Friday, June 27, 2008

The Tree of Life Grids

The Tree of Life Grids
by Kerrie O'Connor

We are so inter-connected to Source and so supported in Light and Love. This is our natural state. WE CAN'T BE DIS-CONNECTED TO WHO WE REALLY ARE. It is so important to remember this connection and our inter-connection when we are facing all kinds of "difficult" situations - health, money, family and partners in life. When it can look like you're in the darkest part of your life, when you have to face your fears; remember to open your heart to Love. (Your unique Soul Signature and the "Truth").

That being said, I have been seeing so many changes in the energy fields that truly confirms that we are in accelerated times. I have been seeing all sorts of grids and geometric figures throughout peoples' energy fields. Each day, I am seeing a different layer or view of these patterns. I started seeing what I later found out to be the "Tree of Life" Grids or our "Holographic Soul Signature" in their energy fields.

The Tree of Life Grids give us the foundation and support as we are continuing to expand our divine essence. You can think of it as the structure that holds our divine spark, our essence. The Tree of Life Grids look different with each person. One thing I noticed, the more the person worked on clearing their energy field and were transmuting negative and traumatic events, the clearer and stronger the Tree of Life Grid appeared. The people that didn't know about chakras or have any knowledge of our energetic nature, the Tree of Life structures appeared "darker". What I've learned is that everyone is supported by these structures and they are what connect us all to One.

As I understand more and more how deeply we are connected; I've also noticed that the individuals who have an energy maintenance practice or are working consciously on holding more of the 5th dimensional energy field, have very bright Grids. Their energy vibrates at a very high frequency and their Grids have multiple layers. I discovered that the Grids I see as the Tree of Life are also called our Holographic Soul Signature. These Grids hold sacred information and we are continually communicating with Source. As our Soul Signature Grids become "larger" they support us as we expand our energy field with our divine essence.

My guides have shown me a different view of the Tree of Life Grids. I was shown the Earth with the Tree of Life Grids radiating up and out around the world. They were huge!! I saw some Grids throughout the world that were fully formed. They were acting like a tuning fork for everyone on the Earth's Grids. This view showed me how we are accelerating our evolutionary process by strengthening our own Tree of Life Grids, our Soul Signature, which then "feeds" and strengthens the Earth's Grids; showing our inter-connectedness.

These Grids firmly root us in Infinite Love allowing us to expand our divine essence. As we expand our divine essence, we fill up our energy field with our unique "soul song". The clearer the energy field, the "louder" our soul songs are, which radiates out to the Creator, and the Creator then amplifies our soul song back to us. These amplifications affect everyone's energy field because we are all inter-connected. As we all perfect our unique song, we are helping everyone evolve. This is how we are accelerating our evolutionary process. Each and every one of us is part of this huge evolutionary leap we are making right now, which will create the Heaven on Earth experience.