Friday, August 29, 2008

Uriel's Message -- The Journey to Wholeness

Uriel's Message -- The Journey to Wholeness

Your soul contract is undertaken to return you to your power and wholeness. Your power is relinquished when you allow fear to become your guiding force so that your human nature dominates your spirituality. Your soul's state of wholeness is affected by the traumas encountered in each lifetime and the degree to which they are healed, resolved and transmuted to the light. Until you have achieved mastery of your power and are fully whole your soul will continue to journey on the material plane to reintegrate the light that has been lost to fear.

Each new lifetime is an opportunity to reclaim your power and heal your soul's wounds. It is your wounded soul that connects to teachers and situations that will allow you to recapture those parts of you that you have given over to fear, pain and sorrow. In this journey your body is spirit's vessel in the material world and the lifetime is the vehicle through which the learning, healing and light reintegration can occur. Without the body the soul cannot function in the material plane and without the lifetime there is no structure for the process.

The lack of joy you experience is an echo of a past pain that calls out for healing. You can become lost in the pain or you can pray to remember your purpose, to recall the contract and find the learning. Do not ask the Universe to remove this lesson from you. Its awareness of your situation lies within your power, the fulfillment you seek, the mastery you possess and the light you bring to the world. The Universe cannot respond to your hopelessness but it can give you hope and guidance when you ask through the light.

The angels cry with you in your sorrow and despair and they rejoice with you when you step into your mastery. It is time for humanity to end the game of fear, powerlessness and sorrow and step into a new vibration of joy and unconditional love. The soul achieves wholeness when the echoes of the past are transmuted into the joy of the present moment, when fear is replaced by power and love is the energy that all connect to effortlessly. This week, remember that your lifetime is a journey of wholeness, returning your wounded soul to the loving light of the Creator. Each of your lessons is an opportunity for you to return to this state and find peace and joy in the new vibrations you are creating for yourself and for humanity.

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