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Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT

Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT
Well here we go again with another Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT. This time Mercury will be turning Retrograde at 22 degrees of Gemini and moving back to 14 degrees of Gemini, to turn direct on June 19th. Along with the usual Mercury Retrograde interpretation, which I have delineated below, I want to say something about the sign (Gemini) for this retrograde motion and the aspects for the other astral phenomena during this time period. This Mercury Retrograde is unique in that with in an hour Neptune also turns Retrograde at 25 Aquarius. Mercury retrograde in Gemini, which is Mercury’s Rulership, is offering us a period of about 28 days to rethink or change our thinking and perceptions about our connection to our extended family, siblings and neighbors and how we communicate with them. Neptune could bring much confusion or even deception during this period. Care should be taken with any decisions made at this time. And yet, this is a particularly good time for spiritual retreats and/or just taking the time for searching deep within for our connection to Divine Direction. This is the time to gather family together and/or let go of old grudges and forgive each other.
Some of you with planets in the Gemini area of this retrograde may bring forth revolutionary and transformational ideas that we will explore now that will help us build a new future. With the Spiritual Influence of Neptune on the North Node and Chiron making a Trine aspect to Retrograde Mercury this could be the beginning of a Great New Spiritual Awakening on a global level.
A planet is retrograde when it appears to be moving backward in the Zodiac as seen from the Earth. When a planet is retrograde in a horoscope, or goes retrograde by progression, or by transit, the affairs ruled by that planet are slowed down and the individual is more introspective combining them. Because of this slowed motion, the person is able to profit from all the fine details that would otherwise be missed. Even if the introspection is not obvious, deep psychological processes are at work. The affairs (houses) ruled by retrograde planets are sometimes conducted in a behind-the-scene manner until the planet resumes its forward motion.
TRANSIT DELINATION = There is a slowing down of communications, which can be accompanied by confusion, change of plans, indecisiveness, and unexpected factors which make work and communication go awry. This can include mail slowdowns, telephone breakdowns, transportation problems, misprints, and so on. (Not to forget COMPUTER BREAK-DOWNS.) This is also a poor period for signing contracts or launching new projects. On the positive side, an individual can go into an introspective state to draw knowledge and guidance from the deeper levels of consciousness making it possible to carefully consider, at their leisure, all of the possible ramifications of actions and decisions. Many factors can come to ‘light’, which enables you to make wiser choices or decisions in the long run. Retrograde periods can be utilized to take care of unfinished tasks and business affairs that were started while Mercury was in direct motion. So Mercury in retrograde can be a blessing in disguise. During the period, usually about three weeks, things (HOUSES) ruled by Mercury seem to be put on hold or repressed of sorts, or may take an inward rather than an outward turn. Sometimes we have to do things “over” associated with the house (area of life) in you birth chart where in Mercury takes this retrograde motion.
Mercury Retrograde delineations for where it falls in your natal houses:
The first house is Aries ruled by Mars and is your immediate surroundings, your physical body, especially the head and face, your health, accidents, arrivals, the present or today. New ventures and beginnings, your early environment, your personality, how you present yourself to others.
With this Mercury Rx you may have to take a second look at anything that you have committed to since November 2007. This Retrograde could bring out into the open something very personal that seemed to have been confused or hidden and/or a feeling that Force Major is making you deal with them. This could be a turning point in your personal life for new spiritual concepts to emerge from the subconscious.
The second house is Taurus ruled by Venus. The second house is your money and possessions, your inner resources and at times your freedom to do what you want. Your values or what you value in life and how you use your inner resources to get what you value. Personal income, belongings, gifts, bonus, profits and loss, purchases and financial dealings with banks, loan companies.
With this Mercury Rx you may have to get on a strict budget or hire a bookkeeper or financial advisor to get you back on track to paying off your debt. This is a perfect time to find your source deep within you rather than to keep searching for it outside your center. The God within you is the source of all abundance and this is the time to come to that realization.
The third house is Gemini ruled by Mercury. The third house rules siblings and extended family, communication, short trips, signing contracts or papers. Correspondence such as letters messages conversation, news and gossip. Also education and learning, instruction, private studies could bring changes or come under scrutiny for change. Transportation and cars also are effected by this eclipse energy. Show how and what you study, communicate or write, teach or talk about.
Mercury Rx here is giving you an opportunity to change your mind and search out new information to communicate or teach or write. Trips could be postponed and family members could be difficult to communicate with, the need to forestall knee jerk reactions to others, especially extended family members, so as to avoid conflict is important.
The fourth house is Cancer ruled by the Moon. The 4th house is your home and base of operations, your family and parents, the root of your soul. This house also covers real estate and the end of matters.
Mercury Rx in this house could bring a good time to catch up on time spent with family and work done in and around your home. Some will plan a move or sale of property that will change their foundations or home in the next 9 months.
