Monday, August 4, 2008

The Missing Element Of Manifestation from Sunat Kumara

The Missing Element Of Manifestation from Sunat Kumara
Sat Aug 2, 2008

Peace and Light unto your path, I an ancient of ancients,
environmental Creator God who brought throngs of angels to build the
forests and seed the flower beds find this Earth in crisis. Such a
garden once and now a playground for the human race. The elder root
races from Lemuria, I call out to you. I wish you to understand the
secret of manifestation so you can preserve this globe with power and
influence. What I have observed within the elder souls is a certain
complacency within efforts to rise above the confusion in your world.
Many have developed both healing and psychic abilities to help others.
For this we are eternally grateful but today I come to you to
identify what keeps you from the 'Law of Attraction' It is that most
of you are using your human efforts to survive and maintaining a
relatively benign emotional existence. So many of the Goddesses have
no mirror and few male souls are willing to enter the mirror realm.
Without someone calling you on your human nature, you have no way of
seeing where you exist emotionally. Loneliness is not an emotion, it
is a feeling that has no resolution. Surrender to self indulgence as
a single being has no emotional reality. Self pity has no place in
spiritual awareness, so much of your time is locked into individual
The missing element of manifestation is a degree of emotion needed
to bring desire to fruition. Many of you know what you want but have
no degree of emotional attitude towards it because it does not exist
in your life. The emotional trigger within the Law of Attraction has
to be true desire and must be matched with human desire. Without a
daily inspection of attitudes and opinions you are without emotional
reaction in your life. You can spend only so much time grieving for
the world and less fortunate. You can spend only so much time
watching movies to trigger emotional energy. Where else are you going
to derive elevated emotional responses. Only one in ten of you have
adequate emotional energy to manifest and many who have brought forth
the ability to obtain wealth from past lives will soon be faced with
the emotional challenge of losing most of it. Only the truly
spiritual place no more emotional energy in loss or gain and know it
is because of their spiritual evolution they have gained insight into
Catharsis must be the mainstay of your existence, for all the human
activity in this country has left you numb and indifferent. What the
masters have discussed is your constant need for more rather than
abundance for abundance is multi-dimensionally with wealth as a minute
element. Instant gratification is the rule of your life and how you
derive pleasure and comfort with a healthy ambivilence to the
suffering masses. What drives you emotionally is clearly not enough to
rise into the Law of Attraction. This emotional level is quiet,
subconscious but sincere and uses the integrity of your spirit. You
may never know when you reach that emotional point but you will
experience manifestation. Having reached that blessed point you must
review what you asked for and how you asked for it. For the heavens
start with the simple things first then look at the complex desire and
work with that second. Namaste Kumara