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Angels are beings of pure spirituality. Below is a summary explaining
how angels differ from other celestial helpers and God.

The Power of The Angels*

Although the angel is only one spiritual being among the entire
heavenly host, and merely one creature in all of Creation, it has no
limitations of any kind upon its powers and abilities. This is for
the simple reason that their entire existences of having the capacity
to fulfill all tasks given to it are derived from God. One should not
think, however, that because their powers come from a source outside
themselves angels are weak and feeble. On the contrary, because
angels' strength comes directly from God it is beyond compare and has
no equal anywhere in the universe. Such a conception of angelic power
helps to stress the close relationship between angels and God and the
degree to which they are different from humanity.

* Based on writings in the book, Angels A-Z, by Matthew Bunson.

The Nine Angelic Choirs

Angels are divided into different groups, each with their own purpose
for existence. In turn, each individual angel, including your own
guardian angel, has its own specialties. Most angels seem to belong
to one or more of the hierarchies in the table below. The choirs
below are the most widely accepted. As you will see in the table
below, angels are not limited to belonging to just one choir.

The highest of the nine angelic orders brings the healing flame of
love from heaven to earth and are often identified with fire.
Michael, Metatron, Sepheriel, Seraphiel and Uriel

Cherubs emanate the love of God and possess knowledge and wisdom.
Gabrielle/Gabriel, Ophaniel, Raphael, Uriel and Zophiel

Thrones emulate the light of God with brilliant fairness and
Jophiel, Orifiel, Raziel and Zaphkiel

Dominations regulate the tasks of the angels maintaining the order
of the universe.
Hashmal, Muriel, Zadkiel and Zacharel

The Virtues preside over nature and every facet of natural life.
They give us the strength to always turn to God.
Gabrielle/Gabriel, Michael, Peliel, Sabriel, Tarshish and Uzziel

The Powers defend the universe from error keeping order and
Camael, Gabrielle/Gabriel, Galgaliel, Michael, Raphael and Verchiel

These are the caretakers, or guardian angels of nations, provinces,
counties, districts, cities, towns, villages, buildings and houses.
Unlike personal protectors they have direct involvement in the
affairs of all humanity. In light of world events, ask for the
intervention of The Principalities.
Amael, Anael, Cerviel and Haniel

This is a confusing order because most of the members also belong to
other choirs. Their primary function is to intervene consistently in
the affair of each and every life.
Barachiel, Gabrielle/Gabriel, Jehudiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael
and Uriel

The ninth and final order of angels according to the organization of
celestial hierarchy. These angels are the closest to humanity and
it's labors and concerns. Most guardian angels belong to this order.
Chayyliel, Phalag, Adnachiel

Guardian angels are assigned not only to every living human soul but
to all the inhabitants of earth. They know exactly what you need for
your development, your divine life purpose and your agenda is their
agenda. Guardian angels NEVER leave your side from birth through
death no matter what mistakes you make. Like God/dess, they love you
no matter what. Everyone, even the most negative people you can think
of, Charles Manson, Saddam Hussain, Adolf Hitler, all have (or had)
guardian angels throughout their lives. However, when humans
incarnate on earth, we come down here with no memories of what we are
and where we came from. We are given freedom of choice. Our guardian
angels can give us guidance and love but it is our free choice
whether we listen to it or not. As you can imagine, often times,
negative people don't listen to their guardian angels.

How You Can Connect with Your Angels
You must ask your guardian angels for help even though they're
permanently stationed by your side. Angels want to surround us but
can't help us unless we ask. A universal law that binds angels
states, "No angels shall interfere with a human's life unless asked
with the exception being a life-threatening emergency."

Invite your angel to work with you. Welcome your angel so it's easier
for you to work together. This will create great value in your life.
Your angel is not a fairy godmother or a "cosmic vending machine."
They can, however, help us in many ways that are often overlooked as

How do Angels
Communicate with Us?
Angels Help mostly by by communicating directly if you are able to
receive or indirectly with omens (i.e. a book they feel you should
read may fall off a shelf in your path for example). Out of nowhere,
you may suddenly have a desire to contact someone or go somewhere.
They can also send information in dreams and as compressed energy
that unfolds over time—you'll have a knowing but won't be able to
verbalize it or explain it for a while as the pieces of the puzzle
come together. They can also send you very high-level healing
energies and healing. If you are able to feel subtle energies you may
feel this as warmth or tingling pulses of energy moving through your

After asking your angel for assistance, watch for repetition of words
you see, hear or think. Notice patterns like repeatedly hearing a
song, seeing a bumper sticker or having a friend unknowingly repeat
the very same message your angel gave you. Keep asking until you feel
you completely understand the answer.

