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Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension

Reprogramming the Energy of the Body to aid Ascension
Channeled by Natalie Sian Glasson

It is I Lady Portia; I come to you now from the brilliant light of the seventh ray of light. This is a ray of light that emanates the vibrant and majestic colour of violet. It is the energy of transformation, change and the new age, mainly due to the presence of the violet flame of transmutation within the vast ashram. The energy of the seventh ray allows many to release old and unneeded habits and to embrace a high vibration, a new world of love and peace. It is a new consciousness and existence within and around them that allows them to connect on a deeper level with the energy of the Creator, the source and the Universe. It is my mission to anchor healing and cleansing into the Earth as a way of unveiling or drawing open the curtain that act as a boundary between your physical form and spiritual truth. The violet ray of light which I embody completely accelerates spiritual illumination and education, again allowing many to access the truth of their soul and the Creator.

I know that past spiritual guides have channelled their energy through Natalie to help all understand the period of transformation that is occurring on the Earth due to the intense waves of energy from the Ascended Masters on the inner planes and the Christ Consciousness. These guides have spoke of mastery and anchoring love which is imperative at this time as it is a unique and valuable opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth in such a short time frame. In truth this period of transformation and time is to access the soul energy of the Creator and the soul within. I ask that you retain these ideas, with determination focus all your efforts onto connecting with the Christ Consciousness and mastering your being especially your mind, but I ask that you now allow me to add a new concept or understanding to assist you in anchoring this goal.

As I have said, the seventh ray has the ability to cleanse the past and present of negativity and anchor the high vibrations of the Creator into the Earth, thus awakening many to a new awareness, currently beyond comprehension. If cleansing brings forth a new awareness then I believe that it is vitally necessary at this accelerated period of transformation. Cleansing is not simply the practice of removing or dissolving negative energy but it also raises ones energy vibration, mood and enhances the joy within your being. Your physical body is so dense and heavy in energy, of course it must be so to allow you to experience your lessons on the Earth school, but the programming of the dense energy doesn't have to be negative or even neutral, it can be positive, loving and inspirational. Each time you practise a cleansing meditation of any kind you are programming the heavy energy of your body and even aura to anchor greater love, the more you focus on cleansing or anchoring light into your being the deeper your positive and loving programming will penetrate the heaviness of your being. Remember that you do not as yet wish to transform your heavy energy into high vibrational light as it could cause you to lose your physical body but you wish to reprogram it with high vibrational light. There is a difference.

If you imagine your body is comprised of thousands of balloons, the balloons are the heavy energy or lower vibrational energy that creates your physical body. For an average person focusing on their physical life only, the balloons would hold either negative or neutral energies as well as the energy of some positive or painful emotions they have experienced. If the energy is neutral then it has no affect on your life or spiritual growth, this is not always a good thing as both negative and neutral energy within the balloons can cause illness, tiredness, lack of energy or a feeling fatigue to a person's body and general feelings or health.

If the balloons are programmed with love, holding love of the purest kind within the heavy energy of the balloon's walls then this will positively influence a person's body. They will experience radiant health, joy, happiness and bliss. You have to imagine that if you were to stand in a small room and a circle of people stood around you emanating negativity, you would feel depleted but if they expressed love and joy you would feel uplifted. The energy of your physical body has a similar influence on your emotions, thoughts and actions.

By anchoring love into your mind to overcome negative thoughts, into your being and chakras you will influence the energy of your body to a certain extent but if negative energies, thought habits and beliefs are still within the energy programming of your body they will constantly come forth to distract you or hinder your growth. This can occur even when a person has fully mastered their mind and only radiates positive thoughts at all times. The programming of the body can still bring forth old habits that are no longer needed.

Many people do not realise that they must cleanse, heal and most importantly positively program the energy of their body to support their spiritual practices and growth process but it is a vital aspect of mastery and growth.

From my ashram I have been observing many of you, you are becoming tired and drained due to your concentrated focus on your spiritual growth and also your physical realities, you are allowing the programming of your body's energy to influence and stagnate your being. Now is the time to overcome this minor problem and take full mastery of your body, charging it with light, love and positivity.

First I must remind you to continue with your cleansing processes, to cleanse your entire being each day is not too frequent. You may invoke my energy during meditation by repeating my name. You may also invoke the seventh ray of light to flow into your being through your crown chakra and to surround you completely. Invoking the violet flame of transmutation to descend into your being for five minutes a day is also beneficial, allow yourself to breath within this energy and have faith that a cleansing process will and has occurred.

Now I wish to assist you in reprogramming your body and its energy so that it influences you in a positive way from now on. I wish to offer you this invocation to aid you in anchoring and integrating the energies during meditation.

'I invoke now the presence of Lady Portia to oversee this activation and reprogramming, ensure that I am safe and protected at all times. I invoke the violet ray of light to surround me in a cylinder of violet light that is vast and expansive, covering my entire being. As I sit within this high vibrational energy I ask that my entire being is cleansed completely and that love is anchored into every energy vibration, dimension, level and particle of my being.

Lady Portia and the seventh ray of light, I ask you specifically to focus your energy and cleansing vibration into my physical body, its energy and vibration. I ask that every energy particle that creates my physical body is charged with the light and loving energy of the Creator and the seventh ray of light. I ask that the energy particles of my body vibrate and pulsate with joy, happiness, peace, harmony and most importantly love. Program my body to continually and externally emanate love into my mind, emotions and actions both on the Earth and the spiritual planes. Allow my body to be a beacon of light forever more.

My physical body and every particle that generates my body create a temple of love and joy, all negative energies or thought patterns have now been dissolved from my body.

The energy of my body is cleansed, healed and charged with love; my physical body is the embodiment of love and influences me only in loving ways.

Lady Portia, allow this reprogramming to continue until I am 100% the physical embodiment of love and joy.

Let it be.'

You may find it advisable to lay down now, it doesn't matter if you fall asleep as the energy of lady Portia and the violet ray of light will be working on your body. You may feel tingles or sensations on your skin but simply relax and focus on your breathing and affirm to yourself; 'The energy of my body expresses only love to my soul.'

Allow yourself to achieve another step of mastery and anchor love into your being at a deeper level. Love is the key to transformation and cleansing is the key to a new age. Allow the violet ray of light to work its wonders. Call on my energy to aid your spiritual development. Continue to affirm the affirmation throughout the next few days and return to the invocation when you feel drained or tried. It may take a few practises in order for the programming to be completed.

With the warmest of appreciation and love,
Lady Portia

May you walk in the love and light always,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channelled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

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Uriel's Message -- The Journey to Wholeness

Uriel's Message -- The Journey to Wholeness

Your soul contract is undertaken to return you to your power and wholeness. Your power is relinquished when you allow fear to become your guiding force so that your human nature dominates your spirituality. Your soul's state of wholeness is affected by the traumas encountered in each lifetime and the degree to which they are healed, resolved and transmuted to the light. Until you have achieved mastery of your power and are fully whole your soul will continue to journey on the material plane to reintegrate the light that has been lost to fear.

Each new lifetime is an opportunity to reclaim your power and heal your soul's wounds. It is your wounded soul that connects to teachers and situations that will allow you to recapture those parts of you that you have given over to fear, pain and sorrow. In this journey your body is spirit's vessel in the material world and the lifetime is the vehicle through which the learning, healing and light reintegration can occur. Without the body the soul cannot function in the material plane and without the lifetime there is no structure for the process.

The lack of joy you experience is an echo of a past pain that calls out for healing. You can become lost in the pain or you can pray to remember your purpose, to recall the contract and find the learning. Do not ask the Universe to remove this lesson from you. Its awareness of your situation lies within your power, the fulfillment you seek, the mastery you possess and the light you bring to the world. The Universe cannot respond to your hopelessness but it can give you hope and guidance when you ask through the light.

The angels cry with you in your sorrow and despair and they rejoice with you when you step into your mastery. It is time for humanity to end the game of fear, powerlessness and sorrow and step into a new vibration of joy and unconditional love. The soul achieves wholeness when the echoes of the past are transmuted into the joy of the present moment, when fear is replaced by power and love is the energy that all connect to effortlessly. This week, remember that your lifetime is a journey of wholeness, returning your wounded soul to the loving light of the Creator. Each of your lessons is an opportunity for you to return to this state and find peace and joy in the new vibrations you are creating for yourself and for humanity.