The fifth house is Leo ruled by the Sun. The 5th house is creativity, children, love affairs and giving your love. Recreation and amusement and all forms of fun and enjoyment of life and the places where you have fun such as parks, theaters, playgrounds, recreation rooms, beaches, ski resorts, ect…
This Mercury Rx could bring a time to take that vacation you need so badly…maybe to a sacred site to re-establish your connection with your own creativity and teaching. Some may be rethinking their children’s direction especially where education is concerned.
The sixth house is Virgo ruled by Mercury. The 6th house is your working atmosphere, and your job or service and your daily routine. Food, diet, health, sickness, and medical matters need to be looked at for change. Small animals and pets. Employees.
Mercury Rx in this 6th house could bring a recurrence of health issues from the past. Try to get involved in a new routine or diet and exercise plan that gives time for leisure and spiritual work or volunteer work. Watch out for value conflicts with other.
The seventh house is Libra ruled by Venus. The 7th house is your partnerships and marriage. The emphasis is on committed intimate or marital and business partners, teammates, competitors, allies, large-scale negotiations, being ready to make concessions and improving understanding with others.
Mercury Rx here brings an opportunity to rethink or reexamine your personal relationships. Maybe some with find new ways for connection to partners with spiritual work or community work. Clear out past confusion in communication issues with others.
The eighth house is Scorpio ruled by Pluto/Mars. The 8th house is healing, transformational emotional events, death and dying, sexuality. Insurance, tax matters, other people’s money and investments, surgery or the removal of something. Also marital or partnership funds and joint financial dealings with other people, alimony. Jointly held money and property, resources and savings. Private transactions, secret and hidden talents. Legacies and inheritances. Debts and collections. Mortgages.
This Mercury Retrograde in the 8th house can be really mind boggling for most, as there could be spontaneous communications from the other sides of life as in disincarnate spirits or channeling experiences that come out of the blue. Could challenge a change of values or spiritual direction. Time to clear out old emotional trauma and find healing with the new ideas that unfold spontaneously. Try not to forget to pay important bills.
The ninth house is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. The 9th house rules long distance travel, courts and law, foreigners, higher mind, and abstract concepts, religion and philosophy. Also your public opinion, publishing. Mercury Rx influences communications or transactions with people from a distance in the 9th house. Religious and intellectual interests and affairs of the partner’s relatives, your in-laws are also some of this house’s influence. This Mercury Rx influence may have you spinning in circles if you have planned long trips that have to be postponed or canceled, or legal matters that come up at this time that seem to get you nowhere and just have to be repeated.
The tenth house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. The 10th house is career and goals you set for your life. It is your reputation, your ego, and your social status. Also government officials or agencies, bosses, important people or a parents. Job interests responsibilities, your business, occupation and career, attaining your goals and aims in life and this house also rules improvement of your credit rating. Possible honors and popularity or coming to the public’s attention also is influenced in this house.
Mercury Rx in the 10th house could get you to thinking of a new kind of work or career and planning changes to initiate in the next 9 months. Could be time to do a more spiritually fulfilling type of work. You may link with others in the community to use your talents and creativity to help those that are less fortunate.
The eleventh house is Aquarius ruled by Uranus/Saturn. The 11th house is friends and associates, groups that you belong to and their activities, boosting community projects. Joining clubs and organizations. Pursuit of your hopes and wishes for the future. Also this is the house of things that happen beyond your control. With this house accented there could be an emphasis on social ties, group activities and friendships. Business income and assets. Seeking people who can help you.
With Mercury Rx in your 11th house it is time to dream big and open up to new goals and objectives for making those visions come true. Take time out during this Rx to go back to what your dreams were at least 17 to 20 years ago and look at what took you on a different path. This may be the time to get back on track and see if all those idealistic goals and visions can be accomplished or at least put into motion for completion.
The Twelfth house is Pisces ruled by Neptune/Jupiter. The 12th house rules large animals, sorrow, imprisonment, affliction, seclusion, detention, subversion, the past and yesterday. Your own self-undoing and limitations, secrecy, sorrows and intuitive connection to subconscious mind. Emphasis here can bring you in to contact with institutions such as schools and hospitals or jails. There may be an accent on confidential and investigative matters and possible police activity. You may have contacts with hospitals, institutions and invalids. Solitude, personal limitations and problems will confront you. Stick to regular routine work and try to find the cause for past mistakes now.
The twelfth house is the house of retreat, where we go to recharge and renew ourselves. It tells us about our subconscious, our inner spiritual life and our mental health. It is also the house of karma and influences from the past. Any planet located in the twelfth house of your chart is strongly charged with memories from the past and its action is influenced by unconscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.
This Mercury Rx is a time for inner peace and meditation. It is a good time to start a class in yoga or Chi Gong or a new meditation practice. Open up to nature and channel your inner thoughts from the Divine Direction inside you. Rest and retreats are on the menu!
If you have questions or comments please address them to
love in lightJune Collier
PO Box 112Elk Creek,VA 24326

