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Days To Come, As Seen By The Ultradimensionals

Days To Come, As Seen By The Ultradimensionals
Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:51 pm (PST) .

It has come to my attention repeatedly that many officials in the agencies really do not know about the spiritually and technologically advanced off world civilizations. They do know of the regenerate low level ETs and have struck deals with them in the past but there is a great void concerning the hands off, prime directive highly evolved off worlders. What ever deals were made in the past are now null and void. Those who have interfered in the evolution or awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth are going to be dealt with. They have been given an eviction notice; which is now being enforced by pro-earth forces. Universal Law is now the prime directive. It is the Law of One some call unity consciousness. The forces of tyranny and unbridled greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth will come to an end. It is surfacing now for all to see, the players have been indentified human and non human. The noninterference program has come to an end and the spiritually and technologically advanced races have now joined forces in a program beyond the ability of most scientists to comprehend. Quantum physics has the best grasp of what is unfolding along with some of the most ancient teachings.

The simplest way to state this is it all has to do with frequency. We are all known throughout the multiverse by our frequency. Our frequency is the combined attitudes, emotions and beliefs in the world in which we live. Our consciousness has many levels or dimensions and the higher dimensions are pressing in hard upon the Earth. It is like a soul or Godself invasion. The lower vibrational frequencies such as fear, guilt, unworthiness, ignorance, separation, pain, suffering, wrong conclusions from past experiences are undergoing a major clean up. This is why the higher dimensional beings stress clean up your consciousness, release the past and focus on love, joy, bliss, service to others in order to increase your frequency. We are being aided in this process and it is also a natural evolution; which cannot be derailed or avoided despite arrogant ego driven people who think they are separate. We are being bombarded by what seems to be every level in the electromagnetic light spectrum. Cosmic, Gama, X, Ultraviolet, Infrared are all flooding into the Earth and she is absorbing them, expanding, growing. Yes I did say growing this is why all the quakes and volcanoes are going off. There are also those misusing technology amplifying areas already under great pressure as well as playing with weather modification. Just as in the days of Atlantis there are those who want to use technology for dominion and control yet look where this took them in the past. Unfortunately the destruction of Atlantis and other worlds as well could not have come about without willing participants, those who turned a blind eye to injustices and trespasses not wanting to upset their comfort zones.

This time around there are watchers, observers and those who will interact if necessary to make sure we do not repeat the past. They will not allow an all out nuclear war or technology that could end the evolutionary process. They are hoping we learn from our mistakes, rise up and chose noble virtue or impeccable integrity concerning our actions with humanity and the Earth. Thus far we have fallen far short of many of their expectations. We are now entering a time of choosing. The action/reaction principle most call Karma is being amplified. The fear, guilt, and unworthiness are no longer efficient tools to control the masses. This includes nefarious deeds such as wars for God and Country; which in truth are for power and wealth. There is one God/Creator/Spirit given many names and images by man and we are one planet. No one has an exclusive on God, nor the right to destroy and take what is not his or hers. The lying and deceptive natures of those who lust for power and wealth, those who have sold their very soul for fame, power and wealth will become naked in the light. What will also come are the consequences to these deeds. None of these beliefs or actions are frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. There will be those who choose not to heal and continue in actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth. Their world is imploding. They actually believe they can dig elaborate holes in the Earth, stock them, allow the Earth changes and their own depopulation programs to rid the surface of over 80% of the people then emerge as kings over who is left.

How does this look to their souls, the higher dimensional beings, the awakened ones on Earth. Does this path raise their frequencies; make them compatible to the new frequencies of Earth? Of course not. Will they maintain their bodies, their kingdoms, their tyrannical unjust enslaving system? Of course not. Those who think their security resides in serving the beast will fall along with the beast. This is the simplest explanation we can give. The only real security is to live a live of service to humanity and the Earth then you are aligned with the higher intelligences and civilizations; which in the end will be undeniably victorious.