Beginning to Contact Your Angels
The following suggestions may help you in making initial contact with
your angels.

Choose a regular time each day to communicate to your guardian
angels. Before going to sleep or when you first wake up may be the
best time

If you have depression, negative feelings, fear, nightmares—ask your
guardian angels for extra protection.

Remain open to messages from your angel at all times. Especially when
you sense a warning that you are making a mistake or a prickly
feeling of danger.

Don't be irresponsible and risk your personal safety. Your guardian
angel can't override your free will.

Be positive! Your angel will guide, heal and protect you but you must
be responsible for your own actions. Don't blame others or dismiss
problems in your life as "something/someone is against you" or

What if I don't feel a connection?
Angels vibrate at a very high level and it may take a while to attune
yourself to this high vibration. Be patient! The most common blocks
to getting angelic guidance are:

Diet—(meat, caffeine, shellfish, most junk food, prepackaged foods
that contain chemical additives and preservatives and chocolate are
all low vibration foods that can block divine guidance)

Drugs—(even over the counter products) and alcohol can cloud clarity.

Drama—Whether the chaos is yours or originates from others in your
life, it can make you distracted and agitated which adds to the
difficulty of connecting with angels. Ask your angels to clear away
all negativity and fear and fill you with the energies of peace and

Disorganization—Angels are attracted to clean, organized, quiet
atmospheres. Provide a welcoming atmosphere to appeal to angels.

Negative People—Make changes where you can in your own life and try
to avoid negative people. If you can't because of your circumstances,
it may take you longer to connect but keep trying, eventually you'll
be able to tune into the higher vibrations.

Inexperience—If you haven't done a lot of spiritual work or find it
hard to relax and quiet your mind, be patient and realistic with your
expectations. Try to increase your awareness of angels by heightening
your all your senses and meditating regularly only a few minutes at a

Unrealistic Expectations—If you're expecting a talking hologram to
appear and talk to you for an extended amount of time, it's not going
to happen. Especially at first, the contact may be brief and more of
a feeling than visual or audio. If you are lonely, you need human
contact! Get out and join clubs or groups with interests like yours.
Life is meant to be lived—get out there!

It can take days, weeks even months to receive an answer you fully
understand. And sometimes, the answer comes through an event or
moment of sudden insight. It may come to you unexpectedly during a
casual phone call from a friend, something you read in a book,
newspaper or magazine, from a conversation between strangers you
inadvertently overheard. The main thing is to be aware and open.

Patience will allow you to persevere, even if you do not get results
right away. Patience will help you build faith in your Angels,
trusting that at the right time they will come through. Faith endears
you to your unseen supporters, as well as creating the space for
miracles, which is where they gather and thrive. Miracles do not have
to be earth shattering. Miracles can be tiny happenings in your daily
life that make you feel good or that make you laugh or even cry from

The Power of Asking

Angels, and this includes our own and others' guardian angels, can do
nothing for us unless we ask. If you need help, just ask! That's why
God sent angels to be with you for life. Your angels are just waiting
to be asked for help. Don't worry about asking for too much. There is
no sense of linear time in the spiritual realm. Have you ever been
driving somewhere and all of a sudden had an urge to make a turn you
didn't plan on and then later found out there was a bad traffic jam
you avoided by listening to that urge and turning off the road?
That's your guardian angels assisting you. Don't forget to thank them
when you notice the correlation.

Working with Others' Guardian Angels
You can also ask others' guardian angels for help or assistance. If
someone, say your boss or a coworker, is making life more difficult
than you think is fair, ask their guardian angel to have them be
nicer to you or leave you alone altogether. If you are having
problems with a loved one, plead your case to their guardian angel
and ask for their help to bring peace into the situation. Others'
guardian angels are willing to help as long as our requests are
positive and won't hurt the one they are to protect. If it's a big
issue, write a letter to the person's guardian angels asking for
help. It may sound bizarre but works.

