Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice Newsletter

Summer Solstice Newsletter
June 21st, 2008

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Within the sacred space of the Unified Field
Vortex Meditation, users are able to support their personal healing process
with an abundance of life force, deep Soul connection, calm internal
balance, all while releasing limiting programs and energy patterns, fears
and belief systems that have long blocked their well being and

Our subconscious mind responds so well to
"guided meditations"! The Vortex Meditation CD is a powerful tool that can
take the listener into the self-induced hypnotic state, re-program the
subconscious mind with divine thoughts and concepts, and open the pathway to
the super-conscious mind (Higher Self).

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Ascension Wave of the Future

Summer Solstice - June 21st, 2008

It's been an incredible past two weeks, as
we have witnessed multiple layers of ingrained behavioral patterns and
belief systems expelling out of our energetic systems. These layers
represent lifetimes of core wounds, traumas and karmic cyclical programs
that needed to be returned to the Void Space and transmuted. We are no
longer carriers of the past! As the Ascension Waves continue to transform
our bio-energetics we can also actualize more and more of our true calling
and purpose for being here.

We are no longer to be misconstrued as tame,
robotic creatures that can be managed and manipulated. Now is the time to
break free of all constraints that have imprisoned our minds and spirits in
negative, divisive consciousness. We are not to be reckoned with! Now is the
time to rise up out of duality and present ourselves as integral to the
health and well-being of our collective consciousness. This movement will
require a concentrated effort of unity and perseverance. Human Ascension is
a group project, no matter what the "powers to be" would like us to believe.

As history has proven throughout time...we
must join forces to dismantle the old and connect with the new. We only have
to peer back some sixty years to see a perfect example of how our world can
be transformed from a dark, oppressive prison into a liberated state of
sovereign individuals. The rise of Nazi Germany exemplifies just how
effective a fear-based enslavement program can dominate an entire
country...spreading like disease throughout Europe. It is not so much
different now!

The disease of mind-control, emotional
manipulation, and genetic corruption is currently spreading throughout our
planetary energy field. And just as before, we must recognize our personal
prison and choose to deny its powerful hold...and break free. Each soul that
succeeds in breaking free will weaken and aid in dismantling the polarizing
grip of duality. As witnessed with the Holocaust, a wave of mass
consciousness of intolerance can and will destroy the controlling forces in

By joining together in unity consciousness
we align with an alternate reality of Universal Abundance, not possible in
Dual Earth. Until now, we've only experienced the painful backlash of
polarizing counter-force. In Dual Earth - for every positive action taken we
magnetize equal amounts of negative reaction. So how does The Universal Law
of Attraction work in Earth's magnetic field? The greater the positive
intent initiated, the greater the sabotage counter-force to deal with. The
more light you embody the more psychic attacks you encounter! If you are
experiencing this level of backlash you are still imprisoned in duality.
There is no other explanation!

In order for "The Secret" to truly work, we
need to live in the Unified Field, where unity consciousness will magnetize
more union. Our lives can be enhanced exponentially by converting our energy
systems into whole, complete embodiments of Sacred Union. This movement of
liberation needs to touch every layer and level of life force. We must purge
every ounce of duality from our being.

As we near the Summer Solstice, we are able
to access multiple layers of life force...the building blocks of time and
space. There are criss-crossing in our atmosphere multiple timelines of
past, present and future, like intersecting planes of existence. It looks
like a kaleidoscope of flashing mirrors reflecting scenes of parallel
realities. And as these planes flash and reflect unto each other, there is a
crossing over and a passing along of information. In a way, the intersecting
timelines are communicating back and forth, bending into the other. This
creates portals in time that our Souls can travel through. We are able to
enter and access other planes of existence that we've never crossed into

And so, we have been dropping the dead
weight of duality so that our Souls can rise up and merge into the Unified
Field of reflecting timelines. Without this, we would continue to battle it
out with the opposing forces of light and dark. Our minds, bodies and hearts
would stay locked in the internal prison of struggle and defeat. We would
remain stuck in a world reality of ego-gratification and escapist
addictions...separate from our beautiful god-self. Feeling alone in the

I invite you to join the growing movement of
unity consciousness and actively, progressively break free of the grip of
duality. Allow the painful memory of the Holocaust to inspire you to rise
out of complacency and reject the oppression of divisive programming. Pursue
union with all that you are! And connect into the cosmic maize of flashing
timelines, like a sparkling multi-faceted crystal. Our world reality can
shift in a flash!

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Activate the Wave of the Future!

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Benedicte, focuses on clearing and breaking free all polarity held in the
bio-energetics, replacing duality with unity consciousness, accessing the
Unified Field of all existence, embracing the ascension wave, and merging
with our future timeline as an ascended Avatar Being.

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May you open and receive the powerful
Ascension Wave of the TImeless You! Take a moment this Saturday on Summer
Solstice and connect into the flashing reflection of a new life, a new
reality, a New Earth!

I will be gathering in a small goddess
circle to celebrate our cosmic activation! If you would like to join
remotely, send hearts blessings of intent.
Warmest wishes of expansion,

Meg Benedicte
Founder of Unified Field Therapy®

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