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Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic

Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic
The Planetary Grid TransmissionsMonday, May 19
A new harmonic is being anchored on our planet and it is happening quicker than what anyone has expected. It is a crystalline frequency that is paving the way for all of us to make accelerated transition into a full multidimensional reality.
As the old world is collapsing, there is a simultaneous emergence of New Earth structure. With this accelerated emergence of new energy, we have easier ability to connect with a living crystalline force that greatly assists us to stabilize in the faster light velocities of higher dimension.
Crystal Consciousness
The crystalline vibration is simply the geometrical blueprint and frequency of higher dimension.
The earth, as a living sentient being, is undergoing transformation into a crystalline form. All humans choosing this path of evolution are also undergoing transformation from a carbon based body to a super-human matrix of crystalline light. This awakening of crystal vibration in both our human bio-field and in the earth creates major transformation in every aspect of our life and in our relationship to the world.

The children being born today carry this pure crystal frequencyand New Earth human blueprint..
As we come from love rather than fear, we transition into heighten states of clarity and pristine vibration. As clarity increases, we are able to more fully access the spectrum of DNA encodement to fully awaken our light body and transition into higher consciousness.
Like the caterpillar in a chrysalis, crystallization is a vibration achieved through a very personal metamorphic process. This highest alchemy requires the release of all fear and conditioned mental and emotional construct.
New Earth Crystalline Structures
As everything crystal is now activating, the veils are disappearing and more of the celestial plan is being revealed. We are merging into higher dimension, and, as a result, much more is being seen and experienced.
The Earth Crystals
The entire planet has been seeded with information, codes and programming for this shifting time and by other civilizations, star families and galaxies.
All has been purposely dormant until this now time of the planetary dimensional shift.
Many of the dormant crystals, stone structures and held records within and upon the earth are now in a major activating phase to reveal and support the massive anchoring of the new harmonic and energetic template.
As a result, we are feeling and experiencing stronger and easier access to the new grids and the unified field matrix. We are experiencing increased remembrance, sense perception, expansion of consciousness and emerging multidimensional ability. Many of us are even shifting dimensional frequency quite often.
Additionally and as support to our bridging, new dimensional portals are opening in many locations beyond the sacred sites including our own local geographical areas. As we advance into heightened states of purity, we will have increasing ablity to open and close portals at will.
The Crystalline Grid
The Crystalline Grid has been specifically put in place to make it easier for earth to vibrate at a higher oscillation while helping the human form morph into crystalline light.
Linking all of the crystals in the Earth and crossing major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways, the Crystalline Grid provides a doorway between worlds. Additonally, it is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the new earth paradigm is being anchored.
The grid will get stronger and stronger as it reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of collective consciousness. It is a New Earth structure that is continually activated the more we consciously merge into its frequency and bring it in as part of our life and new multidimensional human form.
The Crystalline Grid is also a grid of stabilization which is an especially important alignment for us during these time of intensified earth change.
The Golden Sun Discs
Described as the "DNA of the Crystalline Grid", the Golden Sun Discs are now activating in certain locations around the planet to anchor amplified levels of the Divine Love frequency and its universal hologram to the earth plane. These discs hold the Great Central Sun encodments to help us return to our original state of multidimensional purity and harmonic Love.
According to geologist and grid expert, Tyberonn,
"These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field ~ of pure love, unconditional love ~ a light code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above. The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blueprint for the crystalline field, indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself."
These discs, located at Crystalline Grid nodal power areas such as LakeTiticaca and Mt. Shasta, are very potent activation features and part of the higher dimensional technology arriving for the New Earth creation. Vibrating at extremely high frequency, they contribute greatly to the quantum crystalline field.
The Golden Sun Discs are also part of the multidimensional energetic structure for the crystalline "Cities of Light" that are part of the New Earth emergence.
The Crystalline Cities of Light
The Tibetans prophesize the appearance of a great City of Light in these shifting times and refer to it as "Shamballa" manifesting in the physical.
In the Bible's Book of Revelation, John the Beloved saw the descent of the "Holy City" as the immaculate geometry of that which now is in the invisible realms of light.
Other spiritual prophecy foretells of the great Cities of Light that will make their physical emergence as the vibration of the planet has been sufficiently raised.

Many people are now confirming what's been prophesized by many spiritual scholars as a result of seeing, experiencing and receiving a greater depth of information on the Cities of Light and their supporting crystal portal communities.
As blueprints for the New Earth structure, the Cities of Light are seen to already exist in their higher dimensional template. Some feel that the Cities of Light will make their grand emergence in several locations of the world and all linked and operating as one.
The magnificent Cities of Light, advanced crystalline technology and other New Earth structures and systems of energy will receive increased attention as we continue to advance in the crystalline fields of higher consciousness.
This Monday and during the Wesak full moon celebration, we are consciously linking into the Crystalline Grid to align more deeply to the crystalline love harmonic that is the New Earth frequency.
We also send our prayers of love, compassion and support to our family in Burma and China and also the many souls who have and are making transition at this time.