One day I was at the beach with a close friend and her son who was
very sick with cancer at the time. Her son was so weak he barely had
the strength to walk but wanted to go to the beach that day. He
looked longingly at the swings and said, "I'd like to go on the
swings Mom." My friend looked up the hill at the swings and saw a
group of sulky young teens there. She tried to convince her son that
it wasn't a good idea. But I said, "Wait, let me ask their guardian
angels to tell them to leave that area." You see, earlier that day I
had told her about asking other's guardian angels for assistance. I
had learned this from Doreen Virtue at her ATP course and found the
results amazing. Of course, she gave me a skeptical look when I told
her. Who could blame her? So I asked the teens' guardian angels to
have them leave that area so Chris could go on the swings for a few
minutes. She was amazed when less than 30 seconds later they all got
up and walked to a different part of the park. And she was even more
amazed when, while we were walking up the hill, two more teens came
into the park and started walking toward the swings. I asked their
guardian angels to have them leave too. Both boys, at the same time,
got a confused look on their face and turned around and walked out of
the park (without even saying anything to each other!). My friend
never again doubted the power of guardian angels after that event.

Of course, I must add this won't always work. It needs to be for the
highest good for the ones the angels guard.

Meditation to Meet Your Guardian Angels
Angel--A messenger of God; the projection into consciousness of a
spiritual idea direct from the Fountainhead, Jehovah. "And there
appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of
the altar" (Luke 1:11). The word of Truth, in which is centered the
power of God to overcome all limited beliefs and conditions.

The following prayer should be spoken, mentally or aloud before
making contact with your angels. You should change it so it's one you
feel comfortable saying.

God/dess, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Archangel Michael and the angels

(and/or QuanYin, Mother Mary, Mohammed, Moses, St. Germain, Father
Wind, Mother Earth, a specific Goddess, Saint or Master. Substitute
your preference for a devotional figure)

I ask your protection and help in giving me detailed information from
my guardian angels that will help me attain my highest purpose and
joy. Please protect me from all fear and negativity and assure that
who I intend comes through as a clear channel for the light.

Thank you so much for your love and assistance.


Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Place both feet
on the ground and begin to mentally prepare for you meditation. Begin
by grounding and centering yourself. Close your eyes and imagining
roots growing from your feet into Mother Earth. Then follow this
simple breathing exercise to relax your physical body: breathe in
through your nose, hold it for 7 seconds, and release it very slowly
through your mouth. Repeat 3 times then unconsciously continue
breathing this way throughout the meditation. Tell your Ego-self (or
lower self) to stand aside. Mentally tell the Ego-self it is silenced
now and know it is so.

Ask the Holy Spirit to surround you in a beam of white protective
light. The Holy Spirit immediately responds and beams down a ray of
protective white light.

Now imagine yourself in a beautiful place, it can be a forest, a
meadow, a beach, wherever you will feel comfortable. Find a
comfortable spot in this beautiful place to rest and relax.

Now, in your mind's eye, look around you, and notice a path. It is a
beautiful path filled with love. This path is very long; it seems to
go on and on—you can't see the end of it. Keep your focus on this

Mentally ask for your Guardian Angel to come forth. Express your
interest in wanting to meet him/her. See an illuminated ball of light
in the distance.

It may be white or may be a color. Notice the color you see. See it
slowly coming closer and closer becoming aware that the light is
getting larger as it comes closer to you.

Your Angel may decide to make itself known in another form. Just let
this happen. Note what the light looks like as it come closer

Now your angel is directly in front of you. There may be more than
one as your other angels, guides, relatives and pets may want to
connect with you.

Greet your angel. You may get impressions, emotions, and tingly
feelings. Its not uncommon for Angels to talk to you in your own
voice, so don't discount your inner voice as your imagination.
Feelings of love, encouragement and warmth are most common markers of
Angelic contact.

Thank your Angel for all the times that they have helped you,
comforted you and protected you.

Mentally invite the intervention, guidance and assistance of your
Angel in your life from this point onwards.

Ask your angel the name they wish to be called. Angels' true names
are unpronounceable by us. They will either make up a name or let you
choose one. If you don't get one right away, don't worry. You may get
a color or a musical note, every contact is different. Just know that
whatever you receive is correct for you.

Ask your angel to communicate any messages to you. Absorb any
communication such as thoughts, visions, knowingness and feelings,
love and emotions.

Ask your angel any questions you have, one at a time. Note the
answers. Don't doubt the information or emotions you are given, just
let your angel communicate to you in their own way.

Now say the following prayer to your guardian angel:

Angel of God, my guardian dear
To whom God's love commits me here
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guide,
To rule and guard,
Thank you!

Now ask the Creator to bless you and your Angel. See the both of you
showered by the Light and Love from the Divine

Thank your Angel for meeting you in this meditation. Let your angel
know you look forward to contacting them again soon

Know they are always by your side.

