Friday, August 1, 2008


What's Up On Planet Earth? 8/1/08


There is wonderful news to report regarding the total solar eclipse and new moon. I believe that it will have a positive and important impact on many of us on the planet who are here to serve, assist in the spiritual evolution of the planet, and thus result in a great support for continuing on with all of our special contributions, gifts, and talents. And on August 16th (or 17th) a partial lunar eclipse and full moon will occur. I will be writing more about the lunar significance when it draws nearer.

A full solar eclipse (and new moon) will occur on August 1, 2008, and although it will not be visible to experience in every geographical area, it will affect us all none-the-less. The solar eclipse occurring at this juncture in our spiritual evolutionary path will highlight and support a new beginning with the end of a certain amount of resistance from opposing forces.

Meaning what exactly? If you have been trying to move forward with your purpose, project, or much of anything else for that matter, the advent of the total solar eclipse will assist you in paving a much more clear and uncluttered path.

The sun will be blocked for a short while. As strange as this may sound, energetically it means that this will stop the flow of energy to those facets that have been allowed to run rampant of late, creating unpleasant feelings and experiences for many of us while we try to make progress, or create our dreams, desires, projects, and next phases near and dear to us. It will mark the end of “the old.”

The solar eclipse and new moon will mark an important turning point. The energies which have been in the fore-front of late, or the lower vibrating and denser energies, will now have a “cease” to their power or in other words to their ability to be able to run loose with attempts at bringing down the light through their old ways, at best.

With the new moon and the sun now starting anew after this blockage, it will mean a new beginning for most of us. And this new beginning will be fresh and clear, just like a new start without all the resistance energy of late.

Before new and supporting energies arrive, we usually feel a “pull out” of supports or of light. When this phase occurs, the darker or denser energies really run rampant. It is as if the teacher has left the classroom and the class is really taking advantage. Well, the “teacher” has now returned and things will now begin to change. The higher ways and the light will now be able to take charge and make their presence known and respected.

As always, we needed to give enough time for things to adjust, come into place, and into alignment. These waiting or aligning periods can be challenging at times. If you are one who has felt that you were being ignored, disrespected, taken advantage of, road-blocked, boxed in with seemingly nowhere to go, having things taken over by a lower vibrating element that seemed to know far less than you, then get ready for a change.

The advent of the new moon and solar eclipse will change all of this.

For those especially tapped in or highly sensitive, physical manifestations could be felt of late as a build-up of pressure, abdominal bloating and a feeling of expansion, short fuses and an inability to tolerate lower vibrating energies which seemed to be so ever present everywhere, intestinal pressure and cramping with a need to relieve one-self often, restless sleeping, and even feelings of futility.

You may have felt as though there was nowhere remotely comfortable left to connect to, that everything around you was from a very old reality and making no sense to you now (or ever!), that what was in charge or at the fore-front did not know what in the world it was doing, that things had gone as far as they could go and then some, or perhaps even as though you could not take part in any way with much of anything. Totally stuck. And perhaps even repulsed by those lower vibrating energies surrounding you, as this is what the ascension process continues to create...higher vibrating energies with an inability to tolerate lower vibrating ones.

There needed to be enough time for things to find their new and better aligned energetic homes. And when we experience suffering, we really become clear about what it is that is the most important to us. The solstice of June knocked much out of its groove, much then needed to find a new energetic home, and even much within us which vibrated lower was released to some other home, far, far away from where we are now vibrating. And in this way, we might have wondered who we were and what we were now supposed to be doing.

Rock bottoms needed to be reached in order for many to finally be willing to make a change. And for many of those bearing much light, it could be challenging to be prohibited from helping. We had to be blocked from saving others and holding up the light as much needed to fall… fall into its new and rightful place. And even if you were one who was not personally affected by the bulldozing energies of the summer solstice, their effects could still be felt as so many of our loved ones were indeed affected. Just standing out in a vast expanse of nature could result in feeling these intense and unnerving energies!

In this way, lightbearers were almost stripped of their power and along with this, much of who they thought they were. But we decided on this course of action, as it would create the most change, and great change was now needed as things were finally right for moving forward….and we wanted to take as many with us as possible!

New connections needed to be made before we could progress further. And when we realize what is dear to us and means the most, we are then able to connect to the purer and simpler things which will always remain.

The door has now opened to more new beginnings. Many of the steps have been fulfilled, although creating great challenges for many. But in the end, we will find ourselves ever so much closer to our Heaven on Earth.

With the advent of the solar eclipse and new moon, a new chapter will be opened and much of the old will cease to hold any of its old power. We will again feel support, we will have more to connect to and hold onto, and the road before us will be much clearer.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,