Article Copyright ©2008 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

About the author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information. *

Living Through Spiritual Authority

Living Through Spiritual Authority

Our spiritual journey is one of reconnection with our divinity, power and purpose. The Universe tells us that we are powerful beings who have authority over the universal energy. That may be a universal truth but it is hard to relate to when we are operating from a point of fear and nothing in our life experience appears to be reflect our divine power. If we could see ourselves through the eyes of God we would see something far different than what we imagine for we are the eyes, voice and hands of God and we have authority over everything in our reality. When we live through our spiritual authority we harness the full power of the Universe to create an effortless reality. That is our birthright and it is available to us at every step of our journey.

Before we are born we are fully aware of our power and connections and as soon as we enter the earth plane those things become a distant memory. Before we are able to remember who we truly are we must experience what it means to be human so that we can reconnect to the divine. The key to our reconnection is to remember our authority, that we are the authors of our reality and of the world we live in, we are the keepers of the divine flame of healing and truth and the authors of its manifestation on earth. But unless we are willing to live through our spiritual authority we feel helpless, hopeless and allow the illusion of our humanity override the reality of our divinity.

We have evidence of material authority all around us, in our governments and corporations. The people in positions of power on the material level have the power to govern every detail of our lives, from creating the laws we must abide by to determining the kinds of jobs we will have and where we will work. Yet those to whom we give authority on a material level reflect the spiritual authority that we have in our own lives-we create the rules that dictate how our reality unfolds and choose the path that we will travel. We can create a life of pain and chaos or joy and peace. How that unfolds depends entirely on the level of spiritual authority we are willing to embrace and the power and beliefs that we put behind it. Can we accept spiritual authority for our reality or do we give our authority to others and hope that they will treat us with the respect and consideration that we want to receive? The key to creating the abundance in all good things that we want in our life lies in our ability to live through our spiritual authority in a powerful, focused way. We are the creator and we are in charge.

Universal laws and principles are absolute and they work with absolute certainty in our lives. They are non-negotiable and unchangeable. We can learn to work with them or struggle against them. The Universe is also non-critical and non-judgmental, it will not judge, punish or abuse us if we don't work with it, it will simply wait for us to reconnect to our power and remember who is in charge of our reality. Once we do, it will work tirelessly on our behalf to respond to our every need. It doesn't write our life story for us, it simply responds to the level of power, focus, intention and commitment that we have, and the level of spiritual authority we are willing to accept.

When we give our power away we give our spiritual authority away as well. We are putting someone else in control and hope that they will create the reality that we feel we are incapable of creating on our own. Then we are surprised when they betray us, don't meet our expectations or don't value the power we have given them. But when we turn over our authority to others they will create the reality that they are capable of creating, at their level of spiritual understanding.

If we can view the concept of spiritual authority as our ability to write our own life story we have a greater understanding of our life journey. Every area of challenge holds insight into where we are not in integrity with our dreams. So often our beliefs and perceptions reflect those of others, including our parents and the society we live in. When they are in conflict with what we want to create for ourselves an obstacle is created so that we can change the story and reclaim our spiritual authority. Our challenge it to see ourselves as the authors of the inner and outer world that we desire and to create a reality that reflects our dreams. What we see as obstacles on our path are not challenges to our authority, they are areas where we need to claim our power, to see beyond what is before us and let the Universe fulfill its promise to us without interference.

Living in spiritual authority removes us from the limitations of fear and doubt and reminds us of who we truly are. Can we step into the paradigm of unlimited abundance, boundless prosperity, joy, peace and unconditional love? That is the story that we came here to fulfill and the story is unfolding. The veil is lifting and the spiritual and material worlds are more connected than ever before. We are powerful creators when we create from our spiritual authority. The Universe never breaks its promises to us and when we are willing to be spiritually powerful authors of our reality we will live in peace, joy and love and have the reality of our dreams unfold effortlessly in response to the story that we write when we step into our spiritual authority.

Article Copyright ©2008 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

About the author

Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information. *

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What's Up On Planet Earth 8/28/08

What's Up ON Planet Earth

August 28 , 2008


Get ready! October will bring in a full manifestation of our new roles, our new purposes, and a whole new set of “responsibilities” to our beautiful planet earth. Our “careers” will blast off, as we will then be poised and ready to offer the services of our heart’s desires to those in need of them. Not only will our new store-fronts or portals for receiving money be activated and greatly utilized, but many miracles, higher connections to others, new arrivals of hopes and dreams, and much of everything else will fall in our laps as well. There will be so much going on for us in October, that we will barely be able to keep up!

During this lull of the past several weeks and even for awhile longer, we are undergoing a process of preparation for our new roles. We are opening more, and readying in many ways to be carrying new responsibilities. We will be holding much more light, and thus, carrying much more responsibility for the awakening and evolution of the planet. Our very new “assignments” are being placed within us most assuredly now.

Within this lull or eye of the storm, it can seem very quiet. We may think that our jobs are drying up, that our source of income is waning and perhaps over forever, or even that we are sitting here twiddling our thumbs with nothing much occurring anywhere for us. We needed a rest and we needed to rejuvenate from the gut wrenching energies of July and the latter part of June. After this restful period and still within the lull, we then began the “re-wiring” or rather preparation period for our service to humanity…our service to those on differing rungs of the evolutionary ladder. And we will indeed be needed.

The full solar eclipse of August 1st opened the door for these new arrivals. It was the start of a very new beginning….at last. Most recently, it was time to really let go of much. It was time to cleanse and clear out anything in our lives which no longer fit us, which dragged us down, and which placed us in a less desirable space that what we would have preferred. The interactions and manifestations of the past year and a half that were not as pleasant as we would have hoped, were now very over. The time for doing what we really did not want to do is now very over. Experiencing any unpleasantness is now very over. Any sacrifices on our parts are now very over. (Apologies here….I have been writing on my book so much of late that I’m having a hard time putting a sentence together!)

We have literally left one world behind and are now fully enmeshed in another reality. This new reality is so very light, so very quick to manifest our every thought, so very loving, so very there, so very free, so very complete, and so very magical indeed. Currently, these energies are surrounding us but in a much more quiet and peaceful way. Come October, they will be much more forceful, moving, and will manifest so much for us that we may become overloaded with too much of a good thing.

During this time of movement into the new, some of our animal companions who embody much of our old energy are chosing to leave. Although they will not be going with us in their current form, they have already made plans to come back into different situations and are so very excited about their return...whether returning again to us or to our loved ones.

If you are currently not experiencing any of the peaceful stillness mentioned above, I would suggest to you that you have not yet let go entirely of the old world or the old reality. All you need do is to close the door. Close the door and open another one. Tap into something different from what is falling. Tap into something different from the old outside manifestations. Remove yourself from the old, literally or not. Take time for yourself. If you are still in a job, when you arrive home, turn off the phone, the internet, the television, and take a wonderful walk, read a pleasure book, bake or cook, do something creative, take a hot bath, and simply be in another space altogether.

Remove yourself from the old.

Refuse to be a part of it. Refuse to participate in the dramas of others. Look ahead. See a new horizon. Know that it is indeed there, just waiting for you. Decide what it is that you really want to do now. Know that there will be a place for it. Remember what it is that you wish to offer the world. And know that this gift of service has been within you always…you need not learn anything new. And know as well that a gift of service can be a work of art, a piece of music, or anything that serves to connect others to a higher light.

In order that things become stabilized during this massive transition from the old world to the new reality, a few things have been set into place to hold the energies firm during the fall. Firstly, the new babies are arriving. These new little ones are coming in rapid numbers, in twos and threes, and arriving as quickly as they possibly can. Because there are so many of them, and because they carry such a high vibration, they are thus laying a very solid grid for the creation of the new. Another stabilizing force is Barack Obama. He will be poised and positioned perfectly to bring the entire planet together, there-by creating yet another grid of unity that will serve to stabilize things as much as possible during the fall. We will connect and support each other through his divine and highly evolved leadership. All, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Things are being put into place very perfectly indeed, including us! We will be an additional piece which will hold things together during the fall, as we assist those in transition.

So now is the time to examine what it is that you really and truly want to offer to the world. I can assure you, when you connect to your soul’s plan, you will be miraculously poised to offer it to the world. You need not know how, you need not plan in great detail, you only need connect to your heart’s desire, begin it, and the rest will fall into place all on its own.

Let go of the old. Leave your old responsibilities behind if you are comfortable doing that. Know that the struggle is over. Know that you need no longer hold anyone or anything up ever again. Know that unpleasant energies cannot be where you are…if they do show up, ignore them, as they only want your energy and your light…you have better things to do. Dis-connect from the old reality and trust that when you do, you will find yourself at the gates of Heaven.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


Monday, August 25, 2008

Straddling your Freedom

Straddling your Freedom
Archangel Michael, Sananda
channeled by Robert Theiss
August 6, 2008

With warmth in our hearts, we honor your path to embody your divinity at this time, and we notice, as well that you seem to thrive on a diet called challenges! Your resolve to bring your divinity into your reality is honored more than you know!

