Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Working with your Future Self to Seed the New Earth

Working with your Future Self to Seed the New Earth
by D L Zeta

Over time as you work with your future self in consciousness, you will
receive information about events unfolding in Earth's future. This
will be scenes from future time frames where future "yous" are
incarnated. Some of the scenes are taking place in the future of this
lifetime, while others are unfolding in more distant times.

At first these "future visions" will be downloaded into your nightly
dreams and subconscious mind. You may not be consciously aware of
them until you encounter or experience something that triggers a
memory of them. When this happens, you will feel a great sense of
excitement. It may seem you are "recognizing" something you have
never seen before. This is a form of "déjà vu," when an image or idea
triggers subconscious memories. Record these occurrences in your
intuitive journal, for they represent previously unknown aspects of
your self you are now encountering in physical reality. In time, you
will come to recognize these moments of future vision as a result of
your developing connection with future aspects of your self.

Assisting Your Future Selves in Consciousness

Just as your future selves are able to provide guidance and assistance
for you, you are able to assist them as well. You assist your future
selves by taking steps in your present moment that free energy and
pave the way for future expansion and growth. The steps you take
within your present moment toward healing and wholeness allow your
future selves to become brighter lights on the planet in future times
on the Earth and other planes of existence.

Another way you are able to assist your future self is to work with it
to seed a more holistic and unified vision for Earth's future. This
higher vision will in time help usher in the New Earth that has just
begun to crystallize on the horizon of many minds in your present time

Future Selves as Pioneers of a New Stewardship Ethic

There are those in your world who have begun to "reach back" and join
forces with future aspects of themselves to envision and build a new
and more holistic future on Earth. These pioneers of advanced future
holograms are working from their future time frames to plant the seeds
of the New Earth in your present time frame. One of the ways they
accomplish this is by seeding images and ideas to their "past selves"
which exist in your present time.

Think of all the visionaries you honor in your present time frame.
Those who have led the way in alerting humanity to a future
environmental crisis received images and guidance from aspects of
themselves incarnated in the future. Once awakened to potentialities
unfolding in Earth's future, they opened to steps they could take now
to minimize and stem the tide of these events. In cases where events
cannot be averted, their guidance shows them how to minimize the
effects through alternative practices.

Transforming the Ethic of Poor Stewardship

Some beings from the future who have present moment selves that are
currently exploiting the Earth through an ethic of poor stewardship
are now "reaching back" to work with their past selves. These are
souls who have volunteered to "walk back to spirit" the poor
stewardship ethic, transforming it in their future consciousness.

In this way, even those who seem to work against the highest good in
your present moment are acting in accordance with their spiritual
guidance. By acting out situations on the world's stage that reflect
the consequences and realities of poor stewardship toward the Earth
and all life are helping awaken many to the need to create a more
holistic future.

Those who volunteer to portray the "movie" of an ethic that exploits
the Earth and places little value on life will be blessed for the
sacrifices they are making to assist others. Imagine dedicating an
entire lifetime to illustrating the reality and consequences of a
purely material-based consciousness. Another blessing these beings
receive is the spiritual understanding they gain in their life school
curriculum. This understanding affords them the opportunity to evolve
a more holistic ethic in future incarnations.

Bless those who through their actions (what you perceive as positive
as well as negative) help you gain awareness of the need for a new
ethic of stewardship on the Earth plane. All these efforts,
understandings and insights are helping usher in a new and more
holistic future time.

Next week in our final installment of this series we will discuss the
workings of Future Vision and opening to receive visions for the New

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