of Source enters
into Worlds of Creation. These Worlds gradually expand due to the
action of the A-factor. The Primordial Sun creates Galactic Suns
which provide power for each galaxy in existence. At the core of our
Galaxy is a huge Galactic Sun around which our Sun rotates.

The Galactic Sun is an illusion just as the Primordial Sun is an
illusion. Remember, the Primordial Sun is a convergence point for
all of the energy of the Creator in this universe. The Galactic Sun
is a convergence point for all of the energy of the Creator in this
galaxy. The Galactic Sun is fifth dimensional in nature, as are all
stars in our universe.

The Galactic Sun is millions of light years across and is the
Source for our Sun and all of the stars in our galaxy. It is made of
more than 90% Primordial Matter and is the Home of the most advanced
beings in our galaxy. Galactic Suns connect directly to the
Primordial Sun in the ninth dimension.

Our Sun is a Cosmic Sun. It too is an optical illusion. The
Sun is the convergence of all the Divine Creative Force within our
Solar System. It is fifth dimensional by nature as are all stars.
The bright light and energy that we see when we look at the Sun is a
result of a great number of forces that are vectored within a single
point in space. This point is called a focal release point. Through
this point, all the energy of the Creator reaches our Solar System.
The physical matter that streams through the point is only a small
fraction of the total energy available from the Galactic Sun. All
Cosmic Sun Systems (Stars) carry the Universal Forces into the local
planetary systems that we call home. Through the Sun, we are
connected to the Source, the Primordial Sun, the Galactic Sun, and
the Primordial Worlds.

The Sun is an intermediary, a catalyst between the macrocosmic
and microcosmic universes. The cell is composed of atoms which, in
turn, are composed of light wave/particles. The light wave particles
oscillate in the same way that the Sun does. Remember, the Sun
oscillates on a regular basis. Ordinarily, one may not be able to
see the microcosmic pulsation, but the pulsation is clearly visible
to the eye on the macrocosmic level when you begin using the Solar
practices. This pulsation is exactly the same as that of your
heartbeat. The force for the beat of your heart comes through from
the Primordial Worlds, into the Sun, and finally to Earth. The
energy of your universe is in constant motion and reveals a distinct
pattern of motion, light and dark. There is also a third vibration,
a link between space and time. This link is called Consciousness.
Though it cannot be seen, Consciousness is the vehicle through which
we can see and know the universe.

The Sun is home to the Fifth Dimension in our Solar System. The
physical light and matter that we see emanating from the Sun is in
effect the reflection of Fifth Dimensional matter onto the third
dimension. Through the Sun, we are connected directly to the Fifth
Dimension and thus to the Higher Beings that live there. These
beings guide and influence all life on our plane of reality. It is
through their guidance that we develop Enlightenment and the ability
to develop civilization, art, music, science and culture.

Through our connection with Fifth Dimensional Beings, we can
access a direct source of power, knowledge, and evolutionary
potential. All beings are able to access this knowledge given the
correct techniques and training. By learning how to connect directly
with the energy of the Sun, the Initiate can learn to communicate
directly with the Gods themselves.

by Dr Mitchell Gibson

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Tree of Life Grids

The Tree of Life Grids
by Kerrie O'Connor

We are so inter-connected to Source and so supported in Light and Love. This is our natural state. WE CAN'T BE DIS-CONNECTED TO WHO WE REALLY ARE. It is so important to remember this connection and our inter-connection when we are facing all kinds of "difficult" situations - health, money, family and partners in life. When it can look like you're in the darkest part of your life, when you have to face your fears; remember to open your heart to Love. (Your unique Soul Signature and the "Truth").

That being said, I have been seeing so many changes in the energy fields that truly confirms that we are in accelerated times. I have been seeing all sorts of grids and geometric figures throughout peoples' energy fields. Each day, I am seeing a different layer or view of these patterns. I started seeing what I later found out to be the "Tree of Life" Grids or our "Holographic Soul Signature" in their energy fields.

The Tree of Life Grids give us the foundation and support as we are continuing to expand our divine essence. You can think of it as the structure that holds our divine spark, our essence. The Tree of Life Grids look different with each person. One thing I noticed, the more the person worked on clearing their energy field and were transmuting negative and traumatic events, the clearer and stronger the Tree of Life Grid appeared. The people that didn't know about chakras or have any knowledge of our energetic nature, the Tree of Life structures appeared "darker". What I've learned is that everyone is supported by these structures and they are what connect us all to One.

As I understand more and more how deeply we are connected; I've also noticed that the individuals who have an energy maintenance practice or are working consciously on holding more of the 5th dimensional energy field, have very bright Grids. Their energy vibrates at a very high frequency and their Grids have multiple layers. I discovered that the Grids I see as the Tree of Life are also called our Holographic Soul Signature. These Grids hold sacred information and we are continually communicating with Source. As our Soul Signature Grids become "larger" they support us as we expand our energy field with our divine essence.

My guides have shown me a different view of the Tree of Life Grids. I was shown the Earth with the Tree of Life Grids radiating up and out around the world. They were huge!! I saw some Grids throughout the world that were fully formed. They were acting like a tuning fork for everyone on the Earth's Grids. This view showed me how we are accelerating our evolutionary process by strengthening our own Tree of Life Grids, our Soul Signature, which then "feeds" and strengthens the Earth's Grids; showing our inter-connectedness.

These Grids firmly root us in Infinite Love allowing us to expand our divine essence. As we expand our divine essence, we fill up our energy field with our unique "soul song". The clearer the energy field, the "louder" our soul songs are, which radiates out to the Creator, and the Creator then amplifies our soul song back to us. These amplifications affect everyone's energy field because we are all inter-connected. As we all perfect our unique song, we are helping everyone evolve. This is how we are accelerating our evolutionary process. Each and every one of us is part of this huge evolutionary leap we are making right now, which will create the Heaven on Earth experience.

The Gems Within the Third and Fourth Dimensions

The Gems Within the Third and Fourth Dimensions
By Jim Self

Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning from the third dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and on our way to the fifth dimension. Dimensions are not places but instead levels of consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking and feeling.

Our Third Dimensional Experience

The third dimension operates within a specific set of rules and structures that hold many vibrations of thought and emotion. One of those vibrations is known as 'fear.' On our spiritual journey to fully experience All-That-Is, we went deeper and deeper into density and chose many lives on Earth. To experience ourselves in the third dimension, we purposely left behind aspects of ourselves and lost our sense of connection to the Creator. In this perceived sense of separation, we began to experience the energy called fear. This fear created rigidity, making it very difficult for us to move freely. As we continued to passionately play in this rigid third dimension, we began to take on many uncomfortable attributes such as dis-ease, victim and resistance. We chose to do this in order to know ourselves better. In spite of what we think, we have been very successful in this third dimensional game.