Those of you who are reading these words have come to a very important junction in your life. This junction has been faced by only a few humans in your past. You recognize its value and importance as simply being Spirit incarnate. Indeed, all of us, your family in Spirit that you left behind, are celebrating these times with you. For we recognize, as well, that it is important that you sense this celebration on your behalf. We recognize that the vast majority of humanity has yet to acknowledge your consciousness! We encourage you to attract relationships that are fulfilling to reinforce a personal reality that can feel very lonely at times. As you look out at the sea called humanity, we ask that you perceive with patience and compassion a consciousness that has yet to experience this place that you are at NOW. Such is your path in life dear beloved family!

We wish to share a perspective of a new challenge that is before each of you. For indeed, you have journeyed far to be at this place of new beginnings. And yet, there is this desire as well to bring into this new frontier much of what feels familiar. And to that we wish to merge and blend our energies with another family, the family of Sananda. This family knows first hand the path that now lies before you. The one known as Jesus represented this family. He is not asking that you follow the same path, but he offers his guidance that serves to support and comfort each of you. Jesus came to this place in his life of having to choose how best to serve Spirit. For on the one hand the desire to stay connected to his family, friends and community was very strong, and yet, he too felt the presence of the Mother/Father energies in his life, and he knew he could not serve "humanity" feeling torn by his human relationships.

He made a choice, the seed of Spirit offered itself to be planted upon and within this planet. By doing so he choose to be of service to the "family of love" and to a future - 2000 years later that would serve humanity. As he spoke "I am thy Father," to many, these were the words of a deluded human. And yet, the connection had been made within him and no longer could he deny this presence. Here, in this Now, he extends his heart to each of you as you ponder what he too experienced. Being of service to your past history, to the picture shown on your drivers license will indeed be of great service for many. As many will feel a personal connection with you as they share there challenges, struggles and concerns.

Being of service to a consciousness that perceives life as one, beloved. We take this moment to bow before each of you and to catch our breathe in awe and delight. For this is a path that Jesus walked and each of you are coming to feel the weight of such a choice. You are discovering what served your life for so long does not resonate with these energies of Spirit. And yet, there is a sadness as if you are saying goodbye to a long time friend as you enter into a new experience that has not yet been defined for you or by you.

Being in the moment, will create a separation between you and the collective consciousness of humanity. You have yearned, prayed, cried and most joyfully demanded that Spirit come to you! But none of you knew of the resistance, the doubts and concerns you would encounter from your human nature. The resistance is futile! The love that you have invoked and freely choose to embody does not fit within the parameters of a life that would ask that you compromise your magnificence. Love will feel stagnant in your personal relationships that are devoid of mutual affection, respect and compassion. Love does not dance very well with work that leaves you feeling bored, discontented or withdrawn. This love that you have allowed to be your new life is your new identity. It is supported by thoughts that dwell on joyful experiences, ecstatic adventures and promising futures. Like Jesus, you face the same choice.

We invite you to again breathe in the love that we share with you. Let your minds settle into this moment. Our words are not intended to bring fear into your life but are laced with a perspective that we feel you are ready to contemplate and perhaps embrace. We feel in each of you a hesitation, a reluctance. You are beginning to consider saying goodbye to a life that you have known to make room for one you have yet to create. In part, the words that we and others share are intended to inspire you to feel the excitement and fulfillment of finally leaving a consciousness that is based on fear and separation. We ask that you welcome into your heart the joy of being in this wondrous moment, the opportunity to experience your Self as LOVE!

All of you were born into this world with the opportunity to discover that duality is not the only reality. Each of you reading these words have chosen to believe and feel that there exists another perception that is based on acceptance, compassion and patience. You have discovered various healing modalities that have served your healing process.You have uncovered the layers of wounds you inherited from the conditioned beliefs and behaviors of duality itself. The pain of this separation was so great at times that many of you cried at night to return to our side and leave this tormented heart behind. And yet here you are, the ones who thrive on challenges facing perhaps your greatest challenge - to leave duality behind but remain here on Earth.

We invite you to explore this opportunity before you, playfully imagining yourself at a crossroad. Here you stand looking at this fork that faces two roads going opposite directions. The road on the left has but one sign that reads Spirit Road. All of you have felt the presence of this road as you allowed the energy of Spirit to come to you. There is a feeling of peace, bliss and a overwhelming sense of joy! On this road "we" exist, each step you take you feel the veil thinning, our energies merge, blend and reconnect. Those of you that have ventured a few steps down this road noticed there are no sign posts, no map to guide you. Shaking your head, you return to the crossroads to contemplate this road.

On the right is a sign that reads Humanities Past and indeed it could as well simply read duality. Separation from Spirit/Joy. This road however comes complete with sign posts and maps all leading to fond memories, relationships and current occupations. This road keeps you connected to your family members, parents, children, co-workers and friends. On this road resides at this time 98% of humanity. They are not conscious that another road exists, and when you share of your discovery - you are seen as being out of touch with reality. Some of you have shared your experience of Spirit with many on this road. Humanity listens but reminds you that life is not about wishful thinking. You look at humanity feeling baffled by their reluctance to accept another reality, and they in turn remind you to start accepting reality.

On this road called Humanities Past, they have forgotten to allow Spirit to come to them. Their perception and experience of life is based on feeling disconnected from joy, passion and enthusiasm. Their understanding of love is based on sacrifice and compromise. The notion of loving yourself sounds vain and selfish. We would agree that the road of Spirit is indeed the road of a centered Self! The majority of humans on this road are not mean spirited. They are generous and kind in their understanding of love. Many of you have found sincere relationships with others in duality while others have found it to be unbearable. Now, we are not intending to pass judgment but to clarify a profound opportunity that is before each of you in THIS moment, for we feel your heart connections with this family of yours that seems trapped in duality. You want to be of service to their journey in life, offering support in their struggles to be free at what ails them. And yet, as you have discovered yourself, duality only serves duality and to truly be of service to Spirit we are asking you - where is your allegiance?

We notice that the pulling of your heart strings has you straddling both roads, one foot in each reality. As you walk and become immersed in each road simultaneously, you begin to literally feel stretched, stressed and eventually confused. You believe that those that reside on the road to the right will feel abandoned and rejected by not maintaining a presence both physically and emotionally. While straddling both roads your body is giving you day-to-day reports on the state of its health. It is clearly stating how it is that you are trading one pain for another. So we are here to ask of you to reconsider how best to serve humanity and yourself at this time. We ask of you to experiment with putting both feet on the road of Spirit, spending longer periods of time feeling your strength and vitality return to you.

We are not asking that you leave your body or this planet. To the contrary, we are asking that you stay fully connected to your body while venturing down this new road. Some of you have ventured far enough to leave sign posts that read - Rest Stop. It is here that you can fully absorb the ecstasy of Spirit, rejuvenating your body, mind and emotions. You are making the signs as you go, and the majority of you will want to return to the crossroads to teach humanity about Spirit. We are suggesting that this crossroad is the meeting point that will serve your health and well being. This crossroad will allow you to stay connected to Spirit and allow humanity to feel and recognize the "love" that flows through you. You will not feel responsible for others but will freely respond to the needs and desires of humanity without depleting your energy.

On the road to the right you learned that to love your self was vain. Serving yourself was considered to be self-centered. This road to the left asks of you to be so selfish that you begin to truly love yourself. That the love you allow into your life becomes a flowing current, filling yourself and sharing only the overflow with others. It continues to overflow as you allow Spirit to come to you. We ask you to consider these words and experiment with consciously loving yourself on a daily basis. Make times and dates and put them on your calendar for new experiences that honor and respect that you deserve to enjoy your life.

You will discover that you can serve your family, friends and co-workers without taking on their crisis by meeting them at the crossroad. This crossroad allows you to stay connected to Spirit and asks of them to take one step out of duality. For at this crossroad they can hear and feel what you have to share. For many years to come, we see humanity simply learning to trust being with you at this crossroad. The majority, even from this vantage point, will not perceive the Spirit Road. That will come in time. In the meantime, straddling your freedom will exhaust and deplete your energies. Placing both feet on the road of passion, wisdom and contentment allows you to serve in the capacity that Jesus served and beyond! You have discovered a grand new identity and the realness of such love will be felt and seen by the example you are living.

