Friday, June 27, 2008

A Message from Akashic Records: July

A Message from Akashic Records:
Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA
Energies for July 2008 Pt: 1

What energy and experiences can we expect collectively in July 2008?

July 2008 contains the energy of dynamite as it expands into open space. The energy is like that of a super nova -- a star exploding. There is not a large, singular event in which this energy occurs; instead, the energy will feel like a series of explosions in your personal and collective lives over the course of the month. This expanding energy can create a great deal of clarity. It also can create a great deal of discomfort. The experiences that are likely to occur this month provide further evidence of the fact that limiting structures and beliefs will no longer work in an expanding and enlightening world. Belief systems and institutions that create limitations on individual freedom and expression will continue to be brought to light and dissolved more rapidly than ever during this month.

For some of you, particularly if you are attached to the limiting beliefs or the oppressive institutions that come to light during July, you may feel as though there has been an explosion. You might find yourselves feeling shocked, surprised, disheartened or afraid. But for those of you who have been continually looking for more expansion in your lives already -- for those of you who have been continually noticing oppressive forces and finding ways to work outside of the oppression, to work outside of the limitations imposed by your societies or institutions -- you are likely to find that you feel relieved, like pressure has been let off. In July, many of you may find yourselves thinking, "Finally people are noticing that things are not working!" You may find scandals, public conflicts, political battles, corruption coming to light; all of these things will continue to occur and even increase in July of 2008.

Just as with any experience, you have a choice. You always have a choice between love and fear. Even as your hearts break, even as you feel afraid, you can continue to choose love. Continue to look for the sparkle inside you that remains connected to your own humanity and that cares for the suffering of others. Look inside yourselves for that which wants to open. Yield and hold onto that which is precious in human life. As much as you can, move toward that sense of love for yourselves and love for your fellow human beings. It is your actual sensation of love that will help you navigate the explosive energy of July 2008. In fact, if you can stay with that heart energy, you will actually find a sense of freedom on the other side of the explosive energy -- a sense that after the dust has settled, there is more room for you to be your true self with a more open heart. There is more room for thinking together, for coming up with new solutions; there is a great deal of freedom available amidst this explosive energy.

How can we best work with the energy and experiences in July of 2008?

The best way to work with this is to try your best to stay connected. Stay connected to your feelings and to the people around you. You are likely to see collective events such as war, famine, political arguments and scandals that are hurtful. You will be tempted to close yourselves down, to try not to pay attention, to try not to think about it too much or try to limit your interactions with other people in order to protect yourselves. In the past it may have been useful for light workers to shield their energy from the heavier, denser energies in the world by closing off their attention to the world. It is not longer useful to do so. Because we are in the year 2008, when it is necessary to answer your calling of service to the world, the best way to work with this experience is to open your hearts and to look for a way to connect. Look for a way to engage. If it breaks your heart too much to see people suffering from famine, then turn to the people in your neighborhood and find someone who could use your help there, where it is not overwhelming for you but helps you open your hearts and become the softer, more connected version of yourself.

Let your hearts break open to a more tender connection. Do your best to avoid numbing your emotions or avoiding your emotions during the month of July. This will be a time when you can take whatever you have learned about yourself in therapy or counseling and take it out to the world. Find ways to deal with your emotions as they are happening rather than stuffing them inside. If you are angry, then go for a run or get in your car and yell or paint or write or talk with a friend; find something to help process your anger as it arises. If you are confused, find the courage to talk to someone, find the courage to ask people for the information that you need. If you are sad, let yourself cry. This is a month where any kind of withholding, any kind of pretending is only going to make the explosions feel bigger and more difficult. This is an excellent month to be incredibly genuine and gentle with yourselves and with others.

Are there any power days, or days that are important to look forward to, in July 2008?

July 5 through 7 are likely to feel intense. In the United States you will see literal fireworks on July 4. Take the image of those fireworks and assume that the energy is going to feel that way on July 5, 6, and 7. Those three days provide a time when things are likely to come to light and be seen -- when whatever you are intending or whatever you are engaged in is likely to have more energy behind it. It can be a very sparkly, playful energy, but just like with fireworks, there is a lot of heat involved. Be mindful about what you engage with on these days. Do not engage in activities that you did not intend. Be intentional with these days. You may find yourselves feeling accident prone, so it will serve you to plan ahead, know where you will be and when, and do your best to listen to your intuition.

We are not talking about avoiding danger here; we are talking about being sure that you are where you want to be so that your energy is placed where it needs to be. There will be an extra oomph of energy and you want it to be in the right place for you, rather than in a place you did not intend. For instance, if you do not really want to spend time with a certain person, make sure you do not spend time with them on those days because you may experience a conflict or feel overrun by that person. On the other hand, if there is someone you really want to connect with in your life, make sure to spend time with that person on these days because that extra energy can help you find the deeper connection. Be intentional about where and with whom you spend your time on July 5, 6 and 7.

