Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Important Message from The Earth Allies~ What has Happened? and What is Next?

An Important Message from The Earth Allies~ What has Happened? and What is Next?

By FatherMotherGod

The Galactic Alignment Accomplishment!

~Spirit Consciousness has Awakened on Planet Earth=Heart and Therefore, Love is Everywhere, Within and Everywhere, this includes Humanity. This has occurred with Awareness or without it, either way its a done deal!

This was an inevitable event, which was Originally Called forth from Mother Earth=Heart, and Her Ascension Home into the Light. All of Humanity is here for the JOY RIDE, But They Will Have To Be Full Participants!! Love Serves Those who Serve Love. The Level of Your Consciousness is what You will be Experiencing. For those who have done the work, You are experiencing the Joy of True Ascension and this Grand New Experience will Continue for You. If you are hanging onto any aspects of the old paradigm, Love is pushing these all up to the surface. Embrace, Accept if you hold on, watch out as its going to get tougher and tougher in these Increased Energies.

Aware or unaware through the Galactic Alignment, Unconditional Creation HAS Awakened into the Highest Possible Thought of Energy That Could Ever Occur Here, and this is just the beginning. This is the New Energy which has been Birthed on this Planet. This will now be Unfolding for All Eternity, In Every Moment, With Every Moment of NOW, Forever and Forever. This is Creation... Always More...=The ALL Given To Creation, To Create More in Grander Ways. Atoms of Real Energy are now Moving Towards More of the Love that Created them.This is How Love and Creation Move with the Atoms of Love. All Atoms of Love are Returning Home . This Energy now has begun the merging of Humanity with US in Spirit. Heaven and Earth Become One! This is what they have also called the Wedding of Humanity to God.These Moments We are In, is this EVENT~

This is an unstoppable Moment within Creation. Mother Earth with Humanity has birthed a New Paradigm and through this, the world of illusion will be dissolving and quickly. It's now becoming increasingly impossible for these Energies to exist together! Something's gotta Give, and will. Resistance is futile... Love Has Already Won!

As all ignorance and illusion dissolves, all which Will remain, is The Love Called God Everywhere Present. The Light~True Reality is Now Returning to Planet Earth=Heart, Heaven on Earth.

A New Reality is here, the Manifestation and The Transformative energies of Love, like never before experienced, have entered. This is why Humanity is Here, for this Grand Experience~ There is nothing else, it does not matter what is happening in illusion. Who really cares accept those clinging to a sinking ship.

~ You See, The Atoms are Vibrating Humanity into Freedom, it's a conspiracy. All Atoms are now Moving into the Highest Possible Thought to Manifest, Which Has Been Decreed By Love. We are Here in the Manifest as Granted, and Now its Humanity's Turn to Manifest into Love and Live the Truth.~

~ Beyond December 2012~ Enter 2013 A NEW CREATION UNFOLDS~

ALL the Eyes are on Planet Earth=Heart To watch Creation Occur, in a way that has never occurred before. A Love Story, Where Everyone Awakens as ONE, where The Circuit has Been Completed, and an Even Grander Creation begins. This requires the Whole Planet's Participation, and is why Everyone will Awaken.

Truth, Love and Creation are just like a Symphony and this Unfoldment on Planet Earth is So Unique and is The Grandest Event that that has occurred in all of Creation. The Event of a Humanity of GOD, who traveled to the depths of illusion and then to rise up, to Play their Part, within the Symphony of Creation. Each Atom carries a Note and each Instrument must Play. Each of Humanity is a Unique God Spark, and have a Note within Creation to Play, just as each Atom that makes everything up. ALL parts Make the Whole, and Complete the Circuit. This Moment has arrived~

Love cannot be forced, it can only be Embraced, Unconditionally.

There is a Moment in a Symphony, where the Whole Orchestra Gets to Play, and That is ALL OF US, and that is NOW~ All Divine Contracted Roles Have Been Activated~ Let us Play In the River Of The Oneness Energies Arriving!

We Love You, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

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