You have come so far, and you are allowing yourself to taste but a morsel of Spirit in your life. There is a feast waiting for you! We challenge you to join us in this feast. Step up to the front of the line and choose a diet that is fulfilling. Many of you are waiting for the next book or channel that will provide the missing piece to this puzzle called life. But we say to you, the book of a life based on Spirit is being written by you, reunited with us and lived as one. We shall adopt your diet of challenges by challenging you to let LOVE be your "new identity". We are waiting with napkins in hand relishing your arrival. Reunited on the road of Spirit we can truly serve humanity in ways that never would have been possible. We love you all dearly and continue to serve you as you begin to serve LOVE as Self!

© 2007-2008 Ancient Wings. The information above is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher. *

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
August 2008

My sweet friends

Welcome to The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network. It has been a while since I have been in contact, and I have personally experienced many changes in my Life, from being a full time mother this last year, to moving from Cape Town to Lisbon in March of this year. And what an interesting time to be getting back into the swings of things, with the Cosmic rollercoaster ride we have been having in the month of August so far! Between the Solar eclipse on the 1st , giving us a wonderful opportunity to create a deeper alignment to our Higher Light while looking at any perceived challenges or changes we needed to make, through to the 8-8-8 gateway, experienced either through the ability to magnetize what we needed to further our Service work and create increased abundance, or taking us into the shadow aspects of ourselves, through to the more recent partial lunar eclipse and full moon, another moment in time to clear the lower bodies, and the emotional body in particular.

What I have personally experienced through these magnified energies is both the shadow and the Light. The effect of an eclipse, for example, lasts twelve weeks. Six weeks leading up to the eclipse and six weeks following this. And during an eclipse, we also experience greater upheavals and earth changes from what is astrologically referred to as a "moon wobble", or "moon/solar wobble, although a "moon/solar wobble" can also occur without an eclipse. "Moon wobbles" occur usually about four times a year, and during these moments in time, we experience an increase in violence, war, earthquakes, plane crashes, riots, floods and so on, so it really is to bring our attention and focus to holding the Light collectively during these intense moments in time.

Further to this, each portal or gateway experienced activates the DNA and creates parallel merges, playing a major role in our multidimensional journey. The 97% dormant or so called junk DNA, holds the encodings and blueprints of each lifetime and related timeline as well as how to achieve ascension and enlightenment in each timeline. However, what is perhaps less known about the DNA is that it is actually connected interdimensionally to each wormhole, portal or stargate experienced, and the DNA strands or light particles within the DNA act as transmitters as well as receivers to these wormholes; in other words, the DNA itself is activated and actualized through these wormholes as well as becoming these wormholes of stralim radiation, of Divine Light. Wormholes or portals have the ability to receive information from outside of our time and space, and this information is transmitted in the form of light particles to the DNA. However, the DNA itself has the ability to transmit information in the form of light particles interdimensionally - and this further connects us to each atom and molecule within our Multi-universe. In addition, this activation assists in creating parallel merges. Parallel merges occur as we streamline our lifetimes, often experiencing numerous lifetimes simultaneously. Initially of course this is all very confusing, and as this recalibration takes place at a cellular level as well as through the seven master glands and related chakras in the body, ending with the activation of the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands, our DNA is further activated and actualized through the virtual/etheric 12 strand DNA, and we become more multidimensional.

What may be initially confusing is not only the short term memory loss, fatigue, headaches, energy/body aches and discomforts, change of job, partnership, location and so on, but also the oscillations experienced in the lower bodies, particular the emotional body. As these parallel merges occur, as the dormant DNA is activated and the clearing accelerated, you may experience memories in which you were saints, and sinners, lovers and monks, achieved ascension, killed for your beliefs and so on, and while this is an imprinting, it creates simply a memory within the DNA, you perpetuate these patterns with friends, family, colleagues, in career choices, abundance manifestations and so on, with many of the Soul groups you have been involved with in past lives/parallel realities. (The clearing of the DNA is also related to genetically inherited beliefs as well as patterns created in this lifetime). The good news is that this shifting and clearing of three dimensional realities usually occurs more rapidly at the start of our multidimensional journey (although it is ongoing), and as we activate and clear the DNA further, we start to experience more parallel merges with higher dimensional aspects of ourselves (our multidimensional Selves and Higher Light), which in turn starts to actualize the 12 strand DNA. And this is truly when our multidimensional nature is experienced, when we understand that we are co-creators to the Company of Heaven, when we understand that we create our holographic reality and that we are all Master Creators and Beings of Light, interconnected to one another and to each atom and molecule on every dimension and plane of existence.

These light particles or DNA strands can further be activated through the related axiatonal lines at each dimensional level. If for example, you were presented with a specific map of say, nine dimensions or perhaps twelve dimensions, and you knew how to enter the related portals or wormholes to these dimensions, you could activate and actualize the dormant DNA and 12 strand DNA interdimensionally through the related axiatonal lines. The axiatonal lines are found within the body, and around the Christ Consciousness/Unity Grid at each dimensional level, connecting all Life to particular sound and color frequencies that awakens the dormant DNA and takes you further into Unity Consciousness. The axiatonal lines create a weaving of Light around each organ and body part in your body and this corresponding frequency is found within the related planet or star at each dimensional level. So, by activating the axiatonal lines within the body, you activate the DNA, as well as have the ability to experience Unity Consciousness through tapping into Mother Earth at this dimensional frequency, for example. Each organ or body part further has its own unique frequency, and if you can tap into the related frequency through the axiatonal lines within and around the planet or star you are connecting to, you can heal any organ or body part or experience Immortality - this is simply a frequency or vibration you are tuning into (and the belief of this probability). What is also important for us to understand is that since April 24th , 1994, we stepped into the third level of Christ Consciousness, and now have 46 chromosomes plus an additional 2 etheric chromosomes waiting to be activated and actualized. What these etheric chromosomes will unfold, will be related to our Immortal and eternal Divine nature (More about this in our next newsletter).

Live Life in Love . . .
I look forward to connecting again, and please feel free to email me anytime.

From my Heart to your Heart to the Cosmic Heart of all Creation.

Blessings in Love,
Anrita Melchizedek-Choun
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

“Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance” A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel

“Conscious Creation: Turning Essence Into Substance” A Saint-Germain and Yeshua Channel
by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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The following is part of a session that is reproduced here with our
client’s consent:
“Hello. I would like to have some clarity on conscious creation. How
do I create what I would like to experience? I’m not sure what steps
to take. Can you provide me with some guidance on this? Thank you.”
Dear Friend,
We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua, along with your Angelic Team,
Alexandra, and Dan.
Please take a moment and breathe with us. Breathe, and receive the
Love That You Are. Be still, and listen to the whisperings of your Soul.
Many times you have felt a desire to contact Spirit. You sit, and wait
for a connection that inspires you – one that gives you hope and fills
you with a zest for living. You experience a bit of an opening, but
then feel you are shutting down again, and wonder what is going on.
Receiving Guidance
Perhaps you are expecting guidance about creation to strike you like a
bolt of lightning from above, when more often it speaks from the
“still, small voice within”. This is the voice of your Soul. It is the
sound of you, when you are untroubled by worries, or by desires to
improve your current circumstances.
The expectations in your mind, coupled with strong desires about what
you might like to create, keep you confused and feeling tired. They
agitate your mind and intensify your emotions without giving you any
clear idea of what to do. This creates a sense of futility,
exhaustion, and an inability to conceive and coordinate right action.
You have come here to receive the voice of Spirit. To partake of the
love and wisdom it freely offers you. Turn this matter over to your
Soul. It knows exactly what to do. The only thing that is required of
you is to listen quietly to what it says.
To hear your Soul, you first must calm your mind and curb the
intensity of your desires.
Troubled waters neither reflect the clarity above them, nor reveal the
depths below. And so it is with communication. Allow quietness to find
you, instead. Don’t seek it. It is a natural condition. When your mind
is quiet and your emotions calm, you will be able to receive the
guidance that will help you satisfy all your true desires.
Getting To Stillness
To reach a place of stillness and receive guidance from your Soul, you
must be willing to feel everything around you, without necessarily
identifying yourself with it. If you are afraid to feel anything, then
this same fear may interfere with your ability to sense the presence
of Divinity around you.
To reopen the channels of communication with your Soul, you must first
be willing to touch old emotional hurts that may reside within you.
These are parts of you that were made to feel isolated and unloved in
your past. To reintegrate these fragments of yourself and feel your
wholeness again, you must re-experience your traumas, but without
identifying yourself with them.
When you allow yourself to feel your past wounds in this way, you can
safely welcome home the parts of yourself that have felt unwanted,
unloved, or not good enough. You accept them, just as they are,
allowing your love to transform them into something better. Healing
your past restores your ability to feel your emotions without fear,
and this in turn improves your capacity to perceive the flow of
guidance from your Soul.
When you touch upon emotional wounds, please be gentle with yourself
and accept the love that comes to you from your own Divinity. Allow it
to embrace you, and hold you. This will remind you that you are not
alone, and that you are truly loved, safe, and secure.
Once you are able to love yourself as you are, without judgment,
expectation, or regrets about the past, then you will open widely to
assistance. You will enter a place of quiet contemplation that is the
point of reconnection to your Soul. From there, your Soul will take
you beyond any barrier that past suffering and loneliness may have
brought you. You will feel connected again, and you will feel inspired.
Entering the Flow
From this place of stillness, you will move into a flow of love and
harmony with your Soul that will show you the best way to express
yourself – whether creatively, in relationships, or in other things.
The ease of flow that arises from your experience of stillness will
allow you to create things that bring you joy, keep you inspired, and
reassure you that the world is a safe place where you are free to
explore its truth and beauty.
You will no longer fall into situations that feel inappropriate to
you, or that tire you, instead of inspire you. And you will stop
creating these same experiences again under the mistaken belief that
you must do this in order to survive physically, emotionally, or
Your relationships will change, too. They will change as you release
the fear of losing everything you might have already established, or
that you may be afraid of creating differently now. When you release
these fears, you will see through the illusion of needing to build an
environment that makes you feel safe, and you will begin to live your
life with renewed trust and confidence.
Conscious Creation
There are several basic steps to conscious creation that you may
already know, but we will review them with you now:
1) First of all, you should recognize that you attract into your life
people, things, and experiences that match your beliefs about the
world, and about who you think you are.
2) You often do this unconsciously, but you can also do it consciously.
3) If you are creating unconsciously, you may be responding to
unresolved fears, or to the belief that something is missing or
unfulfilled in your life.
4) But when you create consciously, you deny lack any place in your
mind. You remember that you are a Child of God, and God also, and that
you can have anything your heart desires because You Are Everything.
5) Affirm that everything you desire is within you Now, whether it is
an enriching experience, an intimate moment, or a kind word.
6) With the certainty that you are denied nothing, look about yourself
and observe how you are already experiencing the ESSENCE of what you
would like to create – be it prosperity, partnership, or anything else.
7) Once you have identified how you are already experiencing the
essence of your desire, then you can choose to have MORE of it.
8) This is the key to conscious creation: Ask for more of what you
enjoy, acknowledging that its essence is already present in your life.
9) When you do this, you will find that you can transform essence into
substance easily. You can do this along new pathways if you like, or
simply maintain or increase what you are enjoying now.
10) Remember to focus on essence before details.
11) For example, if you would like to experience more peace in your
life, then identify the peace you are already feeling now, give thanks
for it, and ask for more. Indicate your preferences for how you might
like to enjoy more peace, but be willing to accept what is delivered.
Trust that your Soul will provide the perfect match for you.
12) Never forget that You Are Everything. And because you are, you can
enjoy the essence of what you desire right now. The rest is just
attraction and amplification.
13) Remember that when you deny the illusion of lack, you affirm the
Reality of Plenty.
14) This opens the doors of manifestation, and lets you create
anything your heart desires.
And so it is with conscious creation.
Know that you are dearly loved, and that you are supported in all that
you choose to create.
We are Saint-Germain and Yeshua.
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International. Our language selections include Dutch, Finnish, French,
German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,
Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. With much love to our volunteer
translators, Alexandra and Dan.
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The Probability of Possibilities by Ronnie C.

The Probability of Possibilities by Ronnie C.

I have recently read that belief isn't as much an acceptance of what can be proven, but rather, an acceptance of what can't be disproved. This is the Shift. In this, we are shedding the constraints of limitation ("I won't believe it without proof") and we're stepping into the limitlessness of possibility ("I see no reason not to believe it"). In a sense, it can be thought of as a shift from rigidly clinging to only what is probable to a looser acceptance of what is possible.

From this perspective, the Shift isn't something that is simply happening; it's something we're creating.

I like to view the Shift as a portal - a doorway of sorts, to an alternate vibrational frequency or "higher level" of awareness. So, in that sense, the Shift can be viewed as some thing that already exists that we are heading towards. Yet, doorways serve no purpose and have no use unless we walk through them. So, our creation of the Shift isn't that we make the doorways (which have always existed), but that we allow our consciousness to see, understand, and use their existence. We aren't creating the doorways but we are creating their functionality.

I make a distinction between consciousness and awareness. To me, consciousness is what the mind or intellect can logically grasp and assimilate. It is a thought-driven knowledge of our world and ourselves based on the data we receive through our five senses. Awareness is the inherent, limitless knowledge of the soul without words, without thought. It is an awareness of Being and of infinity. It is an inherent knowledge of the things beyond our conscious comprehension. Spiritual growth is simply removing the filters or veils of separation between spiritual awareness and intellectual consciousness. It is stepping through the portals from one realm to another. It is the Shift.

Humanity has always been shifting. Each person shifts at his own speed, in his own way, in his own time. But, what makes the Shift seem so real to us now is that we're becoming consciously aware of our conscious awareness. Science - quantum physics - is helping our consciousness and is greatly speeding up the process. Explorations of the sub-atomic realm are allowing us to perceive that which has always been un-perceive-able. To those who still cling to the "I won't believe it without proof," science is now offering the proof. One step at a time, we're being drawn through the doorways.

Many years ago, I wrote a "tidbit" of philosophy that says: "To deny the laws of physics is to deny the existence of God." When I wrote those words, I had no idea just how true they were. For me, the measure of truth is how well a belief endures the test of time. Does something remain as true or sound today as it did years, decades, or centuries ago? If so, then for me - for the time, it is truth. In this case (of my philosophy), the truth is even more true for me today than it was years ago when I first wrote it. Yes, even philosophers can continue to learn from their own words. But, over the years, as I have more fully embraced my truth, I have battled what I identify as disappointment - a "let down" so-to-speak. For me, I can equate this disappointment as a type of fear. It isn't fear as in "terror" or what's "scary," but fear as in not wanting to let go of what's been comfortable and consciously accepted all my life. What lies behind the door that I'm about to open? Once I step through it into the unknown, will I ever find my way back to the known?

For most of my life, I bought into the mass consciousness that God was some sort of perfect, omnipotent, all-powerful, all-present Being. Outside of myself. Something to aim for. But, as I began to remove filters and walk through doorways and journey on my Shift, I began to hear what my soul (my spiritual awareness) was telling me, and what quantum physics is starting to prove and is starting to be incapable of disproving. God isn't just in everything, God IS everything. God is the existence of existence and nothing doesn't exist.

Existence exists.
Nothing doesn't exist.
Well, DUH!

Contemplating these simple concepts is akin to contemplating infinity. I have spent years contemplating infinity and can spend many more years doing so. Infinity is, after all, infinite. The "nothing" concept of infinity is easy for me to explain. (Some could even argue that I have spent years contemplating nothing). We, as humans, only have a concept of nothing simply because we don't (or can't) perceive everything. So, if we perceive a void between any two points, perhaps it isn't because there's nothing there. It may be only because we don't perceive anything being there. My spiritual sponsor once told me that if the nucleus of an atom were enlarged to the size of a basketball, then the closest orbiting electron would be 30 miles away. Thirty MILES! What, in God's name is in all that space between the nucleus and the electron? If God IS all things, then the void isn't empty. It's full of God. Nothing doesn't exist.

Perhaps the space is full of parallel universes. This is something that quantum physics is starting to explore. Tests and experiments have been conducted over and over and over again, all with the same result; our known world at the sub-atomic level is being "interfered with" or impacted by another universe (or other universes) that are parallel to ours. Does this sound far-fetched? How many basketballs can you squeeze into a circle with a 30 mile radius?

Just think of the possibilities.

(c) 8/17/2008
Ronnie Carroll

Separately, we shine. Together, we light the world.

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AA Metatron Channel Ley Lines

AA Metatron Channel Ley Lines .

AA Metatron Channel

Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! I embrace each of you in
light, in love. Dear Ones, I know each of you, far more than you may
realize. And we savor these moments we share.

And now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts
within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought
patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come
together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are
electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of
all that ever was or ever will be.