Many who are in fear, have created a default system that takes them back to a feeling of safety: "If I just go into my house and close the doors, I'll be fine." This reaction has closed down our ability to expand, grow, merge with the Soul and remember our higher selves. We then stopped living our passion and created a web of fear.

If we look carefully, we can see three structures of the 3D game-board we are playing upon that are really worth paying attention to in order to make our transition through this grand Shift more comfortable.

1. Duality. The purpose of duality has been to learn how to walk in balance while experiencing contrast. We wanted to have experiences but not become affected by the experiences. The purpose was to provide us with a broad array of choices.

A great gift was also provided that allows us to know where we are and what we are experiencing at all times. The Law of Attraction simply says, "What you put your attention on is what you draw to you." As we resisted our fears, a greater range of duality came about: good/bad, right/wrong, should/shouldn't. Our attention on the uncomfortable experiences and fears expanded. We resisted this discomfort and placed them into our unconscious mind to (hopefully) not experience them again. However, the Law of Attraction doesn't just give us the good stuff, it gives us what we hold our attention on, whether conscious or unconscious, comfortable or uncomfortable, what we resist or what we love.

2. Linear Time. 3D time was not created as a straight line but instead a loop, consisting of the past and future with a single present-time point where we make choices based on past experiences and future desires. However, with our attention on fear, we began to look at our past as emotional, painful experiences that we wished to avoid. 3D Life became a game of resisting or believing the past and expecting or avoiding the future. Most of us spend a great deal of time looking at past experiences we didn't enjoy, and looking into the future hoping it doesn't jump up and hurt us again. So the past creates the future while the future experiences the past.

Time was also created as a buffer so we could create but still have a little room to reconsider our reactions, thoughts and emotions before we create something that we then must clean up or apologize for afterwards.

3. The Rational Mind. Our analytical, reasoning thought process. When we came to play in this game we disconnected 90% of our available awareness in order to have this experience. The 3D rational mind's purpose has become to keep us safe and fit in. Due to fear and mis-use, the rational mind operates in limitation rather than possibility and opportunity. Because we have given assignments to the mind that it is not designed for, our awareness and spiritual range of choice have lessened. The rational mind only knows what it knows and argues for that limitation. This is now changing.

These three structures all work together, and are interwoven to make up the fabric of the 3D game. If you focus on only one, the other two become amplified, creating more distraction, creating more pressure until you back off to where the three structures return to balance. By becoming aware of how each of these aspects weave together, we can begin to remember and restructure a significant part of ourselves, thus allowing us to step out of the third dimension and experience the possibilities of the fourth.


Fourth Dimensional Structures

Now let's explore the structures within the fourth dimension.

1. Most importantly,Time is key. Time in 4D is Now. Present-Time. There is no past, no future. We can plan for a future event using information gathered in the past, but decisions are conscious and in the present moment. What we think - we will experience in the moment. There is no lag time. What you think happens! Be careful what you think, it will occur.

2. Choices. 4D choice is different than 3D reaction. Choice provides flexibility, creating expanded opportunity and greater ability to combine possibilities to produce different outcomes.

3. Paradox. In 4D the past and future become points of reference or information without emotional attachment. What was true a moment ago is not necessarily true in this Now moment. And what was false may not necessarily be false any longer. This opens up more possibilities to experience, releases judgments and increases allowing.

4. Alignment/Balance. In 4D we are constantly moving toward balance. This structure is very open, entertaining and allowing of all possibilities. Choices that support well being and Love are the only option. Fear is just another choice "How is it possible?" is often asked. Compare this to 3D, where as change occurs, we focus on the thought or feeling of "What could go wrong?"

5. Abundance. The fourth dimension also allows us to experience abundance versus scarcity and to consider "we" as a concept of cooperation versus "Me, me, me. What about me?" 4D consciousness allows us to expand outward and experience the "We-us" of cooperation.

Re-learning how to live in the possibilities and community of the fourth dimension while we walk through the density of the third is part of our task - our quest on Earth as we become who we came here to be.

Jim Self is an international speaker, teacher and director of Mastering Alchemy. This work is in co-creation with Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light.. Free DVD and Free Tele-Classes available. Jim is presenting Free evening classes and the weekend seminar, Creating the Personal Power Field across the country and Toronto Canada. * FREE TELECLASSES - FREE VIDEO * Mastering Alchemy * www.masteringalchemy

A Message from Akashic Records: July

A Message from Akashic Records:
Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA
Energies for July 2008 Pt: 1

What energy and experiences can we expect collectively in July 2008?

July 2008 contains the energy of dynamite as it expands into open space. The energy is like that of a super nova -- a star exploding. There is not a large, singular event in which this energy occurs; instead, the energy will feel like a series of explosions in your personal and collective lives over the course of the month. This expanding energy can create a great deal of clarity. It also can create a great deal of discomfort. The experiences that are likely to occur this month provide further evidence of the fact that limiting structures and beliefs will no longer work in an expanding and enlightening world. Belief systems and institutions that create limitations on individual freedom and expression will continue to be brought to light and dissolved more rapidly than ever during this month.

For some of you, particularly if you are attached to the limiting beliefs or the oppressive institutions that come to light during July, you may feel as though there has been an explosion. You might find yourselves feeling shocked, surprised, disheartened or afraid. But for those of you who have been continually looking for more expansion in your lives already -- for those of you who have been continually noticing oppressive forces and finding ways to work outside of the oppression, to work outside of the limitations imposed by your societies or institutions -- you are likely to find that you feel relieved, like pressure has been let off. In July, many of you may find yourselves thinking, "Finally people are noticing that things are not working!" You may find scandals, public conflicts, political battles, corruption coming to light; all of these things will continue to occur and even increase in July of 2008.

Just as with any experience, you have a choice. You always have a choice between love and fear. Even as your hearts break, even as you feel afraid, you can continue to choose love. Continue to look for the sparkle inside you that remains connected to your own humanity and that cares for the suffering of others. Look inside yourselves for that which wants to open. Yield and hold onto that which is precious in human life. As much as you can, move toward that sense of love for yourselves and love for your fellow human beings. It is your actual sensation of love that will help you navigate the explosive energy of July 2008. In fact, if you can stay with that heart energy, you will actually find a sense of freedom on the other side of the explosive energy -- a sense that after the dust has settled, there is more room for you to be your true self with a more open heart. There is more room for thinking together, for coming up with new solutions; there is a great deal of freedom available amidst this explosive energy.

How can we best work with the energy and experiences in July of 2008?

The best way to work with this is to try your best to stay connected. Stay connected to your feelings and to the people around you. You are likely to see collective events such as war, famine, political arguments and scandals that are hurtful. You will be tempted to close yourselves down, to try not to pay attention, to try not to think about it too much or try to limit your interactions with other people in order to protect yourselves. In the past it may have been useful for light workers to shield their energy from the heavier, denser energies in the world by closing off their attention to the world. It is not longer useful to do so. Because we are in the year 2008, when it is necessary to answer your calling of service to the world, the best way to work with this experience is to open your hearts and to look for a way to connect. Look for a way to engage. If it breaks your heart too much to see people suffering from famine, then turn to the people in your neighborhood and find someone who could use your help there, where it is not overwhelming for you but helps you open your hearts and become the softer, more connected version of yourself.

