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Living Through Spiritual Authority

Living Through Spiritual Authority

Our spiritual journey is one of reconnection with our divinity, power and purpose. The Universe tells us that we are powerful beings who have authority over the universal energy. That may be a universal truth but it is hard to relate to when we are operating from a point of fear and nothing in our life experience appears to be reflect our divine power. If we could see ourselves through the eyes of God we would see something far different than what we imagine for we are the eyes, voice and hands of God and we have authority over everything in our reality. When we live through our spiritual authority we harness the full power of the Universe to create an effortless reality. That is our birthright and it is available to us at every step of our journey.

Before we are born we are fully aware of our power and connections and as soon as we enter the earth plane those things become a distant memory. Before we are able to remember who we truly are we must experience what it means to be human so that we can reconnect to the divine. The key to our reconnection is to remember our authority, that we are the authors of our reality and of the world we live in, we are the keepers of the divine flame of healing and truth and the authors of its manifestation on earth. But unless we are willing to live through our spiritual authority we feel helpless, hopeless and allow the illusion of our humanity override the reality of our divinity.

We have evidence of material authority all around us, in our governments and corporations. The people in positions of power on the material level have the power to govern every detail of our lives, from creating the laws we must abide by to determining the kinds of jobs we will have and where we will work. Yet those to whom we give authority on a material level reflect the spiritual authority that we have in our own lives—we create the rules that dictate how our reality unfolds and choose the path that we will travel. We can create a life of pain and chaos or joy and peace. How that unfolds depends entirely on the level of spiritual authority we are willing to embrace and the power and beliefs that we put behind it. Can we accept spiritual authority for our reality or do we give our authority to others and hope that they will treat us with the respect and consideration that we want to receive? The key to creating the abundance in all good things that we want in our life lies in our ability to live through our spiritual authority in a powerful, focused way. We are the creator and we are in charge.

Universal laws and principles are absolute and they work with absolute certainty in our lives. They are non-negotiable and unchangeable. We can learn to work with them or struggle against them. The Universe is also non-critical and non-judgmental, it will not judge, punish or abuse us if we don’t work with it, it will simply wait for us to reconnect to our power and remember who is in charge of our reality. Once we do, it will work tirelessly on our behalf to respond to our every need. It doesn’t write our life story for us, it simply responds to the level of power, focus, intention and commitment that we have, and the level of spiritual authority we are willing to accept.

When we give our power away we give our spiritual authority away as well. We are putting someone else in control and hope that they will create the reality that we feel we are incapable of creating on our own. Then we are surprised when they betray us, don’t meet our expectations or don’t value the power we have given them. But when we turn over our authority to others they will create the reality that they are capable of creating, at their level of spiritual understanding.

If we can view the concept of spiritual authority as our ability to write our own life story we have a greater understanding of our life journey. Every area of challenge holds insight into where we are not in integrity with our dreams. So often our beliefs and perceptions reflect those of others, including our parents and the society we live in. When they are in conflict with what we want to create for ourselves an obstacle is created so that we can change the story and reclaim our spiritual authority. Our challenge it to see ourselves as the authors of the inner and outer world that we desire and to create a reality that reflects our dreams. What we see as obstacles on our path are not challenges to our authority, they are areas where we need to claim our power, to see beyond what is before us and let the Universe fulfill its promise to us without interference.

Living in spiritual authority removes us from the limitations of fear and doubt and reminds us of who we truly are. Can we step into the paradigm of unlimited abundance, boundless prosperity, joy, peace and unconditional love? That is the story that we came here to fulfill and the story is unfolding. The veil is lifting and the spiritual and material worlds are more connected than ever before. We are powerful creators when we create from our spiritual authority. The Universe never breaks its promises to us and when we are willing to be spiritually powerful authors of our reality we will live in peace, joy and love and have the reality of our dreams unfold effortlessly in response to the story that we write when we step into our spiritual authority.

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Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information.

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