And so some things, some thoughts, some creations travel at more
rapid speeds, more accelerated frequencies within the geometric
matrix. Others are more dense and travel slower, more sluggish, but
all the same, they seem to arrive in perfect order, aligned with the
nature of their creation and creatorship you see. For the Universe,
the Cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any dimensional
interpretation or perception of it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum
tangent, all things in the unified field act precisely, perfectly
according to their nature, their architectural integrity. Yet some are
created at higher frequencies, at higher vibratory resonance than

Now, it is the channels wish that we review that which is called the

These can be said to exist in various forms, with differing degrees of
refinement from multifarious forms of energy. Ley lines, as they are
called in your times, are the energetic patterns that run both above
and beneath the Earth. These circumnavigate the Earth in a variety of
ways based upon laws of mathematics, upon geometries, upon vibrational
essence, geological force, electromagnetics and mineralogical fields.
They shift and they move, and they have been utilized in myriad ways
throughout the eons of space-time. In eras of greater understanding,
times of greater technology, they have been traveled as highways,
utilizing enhancement of very refined energies. Through such
understanding, leylines had the capacity to be used as conduits of
energy transferal and for communication. Since the fall of Atlantis,
amplified utilization has ceased, and the ability for sustaining this
manner of usage was lost. As a result, the refined network is no
longer intact, so the ley lines are shorn in some areas, torn in
others, and the highways and byways appear not to make sense, you see;
they no longer completely connect across the globe.

Now, the base essence of leylines occurs from a natural source. They
are currents of telluric energy. As these were refined, some became
coded & engineered on new paradigms, which you call fourth dimension &
fifth dimension. These replace the old, but not all have discovered
them yet, and that is appropriate, you see. Extra terrestrials have
assisted the Earth in this effort. Those from Sirius B have been
instrumental in recent years in realigning this system for the
Ascension, and indeed they were the architects of the original
enhancement of the ley system, established over 30,000 years ago.

Now, the system of leylines can be said to act as the nervous system
of the living planet. The planet also has what can be termed axial
tonal lines, meridians and chakras.

Leylines are not constant, many factors can cause their shift. Many
factors add to their complex energy content, or lack thereof.
Tectonic stresses, magma, solar energy, naturally occurring
electromagnetic fields exerted by minerals such as quartz and even the
decomposition of organic matter, this creates heat and electrical
charge, you see. These energies accumulate and flow along Earth paths
of conductivity either on, slightly above or underneath the Earth's
crust. Those regions and places on the Earth, high in natural metal
or conductive mineral content, will attract the current of these
electromagnetic flows. Man made structures built to sacred geometry
will also attract these flows. Almost all of the sacred geometric
temples built by the Asian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan have
leylines passing through them. Some of these structures were built on
leys, others attracted them to them. Many points on leys form into
vortex spirals.

Vortexes form for several reasons. The generally understood cause is
the intersection of leylines. We tell you they also naturally occur at
points of tectonic stress, at volcanoes, around pinnacled and
pyramidal mountains, and around man made structures built to sacred
geometry. Vortexes occur naturally at large mineral deposits, basalt
beds, granitic batholiths, river confluences, and water falls. You see
these all project sub atomic plasma, charged ions, and electromagnetic
fields. This natural build of energy will spin by nature, and thus the
vortex occurs.

Now, we should clarify that vortexes are not portals and they do not
evolve into portals, although from your perspective it could appear as
such, because all portals will attract a vortex to them you see.
Vortexes can become the distribution engines for both adamantine
essence, called akash, and higher dimensional energies received
through portals. Not all vortexes house portals, but all portals have
a vortex. Do you see?

Your term Ley is a relatively recent description coined to simply
mean a straight line connecting two points, but our Metatronic term is
much broader.
We define leylines, as being the conscious crystalline aspect of the
electromagnetic flow-lines and currents that network the planet.
Leylines are 'groomed' energy flows of electromagnetic energy and in
latitude of comparison, can be said to serve as the nervous system of
Gaia. The raw earth currents are called, in your vernacular, dragon
lines. As both leylines and dragon lines are electrical in nature
they flow along paths of natural electrical conductors.

This electricity occurs naturally on your earth from multiple sources.
Moving water, such as waterfalls, rain and breaking waves, produce
charges, as does the decomposition of organic matter, tectonic stress,
volcanics, lightning solar heat and winds. The very crust of the
earths surface you live on, with its electrically conducting gases,
metals, semi-conducting mineral crystals, water-soaked organic matter,
and electrolytes offers an excellent medium for maintaining and
producing electrical currents. The mineralogy of the strata below the
surfaces conducts in kind. Charged ions are drawn to the ground and
this high ionic concentration increases the intensity of
earth-currents through the electrode effect.

As a result, static electricity flows parallel with the ground in an
orthogonal quasi-static electric field, forming eddies and springs of
electricity that become rivers of current that network the planet.
These streams of current flow along lines of conductive minerals, such
as iron, gold, copper and quartz bearing rock. Naturally it flows to
mountains, volcanoes, waters and minerals and large deposits of other
conductive formations and amasses through, up and around powernodes.
As you are aware, when these lines intersect, a spinning vortex is

This electrical current, as with all forms of conscious energy can be
directed. The first to do this were the scientist priest of Atlantis,
whose origin is the Pleades. The patterns of raw earth currents, or
dragon lines were scientifically detected and mapped, and esoterically
imbued and consciously willed to flow in specific routes.

The Atla-Ra scientist priest discovered that by flowing these energies
through their Arcturian crystals and magnetic transducers that they
could be amplified, refined and separated into forms of braided
polarized crysto-electric frequencies capable of creating anti gravity
fields when spun in counter balanced vortexes. In the technology of
the golden age of Atlantis, these conscious crysto electrical lines
became so technically refined that were used to create a labyrinth of
tunnels for both communication and transport, and crossed to form
energy fields for varying purposes.

They were patterned to flow inside factories to energize the work
force and in agricultural fields to stimulate plant and crop growth,
by routing them in conduits relayed and amplified through crystal
power stations and natural telluric generators, such as Skellig
Michael. In the former case they were used to assist in the broadcast
of crystalline electric-waves for use in powering homes.

The forefathers to the sect you term as the Druids, were descendants
of the Atla-Ra. These scientist priests of the Golden Age of
Atlantis were devout learned men and women who understood the
necessity of combining scientific law with the energy of the divine.
This was termed the Law of One, akin to what you now term the Unified
Field, although your current understanding of same does not include
the sacred. Dear Ones, integral science must not, cannot omit the
sacred, the Divine.

The Atla-Ra learned that certain of the crysto-refined ley energies
were capable of holding an intent and field of awareness. A global
network of this category of ley energy was put in place, as the
scientist-priest discovered how to use natural powernodes as relay and
amplification stations for this energy to retain a self-generating
sufficiency. When these leys became integral with infinity apex
points, the divine aspect was imbued within their energy awareness.
This Atla-Ra with assistance from Pleadean, Acturian and Sirius B
Masters, created specific divine ley energy routes connecting major
chakric points on the planet. These could be programmed with sound
frequencies and color, to enhance the tranquility and well being of
temples. They could be crossed to create sacred energy vortexes.
Skellig Michael is one such area, and although a remnant shadow of its
original multi ley manifold capacity, it remains one of the most
intact in current times.

So in truth there were many types of ley system in Atlantis, some were
entirely used for crysto electric power in various forms, others, the
ones that still function, albeit in fragments, were the leys of divine

Truly the most robust survivors of this system are the leys now
referred to as the Michael and Mary lines. Indeed their level of
intactness is due largely to the work of the Druids, who had escaped
Atlantis before the demise into existing monasteries in Britain,
Europe, Egypt and Og. The most prolific were the sects in Britain and
France, who used antigravity aspects of leys and sound to assist in
the formation of stone circles.

The Michael leyline survived for myriad reasons. It was amplified in
stone circles and by the very Cathedrals built on its course to sacred
geometry. It was not called the Michael line in its inception. Rather
it was referred to as the Atlas Line in Atlantis, and Thoth line in
Egypt and Og. Its pagan name was changed to that of Michael and Mary
by the secret societies of savants to protect it from the Church. The
Freemasons, who built cathedrals capable of amplifying ley energy,
utilized sacred geometry imminently. Almost all of the Cathedrals and
Greek Monuments were built to phi, the golden ratio or mean, directly
on powernodes along leylines.

It should not surprise you to know that I, Lord Metatron, and
Archangels Michael and Mechelzidek were very much present in the time
of Atlantis, but were called by different names? You see we show our
love equally to all humankind, of all eras, races, religions and creed.