Let your hearts break open to a more tender connection. Do your best to avoid numbing your emotions or avoiding your emotions during the month of July. This will be a time when you can take whatever you have learned about yourself in therapy or counseling and take it out to the world. Find ways to deal with your emotions as they are happening rather than stuffing them inside. If you are angry, then go for a run or get in your car and yell or paint or write or talk with a friend; find something to help process your anger as it arises. If you are confused, find the courage to talk to someone, find the courage to ask people for the information that you need. If you are sad, let yourself cry. This is a month where any kind of withholding, any kind of pretending is only going to make the explosions feel bigger and more difficult. This is an excellent month to be incredibly genuine and gentle with yourselves and with others.

Are there any power days, or days that are important to look forward to, in July 2008?

July 5 through 7 are likely to feel intense. In the United States you will see literal fireworks on July 4. Take the image of those fireworks and assume that the energy is going to feel that way on July 5, 6, and 7. Those three days provide a time when things are likely to come to light and be seen -- when whatever you are intending or whatever you are engaged in is likely to have more energy behind it. It can be a very sparkly, playful energy, but just like with fireworks, there is a lot of heat involved. Be mindful about what you engage with on these days. Do not engage in activities that you did not intend. Be intentional with these days. You may find yourselves feeling accident prone, so it will serve you to plan ahead, know where you will be and when, and do your best to listen to your intuition.

We are not talking about avoiding danger here; we are talking about being sure that you are where you want to be so that your energy is placed where it needs to be. There will be an extra oomph of energy and you want it to be in the right place for you, rather than in a place you did not intend. For instance, if you do not really want to spend time with a certain person, make sure you do not spend time with them on those days because you may experience a conflict or feel overrun by that person. On the other hand, if there is someone you really want to connect with in your life, make sure to spend time with that person on these days because that extra energy can help you find the deeper connection. Be intentional about where and with whom you spend your time on July 5, 6 and 7.

July 14 is a day that will bring a softening. It is a day that acts as an anchor for the rest of the month. It is an excellent day to help reground yourselves, to turn your attention to the things in your life that are stable, steady, and that make sense to you. For some it might mean riding a bike, spending time with your children, working in your garden do something that is grounding -- something that feels normal and regular for you to help you feel like you have a routine.

July 27 is a turning point. During the month, you may feel like there is a merry-go-round swirling around you. During the month, there will be many events to keep track of in your personal lives and in the news. July 27 is the day on which you are likely to land in a steady position and to turn your attention to the places where your energy will likely be spent for the next several months. July 27 is a good day to sit and reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. It is an excellent day for goal setting and it will be an important day for restructuring, for looking back and determining what structures you have had in your life and then look forward and decide what structures will serve you best. Are there routines in your life that do not serve you anymore? Are there routines, disciplines or practices that you want to engage moving forward? Does it really help you to wake up at the same time every day or do you want to wake up earlier or later? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you eat at the times that work best for you? July 27 is an excellent time to renegotiate the structures that weave your life together. Things are going to change beginning on this day. We cannot say in advance what that will look like for you as individuals, but watch for change and know you have the power to make decisions about the nature of change in your lives. The changes that occur on this day or the changes that become evident to you or evident in your collective or in the news or media, are meaningful. They are semi-permanent. Pay attention to them and determine what they mean for you and what actions you want to take moving forward in your life given the events that occur on July 27.

July 30 is a day of softening. It is an important day to reach out and make amends. Apologize to anyone you feel you have wronged. Explain your position to anyone you feel does not understand you. It is a day when you will be able to speak and hear one another better than usual and it is important to remain heart-centered and move toward softening and tenderness on July 30th.

Do the events of July 4, 1776 in the United States, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, have any resonance or relevance for us in July of 2008?

Yes. The trajectory of the United States is particularly important in the year 2008 because this is the year to herald your calling, and the U. S. is working to realign itself with its true calling. The year 2008, for the trajectory of the U. S., provides a radical revolution. The direction in which the U. S. moved at the beginning of the year is likely to be 180 degrees from the direction it will be taking toward the end of the year. One of the reasons that you are likely to see this explosive energy in July is because the month of July is the birth month of the nation of the U. S. The energy is helping to clear the trajectory of the nation, and this is the reason that secrets cannot be swept under the rug -- they cannot be kept out of view as easily as they could have been before. You have seen throughout the world, particularly in the U. S., corruption come to light in the last five years.

As individual humans move through Enlightenment and become empowered, they are less likely to blindly believe the words of their government or blindly accept the direction of oppressive institutions. As the shift of individual Enlightenment occurs, it has made it not only possible but necessary for corruption or secrets to be unveiled and seen. As more and more people see what is true, fewer institutions can withhold their secrets. This is one of the reasons you have seen much corruption or scandalous news come to light in recent years. This leads us to July of 2008. The U. S. has a deep commitment, at a soul level, to come into integrity. Any parts of the U. S. government that have managed to hold secrets have managed to do so by holding them extra hard, which is the reason they have not come to light yet so far in the last five years. The explosive energy in July is due in part to the fact that the things that will come to light are things that have been held extra hard. When they come into visibility, they will come with a pop!

There is a likelihood that this will be a destabilizing force in terms of government and collective endeavors. This is one of the reasons that we encourage you to reach out to one another and stay connected to your fellow humans this month -- because in the U.S. the original calling was to empower individual humans to create a collective experience together. Over time, that power has been corrupted so that the institution is empowered to direct the lives of individuals. The original commitment of the U.S. as a soul is to return its roots -- not roots of independence, but the root of the power of individuals to create a collective experience.

The word "independence" no longer suits an Enlightened world. You are not returning to a sense of independence, you are returning to a knowledge of the power of the individual to enable and support a collective experience. It is actually not a deeper commitment to independence, but a deeper commitment to interdependence and the connections between you. When you are aware of the inherent connections between you and among you as individuals, then you recognize your interdependence. You also recognize the incredible power each one of you has to change the world.

The true nature of the soul path of the U.S. is to embrace the power of the individual. The thing that has changed since the year 1776 is that you now understand the incredible importance of connection and your interdependence on one another. The vital lesson that the U.S. has to add across the globe as you become a global culture is to remember the power of the individual; it is from your individual choices that you create collective reality; it is through the power of the individual to direct their own fate that you decide together the direction of the human race. The piece that the U.S. has been missing is the understanding that wisdom comes through embracing your interconnection, rather than imagining the individual empowerment leads to independence. That is the significance of those events in 1776 and the way they have an opportunity to come full circle in the year 2008.

