Thursday, May 15, 2008

Planetary Grid Transmissions - Full Moon Monday

Planetary Grid Transmissions - Full Moon Monday
Full Moon ~ Monday, May 19
A full 24-hour transmission period of New Earth Energy
With Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm
Unified Planetary Intention: Activating and Aligning to the New Earth Crystalline Harmonic
We also give special prayer focus to our family in Burma and China.
Pure human intentionality is combined with a highly advanced, crystalline energy system which surrounds the entire planet. Referred to as the Crystalline Grid, this new earth structure serves as the transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms.
The combined power of these two forces gracefully come together every new and full moon for a full 24-hour transmission period. This is termed, The Planetary Grid Transmissions.
From this Unified Field of Higher Consciousness, participants can expect to receive strong infusions of light which can accelerate clearings, transformation, spiritual activation and advancement.
The Planetary Grid Project is helping to birth the new world consciousness and bring stabilization to the process. It is also helping participants into greater levels of self-mastery and skills of higher consciousness. (For more information, please refer to the links below.)
The Crystalline Grid been specifically put in place to make it easier for earth to vibrate at a higher oscillation while helping the human form undergo transformation into a crystalline frequency.
Linking all of the crystals in the Earth and crossing major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways, the Crystalline Grid provides a doorway between worlds.
It is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the new earth paradigm is being anchored.
The grid will get stronger and stronger as it reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. It is continually activated the more we connect to it.
The Crystalline Grid is also a grid of stabilization which is an especially important alignment for us during these time of earth change.

Activating and Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic
A new harmonic is being anchored on the planet and is paving the way for all of us to make accelerated transition into a full multidimensional reality.
As the old world is collapsing, there is a simultaneous emergence of New Earth structure. With this accelerated emergence of new energy, we have easier ability to connect with a living crystalline force that greatly assists us to stabilize in the faster light velocities of higher dimension.
This Monday and during the Wesak full moon celebration, we are consciously linking into the Crystalline Grid to align more deeply in the purity of the crystalline frequency that is the New Earth harmonic.
Along with this collective focus, we are also supported with activation of our crystalline human blueprint from more than 300 of Children of the Sun's international Light Body Activation team. Meet the team.
At this time we also send our prayers of love, compassion and support to our family in Burma and China and also the many souls who have and are making transition at this time.
Join us on the Grid this Full Moon Monday!

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