Now as we have said previously in this assay, leylines are not
constant. In time they shift and alter. And so what was once a robust
system is now quite diminished and fragmented . The ley system
currently is but a shadow of its former self, and no longer completely
circumnavigates the planet. However, the raw current does, and many
parts of it are indeed ley in nature, and this system is currently
under repair, particularly by those of Sirius B, and many of you in
multidimensional aspects of yourselves. Do you see? Like powernodes
groomed into sacred sites, dragon lines are quite capable of being
imbued with energy from human kind and sacred sites, and become
polished into leylines.
Now, flow-pattern of leys are quite specific, generally speaking.
They will spiral counterclockwise up domed mountains above the
equator, and clockwise below it. They flow upward in straight lines on
pyramidal shaped mountains. They spiral up conical peaks. This is why
mountain peaks contain very high frequencies.

When these currents pass through structures built to sacred geometry
or through what you term sacred sites, the currents absorb and radiate
higher light. When this occurs, the leys assume a refined conscious
nature, capable of coded memory. Ley powerpoints energetically
connect to the grid system and form a geometric matrix, which in turn
can attract to it higher dimensional energies. These become meridian
points, and in some cases, chakras of the living sentience of the earth.

Each ley, each sacred site, can and does affect the human
electromagnetic field. Additionally, the light arcs & angles from
planets and stars will feed & influence the areas of telluric energy
pools (called in your terms, electrical or outward vortexes) and can
actually create, depending on their alignment, inward pull portals or
openings that receive light- energy from stellar and solar light
photons, as well as from planetary and higher dimensional grid lattices.

If one accepts the postulate that certain points of higher energy
exist on the planet, and that they do have a crystallized matrix that
projects a specific geometric pattern, then its can also be understood
that these living energy sources communicate thru harmonic energy
oscillations. For example if one has a tuning fork in the key of C,
and then one plays a C note on a piano, the musical vibration from the
piano will also create a vibration in the tuning fork, because of the
law your scientists call harmonic oscillation. Harmonic oscillations
between power points on Earth and in higher dimensions are also so
'attuned' to resonate to compatible harmonics.

Just as your human body has sensory systems and organs that sustain
the health of the physical body, so it is with ley lines. Ley lines
sustain the health of the physical Earth. Now, above the organs of
the body you have meridian lines that bisect the body, and as they do,
contribute to the wellness of the being, which then transmits that
energy into a different form, then feeding the organs, feeding the
senses and the awareness. Now, just as your human body undergoes
changes, so does the Earth diversify and shift. The ley system
changes and adapts in kind. We tell you that with the ongoing and
coming graduation of the Earth, the heralded planetary Ascension, not
only will the Earth system of sensitivity adjust but so will that of
the human.

Now, above the meridian system of the human body is what we term the
axialtonal lines. This is a term that is relative, and quite new, to
your sphere. You will not have heard it so much, but it will become
more and more well known. The axialtonal lines are distinct lines,
which connect the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and
such to the ascended body, and so it is with the Earth.

The Earth, as well, has axialtonal lines defined by both spiritual and
celestial qualities again based upon sacred mathematics. These touch
in certain areas to the ley lines, they touch but they do not rest
upon them. But they do intersect, especially in places where the ley
lines are torn and shorn and disconnected they act as bridges, bridges
from one dimension to another to bridge gaps in knowledge, to bridge
gaps in history, to bridge gaps of energy that have been depleted or
shorn as such, you see?

Now, when you visit a conjunction of ley energy, or sacred site or
vortex complex, you absorb the code of its unique message, its unique
geometry. You carry within your field the energy of every sacred
site, every power point and every grid point on each continent you
have visited. You have the ability to connect them to yourself and to
one another, dear ones. Those of you termed Earth-Keepers, such as
the channel, that have been tugged to visit such places can visualize
connecting them to the 144 Grid, and thereby assist in connecting them
to the evolving grid. And in the process, you connect and activate

That segment which you call the Michael line became imbued with divine
light, and drawn into power points and cosmic alignment points some
18,000 years ago. As we have mentioned the Michael Line was originally
called the Atlas belt before it was given a Judeo-Christian name, yet
the source energy is the same, you see. Oh but there was Divine
wisdom in the name change. How many Christian Cathedrals built with
immaculate sacred geometry on the exact vector and cosmic alignment
points of this transcendental current would have been so constructed
if the leyline were considered Pagan? Indeed the controlling church
would have forbidden it. And now despite their controls, incredible
temples exist on the perfect locations to amplify highjer dimensional
energies, energies that are unbound by any religous dogma, other than
pure celestial LOVE .

In truth, Skellig Michael is a Temple, one created by nature, by the
Divinity of Earth. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in
geometry and is particularly aligned with celestial energies. It is
composed of violet granite that carries the imprint of the human
quest. Your geologists will know of this particular granite that is
the rock foundation and energy of many sacred places. The harmonic
oscillation we spoke of earlier allows such mineralogical harmonics to
be the fount of vibrational connection between these sites. Such
harmonics occur not just in the mineralogy but also by means of
geometry and light quotient.

We will say that Skellig Michael is not the original entry point of
the 'Michael' leyline, but it now appears to be so, because the line
no longer is fully connected to its full compliment. Skellig Michael
was one of the amplification or relay points of what you presently
term the Michael Ley, when it originally was manifolded into the Atla
Belt. You see, it once encircled the planet. It will again in the
future, but that is not yet completed nor is it the time. We will say
that its strongest portion extends from Ireland, through Britain,
across Europe and forks into the lands of ancient Judea, Israel and
Egypt. Does it surprise you to know that it connects to Mecca in
Saudi Arabia? It should not surprise you to know that most of you
have had lifetimes in every race and every religion. Truth has a way
of evolving within the hearts of all who truly seek God, despite the
limitations of patriarchal or any other restrictive dogma, you see.
All of you are of the family of man.

The Quantum Crystalline Activation

Masters, in closing this discourse, we leave you with the
understanding that all of what we have discussed is around your work
in achieving crystalline activation. You see it is an essential
acquisition for both seekers and the planet. It is in fact occurring
planetarily through myriad modalities, focally through the
powerpoints, sacred sites, and leys of the earth. The vortex-portals
of major power points have crystalline geometric matrixes, very
similar in nature to the octahedronal and dodecahedronal
crystallography of precious gems. When higher dimensional light waves
are received through these overlay lenses, the planet is imbued with
platonic crystalline frequency.

Man through intent and impeccability achieves the crystalline
vibration. What is impeccability? Impeccability is simply walking ones
talk, living in integrity, eliminating fear and worry, always doing
your best, honoring others, and last but certainly not least,
achieving self love. Granted, this is easier said than none, but it is
essential in activating your crystalline field.

Can mankind achieve activation of the crystalline qualities without
visiting sacred sites? Yes absolutely. But those of you that choose to
do so, will be within infinity points amidst a crystalline field that
is already there, and in so doing, the process is greatly facilitated.

You see crystallization is not just an atomic-molecular order in
physical science and chemistry; it is also a vibration, achieved
through the metamorphosis of crystalline alchemy. A vibration occurs
that refines an integral clarity that redefines the human
electromagnetic energy field into the pristine sacred geometry of the
Merkabah and Merkivah.

When you accept to activate your crystalline field, you acknowledge,
define and empower your Divinity of Self. You then carry the most
precious of sacred sites with you everywhere you go: the human heart.

Within crystalline activation ones heart emits a golden-spiraled
frequency from within the merkabic star tetrahedron, and this
frequency sings the symphonic song of Ascension, with the instruments
of every sacred site orchestrated to crystalline perfection, and it
resounds in ecstasy to the Cosmos.

I am Metatron, and you are Beloved.

And so it is.

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A Message from The Hathors 7/20/08

A Message from The Hathors

As Channelled through Tom Kenyon

July 20, 2008, Paros Island, Greece

The Hathors are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who
were connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess
Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures.

We wish to discuss several aspects of human psychological response to
the planetary and interdimensional changes that are now taking place.
Sensitive individuals are the most prone to these types of responses,
yet they are also showing up for those who are spiritually unaware and
primarily focused upon material reality.

What we are describing is a global sense of hopelessness, bordering on
despair for some individuals; a sense that there is nothing that one
can do to change the course of events. For some this leads to a type
of depression, a lack of motivation; and that which gave life meaning,
purpose and joy, now seems empty.

For others it is a sense of being extremely disconnected from their
lives, as if they are watching a movie. They go through the motions of
living a life, but their hearts are not in it. For others who are
consciously connected to the web o f life, the loss of species, the
destruction of the eco-system is especially difficult to contend with.
For those who are focused primarily upon their material reality, the
3-D life they live, these times are increasingly anxiety provoking for
the financial concerns that we predicted some time ago are now upon
you, and they will only worsen.