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Moffat Eramith MA through Akashic Transformations. We encourage you to share this Message with friends and loved ones, provided that the content is complete; all credit is given to the author; and it is distributed for no financial or other compensation to anyone other than Jen Moffat Eramith and Akashic Transformations. *

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice Newsletter

Summer Solstice Newsletter
June 21st, 2008

In This Issue
Summer Solstice Activation
Ascension Meditation
Vortex Meditation CD

Within the sacred space of the Unified Field
Vortex Meditation, users are able to support their personal healing process
with an abundance of life force, deep Soul connection, calm internal
balance, all while releasing limiting programs and energy patterns, fears
and belief systems that have long blocked their well being and

Our subconscious mind responds so well to
"guided meditations"! The Vortex Meditation CD is a powerful tool that can
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Ascension Wave of the Future

Summer Solstice - June 21st, 2008

It's been an incredible past two weeks, as
we have witnessed multiple layers of ingrained behavioral patterns and
belief systems expelling out of our energetic systems. These layers
represent lifetimes of core wounds, traumas and karmic cyclical programs
that needed to be returned to the Void Space and transmuted. We are no
longer carriers of the past! As the Ascension Waves continue to transform
our bio-energetics we can also actualize more and more of our true calling
and purpose for being here.

We are no longer to be misconstrued as tame,
robotic creatures that can be managed and manipulated. Now is the time to
break free of all constraints that have imprisoned our minds and spirits in
negative, divisive consciousness. We are not to be reckoned with! Now is the
time to rise up out of duality and present ourselves as integral to the
health and well-being of our collective consciousness. This movement will
require a concentrated effort of unity and perseverance. Human Ascension is
a group project, no matter what the "powers to be" would like us to believe.

As history has proven throughout time...we
must join forces to dismantle the old and connect with the new. We only have
to peer back some sixty years to see a perfect example of how our world can
be transformed from a dark, oppressive prison into a liberated state of
sovereign individuals. The rise of Nazi Germany exemplifies just how
effective a fear-based enslavement program can dominate an entire
country...spreading like disease throughout Europe. It is not so much
different now!

The disease of mind-control, emotional
manipulation, and genetic corruption is currently spreading throughout our
planetary energy field. And just as before, we must recognize our personal
prison and choose to deny its powerful hold...and break free. Each soul that
succeeds in breaking free will weaken and aid in dismantling the polarizing
grip of duality. As witnessed with the Holocaust, a wave of mass
consciousness of intolerance can and will destroy the controlling forces in

By joining together in unity consciousness
we align with an alternate reality of Universal Abundance, not possible in
Dual Earth. Until now, we've only experienced the painful backlash of
polarizing counter-force. In Dual Earth - for every positive action taken we
magnetize equal amounts of negative reaction. So how does The Universal Law
of Attraction work in Earth's magnetic field? The greater the positive
intent initiated, the greater the sabotage counter-force to deal with. The
more light you embody the more psychic attacks you encounter! If you are
experiencing this level of backlash you are still imprisoned in duality.
There is no other explanation!

In order for "The Secret" to truly work, we
need to live in the Unified Field, where unity consciousness will magnetize
more union. Our lives can be enhanced exponentially by converting our energy
systems into whole, complete embodiments of Sacred Union. This movement of
liberation needs to touch every layer and level of life force. We must purge
every ounce of duality from our being.

As we near the Summer Solstice, we are able
to access multiple layers of life force...the building blocks of time and
space. There are criss-crossing in our atmosphere multiple timelines of
past, present and future, like intersecting planes of existence. It looks
like a kaleidoscope of flashing mirrors reflecting scenes of parallel
realities. And as these planes flash and reflect unto each other, there is a
crossing over and a passing along of information. In a way, the intersecting
timelines are communicating back and forth, bending into the other. This
creates portals in time that our Souls can travel through. We are able to
enter and access other planes of existence that we've never crossed into

And so, we have been dropping the dead
weight of duality so that our Souls can rise up and merge into the Unified
Field of reflecting timelines. Without this, we would continue to battle it
out with the opposing forces of light and dark. Our minds, bodies and hearts
would stay locked in the internal prison of struggle and defeat. We would
remain stuck in a world reality of ego-gratification and escapist
addictions...separate from our beautiful god-self. Feeling alone in the

I invite you to join the growing movement of
unity consciousness and actively, progressively break free of the grip of
duality. Allow the painful memory of the Holocaust to inspire you to rise
out of complacency and reject the oppression of divisive programming. Pursue
union with all that you are! And connect into the cosmic maize of flashing
timelines, like a sparkling multi-faceted crystal. Our world reality can
shift in a flash!

Copyright © 2008 Meg Benedicte · All Rights

Activate the Wave of the Future!

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Benedicte, focuses on clearing and breaking free all polarity held in the
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Ascension Wave of the TImeless You! Take a moment this Saturday on Summer
Solstice and connect into the flashing reflection of a new life, a new
reality, a New Earth!

I will be gathering in a small goddess
circle to celebrate our cosmic activation! If you would like to join
remotely, send hearts blessings of intent.
Warmest wishes of expansion,

Meg Benedicte
Founder of Unified Field Therapy®

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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Miracle of the Human Genome

The Miracle of the Human Genome
by Ronald P. Millett
Edited by John P. Pratt

The human genome contains the programmed codes of
life which may be surprisingly similar to modern
computer programs. Now that the recording of the
entire code is nearly complete, software
engineers turned biologists may begin to
understand those complicated programs.

Model of a tiny part of a DNA Molecule

The recent history making research to sequence
the code of the entire human DNA(1) "genome"
shows us as never before the complexity and
hierarchy of systems necessary for the miracle of
life. As scientists unravel this DNA "book of
life," researchers are finding that living
systems have many parallels with information
processing systems. Just as Alma testified that
"all things denote there is a God" (Alma 30:44),
these discoveries testify of the hand of God in
the creation of man and life on earth.

As Moroni began to write on the golden plates
after the death of his father, Mormon, he
delivered an impassioned plea for us to believe
in the miracles of the Lord:

Behold, are not the things that God hath
wrought marvelous in our eyes? Yea, and who can
comprehend the marvelous works of God? Who shall
say that it was not a miracle that by his word
the heaven and the earth should be; and by the
power of his word man was created of the dust of
the earth; (Mormon 9:16-17)

King Benjamin affirmed the miracle of the Lord's
creation and our obligation to be humble about
our current understanding of his work.