You cannot fool your soul, Great Spirit, Creator yet in arrogance there are some very clever people who think they can. What do you think their future will hold not just in this life but lives to come? How do you think their light review will go in passing this plane when they stand naked, no lawyers, no guards, no toys or castles just their deeds and how they affected others. Now do you really think the spiritually and technologically advanced being are going to sit down and have tea with regenerate humans or ETs? Share technology knowing it will be hoarded, misused? This is why so many guberment officials are not in the know, there is no purposeful good in contacting those who have not risen to the occasion. All they can do is dismiss what they cannot experience because they have no control whatsoever in the higher dimensions. Ships and their occupants that can come and go as they please, a force on high that is watching, knowing all their dirty laundry; which is now becoming a hands on process of awakening and healing humanity and the Earth.

They work with consciousness, light and energy, are extremely telepathic and can transmit information, inspiration and healing whenever and wherever they desire. Some of them have full use of creational energies. It is the destiny of humanity and the Earth to experience a grand reunion with these beings, many already have. The Earth once hijacked by negative forces of ill intent will be reset to its original destiny which is to evolve in peace and harmony to its highest state of evolution. Now you know more than the guberment knows as well as their destiny; which many fear for good reason. There is more to the story. Stay tuned and be well.

james gilliland

Harnessing the Abundance of '12' on theis Full Moon

Harnessing the Abundance of ’12′ on this Full Moon

by Ann

12 and its mirror, 21

On 12.12.2012, the star gate of Lyra 'opened' in preparation for Earth's ascension. The 12th dimensional consciousness from Lyra was fully reflected upon Earth by 21.12.2012, Earth Ascension Day. For 21 days after 21.12.2012, that is just before the new moon of 11.1.2013, we can easily connect with the Lyra world through its portal. These information was channeled during the Rebirthing the Lemurian Race On the Land of Mu workshop in Christchurch, September 2012.

(For more information on the 12th and 21st December 2012 and their relationship, read Post of 4 Dec 2012; and Post of 10 Dec 2012).

Today's Full Moon

Today is the first full moon post-Earth Ascension Day. As some of us may have experienced by now, full moon energies are particularly potent for enhancing our intuition and sensitivity towards more refined vibrations from the higher planes of light, such as the Lyra world. If you wish, connect with the Lyra High Council under the radiant full moon (serving as an inter-dimensional transmitter) and ask for the sub-conscious memories of your psychic, healing and other star abilities be activated and brought forth to your conscious awareness. Suggested meditation tool: recorded guided meditation 'Journeying Home to Lyra'.

As Above (Heavens), So Below (Earth)

During full moon and other key moon phases, besides tuning-in to the heavens, it is just as important for us to connect with Mother Earth in order to maintain the equilibrium of our electromagnetic field (electro = heavens/ star energies; magnetic = Earth energy). Below is a suggested prayer to honour Earth and for receiving her healing blessing.

May you have a blessed moon connection !

Love, Ann.Ann

December 28, 2012 at 5:56 PM
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Dealing with Today's Energies

Dealing with Today’s Energies

Written by Adele Ryan McDowell

Can you feel the energies bumping up against you? One minute, you feel pushed; the next minute, pulled. One minute, you’re OK, and the next minute, you’re not. It’s chaotic out there. Our world is in flux; nothing feels normal anymore.

These energies of change are not just of the world. They are global as well as personal. The macrocosm and microcosm mirror one another. There is chaos on the outside and there is chaos on the inside as well.

The Carousel of Life

These days, my sleep is restless and jagged or, occasionally, deep like an old dog. My moods ride a perpetual carousel, round and round, and I am feeling e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g, unless, of course, I am numb.

Clearly, my life is not dull. And I am guessing, you would say the same about yours. We all have our own varieties of chaos, upheaval, and overwhelm to deal with, but, that said, we are all Earthlings in this together. We are all part of this grand evolutionary shift in consciousness that will takes us out of duality and lead us into the oneness of us all. And if that prior sentence is too much of the metaphysical for you, know this: we are changing, all of us, like it or not, and it is helpful to share the journey with one another.

Here is how I am reading the times and where I am placing my attention and energies as I make sense of these upside-down moments in my life. Perhaps, this might be helpful to you.


To quote the song, I am taking care of business. I am getting busy, focused, and not dilly-dallying anymore. I am letting go of what is no longer important or essential. I feel that the time is now and only now – and this is true for all of us.

