Friday, December 28, 2012

Harnessing the Abundance of '12' on theis Full Moon

Harnessing the Abundance of ’12′ on this Full Moon

by Ann

12 and its mirror, 21

On 12.12.2012, the star gate of Lyra 'opened' in preparation for Earth's ascension. The 12th dimensional consciousness from Lyra was fully reflected upon Earth by 21.12.2012, Earth Ascension Day. For 21 days after 21.12.2012, that is just before the new moon of 11.1.2013, we can easily connect with the Lyra world through its portal. These information was channeled during the Rebirthing the Lemurian Race On the Land of Mu workshop in Christchurch, September 2012.

(For more information on the 12th and 21st December 2012 and their relationship, read Post of 4 Dec 2012; and Post of 10 Dec 2012).

Today's Full Moon

Today is the first full moon post-Earth Ascension Day. As some of us may have experienced by now, full moon energies are particularly potent for enhancing our intuition and sensitivity towards more refined vibrations from the higher planes of light, such as the Lyra world. If you wish, connect with the Lyra High Council under the radiant full moon (serving as an inter-dimensional transmitter) and ask for the sub-conscious memories of your psychic, healing and other star abilities be activated and brought forth to your conscious awareness. Suggested meditation tool: recorded guided meditation 'Journeying Home to Lyra'.

As Above (Heavens), So Below (Earth)

During full moon and other key moon phases, besides tuning-in to the heavens, it is just as important for us to connect with Mother Earth in order to maintain the equilibrium of our electromagnetic field (electro = heavens/ star energies; magnetic = Earth energy). Below is a suggested prayer to honour Earth and for receiving her healing blessing.

May you have a blessed moon connection !

Love, Ann.Ann

December 28, 2012 at 5:56 PM
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