From the Heart of the Sun,

Northeast Sustainable Community

Cosmic Time 5.14.08 - Acceleration

Cosmic Time 5.14.08 - Acceleration
Welcome to Cosmic Time, Allison Rae's astro ezine offering insights into 2012, current cosmic influences and the evolution of consciousness on Earth. Subscriptions are available by donation. To subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your subscription, including changing your address, follow the instructions at the end of this e-mail. Do not send an e-mail to be added to the list, unsubscribe or change your address. To read past issues, click here. Copyright 2008 Allison Rae/ In this issue . . . Aftershocks Wesak Moon Sacred Encounter
---------------------------------Aftershocks Have you noticed a huge energetic shift these past few weeks? Time seems to be speeding up even more than “usual.” Earth changes are on the rise. An ancient volcano explodes in Chile. Myanmar's delta region is decimated by a cyclone. A massive earthquake rocks central China. Killer tornadoes rip through the southern U.S., and a mysterious sink hole opens in Texas. Food shortages. Rising oil prices. The political scene is transforming before our eyes. World markets are shaky, too, with all this volatility. We live in times of extreme change, the crease period between world ages. The Earth is shifting. Paradigms are shifting. The transition is in full swing, and accelerating. The Hopi of North America call this the Great Purification. The Mayan calendar links the acceleration to the expansion of consciousness and the cosmos. The energies of back-to-back Scorpio Moons, with Beltane in between, amplify the effects. Everything’s in flux. The energies ofupheaval and manifestation are equally powerful, accompanied by waves of emotion. The Moon is now waxing toward a rare second Scorpio Full Moon. The alignment is exact on Monday, May 19. This is the festival of Wesak in the Buddhist tradition, a holy time of healing and enlightenment. The potential is enormous for rebirth, renewal, a new beginning. We have a special opportunity to more fully embody our divinity, to bring more peace to the planet. The Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus, with the Earth balanced in between, creating an energetic tension divinely designed to catalyze miracles and breakthrough. The Scorpio Moon digs deep to reveal and purify what's been hidden in the subconscious. In Taurus, the Sun and Venus focus on the self, the Earth and this physical existence. In our universe, the process of creation necessarily involves destruction. A shamanic process of death and rebirth is unfolding. As the Wesak Moon waxes to full, we and Mother Earth arebeing recalibrated to a higher frequency. Meditation, prayer, ritual and healing are especially potent during this period. I hope you’ll reserve time each morning or evening to receive the divine, essence energies and pray for all those so deeply affected by the recent changes, holding the intent that relief and aid will reach them.
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---------------------------------Wesak Moon Imagine watching the Full Moon rise over the frosty peaks of the Himalayas as you join with others gathered high in a mountain valley to receive the frequencies of enlightened consciousness streaming through the ascended realms to Earth. In 1966, the Lama Govinda poetically described the scene: "On this night a wondrous sight is seen by those who are present. The Full Moon rises like a fiery dome over the icy crests of Mount Kailash...Heaven and Earth are connected...projecting a flood of light into the world of man. The Enlightened Ones and their retinue are believed to descend on the rays of the bless the faithful by their luminous presence. It is like a rite of transcendental communion...a truly universal Mass..." This is Wesak, sacred communion. In the milky glow of the Wesak Moon, we grow in consciousness, grow in love. The lotus blooms within the heart of humanity in this moment. A new cycle is flowing into manifestation as theMoon waxes to full this week. On the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on May 19/20, we honor the path of mastery each soul has accepted for this lifetime. We meet on the etheric web, in an enchanted valley high in the Himalayas, to embrace and embody Divine Consciousness. Enter the temple of Shambala, meeting point of Heaven and Earth, for guidance, initiation, enlightenment. Wesak is one of the holiest days for Buddhists around the world, a celebration of the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In esoteric teachings, Wesak is a focal point for the ascended realms and incarnated initiates to join in communion, linking Heaven and Earth for the benefit of all beings. Please consider joining with those around the world who will be anchoring higher-dimensional frequencies for Earth's ascension on this most powerful lunation. The following web page has excellent suggestions for observing Wesak including preparation, a Wesak legend visualization, meditation and rituals: You can read more about Wesak, Beltane and other planetary alignments in the Cosmic Time archives:
The Lunation Exact timing of the Scorpio Full Moon follows. Observance is appropriate throughout the period leading up to and just after the Full Moon as the spiritual energy culminates, then disseminates, through the lunar portal. Scorpio/Taurus Wesak Full Moon - May 19/20 - 7:11 PM PDT May 19; 10:11 PM EDT May 19; 3:11 AM GMT May 20 On April 20, a Full Moon occurred in the first degree of Scorpio. The second Wesak Moon happens May 19/20 in the last degree of Scorpio. Life as we know it could change radically between Point A and Point B. In the relentlessly transformative sign of Scorpio, the Moon's rays dig deep to illuminate what's been held in the subconscious, both individually and collectively. In shamanic Scorpio, death and rebirth are the vehicle of transformation. In Tibetan Buddhism, Wesak celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. Again and again, death is spiritually linked with new life, the great cycle of existence. In esotericteachings rooted in Buddhist and Vedic traditions, Wesak Festival is the second of the three great spring lunar festivals, a focal point for humanity to receive the cosmic energies of enlightenment. This is an ideal time for prayer and meditation in service to the collective.
To read more about galactic alignments, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes and other celestial happenings from previous issues of Cosmic Time, visit the archives at this link: and the special Astro Preview Issue for 2008 and Beyond at this link: The Cosmic Time ezine is available by donation. Your contribution supports bringing you the latest information on star alignments, prophecy, Earth healing and personal transformation as we navigate these extraordinary times. To donate, please click here or go to: Many thanks, and blessings on your journey.

In Cosmic Time, Allison Rae explores cycles of time, our relationship to the cosmos and what's to come as the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth. A gifted natural clairvoyant and passionate teacher, Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys in the Western U.S. Visit her web site for more information. Allison offers individual consultations and training by phone, and workshops, retreats and sacred sites journeys. Visit for more information. Web site: http://www.StarPriestess.comE-mail:
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Planetary Grid Transmissions - Full Moon Monday

Planetary Grid Transmissions - Full Moon Monday
Full Moon ~ Monday, May 19
A full 24-hour transmission period of New Earth Energy
With Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm
Unified Planetary Intention: Activating and Aligning to the New Earth Crystalline Harmonic
We also give special prayer focus to our family in Burma and China.
Pure human intentionality is combined with a highly advanced, crystalline energy system which surrounds the entire planet. Referred to as the Crystalline Grid, this new earth structure serves as the transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms.
The combined power of these two forces gracefully come together every new and full moon for a full 24-hour transmission period. This is termed, The Planetary Grid Transmissions.
From this Unified Field of Higher Consciousness, participants can expect to receive strong infusions of light which can accelerate clearings, transformation, spiritual activation and advancement.
The Planetary Grid Project is helping to birth the new world consciousness and bring stabilization to the process. It is also helping participants into greater levels of self-mastery and skills of higher consciousness. (For more information, please refer to the links below.)
The Crystalline Grid been specifically put in place to make it easier for earth to vibrate at a higher oscillation while helping the human form undergo transformation into a crystalline frequency.
Linking all of the crystals in the Earth and crossing major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways, the Crystalline Grid provides a doorway between worlds.
It is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the new earth paradigm is being anchored.
The grid will get stronger and stronger as it reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. It is continually activated the more we connect to it.
The Crystalline Grid is also a grid of stabilization which is an especially important alignment for us during these time of earth change.