I am finishing my still-resonant projects. I am putting my energy into what sings to me. I also have come to realize that some of this unfinished business was because I needed more life experiences to expand my consciousness. It does all happen when it is supposed to – not a minute sooner or a minute later. My goal (which is entirely doable if I stay focused) is to be complete with this set of projects by year end. I have a sense that my seeds will not flower immediately, but I know it is something I must do – now.


Be it friend, spouse, child, sibling, coworker, or neighbor, our lives are filled with relationships of varying dimensions, connections, and intensities.

All relationships start with the self first. How do we learn to get our needs met, protect our boundaries, have personal time and space, be heard and honored, and still find time to be playful and juicy with one another?

Relationships both test and teach us. How do we wish to be treated? What is important to us? Do we know what we consider non-negotiable? Can we walk in the other person’s shoes? Have we learned how to express ourselves without becoming a nut wielding a pointed finger or a threat? We adults are all equals. Do we feel that way or have we abdicated our power to another?

From my perspective, every one of our respective core issues and wounds are presenting themselves front and center. We get a chance to re-do or choose anew. We are given an opportunity to heal and proceed forward. Are you ready?


Yes, I know you have 1000 things to do, but wouldn’t you really rather do something you thought about in the shower this morning or on your walk or while you were driving to the market?

That’s what happened to me; the idea had me pumped; I was ready to do it now. And this time, I took action and headed straight to my desk and wrote what was ping-ponging around my cranium. And it felt good; and it didn’t take all day.

Surprisingly, this little exercise in following the flow of energy was a quick remedy. It made me happier; I felt more productive and that feeling of flow continued throughout the day. And there was more than enough time to tackle the “have-to’s” in my life.

When a flash of insights hits, consider taking action while it is still vibrating with potential and life-force. Perhaps you give yourself 20 minutes on your lunch hour to flesh out the idea or you head to the garden, kitchen, basement, or wherever after work and put your handprint on your idea. And wheeeee …you let yourself jump into the high energy, creative flow of your life. How fun is that?


If we hold on mightily to those attachments that suck the living bone marrow out of our being and leave us spent and crumbled only to get up off the floor and do it all over again, we are never going to have the energy or mindset to remember who we are. (And remembering who we are is a major rung on the ladder of enlightenment.)

Attachments, in this sense, are habit patterns that have become unconscious and addictive. Attachments can be in the form of relationships, belief systems, and maladaptive coping responses. We know, on some level, that the attachment is not good for us, but we hang on anyway. We cling to this way of being, the relationship, or the habit pattern until it becomes a noose around our neck; we feel we can never, ever live without the attachment that ultimately becomes our ball and chain.

In essence, these types of attachments are unhealthy, habit forming, consciousness numbing, and life depleting.


I know we are living in chaotic times, but here’s the deal: the more joy, zip, and sparkle we have in our lives, the better it is for all of us -- our families, our neighborhoods, and our planet.

So where did you bury your authentic, creative, passionate, outrageous, compassionate, and alive self? It’s time for an exhumation; it’s time to reclaim your radiance and up the amperage on your sparkle.

As for me, I am madly wiping clean all the crusted goo on my sparkle. I am feeling frisky, sassy, and happy as I prepare to unearth my sparkle. In fact, it just might be time to buy a new pair of sunglasses; there may well be a glare.

©2011. Adele Ryan McDowell.

Published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. (2011)


Book written by this author:

Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations, and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fast-Paced Whirl by Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D.

This book is precisely what is needed in the challenging times we all face today. Balancing Act provides simple steps to freeing yourself, becoming aware and attaing the balance we all desperately seek. You'll find it's your "go to book" for maintaining your newly balanced life.

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An Important Message from The Earth Allies~ What has Happened? and What is Next?

An Important Message from The Earth Allies~ What has Happened? and What is Next?

By FatherMotherGod

The Galactic Alignment Accomplishment!

~Spirit Consciousness has Awakened on Planet Earth=Heart and Therefore, Love is Everywhere, Within and Everywhere, this includes Humanity. This has occurred with Awareness or without it, either way its a done deal!