Believe in God; believe that he is, and that
he created all things, both in heaven and in
earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all
power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that
man doth not comprehend all the things which the
Lord can comprehend. (Mosiah 4:9)

Our modern prophet Gordon B. Hinckley also added
his testimony of the creation of man's miraculous
body. "I believe the human body to be the
creation of divinity. Our bodies were designed
and created by the Almighty to be the
tabernacles, the earthly receptacles, of our
eternal spirits."(2)

Although there are disagreements among religious
scientists about the mechanisms and specific
natural laws that the Lord may have used in his
creative processes, they recognize his hand in
the miraculous diversity and complexity of life
on earth and in the marvelous inventions that
have been revealed to help us understand his
Sequencing the Human Genome
One of the most ambitious scientific projects
during this last decade has been the application
of new technologies to determine the sequences of
human DNA. The entire set of all DNA sequences is
called the "genome." As the first pass through
this project now is near completion, it is being
described as a "day for the ages" similar to
Galileo's discoveries, Lewis and Clark's
exploration of the western United States and
putting a man on the moon. One scientist said
that for the first time we can now read "our own
instruction book. Today, we celebrate the
revelation of the first draft of the human book
of life."Another scientist ventured that "the
human genome project will be seen as the
outstanding achievement, not only of our
lifetime, but perhaps in the history of

Adding a note of caution to the announcement,
James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA in 1953,
indicated decades of work are ahead of us before
we actually understand how the products of all
the genes in the genome interact with one
another. "People say we can read it. We can't
read it. We have the book, and now we've got to
learn how to read it."(5) Geneticist Norton
Zinder compared what we have yet to learn about
the human genome to the history of the medical
profession when the first book on human anatomy
was published in 1543: "Even though that book
identified almost all the parts of the human
body, physicians today still struggle to
understand how many of them work and interact. A
similarly daunting task °© one that scientists
say may also take several centuries to complete
°© now awaits those who seek to make sense of the
myriad genes of the human genome."(6)

The genome "book" is a 3-billion-long
sequence of only four different "letters"
arranged in the DNA double helix.

Understanding the DNA "Book of Life"
This "book of life" is written as a sequence of
only four different "genetic letters": the
nucleotides thymine (T), cytosine (C), adenine
(A) and guanine (G). The sequence is over three
billion letters long, and it is the transcribing
of that sequence which is now being completed.
The series of these four nucleotides is coiled
along the extremely long DNA spiral. This code is
contained in each of the trillions of cells of
the human body. If unraveled from a single cell,
it would be over six feet long, but only 50
trillionths of an inch wide. For the areas of the
DNA that define proteins, groups of only three of
the genetic letters form a "genetic word" that
specifies one of the 20 amino acids. The three
billion genetic letters of the human genome
contain about the same amount of information that
can be stored on a typical CD-ROM.

The fact that every cell contains the entire
human genome is amazing. It is as if every nut
and bolt of a Boeing 747 contained the blueprint
for constructing every part of the entire
airplane, as well as assembly instructions.

It is estimated that only about 3% of the genetic
code contains the protein defining sequences of
the estimated 30,000 to 120,000 genes for human
beings. The full genes themselves including these
protein definitions and other less understood
functions are estimated to be less than 10% of
the total DNA. Much of the remaining 90% of the
DNA code is known as "noncoding DNA" and most of
its function is still poorly understood. Large
portions of this noncoding DNA consists of
sequences that appear to have no function at all
and are referred to as "junk DNA."(7)

The differences between individual human beings
is limited to one genetic letter in every
thousand or only about three million genetic
letters.(8) These differences could be easily
stored on a floppy disk. This is an incredibly
small amount of information to describe the
combined differences among all the people of the
world. This small amount of DNA difference among
people has to be able to specify attributes as
varied as individual eye color, facial
characteristics, and differences in brain neuron
connections. A single wrong or missing DNA letter
or word in a gene's DNA formula can often be the
culprit behind such genetic diseases as sickle
cell anemia and cystic fibrosis.(9) The different
versions of genes are called alleles. The gene
that controls ear lobe shape has two alleles, one
for attached ear lobes and one for free ear
lobes. Since the total number of genes with
variations is estimated to be one third of all
genes, the average difference between alleles
would be only about 20 to 60 bytes of
information.(10) The information content of these
DNA differences between humans is very high from
a computer science perspective.
Levels of Systems to Process Information
DNA apparently contains high level genetic
information letters and words that have
tremendous influence on both the cellular and
organism levels of life. That is, whether one's
ear lobes are attached or free could be
determined by a single letter of the entire
genome, but that letter would in turn control
extremely complicated processes that contain
instructions on exactly how to produce that type
of ear lobe. If so, then computer information
theory may provide a useful framework to analyze
how these levels of processing might work.

In computer science, a highly compressed data
representation requires more complex programming
layers to process than does uncompressed data.
For example, an image of a 11 x 14 inch color
painting took 53 million bytes in its
uncompressed ("TIFF") file format. The same full
page version took only about 1/100th as many
bytes using a compressed ("JPEG") file format.
The programming necessary to process the
uncompressed representation is fairly simple,
consisting of a few lines of programming code.
However, the programming sequences to process the
compressed version is much more complex,
involving hundreds of lines of instructions and
multiple nested programs.(11)

If we were to display this compressed photograph
on a PC, other layers of programming would also
be required. These would include the PC operating
system such as Microsoft Windows® which consists
of programs necessary to schedule and run
programs and interface with other devices such as
the video display.

These programming layers contain bits of
information especially coded to reference the
instructions of the computer hardware that it is
designed to run on. Without the hardware, the
software designs and programs cannot function and
are only an intellectual exercise. In this
example, the software is programmed to use
instructions of the Intel Pentium® chip.

At the most basic level, the computer hardware
works because of electrical power and the
consistent operation of the laws of physics.
Without electricity, the computer chips are just
fancy sand etchings and the software programs are
simply magnetic or optical patterns on a plastic
or metal disk.

Figure 1. Levels of programming
required to display a photo.

Figure 1 illustrates this sample hierarchy of
systems required to display on a PC a "JPEG"
graphics file located on a remote server on the

Bioinformatics °© A New Field in Biology
With the new discoveries of how DNA contains
coded information and being able to determine its
actual genetic letter sequences, biology is
becoming a field where information science plays
an increasingly important role. A new kind of
biologist is becoming part of the research teams
that work to understand the meaning of the DNA
code. This new field of "bioinformatics ... also
called biological computing, straddles the lines
dividing biology, computer science and
mathematics."(12) Many of the key processes
necessary to understand the DNA code are similar
to the "reverse engineering" process that
software developers go through to understand the
functions of a program where no source code is

As the sequences of the entire DNA molecule are
being further studied, we are beginning to
understand the large portions of the human genome
that do not contain protein encoding sequences.
Sequences called "Introns" are found between the
"exon" protein encoding sequences of genes.
Although we still know very little about what
they might do, some scientists believe that
introns may contain error detection and
correction codes.(14) DNA mutations come from
many sources: biological, chemical or radiation.
The cell's DNA repair systems are able to correct
most of these DNA changes. That would imply some
very sophisticated error correction schemes. An
example of a programming system that required
complex error detection and corrections codes is
the NASA Galileo deep space probe that is still
orbiting the planet Jupiter. Extensive data
compression and sophisticated error correction
schemes have salvaged the Galileo mission even
when the main antenna failed and the only the
small backup antenna with one ten thousandth its
capacity was left.(15)

Finding and understanding DNA sequences that
control the actual regulation and activation of
genes is barely in its infancy. However, in
recent research comparing mouse DNA sequences to
those of human DNA, "a research team from several
universities found a regulatory region that
governs three genes for proteins that influence
the immune response."(16) This and other
discoveries point to the existence of programming
and control sequences that also reside in the DNA

Parallel Information Systems
We are finding more and more evidence that DNA
contains both genes that define actual proteins
and sequences that control the relationships and
activation of those genes. This relationship is
similar to that of data ("objects") and their
associated logic ("methods") in computer
programming. We might also expect that parallels
may be found to exist in biological systems to
other layers in our layers of systems necessary
to make a computer program work.