July 14 is a day that will bring a softening. It is a day that acts as an anchor for the rest of the month. It is an excellent day to help reground yourselves, to turn your attention to the things in your life that are stable, steady, and that make sense to you. For some it might mean riding a bike, spending time with your children, working in your garden do something that is grounding -- something that feels normal and regular for you to help you feel like you have a routine.

July 27 is a turning point. During the month, you may feel like there is a merry-go-round swirling around you. During the month, there will be many events to keep track of in your personal lives and in the news. July 27 is the day on which you are likely to land in a steady position and to turn your attention to the places where your energy will likely be spent for the next several months. July 27 is a good day to sit and reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. It is an excellent day for goal setting and it will be an important day for restructuring, for looking back and determining what structures you have had in your life and then look forward and decide what structures will serve you best. Are there routines in your life that do not serve you anymore? Are there routines, disciplines or practices that you want to engage moving forward? Does it really help you to wake up at the same time every day or do you want to wake up earlier or later? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you eat at the times that work best for you? July 27 is an excellent time to renegotiate the structures that weave your life together. Things are going to change beginning on this day. We cannot say in advance what that will look like for you as individuals, but watch for change and know you have the power to make decisions about the nature of change in your lives. The changes that occur on this day or the changes that become evident to you or evident in your collective or in the news or media, are meaningful. They are semi-permanent. Pay attention to them and determine what they mean for you and what actions you want to take moving forward in your life given the events that occur on July 27.

July 30 is a day of softening. It is an important day to reach out and make amends. Apologize to anyone you feel you have wronged. Explain your position to anyone you feel does not understand you. It is a day when you will be able to speak and hear one another better than usual and it is important to remain heart-centered and move toward softening and tenderness on July 30th.

Do the events of July 4, 1776 in the United States, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, have any resonance or relevance for us in July of 2008?

Yes. The trajectory of the United States is particularly important in the year 2008 because this is the year to herald your calling, and the U. S. is working to realign itself with its true calling. The year 2008, for the trajectory of the U. S., provides a radical revolution. The direction in which the U. S. moved at the beginning of the year is likely to be 180 degrees from the direction it will be taking toward the end of the year. One of the reasons that you are likely to see this explosive energy in July is because the month of July is the birth month of the nation of the U. S. The energy is helping to clear the trajectory of the nation, and this is the reason that secrets cannot be swept under the rug -- they cannot be kept out of view as easily as they could have been before. You have seen throughout the world, particularly in the U. S., corruption come to light in the last five years.

As individual humans move through Enlightenment and become empowered, they are less likely to blindly believe the words of their government or blindly accept the direction of oppressive institutions. As the shift of individual Enlightenment occurs, it has made it not only possible but necessary for corruption or secrets to be unveiled and seen. As more and more people see what is true, fewer institutions can withhold their secrets. This is one of the reasons you have seen much corruption or scandalous news come to light in recent years. This leads us to July of 2008. The U. S. has a deep commitment, at a soul level, to come into integrity. Any parts of the U. S. government that have managed to hold secrets have managed to do so by holding them extra hard, which is the reason they have not come to light yet so far in the last five years. The explosive energy in July is due in part to the fact that the things that will come to light are things that have been held extra hard. When they come into visibility, they will come with a pop!

There is a likelihood that this will be a destabilizing force in terms of government and collective endeavors. This is one of the reasons that we encourage you to reach out to one another and stay connected to your fellow humans this month -- because in the U.S. the original calling was to empower individual humans to create a collective experience together. Over time, that power has been corrupted so that the institution is empowered to direct the lives of individuals. The original commitment of the U.S. as a soul is to return its roots -- not roots of independence, but the root of the power of individuals to create a collective experience.

The word "independence" no longer suits an Enlightened world. You are not returning to a sense of independence, you are returning to a knowledge of the power of the individual to enable and support a collective experience. It is actually not a deeper commitment to independence, but a deeper commitment to interdependence and the connections between you. When you are aware of the inherent connections between you and among you as individuals, then you recognize your interdependence. You also recognize the incredible power each one of you has to change the world.

The true nature of the soul path of the U.S. is to embrace the power of the individual. The thing that has changed since the year 1776 is that you now understand the incredible importance of connection and your interdependence on one another. The vital lesson that the U.S. has to add across the globe as you become a global culture is to remember the power of the individual; it is from your individual choices that you create collective reality; it is through the power of the individual to direct their own fate that you decide together the direction of the human race. The piece that the U.S. has been missing is the understanding that wisdom comes through embracing your interconnection, rather than imagining the individual empowerment leads to independence. That is the significance of those events in 1776 and the way they have an opportunity to come full circle in the year 2008.

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by Jen Moffat Eramith MA through Akashic Transformations. We encourage you to share this Message with friends and loved ones, provided that the content is complete; all credit is given to the author; and it is distributed for no financial or other compensation to anyone other than Jen Moffat Eramith and Akashic Transformations. *