This was an inevitable event, which was Originally Called forth from Mother Earth=Heart, and Her Ascension Home into the Light. All of Humanity is here for the JOY RIDE, But They Will Have To Be Full Participants!! Love Serves Those who Serve Love. The Level of Your Consciousness is what You will be Experiencing. For those who have done the work, You are experiencing the Joy of True Ascension and this Grand New Experience will Continue for You. If you are hanging onto any aspects of the old paradigm, Love is pushing these all up to the surface. Embrace, Accept if you hold on, watch out as its going to get tougher and tougher in these Increased Energies.

Aware or unaware through the Galactic Alignment, Unconditional Creation HAS Awakened into the Highest Possible Thought of Energy That Could Ever Occur Here, and this is just the beginning. This is the New Energy which has been Birthed on this Planet. This will now be Unfolding for All Eternity, In Every Moment, With Every Moment of NOW, Forever and Forever. This is Creation... Always More...=The ALL Given To Creation, To Create More in Grander Ways. Atoms of Real Energy are now Moving Towards More of the Love that Created them.This is How Love and Creation Move with the Atoms of Love. All Atoms of Love are Returning Home . This Energy now has begun the merging of Humanity with US in Spirit. Heaven and Earth Become One! This is what they have also called the Wedding of Humanity to God.These Moments We are In, is this EVENT~

This is an unstoppable Moment within Creation. Mother Earth with Humanity has birthed a New Paradigm and through this, the world of illusion will be dissolving and quickly. It's now becoming increasingly impossible for these Energies to exist together! Something's gotta Give, and will. Resistance is futile... Love Has Already Won!

As all ignorance and illusion dissolves, all which Will remain, is The Love Called God Everywhere Present. The Light~True Reality is Now Returning to Planet Earth=Heart, Heaven on Earth.

A New Reality is here, the Manifestation and The Transformative energies of Love, like never before experienced, have entered. This is why Humanity is Here, for this Grand Experience~ There is nothing else, it does not matter what is happening in illusion. Who really cares accept those clinging to a sinking ship.

~ You See, The Atoms are Vibrating Humanity into Freedom, it's a conspiracy. All Atoms are now Moving into the Highest Possible Thought to Manifest, Which Has Been Decreed By Love. We are Here in the Manifest as Granted, and Now its Humanity's Turn to Manifest into Love and Live the Truth.~

~ Beyond December 2012~ Enter 2013 A NEW CREATION UNFOLDS~

ALL the Eyes are on Planet Earth=Heart To watch Creation Occur, in a way that has never occurred before. A Love Story, Where Everyone Awakens as ONE, where The Circuit has Been Completed, and an Even Grander Creation begins. This requires the Whole Planet's Participation, and is why Everyone will Awaken.

Truth, Love and Creation are just like a Symphony and this Unfoldment on Planet Earth is So Unique and is The Grandest Event that that has occurred in all of Creation. The Event of a Humanity of GOD, who traveled to the depths of illusion and then to rise up, to Play their Part, within the Symphony of Creation. Each Atom carries a Note and each Instrument must Play. Each of Humanity is a Unique God Spark, and have a Note within Creation to Play, just as each Atom that makes everything up. ALL parts Make the Whole, and Complete the Circuit. This Moment has arrived~

Love cannot be forced, it can only be Embraced, Unconditionally.

There is a Moment in a Symphony, where the Whole Orchestra Gets to Play, and That is ALL OF US, and that is NOW~ All Divine Contracted Roles Have Been Activated~ Let us Play In the River Of The Oneness Energies Arriving!

We Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

If You would Like to connect to us via an Awakening Session to assist You in these Energies, You can Email us

Joining the Spiritual Hierarchy at Lake Ohau, NZ on 12/24/2012

Joining the Spiritual Hierarchy at Lake Ohau, NZ on 12/24/2012

This is a message and invitation from Ascended Master and Planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

2 days after her etheric ascension on 21.12.2012, the kundalini energy of New Earth was ignited yesterday, triggered by the ascension of her physical body. Like a new born, Earth sounded her very first cry and took her first breath of 5th Dimensional consciousness outside of her mother’s (Alcyone, the Central Sun) body on 23.12.2012.

