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The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

The Hidden Reality of Solar Light

My investigation into the hidden nature of the human light body
led to a strange and intriguing aspect of our reality. There is a
hidden aspect to the light of the Sun. Mystical and spiritual
traditions from nearly every culture have linked the Sun to man's
higher evolution. Cultures as diverse as the Essenes, The Mayan,
Aztecs, Buddhists, Hindus, Oceanic tribes, and Native Americans all
link the power of the Sun to man's higher nature. According to these
Ancient Traditions, the hidden nature of sunlight holds an important
key to higher human evolution. In this chapter, I will summarize the
major findings of these traditions as they relate to the hidden
nature of the Sun.

The True Nature of Solar Light
Sunlight and eyesight are actually linked in an interesting
way. The human eye is actually a miniature sun and like the sun of
our solar system, it has the ability to absorb and radiate light. It
absorbs energy through the retina from where it is redistributed to
the brain and nervous system. We know that these energy particles
are the carriers of various Universal Factors of Energy that are
capable of doing predetermined and specific work. In short, the Sun
is a living entity and the Light of the Sun is a complex carrier wave
that encodes several levels of information and energy that we use to
sustain life on this world.
There are at least five major components that make up the light
of the Sun. In the early stages of our evolution, we are affected
primarily by the negative factors within these components. As we
evolve and become more knowledgeable of the true nature of Solar
Light, we then learn to take full advantage of the hidden power of
this Light. The five major components of Sunlight are:
A. Information Factors B. Universal Forces. C. Energetic
Factors D. Evolutionary Factors E. Enlightenment

The Ancients believed that these energies affect humans in a variety
of ways. Their knowledge of these energies was extensive. Let us
examine each of these factors in turn.
A. Information factors are intelligent packets of energy that are
somewhat analogous to digital bits of information that are
transmitted via sunlight. Ever wonder where all the information in
the world came from? Where did calculus come from? Where did the
idea of flowers come from? All of it came from the Sun. To be
honest, all of it came from God, but it came to us more directly from
the Corpus of the Sun. In truth, God is constantly streaming out
billions of gigabytes of data every second of every day. He is
literally pouring out everything that he knows into our world. But
for the most part, we ignore the data. Scientists are only now
learning that light can carry information. Every day, billions of
bits of data are encoded into computers, televisions, radio, and then
streamed out to us in the form of light. According to the Ancients,
God has been doing this for a much longer period of time.
Information factors may be downloaded into the brain and used as !
a source of knowledge. The Essenes perfected the downloading of
information from the Sun in a process called Gnostic solar
Suffice it to say at this time, information factors provide a
plethora of opportunities for self-advancement and growth.
Information factors are created by God and as such, contain the
divine spark of creation. The eyes are able to absorb these factors
and later pass them on to the brain where they are further processed.
Information factors may be stored within the cells of the body for
later use. They may also be transmitted from one person to another.
B. Universal Forces are among the most powerful energies
radiated by the Sun. There are at least five main universal forces
that are transmitted via the Sun throughout the Solar system. These
forces are A-factor, B-Factor, X-factor, Y-factor, and Z-factor.
Each of these factors play a specific role in our daily dimensional
A-factor is the prime generative force. It caused the first
propagation of matter to be expelled from the Sun into the third
dimension. Actually, it is the principle force that God uses to
create dimensional reality as we know it. This force is constantly
being emanated from the Sun. Whenever we grow our hair, mend a bone,
digest our food, the action of A-factor is responsible. The A-factor
is also a secondary cause of the aging process. It leads to growth
and maturation within its sphere of influence. The overall action of
A-factor allows a person to develop the ego and to embrace the idea
of needing to express himself as a being separate from God. This
force is necessary because without it, nothing would exist. God
would be complete within himself with no need to create us, reality,
or anything else. With the advent of the A-factor, Primordial Humans
got the chance to create souls and experience karma. A-factor then
creates growth, change, karma, and the need for!
self-expression on a personal level.

In the course of fulfilling its activity, A-factor also
contributes to the force of death. A-factor also creates human
thought. It is the primary impelling force that generates what we
call human thinking. Ever try to stop your thoughts? It is among
the hardest of things that you can do. The force that pushes your
thoughts into your brain is the A-factor. In the truest sense, your
thoughts come from God, but A-factor is how he expresses thoughts
throughout the universe

God thinks on multiple planes of reality, but the human plane of
thought manifests as A-factor. Overcoming the urge to express a
separate existence from the Creator is a major step in the process of