Focus on grounding and centering yourself by picturing the roots from
your feet into Mother Earth.

Pause a moment and open your eyes.

Did you get a name? If not, don't worry, sometimes just feeling your
angel's energy is enough in the beginning.
Angel Names

Like humans, each angel (or any entity created by God/dess) has it's
own unique energy and purpose. God/dess assigned your dear guides,
protectors and messengers for specific life purposes and for good
reason. Know that the true names of angels and spirits are usually
unintelligible and may be a high pitched tone or vibration that
humans can't discern using their current senses. Words as we know
them on earth do not exist in most other realms as information is
relayed telepathically without the human need to process it. The
angel names, especially those that end with "el" were actually given
to these beings by humans. The name resonates to the angel or
ascended master's essence. The "el" angel names have Judeo origins
that this ancient group of people assigned and that angels still come
through with today. The same with many deities. The names your
angels, fairies and guides give to you or a psychic will have a
special significance for you even if their name in the spiritual
realm is unintelligible to our 3D existence.

Each name has a specific meaning and can represent symbols, angels,
saints, avatars, geniuses, etc. If you are given a regular name such
as Therese or Brigid, look it up in a baby name book for the meaning.
Chances are it contains a special message for you. You may read about
St. Therese and find that the work she did on earth has very special
meaning to you and her talents match your own--the fact that you
always received red roses would be a validation she's been trying to
get your attention. Or that the Goddess Brigid (also known as St.
Brigid) represents something very deep in you. Her name means
strength, thinking about past circumstances in your life, did you
often need the strength offered by this powerful divinity? St. Brigid
is the patron saint of Ireland and Brigid was also the Goddess of
fire and poetry. See how looking deeper at the names and meanings of
your guides and angels can bring clarity to your life's purpose?

One thing I'd like to address here are the names received of your
guides and angels. The most surprising (and I must admit,
disappointing) thing I've found in giving angel readings is that
people sometimes don't understand the names given by their guides and
angels. Many people are disappointed if they don't get what they
consider a glamorous name such as Morningstar, Singing Wolf or only
want a familiar angel like Archangel Michael or a Goddess like
Cerridwen to be their guardian. While these are deities that are very
much involved with guiding humans and often come through in readings,
there are literally billions of angels and spiritual guides out
there. Most of them are not documented in any book written here on
earth. Many are unique just to you.

Many people have archangels with them because these special angels
have the power to be able to intervene in every earth incarnation
simultaneously. Cassiel is often with people that are working through
blocks and breaking unhealthy patterns in their lives. She is the
very powerful angel of solitude and tears and is easy to connect

Consider the comparison of hearing your angel's name to learning your
totem animal. Everyone doesn't have the wolf, bear and eagle as
totems. Some have less glamorous but just as powerful totems like the
ant, the turkey or the mouse. The armadillo could be with you if you
need assistance in setting healthy boundaries. If you and your
friends went to a psychic and the only names given were well-known
angels, the only totems given were the more popular animals then
shouldn't you be somewhat skeptical? You should, although the psychic
may not be fake but after years of looking at disappointed faces, may
just want to please their clients and tell them what they want to

If your earth's purpose includes impacting a lot of people, you
probably have a guardian angel from one of the higher level
hierarchies. This doesn't make them superior than others' angels,
just that their origin is at a higher level vibration and they are
closer to the God/dess Light. I find the higher level angels and
aeons can have really long, strange, or hard to pronounce names. Most
guardian spirits of the angelic realm have names that end with "el"
or "ah."

When dealing with these very high vibration spirits it can take a
while to get the name correctly and the spelling can be a little off
(you may get two spellings in a reading). You can look up your
angel's name on the internet by putting it into a search engine such
as and there are some great angel dictionaries out
there (Angels A to Z by Matthew Bunsen and A Dictionary of Angels by
Gustav Davidson. Keep in mind that there are billions of angels and
yours may not be documented.

If you find the name difficult to say, shorten it. Take my word for
it, they won't mind. The angels and guides that are with you love,
guide and protect you unconditionally, are assigned to you for a
specific reason and, since they don't have egos, won't get their
feelings hurt if you want to change their name. It truly doesn't
matter what you call them just so long as you call on them often. If
you want to let them know you've acknowledged them by the name
they've given in a reading but would rather call them another name.
Just let them know the name you will call them going forward. Believe
me, they will answer the call to the name you've given them.