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Balance and Movement

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Balance and Movement

The Universal laws are always in motion and are always responding to us. It may appear that nothing is happening because we don't see the results we want in an appropriate timeframe. But that doesn't mean that there is no activity. The Universal laws require us to be in a state of energetic balance meaning that our energy must be in alignment with what we are manifesting. And it waits for us to do our work, bringing ourselves into balance, before we see movement.

The Universe always sees the bigger picture and is aware of every option and every opportunity that is possible for us. Because Universal laws govern the movement of energy they respond to our level of energetic vibration which may nor may not be in alignment with what we are trying to manifest. When it is in alignment, manifestation occurs easily. When it is not, manifestation is challenging and we may not get anything or far less than what we anticipated. The lack of movement is an indication that something is out of balance and we will be shown what needs to be transformed to move the energy in the direction of what we want. When we are out of balance Universal law seems to magnify these areas so we know exactly what they are.

Asking out of fear, need, desperation or powerlessness increases the imbalance. How do we know where this happens? Any time joy, peace, abundance and unconditional love are not flowing in our lives we are out of balance and we feel stuck. Any area in which we are unhappy, dissatisfied or bored means we are out of alignment with our soul purpose and a gentle reminder that we are ready for new adventures. Any hesitation we have is an indication of our fears. Can we address them so the energy can begin to move? The Universe is very patient and it will wait until we are ready to bring ourselves into balance and raise our energetic vibrations to a level that is in alignment with what we want to manifest, then the energy starts to move.

It is helpful to remember that the Universe always responds to us. It does not initiate anything and responds directly to our energy and level of alignment. We can always tell where we are energetically and how close to or far we are from manifesting the reality we desire by how the energy is moving in our lives. When we are ready to be completely fearless, trusting and faithful, our energy is balanced and the Universe rushes in to bring us what we desire. When we are willing to surrender our fears, attachments, regrets and sorrows, the Universe will reward us by giving us more than we have asked for and the flow of energy in our lives will make continuous and effortless manifestation a reality for us.

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