B-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecules within the human
genome and helps to initiate the development of certain paranormal
abilities. B-factor is a very powerful force. The force of B-factor
is primarily dormant during the vast majority of human lifetimes. B-
factor is released primarily around sunset and is active in releasing
two special sets of genes from within the body. Science has
discovered that the paranormal powers that we all possess are
controlled by two sets of genes called Psi Genes. The Psi A genes
turn on the paranormal potential that we all have. Psi B genes turn
off our paranormal potential.
The interesting thing about Psi B genes is that they occur in a
position which is very close to a set of genes called the oncogenes.
Oncogenes cause cancer in humans. Oddly enough, increased Psi B gene
activity can lead to greater activation of the genes that cause
B-factor turns off the Psi-B gene and turns on the Psi-A
gene. In effect, it supercharges the human genetic system. The
problem with B-factor is that it is only released for exceedingly
brief periods of time, (a few minutes at most). This release occurs
at sunset and may be seen as a green flash of energy.

B-factor is extremely active in the fifth dimension and is
the primary energy released by the Sun in that dimension. The action
of B-factor in the fifth dimension allows for the creation of a
Higher, More Evolved version of the Human Light Body. Through the
action of the B-factor, the Light Body becomes one with God and the
individual is no longer able to reincarnate in physical form. B-
factor allows one to become self-generating. This is the ability to
create a physical form without the need for parents or traditional
incarnation. B-factor may also be stored within certain precious
stones and activated by the use of mantras.

X-Factor acts on the dormant DNA molecule to create a permanent
form of the physical body. X-factor is released primarily at sunrise
and for about one hour. It is also released during the hour before
sunset. Most of the DNA in the human body is inactive. As a matter
of fact, more than 97% of the DNA of your body has no known
function. 1-3% of our DNA is necessary for the encoding of
proteins. Scientists call the remainder junk DNA. X-factor is an
extremely powerful force that may be stored within the brain, certain
precious stones, and activated by mantra.

X-factor is an extremely powerful force that may be stored
within the brain, certain precious stones, and activated by mantra.

The activation of X-factor causes a great change within the
body. As the DNA strands necessary for the building of the Light
Body are gradually decoded, a great deal of energy is released from
the physical body. The Sun provides an abundant supply of this
energy in the form of Primary Life Force energy. One of the main
functions of X-factor is the activation of the Primary Life Force
centers within the human body. In most people, the chakras control
the flow of the life force within the body.

As the energy of X-factor increases within the body, the energy
flow within the chakras increases and the dormant energy of the Life
Force Centers is released.

The Ancients believe that the Light Body is powered by four main
force centers. They are formed from the combined energy of each of
two chakras. Chakras one and two form the first force Center.
Chakras three and four form the second force Center. Chakras five
and six form the third force Center. Chakras seven and eight form
the fourth force center. As the human mind evolves and enlightens,
the planes of awareness expand and the Higher Mind gradually takes up
residence within the physical body. The action of the X-factor makes
this transition possible. As the DNA is transformed and decoded, the
body and mind are transformed as well. The resultant entity is
called the Vajra Body. There have been tens of thousands of
instances of the successful transition of humans from the physical
body into the Vajra Body or Light Body. This happens through the use
of the X-Factor.
Once a human takes full advantage of the X-factor and transforms
himself, he/she may still return to physical life through the process
of reincarnation. However this is a choice and not a necessity.
This return is often for a specific purpose and usually serves to
teach some hidden aspect of spiritual life to humans. If the Initiate
takes advantage of the activity of B-factor after generating the
Light Body, they can become self-generating.
It can however manifest itself on multiple levels of reality
Y-factor is the primary force of aging and decay in this
dimension. It is carried via the ultraviolet portion of sunlight
during the midday and afternoon hours. Y-factor is necessary because
all things must follow the natural flow of time and reality.
Enlightened beings that have generated the Light Body live outside
the accepted realms of time and space.
In order for a god to generate a Light Body form, they must
become human. Gods live for extremely long periods of time and may
even appear to be immortal. However, after a time, even gods are
subject to the force of Y-factor and eventually die. Y-factor
originates within the fourth dimension and results from the action of
A-factor on that plane.

The action of Y-factor creates the unconscious mind and thus the
process of death. Beings that have no unconscious mind are not
subject to the force of death. The action of the creation of the
unconscious mind creates a repository for the storage of Y-factor.
This storage process creates a series of chain reactions that leads
to the event of physical death.

The unconscious mind creates breathing as a result of the action of Y-
factor. Y-factor also creates secondary life force. Beings that
live in the higher Dimensions are not subject to the force of the Y-
factor. They do not breathe, they do not have an unconscious aspect
to their minds, and they do not die. Fourth dimensional beings do
not have a subconscious component to the mind. As a result, fourth
dimensional beings live much longer life spans than third dimensional

The action of Y-factor on the third dimension creates another
negative emanation from the Sun, the Z-factor.