In addition, the evolutionary and catalytic waves from deep space that
we have mentioned before continue to escalate. Those who attempt to
control you through economics, politics and religion are finding it
increasingly difficult, yet they are strengthening their efforts, and
some individuals aware of these tensions feel caught in the middle.

For, indeed, from the standpoint of time and space, you are caught in
the middle. You are caught in the middle of the tensions between
evolution and devolution, spiritually speaking. You are at the
center-point of time and space. This is an energetically intense place
to be and from the standpoint of the soul, or the spark of
consciousness that you are — your interdimensional reality, or however
you wish to describe this to yourself — these are potent, powerful times.

From our standpoint there is nothing that an individual can do to
prevent the dissolution of that which needs to be dissolved. The
planetary changes are upon you. If you are able to take collective and
individual action, some of the more intense forms of destructive
change can be mitigated or lessened. But some of them cannot be
stopped, or to be more accurate, we would say that it is improbable.

Your opportunity as a soul — as a spiritual being living a human life
— is to navigate through these changes in ways that strengthen you and
lift you upward, even as those around you seem to spiral into
negativity, despair and acting out of their self-destructiveness. As
you look to the human collective and see the self-destructiveness, the
stubbornness to change, the tendency to stupidity, look also to
yourself for these seeds are within you as well.

We have given previously our views of what your near future will
unfold, and we shall not describe them again. You can look to the
archives if you are interested. (Editors note: You may read these
updates at — see the end of this channeling for more
information). What we feel most important to convey at this time is
how you must find the spiritual courage to rise up, as many around you
seem to be falling. And by falling we mean specifically moving into
lower states of spiritual quality.

How do you navigate your life through a sea that is filled with fear,
hostility, paranoia, constraint, lies, and manipulation?

The journey of an Initiate, which is the path of living upward in
consciousness, regardless of the spiritual lineage or ways of
describing it, is quite simply the passage through the eye of a
needle, or the eye of the storm.

Let us use the metaphor of hurricanes or cyclones — for they shall be
increasing in number and intensity. If you are at the edge of the
storm you are exposed to the destructive power of the wind and water.
But if you are in the eye of the storm, it is, paradoxically, calm.
You can see the edge of the storm in a circle at the far horizon, but
in the center, all is still and calm.

This center point of the storm is what you must find in yourself, from
our perspective. This is the path of the Initiate, the spiritual
master. There is no one who can teach you this. There is no one who
can save you from the storms that are upon you, and by this we mean
both the external storms of your weather, your politics and your
economics, as well as earth changes, but we also mean the internal
storms, your psychological and emotional conflicts, as you live in the
midst of a world that is dissolving into a new world that has not yet
become. There is little solid ground here and such states of
recognition are anxiety provoking for most humans.

Most of you have not learned how to dance with chaos in a gracious
manner, but don't be concerned about this. For soon you shall have
many dance lessons and opportunities to be at peace with the partner
of chaos, the swirling uncertainty.

In these times it will be easier to surrender to the downward spiral
than live upward. And yet, living upward in consciousness is why you
are here in this time — from our perspective.

There is a battle taking place on earth for your very spirit, your
heart and mind. We have talked before about the nature of this
manipulation and so we need not discuss it here. Again, we refer you
to the archives if you are so interested. The essential point we wish
to make here is that this is a time to rise upward in yourself, to
take the high spiritual ground, to find in yourself the spiritual
courage to not succumb to the downward spiral, to find a way to live
upward in yourself even in the midst of increasing chaos, difficulties
and seeming disasters.

We say seeming disasters because interdimensionally the events that
take place in your life, such as catastrophes, storms, famine, loss of
jobs, and so on, are multi-dimensional in nature. Certainly from the
localized space of your being that is locked into time and space, your
embodied self, these events are very difficult to deal with, and are
catastrophes of varying degrees. But from the standpoint of your
interdimensional self - your soul, the spark of consciousness, however
you wish to describe it — these events are opportunities for immense
growth and acceleration of spiritual evolution.

It is not the situation that you find yourself in that binds you, it
is how you view it that imprisons or frees you.

And so in whatever situations you may find yourself in the coming
years, we say to you there are many doorways to freedom in
consciousness. Some of these doorways will involve interacting with
those around you in new ways — stepping out of the box of perception
you have been sold.

Some of these doorways will be finding a common ground with those whom
you might call your enemies. Some of these doors are personal and are
simply the space of a new relationship between you and your
interdimensional realities. Some of these doors will lead you into
interaction with the problems of this earth, of humanity, discovering
new ways to solve problems that are outside the constraints of your
current thinking, and some of these doors will lead you beyond earth,
into other spiritual realities. The doors you choose lead you into new

If you continue to use the doors that have been given to you by your
culture through their lies and manipulation, you will participate in a
vast catastrophe. But we wish you to understand clearly a phenomenon
of creation. The doors you open will lead you to a destiny that is
unique, even if many around you enter through other doorways. In other
words, do not buy into the mass hypnosis of what door you should open
and enter through.

What we mean by the door of mass hypnosis is that those who wish to
control you through economics, politics and religion, do so through
subtle and not so subtle suggestion. It is not for us to say to you
which doors you should open, for that is your task as a spiritual
master, but what we can say to you is the obvious.

Each door leads to a unique destination, or destiny, and you can
choose doors that lead you into joy and happiness, even as others are
choosing doors that lead them to despair and sadness. Again, it is not
the situation that binds you; it is your perception of it.

Let us get a little more concrete here. Let us say that you have lost
your job, the source of your income. This is a very challenging and
anxiety-provoking situation. Panic is one of the doors that are
available to you. Blame is another door that is always available.
Curiosity as to what might open next is also a door that is available
to you. If you choose the door of curiosity, you open yourself to new
possibilities. You will then have not shut your consciousness down
into the lower vibrations of panic, anger and blame. They may surface
from time to time, but if you keep your focus upon curiosity regarding
what chaos will bring you next, you can discover new solutions to your
problems in a much quicker way.

There is a tendency for human consciousness to repeat old patterns;
this is based upon expectation, which is a form of memory rooted in
the illusion of time, as you perceive it. It is possible to cut
through your perception of time and accelerate to solutions to
problems faster than would normally take place, but this is done
through the door of consciousness that only you can20open. It is done
through both personal intent and action.

We realize that there are many levels of understanding on the part of
those who read these words. The challenge for us is to communicate
something that will be practical for all of those reading this. Some
of you already know exactly what we are speaking to, and know that
there are doors within you that you can open that will lead you to
higher destinies, fast resolutions to problems without getting bogged
down like many of those around you. Some of you think and feel that
you do not have the right for happiness or freedom of mind and heart,
while others are suffering and imprisoned. But we say to you that the
greater service you can render to your follow humanity, is to free
yourself from the imprisonment of limited consciousness, for then you
can interact with others in new ways, and through those interactions
new doors can reveal themselves.

And so when you find yourself disheartened, disillusioned,
disconnected, and with no desire for your life, realize that you have
simply wandered through one of the doors of your own consciousness,
and that there are forces who celebrate your apathy, for then you are
more easily controlled. In these moments of recognition that you are
in a lower vibratory expression of your potential, seize the moment,
step out of that doorway into another.

Now, the difficulties that some of you may be experiencing may
seemingly preclude any choice in your outer reality, but we say to you
that the power of choice resides within you, regardless of the
conditions you find yourself in. In the most difficult moments, when
all doors seem closed to you, when there are no options seemingly
available, we have a simple suggestion. It may sound trite and too
simple, but it is simply a leverage point. For all that is required to
change a situation is a small movement in consciousness, and then as
you build upon this movement, vast powers within you are released. But
until you have movement within you, of some kind, nothing can change.

And so this is our suggestion for how to create a small movement
within you when everything else has failed. Even in the midst of
personal torment, external difficulties, whatever presents itself to
you as the difficulty, find something to appreciate.

It might be as simple as that you can breathe, or if your breath is
constrained, when you can take a breath, you appreciate the breath. Or
it could be appreciating a color in the sky or something that made you
laugh. What is important here is that when all options are closed, if
you find something to feel appreciation for, no matter how small, you
have created a small movement in consciousness, and with that movement
great things can unfold.

We sense that some of you will ride through these storms that are upon
you, the winds of change, more gracefully than others. But even you,
who consider yourselves to be spiritually evolved, may be challenged
from time to time as the old world dissolves into something new. And
we sense that some of you will be caught in the grips of the chaotic
times, and it is our hope that you will recall this simple suggestion,
and remember to find something to appreciate, and with that movement
in consciousness you will find new doors to open.

We hold in our hearts, our minds, a vision of great new realities for
you and your human family. May it be so. May you make it so.

July 20, 2008
Paros Island, Greece

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