With Earth’s ascension on 21.12.2012, the role of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the last evolutionary cycle as the central transmitter, portal, record keeper and communication interface between Earth and the higher planes of Light has come to an end. As the third eye chakra on Earth’s 5D body, Lake Ohau of New Zealand will replace Giza plateau as the major inter-dimensional transmission center and portal on and for New Earth.

On 24.12.2012, the Spiritual Hierarchy will gather in the etheric plane of Lake Ohau and its surrounding mountains to create an energy grid known as the Phoenix Grid that will carry the blueprint of the new geometric structure having the same function as the Great Pyramid.

Earth’s kundalini energy needs to be moved to Lake Ohau in order to start activating or ‘breathing life into’ the Phoenix Grid.

Our physical body – created from the elements of Earth – is closely connected with Earth and we share the same kundalini as the Earth’s. We can assist in channeling Earth’s kundalini to Lake Ohau by connecting our breaths (life force) with this power place today. Through our involvement as physical conduits, the movement of Earth’s kundalini on this particular day is then less likely to cause major shake-ups on the physical Earth. If you like, please use the photo below as the medium (taken by Donna Falconer on 24.12.2012. More photos available at Lake Ohau).

Return of a Christed Earth on Christmas Day

The activation of the Phoenix Grid aligns the Earth’s third eye chakra (Lake Ohau) with the Galactic Core (‘Galactic Eye’) to fully awaken the Christ Consciousness on Earth. A Christed Earth will thus be reborn on 25.12.2012.

Lord Maitreya also revealed that when we are ready, more information about the Phoenix Grid will be transmitted and shared.

If you feel the attraction, please disseminate this transmission from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Thank you!

Blessings, Ann

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Ascension Shifts 12/21/12 - Archangel Metatron

Ascension Shifts 21-12-12 by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-

During these sacred times of being incubated in the love of the Creator, I wish for you to know that I draw close to you as do the angelic kingdom to be of support and service. The transition that you are experiencing now, whether they appear small or large to you will alter your state of awareness, heightening your spiritual abilities and amplify your intuition. There is a need to allow your sensitivity and awareness of yourself and intuition to be heightened as you delve deeper within your being to draw the truth of the Creator and your soul into the physical reality and the sun light of the Earth once more.

Through each and every soul of the Creator energies are activating from ancient times and civilisations to imprint once more on the consciousness and awareness that is arising from humanity and every soul aspect of the Creator. Sacred truths of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and many sacred civilisations and sites on the Earth are now being anchored into the Earth and reawakened within the consciousness of humanity through the expression of your soul energy and truth. You and every being focusing upon ascension at this time is projecting ancient wisdom that now needs to be perceived and retained in the consciousness of humanity to bring forth the unity of divine consciousness on the Earth. As we begin to free ourselves from the past and embark on a new journey of ascension we cannot forget what has been sacred and treasured within each civilisation on the Earth, with radiance from every soul and unity we can restore the conscious enlightenment and awareness of humanity to higher vibrational states. It is important at this time that you hold the intention that the wisdom so sacredly held within your soul emerges, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, radiating the vibrations across the Earth to each and every sacred site. Simply ask the sacred truth your soul holds from many civilisations experienced on the Earth to awaken and radiate from your being across the Earth activating new consciousness from the sacred points of the Earth to form a new enlightened consciousness. Allow your love to flow with tremendous generosity to support all that is being expressed from your being and activated on the Earth. Remember that our purpose at this time is to create unity and oneness so allow an enlightened united consciousness to form for all to experience and draw from.

Let the sacred wisdom that unfolds from your soul breath heightened vibrations and support into the Earth and Mother Earth. Mother Earth will respond to you sharing her deepest secrets and truths of the past, present and future of the Earth. Please know that Mother Earth is lovingly supporting you at this time of transition and heightened enlightenment.