Z-factor is another negative radiation released by the Sun and
it primarily causes cellular and genetic mutation in living species.
Z-factor causes the creation of the subconscious mind in humans. As
such, this force may be stored within the physical form. The physical
body acts as the storehouse for the energy released by the
subconscious mind. The cumulative action of Z-factor upon the human
body causes aging and death. The combined forces of Y and Z factor
act as a lethal combination for the demise of the human body. The Z-
factor is primarily released by the Sun in the form of midday and
late afternoon radiation.

Evolutionary Factor
There are certain energetic components to sunlight that specifically
help to initiate Consciousness and intelligent thought. The Ancients
teach that this factor is a new creation that was first released by
the Sun less than 250,000 years ago. Primarily, it allows humans to
evolve and move forward as a species. Evolutionary factor is
released continuously by the Sun. There are specific techniques and
Solar Mudras that will allow humans to take advantage of this

Energetic Factors
This is the main function of sunlight that humans about which humans
are most knowledgeable. This aspect of sunlight carries the
electromagnetic spectrum and certain nourishing energy frequencies
that are capable of sustaining life. All of the elements that are
necessary for life emanated originally from the Sun. Water, air,
fire, earth, and all of the necessary nutrients for life came to us
from the Sun. Each and every second, billions of tons of matter are
released from the Sun and hurled toward the planets. This matter
forms the basis for all life in our Solar System. The Energetic
factors that the Sun releases are able to sustain life all on their

How can the body take in energetic factors in such a manner as to
sustain life? Is it possible that some of our dormant "junk" DNA may
become active and allow us to utilize Solar Energetic Factors in the
same way that plants do? Let us examine a possible method.
There is a pathway from the retina, to the hypothalamus, called
the retino-hypothalamic tract. This brings information about the dark
&light cycles to supra-chiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus.
From the SCN, impulses along the nerve travel via the pineal nerve
(Sympathetic nervous system) to the pineal gland. These impulses
inhibit the production of melatonin. When these impulses stop (at
night or in dark, when the light no longer stimulates the
hypothalamus) pineal inhibition ceases, and melatonin is released.
The pineal gland is therefore a photosensitive organ and an important
timekeeper for the human body.

The unexplored process of energy absorption, transformation, and
processing from the Sun may occur here. The activation of pineal
gland is a key step in psychic, spiritual and energy transformation
processes. Suffice it to say that in this gland, energy processing
and distribution can take place. The pineal gland is the subtle
controller of all endocrine glands, therefore controlling the
endocrine system. Through secretion of melatonin, it also regulates
the circadian rhythm, sleep wake cycle and it also slows down aging
process. It has psychic properties and it is said to be the seat of
soul or mind.

Sunlight may enter the eyes and be directly stored in the
pineal gland. Pineal activation and charging through solar energy
could be a vital step in higher evolution. Once activated and
charged by the Pineal gland, Solar Energetic factors may be
transformed into electrical, magnetic or chemical energies in body.
Once processed, this energy must be transported & must be stored
somewhere. If the initial processing of this energy starts in the
pineal gland, how does it get to the rest of the body?

The Hypothalamus is the controller of autonomic nervous system.
The pineal gland is connected to it through a net of autonomic
nerves. The new energy that is derived from the Sun may be
transported via this system of nerves into the hypothalamus.
The role of temporal lobe and limbic system also may be
important. It may work as a regulator, if not receptor and may be
psychically involved in directing the energy in proper pathways. The
medulla oblongata contains many centers vital to life and may also
store some of this energy. Other parts of the brain may play as yet
undiscovered roles.

Enlightenment Factors
There are specific energy factors released by the Sun that are
designed to awaken and enliven the human mind. There are specific
mudras and mantras designed to selectively guide these energies into
the human mind. These energies raise the IQ, enhance creative
abilities, enhance musical gifts, enliven the body, and empower the
process of Enlightenment.