Activating and Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic
A new harmonic is being anchored on the planet and is paving the way for all of us to make accelerated transition into a full multidimensional reality.
As the old world is collapsing, there is a simultaneous emergence of New Earth structure. With this accelerated emergence of new energy, we have easier ability to connect with a living crystalline force that greatly assists us to stabilize in the faster light velocities of higher dimension.
This Monday and during the Wesak full moon celebration, we are consciously linking into the Crystalline Grid to align more deeply in the purity of the crystalline frequency that is the New Earth harmonic.
Along with this collective focus, we are also supported with activation of our crystalline human blueprint from more than 300 of Children of the Sun's international Light Body Activation team. Meet the team.
At this time we also send our prayers of love, compassion and support to our family in Burma and China and also the many souls who have and are making transition at this time.
Join us on the Grid this Full Moon Monday!

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Donations to Children of the Sun help usmanage The Planetary Grid Project.

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The Law of Least Effort

The Law of Least Effort====================
When it comes to healing, The Chopra Center for Well Being suggests applying "The Law of Least Effort" which Dr. Deepak Chopra defines as this:
Accepting people, situations, and events as they occur. Taking responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems. Relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.
How does this formula make for an easy and happy life?
First, by accepting people, situations, and events as they occur, we surrender our need to control others. Think about it-what happens when we don't accept people, situations, and events as they occur? We generally wind up trying to control them! Many have learned, from trial and error, this universal truth: It's impossible to control others and almost impossible to control most situations. And "control" is the opposite of "freedom." When we want to be free, we mustn't control. Pastor Reinhold Niebuhr made famous this prayer: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
Second, when we take responsibility for our lives, we are no longer held hostage by the past; the present views, opinions, and actions of others; or our fears about the future. Many mistake the real meaning of "taking responsibility," associating it with carrying a self-burden, guilt, and blame. When we take responsibility, we take charge of our emotions and forgive. I like to think of forgiving as literally giving back (or "fore" giving) to others the responsibility they may have inappropriately placed on us through wrong- doing. By forgiving with love, we allow ourselves freedom to move forward. And we give those who've hurt us the opportunity to heal. This helps everyone!
Last, when we relinquish the need to defend our point of view, we can rest easy. In so doing, we gain confidence, strengthen self-worth, and solidify our godly purpose. When we can stand firm in the truth of our divine selves, we are ready to serve our world in a profound way. It is by fulfilling our purpose through service that we gain the greatest joy in life.
For this week's homework, set an intention to strengthen and develop the characteristics required to live "The Law of Least Effort."
Many Blessings,Rebecca Hintze
Author, therapist * ©Rebecca Linder Hintze, 2006 * email: * phone: 703.509.4222 * web: *

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uriel's Message--From Destiny to Power

Uriel's Message--From Destiny to Power
Every person in your life has a purpose that is centered in helping you achieve your soul growth for this lifetime. Some of you have already surpassed what you came to do and are in new and different patterns. These patterns are unfamiliar and often confusing because you have never experienced them before, so you do not know how to proceed. You have moved from the energy of destiny, where your life is shaped by your karmic history and its lessons, to power, where you are self-reliant and able to create the lessons that you want to experience. You are now in charge of your own healing and can choose how you will create that process.
Those who have helped you learn your lessons in the past may no longer be part of your experience. You have graduated from dependence to reliance, from having others step in to help you with your lessons to creating them for yourself. Lessons no longer have to be a surprise; they no longer have to come through painful experiences. You can be both the student and the observer, watching the patterns unfold, being aware of what is happening around you and stopping and starting the process as you manage and direct your lessons, instead of being controlled by them.
The energy of the planet is shifting from destiny to power in alignment with what is happening for each of you. You are part of the whole and everything you experience on an individual level is also experienced by all of humanity. The confusion and doubt you feel about how to use the power that is available to you stems from your being unfamiliar with being in control. While this has always been available to you, your willingness to connect to Source, accept your power and use it has created this as a possibility for each of you.
Destiny has controlled your history for many lifetimes; now it is time for you to step into power. What do you want to do now? What is your greatest dream, your fondest wish, for yourself and for humanity? This is the moment you have been waiting for, the time for you to create miracles and the time for you to focus on creating peace on earth, joy for all and unconditional love as the guiding force. You have been waiting for this moment and it is here. Use your power to create a life of effortless flow, to help shift the energy of the planet into a higher vibration of peace, joy and unconditional love. And to help all shift their perspective from powerlessness against the forces of destiny to power and control over their reality.
Article Copyright ©2008 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
About the author
Jennifer Hoffman is an intuitive, spiritual healer, mentor, teacher and author. She also channels the energy of the Archangel Uriel. Jennifer has helped many people through the Shift through her unique insights and counsel, facilitating their healing journey. Jennifer is the founder of, an on-line spiritual healing and growth center and dedicated to the messages and teachings of Archangel Uriel. Information about Jennifer's books, on-line seminars and services is available at her websites, or email for information. Uriel Heals * 3505 NE Lacewood Court * Lee's Summit, MO 64064 * voice: 480-894-1675 *

