Monday, June 2, 2008

The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, June 3

The Planetary Grid Transmissions New Moon Tuesday, June 3

A 24 hour transmission period of New Earth energy.

with Unified Meditation in three world times...
Sydney 8 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 9 pm

Unified Planetary Focus
Expanding and Strengthening our Grid Networks of Light Sending our Love to the World

Call to ACTION!!

As more people connect to the Crystalline Grid, the stronger this support matrix becomes and the more stable our advancement into the higher light dimensions.

Spread the word and let's pour our Love forth!!


A crystalline, geometric lattice surrounding the entire planet.

Our new spiritual foundation and template of New Earth energy.

A transitory bridge between dimensional worlds.

A massive global and universal "spiritual telecommunications system".

A storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet.

Connects the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

Gifts stabilization to our transformational processes.


To send Love and healing to others; to heal oneself.

To instantly connect with other individuals and groups.

To assist with personal and planetary transformation.

To activate latent coding.

To access the Universal Language of Light.

To develop and transmit telepathic communication.

To link the world into unity consciousness.

To develop skills in higher consciousness.

To communicate with higher Light Intelligences.

To use as an entry and exit point for interdimensional travel.

To embody Absolute Knowing.