Do not be fearful of your power arising at this time, you are being encouraged to empower your being with intense volumes of light. Your inner soul power will naturally develop and there is an importance to allow your power and core strength to emerge with grace and fearlessness as this in itself will allow for a deep activation that has been waiting to occur throughout many of your civilisations. Now supported in the incubator love of the Creator you can allow your true vibration and radiance to shine with vigour and confidence. Many civilisations have experienced the suppression of their inner sacred power which is creative and will support you through any stage of ascension. Let us as a united energy with the Earth and the universe of the Creator dissolve all aspects of suppression of power allowing loving sacred power to unfold humbly from our beings. Let us celebrate each other's power, strength and the guiding light of our intuition. Dissolve all boundaries that you have placed around you to protect you from pain, there is no need for you to create or choose an existence of pain any more. Allow yourself to choose the power of your love, let it unfold so that all of humanity can unite in the understanding of the immense strength and power of the loving vibrations of the Creator which channel through each and every being. The strength of the Creator is being demonstrated to you at this time as intense energy vibrations flow forward onto the Earth and into your being, please do not be fearful of allowing your loving power to shine from your being as this will bring forth a strong core to guide you through the next stages of ascension.

With an abundance of Creator light and vibrations immersing your being it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and encourage your intuition to grow, be empowered and expand from within your being. Your intuition will serve you well as a guiding light as to what is appropriate for you at this time and in the coming years. Your intuition will allow for you to exist in the divine flow of the Creator therefore experiencing tremendous synchronicities. Ask of yourself more and more what you need to achieve or take action in to bring forth a greater awakening alignment with the Creator. Your soul and intuition are waiting to serve you. Allow the energies of the Creator to carry you forward as if you are a swan with tremendous grace riding the wave of transition. It is grace that your intuition will awaken within your being, the ability to detach from all aspects of your reality and to lovingly and gracefully embody with ease all that is your truth and the Creator's essence at this time.

You may find that even as we approach the time of the 21st December that many old energetic habits of fear, separation and not fully recognising yourself as the Creator arise to be lovingly dissolved within these high vibrational energies. Please do not judge yourself in anyway but allow for grace to unfold from within your being as you know with tremendous understanding that you are achieving and experiencing what is necessary for you to experience at this sacred time. Everything, including your being is the divine perfection of the Creator in complete manifestation, so allow yourself to truly acknowledge the perfection within your being and around you. Remember that your perspective of perfection may be different to the perfection of the Creator, all experiences and situations are the perfection of the Creator. Through this transition and transformational process it is your perspective that will shift as if it has been reborn, shifting to higher vibrations of understanding and awareness, with your realisation of perfection you can support the transition of your perspective to an enlightened love filled perspective.

It is a wonderful perspective to realisation that all the shifts, attunements and alignments that have been spoken of for this time will and are occurring right now within your being. You are the master of this transitional phase, not you the personality but you the Creator existing within you. Allow your mastery to unfold as you honour and give gratitude to yourself and your truth through your perspectives and your intentions. You are greatly honouring yourself by allowing yourself to personally observe the shifts of ascension occurring within your being and physical vibration.

As the 21st December approaches we move from a reality and vibration of fear and separation to love and unity, this intention is being radiated across the entire universe of the Creator but especially on the Earth. This doesn't mean that fear and separation will be dissolved completely but that humanity's attachment to fear and separation will be dissolved signifying that each individual chooses in every moment of their reality whether to create love or fear, unity or separation. With attachments to many negative and unneeded habits held in the consciousness of humanity being dissolved, humanity is able to choose their creations and experiences at all times, thus allowing their soul to form a greater embodiment within their being. The shift of the 21st December will allow for many attachments to be dissolved offering to humanity a spiritual responsibility for their future and their choice of creations that they manifest from within. Your choices in the way that you act, react, express, experience, think and feel have never been so important as they are no longer influenced by the negative suppression of the consciousness of humanity as the consciousness of humanity is rising, awakening and supporting yourself realisation and embodiment.

Let yourself receive the light of the Creator as you exist with your attention and focus within your heart chakra, imagine the light of the Creator like a spotlight shining down, over and through your entire being, let this be your constant visualisation as you allow your heart chakra to blossom as the most beautiful lotus flower.

The perfection of the Creator is manifesting within and around you at this time,

Let yourself be at peace and enjoy the transformational energies anchoring into your being and know that we on the inner planes love you unconditionally.

With divine love,

Archangel Metatron