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Freedom

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Freedom
There is a thoughtform that exists on the Earth plane that thrives incertain levels of consciousness. This is the thoughtform of slavery.There are obvious ways in which this thoughtform manifests itself inyour world. In some cases, human beings are literally bought andsold. To those who consider themselves to be living in an enlightenedsociety, these more obvious forms of slavery are not acceptable. Yeteven as you may consider this reality far from your daily existence,it swirls all around you, eating at the heart of collectiveconsciousness, a worm constantly reproducing itself in new forms. Thebright hope of all the universe is that a new awareness driftingthrough the dreams of earthly life will take hold and seed freedomwithin Earth's future history. To assist you in awakening to these newdreams, we will shine the light of awareness on the many ways thethoughtform of slavery infiltrates your world.
The Master/Slave Thought Form
First, we bring your attention to the mindset many humans hold towardthe other kingdoms that exist on the Earth plane. These are animal,plant and mineral. There is a way of seeing all life subjugated tothe careless will of a blind master who sees only his own wishes anddesires. There is a great misunderstanding in your world that thiscarelessness is acceptable. It is the way in which the most helplessin your world are treated that charts the course of your society inthe records of all-time. This includes the way in which theenvironment is viewed. This perspective is at the root of your presentenvironmental crisis and the extinction of many animal and plantspecies.Those who enslave and mistreat the meek among you reap therewards of an enslaved consciousness constantly pushing against theever narrowing confines of a closed heart and mind. Whenever a humansteps free of this most basic enslaving thoughtform, a great songrises from the angelic realm. Heaven and Earth step closer together.
The second form of enslavement is false wealth. Understand the onlytrue wealth is an abundance of the flow of spirit into the life. Ifwealth of resources is needed to fulfill one's earthly mission, wealthin all forms materializes to the extent it is needed and used. If theneed is for an abundance of time, wealth will appear in that form.True wealth takes many forms depending on the need of the life purpose.
The True Nature of `Karma'
On Earth, false wealth is often created by those who do not understandthe principles of true wealth. False wealth is any gain created atthe expense of others -- other humans, animals, plants, minerals andthe Earth itself. This wealth is always created at the expense ofone's own personal mission in life, and at the expense of one'sspiritual progression. This is a point where great karma is createdin your world. Remember that karma is the triggering of a series ofevents to create needed understandings. If a person is in thebusiness of buying and selling human beings, they in effect triggerand set into motion future events -- in this lifetime or another --that will help them understand how this activity is not aligned withthe will and desire of their spirit. Sometimes gaining anunderstanding of this magnitude is a journey that spans lifetimes.Sometimes it is the journey of a few hours or seconds, depending onthe readiness of the consciousness for spiritual alignment.
The Master is the Slave
Even when one gains awareness of ways in which they seek to enslaveothers, they may remain unaware of ways in which they continue toenslave themselves. Examples would be jobs that are not fulfilling,religions and ideologies that limit growth, diets and lifestyles thatpoison the existence, and old programming from a number of sourcesthat range from family influences to institutional efforts to programand enslave mass consciousness.
At subtle levels, the enslavement of others may be unintentional andmay only be an offshoot of the practice of enslaving oneself. Here isa great truth about the human condition: a person rarely treats othersbetter than they treat themselves. That is why true love andcompassion must grow from within.
This enslavement of self is the third means of enslavement. This isoften the last to go and the most difficult to release. It isimportant you understand that all of what has been described -- theenslavement of the helpless and the enslavement of false wealth - bothof these include enslavement of self. If a person seeks to enslaveanother, they enslave themselves. This may not be in the same waythat one is enslaving others because enslavement of self is infinitelymore profound. While a person may be able to enslave another'sphysical existence, they are not necessarily able to enslave another'sspirit. When one enslaves oneself, it is at all levels – body, mindand soul.
Lightworkers and Self-Enslaving Thoughtforms
This self-enslavement is a thread that continues to bind many would-belightworkers to a lower vibration that casts a dim glow on the worldthey seek to heal. At this time when the radiant light of spirit isgreatly needed to free the Earth plane of its shackles, many of thosewho have volunteered to focus and anchor the beam of this lightenslave themselves in many manifestations of illusion such asaddictions, codependency, false wealth and apathy. Some in your worldhave chosen to enclose themselves in a literal wall of flesh,effectively shackling their present existence to past dietary choicesand self-destructive habits. What is worse, powerful souls who chooseto enslave themselves unconsciously bring down the vibration of allthose around them.
To free one's own consciousness, one must be willing to enter thePortal of Spiritual Freedom again and again. Spiritual freedom is theability to choose one's highest path inside every moment, unhinderedby illusory thoughts and beliefs that block the path toself-realization and the unconditional love of all-that-is. It isinside this portal where every aspect of one's waking dream isexamined to detect the ways in which one is enslaving their ownconsciousness and that of others. Inside this portal, guides assistin bringing awareness of enslaving thoughtforms that still permeatethe consciousness, and help create the vision for a future free of allforms of slavery. It is the recognition of one's own enslavement andwill toward freedom that turns the key in the lock, releasing theshackles of all thoughtforms that imprison consciousness. Beyondthese shackles exists a deep and profound freedom where the soulunites fully with the earthly consciousness, ushering in a new day inhuman consciousness.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10:10 Stargate : Our True Path of Service

10:10 Stargate : Our True Path of Service
By Kate A. Spreckley

"Service to humanity is service to God.
Let the love and light of the Kingdom radiate through you until all who look upon you shall be illumined by its reflection."Abdu'l Baha

Our true path of service is a path of respect, honour and Love to all of Creation. It is a path that requires us to carry and manifest the Light and Love of our Creator, the Great Spirit.