If a computer program needs an operating system
to run, what might a DNA program need to be able
to run? There are many chemical processes in a
cell that are essential to "execute" the DNA
programs. These include the various kinds of RNA
molecules that copy and move DNA gene codes
around the cell to be used in constructing
proteins.(18) A recent article studying ribosomes
where proteins are manufactured adds evidence of
the complexity of "tunnel structures" where
proteins are assembled.(19) These discoveries are
reminiscent of the complex
"pipeline"architectures of computer chips and
data caching software.

Spiritual DNA?
When the Lord returns to earth for his Millennial
reign, the scriptures tell us that he will reveal
many truths about the creation. They will be
especially exciting to those scientists who have
been struggling to understand how he created and
organized life on earth.

Yea, verily I say unto you, in that day when
the Lord shall come, he shall reveal all things
°© Things which have passed, and hidden things
which no man knew, things of the earth, by which
it was made, and the purpose and the end thereof
°© (D. & C. 101:32-33)

One of the most exciting things that we hope to
learn about would be the relationship of physical
DNA to the "spiritual DNA"(13) or other forms of
spirit matter that exists as part of the earlier
spiritual creation of life on earth. The Lord has
said that "I, the Lord God, created all things,
of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they
were naturally upon the face of the earth."
(Moses 3:5). President Joseph F. Smith taught
that "Man is a dual being, composed of the spirit
which gives life, force, intelligence and
capacity to man, and the body which is the
tenement of the spirit ... and acts in harmony
with it .... The two combined constitute the

In its December 1999 issue, Scientific American
magazine contained an article entitled "How the
Brain Creates the Mind" that predicted that in
the coming fifty years we would unravel the
mystery of how the conscious mind is derived only
from the physical cells of the brain without any
reference to the spirit portion of the human
soul. Considering the mechanisms of how the
spirit affects both the development of the brain
as well as its function, one reviewer suggested
that a future article might be better titled "How
the Mind Creates the Brain."(21)

In a hierarchy of computer systems, the software
layers require hardware layers to function.
Similarly, we understand that the physical body
would be lifeless without the spirit. The various
systems that comprise the body would not function
without the corresponding underlying spiritual

Spiritual "Electric" Force
In Section 88 the Lord describes a life force
called the "Light of Christ" which "proceedeth
forth from the presence of God to fill the
immensity of space °© The light which is in all
things, which giveth life to all things ...." (D.
& C. 88:12-13). President Joseph F. Smith
explained that "it is the light of Christ, the
Spirit of Truth, which proceeds from the source
of intelligence, which permeates all nature,
which lighteth every man and fills the immensity
of space. You may call it the Spirit of God, you
may call it the influence of God's intelligence,
you may call it the substance of his power, no
matter what it is called, it is the spirit of
intelligence that permeates the universe and
gives to the spirits of men understanding."(22)

Surely this light of Christ is another essential
systems layer that enables the life processes
specified in the miraculous human DNA molecule.
Without its sustaining power, all life would
wither away and die.(23)

Figure 2. Life system parallels
to programming system.

Figure 2 illustrates a proposed life system
architecture that has parallels with the
programming system layers discussed earlier. Some
of these layers will be able to be further
investigated by scientific inquiry. The spiritual
layers will doubtless be topics of study when the
Lord comes again to reveal all things.

God's Majesty and Power
This is an exciting age to live in. As the Lord
continues to pour out knowledge from heaven upon
latter-day saints and the modern world we react
with awe and wonder as we see his creations
revealed. Dr. Francis Collins, the director of
the human genome project said: "When something
new is revealed about the human genome, I
experience a feeling of awe at the realization
that humanity now knows something only God knew

Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian monk who was the
founder of modern genetics, exemplified an
objective scientist with a powerful faith in God.
As well as his superb scientific writings, Mendel
is the author of religious writings such as this

Wherefore was man created? . . .
Assuredly the Most High, who so wisely
Shaped the round world . . .
Created man also
For some definite reason. Assuredly
The capacities of the mind
Prove that for it a lofty aim
Is reserved(25)

As we continue to learn more about DNA and are
able to extract and recombine DNA sequences into
living cells, surely we will better understand
that we are the spiritual children of God. We are
learning about his works of creation and being
allowed to actually do a portion of that creative
work. When Jesus was condemned for claiming to be
the Son of God, "Jesus answered them, Is it not
written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? ... If
I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
But if I do ... believe the works" (John 10:34,
37-38, Psalms 82:6)

Our view of his creations varies all the way from
the large and far away quasars of astronomy using
telescopes to the intricate programming of the
DNA molecule using microscopic techniques. The
Lord's explanation in Section 88 that all these
creations show his "majesty and power" surely
applies to this tiny world of molecules as well
as the giant worlds of planets and stars.

Behold, all these are kingdoms, and any man
who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen
God moving in his majesty and power. (D&C 88:43,

Whether discovered by science or revealed by the
Lord, the truth will not contradict itself. True
science and true revelation will be a combined
testimony of the marvelous work that the Lord has
wrought and is bringing to pass here on earth. It
will be a testimony also of his most important
work and "glory °© to bring to pass the
immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39).

About the Author
Ron Millett and his wife Rhonda live in Orem,
Utah with their six energetic children. Ron is a
software developer with a master's degree from
BYU in computer science and the inventor of five
software patents. He enjoys scouting, amateur
astronomy with an observatory on his roof, and
studying snakes. Rhonda enjoys being at home and
is the webmaster of the family
history site.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis

The Crystal Power and Energies in Atlantis

The use of crystals as a power manipulator during the Golden Age was
very likely not a development from that era, 10,000 to 4,000 B.C., but
was a form of technology inherited from a culture far older -- the
culture of Atlantis, which was destroyed during the polar shift and
magnetic reversal 12,000 years ago.

In the older Atlantean civilisation, crystals were used quite
extensively, and misused to such a degree that they eventually led to
the catastrophe which caused Atlantis to disappear into the ocean. Our
chief sources of information comes from a number of psychics, who have
described for us, each in their own way, yet in strikingly similar
depictions, the Atlantean technology of crystal power.