The Spiritual Sun

In addition to the plethora of information regarding the hidden
radiations of the Sun, the Ancients wrote extensively about the
Spiritual Nature of the Sun itself. They wrote that the Sun which we
see each day is only a small part of a much larger entity. This
entity is part of a larger universe that feeds and nourishes our
smaller physical domain. Let us examine this information.
The Ancients taught that the Sun is part of a constellation of
Solar Entities connected to the Primordial Sun. The Primordial Sun
is the archetypal blueprint for all the Suns of the physical
universe. The expansion of the physical universe is caused by the Y
factor and occurs in parallel with the contraction caused by the Z
factor. All Suns emanate from a central Primordial Sun. The
Primordial Sun is extra-dimensional in nature. This Primordial Sun
forms around the Source. The Source is the collection point for all
of God's energy that empowers and creates this universe. The energy
that collects in this point is massive and forms itself automatically
into a huge Primordial Sun. All souls enter into this universe first
through the Primordial Sun. The seeds for all our Light Bodies are
said to exist within the Primordial Sun. It is in essence the
physical representation of the Source. The appearance of the
Primordial Sun as a Source of Light is an illusion.
The Primordial Sun emits Primordial Matter. The action of A-
factor on the Primordial Sun impels the release of Primordial Matter.
This is the first state of matter in our universe. It is this matter
that is the genesis of all the elements in our universe. In the
Higher Dimensions, the worlds are made mostly of primary matter.
Orbiting the Primordial Sun are the Primordial Worlds. These
are also called the First Worlds and they are home to The Elders.
The Elders are the oldest created beings in existence. All living
beings are descended from the Elders, even humans.
As the A factor impels the creation of the lower dimensions,
Primordial Matter is pushed into lower and lower states of being. In
dimensions nine through five, Primordial Matter is not subject to the
forces that create mortal forms. The Primary Forces working on
Primordial Matter at these levels are A-factor, B-factor, and X-
As Primordial Matter approaches the fourth dimension, it falls
under the influence of Y-factor. The action of this factor creates
the lower elements and ultimately physical matter. The fourth
dimension has little physical matter in comparison to the third
dimension. The third dimension is more than 95% physical matter as a
result of the combined actions of the Y and Z factors. There are
small amounts of Primordial Matter in existence in all created worlds
below the fourth dimension.

This Primordial Matter is responsible for the healing factors,
intelligence, spiritual growth, and enlightenment that is possible on
these worlds. From the Primordial Sun, the energy of Source enters
into Worlds of Creation. These Worlds gradually expand due to the
action of the A-factor. The Primordial Sun creates Galactic Suns
which provide power for each galaxy in existence. At the core of our
Galaxy is a huge Galactic Sun around which our Sun rotates.

The Galactic Sun is an illusion just as the Primordial Sun is an
illusion. Remember, the Primordial Sun is a convergence point for
all of the energy of the Creator in this universe. The Galactic Sun
is a convergence point for all of the energy of the Creator in this
galaxy. The Galactic Sun is fifth dimensional in nature, as are all
stars in our universe.

The Galactic Sun is millions of light years across and is the
Source for our Sun and all of the stars in our galaxy. It is made of
more than 90% Primordial Matter and is the Home of the most advanced
beings in our galaxy. Galactic Suns connect directly to the
Primordial Sun in the ninth dimension.

Our Sun is a Cosmic Sun. It too is an optical illusion. The
Sun is the convergence of all the Divine Creative Force within our
Solar System. It is fifth dimensional by nature as are all stars.
The bright light and energy that we see when we look at the Sun is a
result of a great number of forces that are vectored within a single
point in space. This point is called a focal release point. Through
this point, all the energy of the Creator reaches our Solar System.
The physical matter that streams through the point is only a small
fraction of the total energy available from the Galactic Sun. All
Cosmic Sun Systems (Stars) carry the Universal Forces into the local
planetary systems that we call home. Through the Sun, we are
connected to the Source, the Primordial Sun, the Galactic Sun, and
the Primordial Worlds.

The Sun is an intermediary, a catalyst between the macrocosmic
and microcosmic universes. The cell is composed of atoms which, in
turn, are composed of light wave/particles. The light wave particles
oscillate in the same way that the Sun does. Remember, the Sun
oscillates on a regular basis. Ordinarily, one may not be able to
see the microcosmic pulsation, but the pulsation is clearly visible
to the eye on the macrocosmic level when you begin using the Solar
practices. This pulsation is exactly the same as that of your
heartbeat. The force for the beat of your heart comes through from
the Primordial Worlds, into the Sun, and finally to Earth. The
energy of your universe is in constant motion and reveals a distinct
pattern of motion, light and dark. There is also a third vibration,
a link between space and time. This link is called Consciousness.
Though it cannot be seen, Consciousness is the vehicle through which
we can see and know the universe.

The Sun is home to the Fifth Dimension in our Solar System. The
physical light and matter that we see emanating from the Sun is in
effect the reflection of Fifth Dimensional matter onto the third
dimension. Through the Sun, we are connected directly to the Fifth
Dimension and thus to the Higher Beings that live there. These
beings guide and influence all life on our plane of reality. It is
through their guidance that we develop Enlightenment and the ability
to develop civilization, art, music, science and culture.

Through our connection with Fifth Dimensional Beings, we can
access a direct source of power, knowledge, and evolutionary
potential. All beings are able to access this knowledge given the
correct techniques and training. By learning how to connect directly
with the energy of the Sun, the Initiate can learn to communicate
directly with the Gods themselves.

by Dr Mitchell Gibson