The Stargate of the 5th of May 2008 will activate dormant powers of knowledge and wisdom held within our hearts, leading us to the perfection, light and awareness of the Great Spirit. This hidden knowledge and wisdom will show us our paths of service.

We have all at some time questioned why we have incarnated at this time and asked the questions: why we are here and what is our purpose?

We are all here on this Earth to fulfill and complete certain tasks that are unique and important to us as individual Souls. We all have unique talents and abilities that are important to our purpose. When we use these abilities to perform our tasks in Spiritual service we find ourselves living in the moment, fulfilled, open and at peace.

We are being called to remember our personal gifts and to find ways to apply them for the highest good and in service to all of Creation. It is time to redefine our purpose and to joyfully share the wisdom and gifts that we have to offer with humanity and our world.

Our minds are being cleared and our higher chakras cleansed, allowing us an opportunity to reconnect with our Creator and to receive the guidance necessary for us to follow our paths of service.

In opening ourselves up to communion with the Great Spirit, our Creator, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of our path and how best to serve as emissonary's of Light and Love on Mother Earth. This communion is the key that opens doorways to higher levels of consciousness and to teachings of ageless wisdom. These doorways enable the vibration of our Higher Self to enter into our consciousness and our physical reality.

The Higher Self is a fundamental and intimate aspect of ourselves that remains aware of the totality of our being on the many different levels or planes of existence. When we are connected to our Higher Self our physical body and manifestations become direct and conscious tools for the Divine expression of Love and Light.

At this time we are being shown a gateway to new awareness that is beyond our current boundaries of resistance. This new awareness will show us another view of the world that can recapture or open us to the mysterious and ageless wisdom that lives within. Only by journeying to the source of our own ageless wisdom and mystery will we learn to master our abilities and gifts. In reconnecting with the enchantment held within our Soul, we open a doorway to immortal love.

This is a time to explore the sacred and secret passages of our Spirit and thus complete an important evolutionary cycle. We are at a point where we must return to a state of interconnection and connection with the Divine force and will of the Universe. Without this connection we will be unable to attain mastery and total development.

During this process we are healing and activating all the separate aspects of our consciousness enabling our highest visions to enter into our physical world. This is the purpose of being physical; to bring our consciousness into the physical world and to use it to create an enlightened reality. The ability to move the energy of the Divine through the physical body is a vital part of our journey and it is through this process that we are able to bring all of humanity into resonance. Resonance is being created within our energy and body which will initiate in us a time of renewed connection to the Divine.

Universal love is our birthright and the only lasting lesson is love. We have already learned it we need only to open ourselves to its healing truth. We are being offered the love of the Divine to support and assist us in opening to the abundance of love that exists in and around us all.

We are being helped to see our own divinity thus freeing our capacity to give and receive love. Only love can heal our lives and our creations. Reconnect to the source of all beauty and harmony on a Spiritual level and focus on your own self love in order to gather the inner strength needed to take the next step forward.

By opening our hearts and quieting our minds we are able to listen to the soft voice of our heart which leads us into the flow of love enabling us to carry this vibration into our physical lives. If we trust and follow the path of our heart we will always know what to do and when to do it.

It is through our creations, body, speech and emotions that we express the Divine in each moment. We are being alerted to begin developing our physical beings so that we may carry even higher frequencies of energy through our physical body.

Paying attention to the signals you receive will lead you to make any changes that are beneficial to you at this time. You may be required to change your diet, exercise habits, or any other lifestyle choices which may affect your abilities.

Change, freedom and liberation are all attributes of this time. There is a pressing need within humanity to break free from the constrictions of over identification with the material world and to experience the mystery and wisdom of other realities. This is the time of great awakenings. The forms of awakening vary, for some the awakening process may be gradual, for others the power may be so great as to rip apart what has been previously known as reality, security, understanding and belief.

Your inner strength and knowing will provide support and guidance during this time when everything we have taken for granted is being challenged. A major breakthrough is in process and from this process shall come a complete transformation. If this moment is recognized and seized the course of life will be forever transformed.

It is not a time to be bound by old patterns and conditioning. As we encounter obstacles and sudden challenges we are urged not to fall back into old patterns of fear. While it makes sense to strive for safety and security on a day to day basis, we must allow ourselves the time and freedom to dream.

Our Spirit is a force that is capable of extraordinary strength and yet it is invisible and cannot be seen other than through the effects of our own creations. It is time for us to take our responsibility and apply it to the new awareness that we are embodying at this time. We are being called to balance our Earthly life with the life of our Spirit.

The breath of the Great Spirit is here to cleanse our lives and to create the necessary changes required to improve our lives and our world. Guidance and information from the higher realms is entering our conscious minds and we are reminded to listen to the voice of Spirit and to open ourselves to the guidance of the beings of Light.

