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Joining the Spiritual Hierarchy at Lake Ohau, NZ on 12/24/2012

Joining the Spiritual Hierarchy at Lake Ohau, NZ on 12/24/2012

This is a message and invitation from Ascended Master and Planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

2 days after her etheric ascension on 21.12.2012, the kundalini energy of New Earth was ignited yesterday, triggered by the ascension of her physical body. Like a new born, Earth sounded her very first cry and took her first breath of 5th Dimensional consciousness outside of her mother’s (Alcyone, the Central Sun) body on 23.12.2012.

With Earth’s ascension on 21.12.2012, the role of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the last evolutionary cycle as the central transmitter, portal, record keeper and communication interface between Earth and the higher planes of Light has come to an end. As the third eye chakra on Earth’s 5D body, Lake Ohau of New Zealand will replace Giza plateau as the major inter-dimensional transmission center and portal on and for New Earth.

On 24.12.2012, the Spiritual Hierarchy will gather in the etheric plane of Lake Ohau and its surrounding mountains to create an energy grid known as the Phoenix Grid that will carry the blueprint of the new geometric structure having the same function as the Great Pyramid.

Earth’s kundalini energy needs to be moved to Lake Ohau in order to start activating or ‘breathing life into’ the Phoenix Grid.

Our physical body – created from the elements of Earth – is closely connected with Earth and we share the same kundalini as the Earth’s. We can assist in channeling Earth’s kundalini to Lake Ohau by connecting our breaths (life force) with this power place today. Through our involvement as physical conduits, the movement of Earth’s kundalini on this particular day is then less likely to cause major shake-ups on the physical Earth. If you like, please use the photo below as the medium (taken by Donna Falconer on 24.12.2012. More photos available at Lake Ohau).

Return of a Christed Earth on Christmas Day

The activation of the Phoenix Grid aligns the Earth’s third eye chakra (Lake Ohau) with the Galactic Core (‘Galactic Eye’) to fully awaken the Christ Consciousness on Earth. A Christed Earth will thus be reborn on 25.12.2012.

Lord Maitreya also revealed that when we are ready, more information about the Phoenix Grid will be transmitted and shared.

If you feel the attraction, please disseminate this transmission from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Thank you!

Blessings, Ann

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