A modern Hindu sage and seer, Lama-Sing, offers us this overview of the
forgotten crystal technology:-

"The Atlanteans used the knowledge of the crystal refraction,
amplification and storage. It is known that a beam of light directed
intensely and focused specifically on certain series of facets in a gem
will, when it exits from the reflective plane o f the gem, be amplified
rather than diminished. And further, these amplified energies were
broken down into a wide and sophisticated spectrum. The Atlanteans used
the spectrum of this energy so as to be more usable, and for a specific
purpose, much as one would use petroleum in terms of its various
spectrum limitations for specific purposes.

Extracting this and that and other things from the same basic
substance, they used certain divisions of the energy for growing things.
Others for healing, others for knowledge or increasement of substance.
Other phases of spectrum for disassembling molecular structures, and yet
other combinations of these strata for building, assembling structures,
as in chains; or producing matter, transmutation of matter and that
sort. Their basic technology is still available in the earth plane in
various locations.

When it is proper and when it is in accord with God's will you shall
have it again. But with it will come a burden of spiritual decision and
needed growth. Man cannot have hate, hostility, and anxiety within his
being. He must replace this with love, tranquillity, compassion and
patience. For at the time these knowledges are recovered, man will have
many of the so-called secrets towards the creation, and conversely the
destruction of matter.

Crystals have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain
its intensity, to focus and transmit it over great distance to similar
receivers as are equal or comparable to the transmitter. Thus, from one
pyramid to another the Atlanteans, in a sense, transmitted energy. That
when the face of the earth, as it is called, was directed toward a
certain point one pyramid would function to intensify and transmit
energies to other pyramids which would then act as receiving devices and
would disperse energy as it was needed. The opposite would be true, when
that pyramid was at unfocusable point to their celestial alignment the
others would transmit to those. Very simple method, very effective
method. Though it brought them many difficulties later. "

In 1981, Revered Dr. Frank Alper, founder of the Arizona Metaphysical
Society, channelled a series of readings dealing with life in ancient
Atlantis, and that civilisation's use of crystals for everyday purposes.
Some of the major points revealed in the readings were these: The
Atlantean crystals were natural forms, but their growths were speeded
up. Some specimens of clear quartz were produced to almost 25 feet high
and 10 feet in diameter, had 12 sides and were used for storing and
transmitting power . Each had totally flawless and polished surfaces, so
that there would be an undisturbed flow of energies through them from
one crystal pole to the other.

Small crystals, four to five feet high, were infused with different
colours, and had a variety number of facets, to be used for different
purposes, such as healing, meditation, psychic development
, increasing
mental capacity, communications, powering generators dematerialization,
and transport of objects, magnetic force fields, and travel at speeds
undreamed of by our culture today.

A number of crystals were shaped into inverted pyramids, with four to
six sides, were infused with various shades of pin or rose, which
created a light beam for surgery, by changing molecular structure, and
for soothing pain, particularly in the delicate areas of the brain, the
eyes, the heart and reproductive organs. Gold or yellow crystals changed
colours to deeper hues in the presence of disease or bodily vibrational
disorders. Ruby and purple stones helped cure emotional and spiritual
problems; and black crystals, no longer in existence, were powerful

For general rejuvenation and a return of vitality the ancient
Atlanteans periodically meditated 15 to 20 minutes inside a circle of 6,
11, 22 or 24 stones of different types, holding a clear quartz in their
hands, which acted as a control and focaliser.

All these various crystals received their power from a variety of
sources, including the Sun, the Earth's energy grid system, or from each
other. The larger stones, called Fire Crystals, were the central
receiving and broadcasting stations, while others acted as receivers for
individual cities, buildings, vehicles and homes. On a higher spiritual
level, rooms made of crystals were places where the Initiates left their
bodies in the Final Transcendence, often never to return.

In the modern Bermuda Triangle, on the ocean bottom where the ruins of
Atlantis now exist, the energy built up in the sunken and damaged Fire
Crystals can periodically trigger dematerialisations of anything in the
area. In this excerpt from the readings, Alper gives details of how the
ancient crystal systems worked, for protecting and energising a large

"Around the perimeter of the city of Orax, were placed several thousand
crystals, elongated in shape and hexagonal on the sides. They served as
the grounding points for this magnetic dome. Through these crystals was
generated the magnetic field that protected the city. The power to these
crystals was generated from the central core which was exactly in the
center of the city.

The power of the core was conducted to the crystals on the perimeter
through a system of copper rods. These rods lead from the centre core to
each of the crystals in perimeter. From these rods, dissecting the
diameter of the city, there were many thou sands of points where the
energy could be drawn off to supply power necessary for other functions
and uses.

These rods were placed approximately six feet beneath the surface of
the ground and also served to make the earth quite fertile to produce
food and vegetation. 'When entry into the city was desired by a visiting
ship, the power to one or two of the crystals was lowered to create an
opening in the magnetic field to allow for the entry of the ship. If
this was not done, the ship would have crashed, for it could not have
penetrated the force field."

One of the most detailed descriptions of the Atlantean use of a
mysterious instrument called the Great Crystal was given by the famed
psychic of Virginia Beach, Edgar Cayce. In the numerous trance readings
he gave over a five decade period, Cayce alluded to the Atlantean Great
Crystal time and time again, and a compilation of his words form a
fascinating picture. The Crystal, he said, was housed in a special
building oval in shape, with a dome that could be rolled back, exposing
the Crystal to the light of the sun, moon and stars at the most
favorable times.

The interior of the building was lined with non-conducting metal or
stone, similar to asbestos or bakelite, a thermosetting plastic. The
Crystal itself, which Cayce also called the Tuaoi Stone, or Firestone,
was huge in size, cylindrical in length, and prismatic in shape, cut
with six sides. Atop the Crystal was a moveable capstone, used to both
concentrate incoming rays of energy, and to direct currents to various
parts of the Atlantean countryside.

It appears the Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and
Earth energies as well as unknown elemental forces and concentrated
these at a specific point, located between the top of the Crystal and
the bottom of the capstone. The psychic also alluded to the fact that
the Crystal became hot when in operation; it employed inducted methods;
utilized a kind of wave energy other than electromagnetic; and it melted
an invisible beam of energy that could pass through water and solid

The energy of the Crystal was used for various purposes, in different
periods of Atlantean history. In the beginning, about 50,000 years ago,
the Great Crystal was operated exclusively by the Initiates, or those
spiritually advanced enough to handle such a tremendous source of power.
At first, the energies were used as a means of communication between
'the finite and the 'Infinite' -- an oracle that at this remote period
in history, the Crystal was the development of a prehistoric Wisdom
which, as in the later Golden Age, recognised that all energies in the
universe are but aspects of one energy, and one Mind.

There are, as were set in the beginning, as far as the concern is of
this physical earth plane, those rules or laws in the relative force of
those that govern the earth, and the beings of the earth plane, and also
that same law governs the planets, starts , constellations, groups, that
constitute the sphere, the space in which the planet moves. These are of
one force, and we see the manifestations of the relation of one force
with another in the many various phases as is shown.