The comfort of self centered thoughts and ego based decisions must be sacrificed to the knowledge of self discipline, humility and service. Responsibility and discipline are the tools required to create new structures and functions within your life. Balance is required between these in order for us to have working creation.

When we are in touch with our inner guidance and wisdom we are able to move gracefully through our lives, open and free to explore the spiral dance of light and dark, balancing and healing each aspect.

We must find new ways to live our lives according to the wisdom that if gifted to us by Spirit. The Light of Spirit is now brought into our plane of existence, heralding a time of new life and higher revelations.

Move steadily forward in the courage of your hearts convictions and uncover your hidden resources. Embrace the transition taking place. Consider not only what will benefit you, but what will benefit others. Remember the ability that Light has to influence matter in our physical reality. Act in accordance with the higher knowledge you now possess and with a sense of obligation to the welfare of others. This is a major period of achievement and prosperity indicating a time of renewed clarity and an increased ability to affect change.

Close your eyes and journey to the beautiful fragrant gardens of your heart and mind and above all else remember to PLAY.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

The Ascending Cosmic PulseBy Shala Mata
MAY 01, 2008 ~~Our Energy Relationship~~
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Dear Light Family,
The month of May will sparkle with lighter energy that all of us will deeply appreciate, especially after the intense energy of April. It wasn’t an easy energy month by any means, and we were forced to navigate the deepest chasms of our emotional body. Did you find yourself re-visiting old patterns, habits, thoughts? Did you feel blue, disconnected or out of “control.” Did you notice your physical body followed your emotional relationship almost immediately and manifested old patterns as well?

What is our “energy relationship”? I pondered this question several times during the roller coaster energy of April. Many are still coping with the physical manifestation brought forward through this fiery energy, where we learned first hand where ever we feel resistance gives the resistance a form or foundation.
Over the past 4 months, our emotional body has been under an intense microscope. We have been merging more deeply with our heart energy and allowing more of the old stuff to come to surface yet again. It seems like this is all we are doing however, there is much more to each layer we remediate. It became even more clear in April how intimate and immediate the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and our physical body. Colds, sore throats, and flu moved deep into the chest, coughing was the physical expulsion of the old. Stomach upsets and digestion difficulties become more intense. Were we trying to stuff down old stuff or was our body reacting to the old finally leaving?
Making way from the “new” always means making space. If we think of this in terms of adding on an extra level to our house, we first have to move out all the “stuff” from our rooms, keeping what is necessary and usually taking this opportunity to discard all the things we never use or wear anymore. We like the feeling of having less clutter in our new space. This is exactly what we are doing through out the entire year of 2008. Some months will feel more intense than others. April for instance was overwhelming in many areas. Globally, economically, politically, physically.
May will help us find balance in our health, emotions and our general sense of well being. We will feel energized, brighter and this energy will give us the momentum to complete any lingering issues still in the mix. As we allow our nervous system to recalibrate and our foundation to feel strong and intact, we have a grand opportunity to review our experiences over the past six or eight weeks.
Review is always beneficial, particularly when done with love and not judgment or criticism. This allows us to tweak ourselves and possibly find newer or better ways to navigate the deeper aspects of our emotions etc. Over the past several years our journey and healing has been centered within our emotional body. Certainly, we have been working within our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual) however; our emotional body has been the primary focus as many experiences required attention or review.
Over the next several months, we will begin to re-balance our mental body and allow it to “catch up” so too speak. Our goal is to have a congruent flow of energy between all four bodies. This will allow a harmony within our hearts, a joyous sense of adventure and excitement as we continue to anchor higher 5th Dimensional energy and light. Having a sense of calm and harmony will serve us well. It is very apparent that polarity in every form runs rampant upon our planet, despite the many lightworkers and starseeds that are actively anchoring Light. Despite the whales and dolphins ever present grid support for our beloved Mother Earth through frequency and sound.
Tremendous change is upon us and while the month of May will feel lighter and easier, the changes in frequency patterns will continue. The stress of change and uncertainty weighs heavy upon the collective. Those still unable to understand or accept the journey of ascension upon and for our planet are struggling deeply. This is not news to any of you reading this, there is a sense of urgency as time continues to collapse and change continues in every minute corner of life.
Our ability to be fluid and flow, maintaining a strong foundation and holding our light will be the most potent catalyst of support and healing for those we connect with. Things are intense no question, we chose to be here at this pivotal time to be apart of the Ascension. Many of us feel overwhelmed at what seems like a daunting impossible task before us – yet we continue to merge our energies, connect with each other, and accept the loving presence of our guides and teachers from the higher realms.
We continue to find our own unique holographic frequency signature within the vast perfection of our hearts. Light and sound blend into familiar codes of shimmering transcended light that manifest as threads that we can weave within and around us. As we walk between the 3D & 5D worlds our consciousness is transformed, we learn to gracefully transmute the emotions that for many still churn to the surface.
The fountain above is a wonderful representation of our spirit and journey. It shows our enthusiastic leap into the higher realms; reveals the truth and purity that we are all united, connected and most importantly that we are luminescent threads of shimmering light. This is the truth of our “energy relationship.” Each time we reach up to the 5th Dimension and beyond we return with some of that frequency. Our wiring is being continuously upgraded so that we can hold more of this crystalline light. The grids within and around the Earth need this transfusion of energy. The whales, dolphins and all the animal kingdom requires this injection of higher frequency to support and manifest their “energy relationship” in their ascension journey upon our beloved Mother Earth