As the peoples (of early Atlantis) were a peaceful peoples, their
developments took on rather that form -- with the developing into the
physical material bodies -- of the fast development, or to the using of
the elements about them to their own use; recognising themselves to be a
part of that about them. That spirit that uses matter, that uses every
influence in the earth's environ for the glory of the Creative Forces,
partakes of and is a part of the Universal Consciousness.' (Readings
3744-4, 364-4, 35 08-1).

As time progressed, however, the Atlantean civilisation matured
further, the Crystal's energies were also utilised in rejuvenating the
human body. By it, the Atlanteans were able to live hundreds of years,
yet always maintain a youthful appearance
. As
technology advanced in Atlantis, the energies of the Crystal were put to
a wider variety of material uses. Cayce spoke of the Crystal's force
acting upon certain 'instruments' which in turn operated 'various modes
of travel through induction methods.'

Currents of energy were transmitted throughout the land, like radio
waves, and powered by these, crafts and vehicles traversed the land,
through the sky and under the sea at the speed of sound
. By
utilisation of other currents originating form the Crystal, the
Atlanteans were also able to transmit over great distances the human
voice, the pictures, like modern television. In the same manner, even
heat and light could be directed to specific buildings or open arenas,
giving illumination and warmth by seemingly invisible means.

Toward the end of their existence, however, the Atlanteans became
greedier for more power, the operation of the Crystal was taken over by
those of less spiritual fortitude, and the energies of the Great Crystal
were tuned to higher and more destructive frequencies.

Finally, the Crystal was tuned too high, activating volcanoes and
melting mountains, ultimately causing the submergence of Atlantis, and
perhaps even the axis shift of the Earth itself. In one reading, the
psychic describes specifically how the Crystal energies were directed
into the Earth, overloading the Earth energy grid system.

"When there were those destructive forces brought through the creating
of the high influences of the earth."(Reading 263-4). John H. Sutton, a
NASA researcher involved with applications of low energy plasmas,
believes that the Great Crystal Cayce was describing was a 'laser-fusion
reactor/gravity wave generator.' He suggests that when intense gravity
waves were generated by the Crystal and beamed into the Earth, the
planet's crystalline quartz, which occurs in granite rock as high as 25
percent throughout the crust, absorbed the energy and the resulting
melt-down of large masses of subterranean quartz would have been the
triggering mechanism for causing major slippage along the Earth's
fault-lines, destroying Atlantis and precipitating a global shift.

Interestingly, Cayce stipulated further that knowledge of the Great
Crystal, its design and construction, and instructions on its operations
and uses, will one day be found hidden in three different locations --
in the sunken ruins of Atlantis near modern Bimini in the Bahamas, in
the Hall of Records buried near the Sphinx in Egypt, and in the lost
Temple of Iltar yet to be fully explored in modern Yucatan.

In one reading, Number 440-5, given in December 1933, the psychic
revealed that crude models of the Crystal were at the time already being
discovered in Central America, by members of the Pennsylvania State
Museum. What he was referring to were excavations being carried out from
1931 to 1938, by E.R. Johnson of the Museum, at the site of Piedras
Negras ('Place of Black Stones'), in Guatemala. The site was a Mayan Old
Empire center, and is distinguished by a number of large, intricately
carved stone stelae or commemorative standing monuments. There were also
curious circular, table-like stones, also carved with scenes and

Cayce observed that the stone models "are set in the front of the
temple, between the service temple and the outer court temple, or the
priest activity, in the alter that stood before the door of the
tabernacle. This alter or stone, the stands between the activities of
the priest. For of course, this is degenerated from the original use and
purpose, but is the nearest and closest one to be found."

Furthermore, the psychic claimed, still other portions of the Crystal
models are to be found in museums in both Washington and Chicago.
However, Cayce stressed the identification of the models or clues as to
their function will not be found without a 'transformation' having
occurred on a personal, spiritual level. "For as given, do not confuse
self and those about self. Not that this should be sought. Not that
information may not be asked for, but be sure that the records are read
-- and those that have been given may only be read by those who have
cleansed or purified themselves."

Another psychic who has received information on the mysterious power
source of the Atlanteans is Washington columnist and author Ruth
Montgomery. Like Cayce, Montgomery learned that the ancient Atlanteans
used an advanced energy created by what her spirit guides
called the
Great Crystal. Ages ago, the Atlanteans had discovered a huge vein of
quartz, and after careful shaping and etching facets into the
crystalline surface, a gem was finally created that collected every ray
of the sun, and transformed it into useful power.

The Atlanteans also built a reflector for it, and housed it in a
gigantic domed building with a moveable top, so that the energy could be
directed wherever desired. nearby, 'copper vats' for storage were
constructed, so that the energy was always available. According to
Montgomery's guides, the secret of the Great Crystal was in its carbon
structure, which by an unrevealed process was 'sufficiently powerful
enough to raise the level of energy ten thousand times that of any known
instrument today.'

The Atlanteans discovered that this 'broadcast power' could be used to
propel vehicles. The guides claim that the Great Crystal was powerful
enough that 'when directed through the rays of the sun it created sparks
so strong that ships would take off from the earth and move in area
currents, directed by facets of the Crystal in controlled pattern' Other
vehicles were powered by the same source, which swam beneath the seas.'
In fact, the Great Crystal could 'drive machines across the heavens and
beneath the sea' practically anywhere in the world. It was also used as
an important source of communication.

Montgomery learned the Atlanteans utilised certain Crystal frequencies
like a radio and even television. 'The pictures were viewed on round
images,' the psychic wrote, 'which projected a ray, and were thrown on
walls or any blank surface, so that there w as no need for screens or
tubes.' Montgomery then received these prophetic words: "Within the
Crystal lie the secrets that will revolutionise the world, supplying all
power needs and energy forces."

In Egypt, Montgomery was told the Atlanteans built temples that also
used the sun's rays like the Great Crystal, only for the specific
purpose of healing. 'The rays were directed to cubicles where patients
stretched out on couches and received the benefit properties without the
dangerous ones. What was this unknown healing process? It may one day be
used in the treatment of cancer.'

Significantly, a considerable amount of research is being done today in
the use of both low power and high power light waves for controlling
cancer and skin ailments. In the Soviet Union, light beams with an
output of only one three-thousandths that of a household 60 watt bulb
have been discovered to stimulate skin rejuvenation, and aid in skin
grafting. In Hungary, Germany and Scandinavia, doctors are also
successfully experimenting with 'laser-puncture' or healing by the
projection of light waves on body acupuncture points. And in Denmark,
the Finsen Institute of Copenhagen has had remarkable results by giving
cancer patients 'light baths' of green, blue and ultraviolet spectrum
radiations. We are thus beginning to understand the basics of a medical
science once far in advance of ours today.

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