Friday, May 16, 2008

Cosmic Time 5.14.08 - Acceleration

Cosmic Time 5.14.08 - Acceleration
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---------------------------------Aftershocks Have you noticed a huge energetic shift these past few weeks? Time seems to be speeding up even more than “usual.” Earth changes are on the rise. An ancient volcano explodes in Chile. Myanmar's delta region is decimated by a cyclone. A massive earthquake rocks central China. Killer tornadoes rip through the southern U.S., and a mysterious sink hole opens in Texas. Food shortages. Rising oil prices. The political scene is transforming before our eyes. World markets are shaky, too, with all this volatility. We live in times of extreme change, the crease period between world ages. The Earth is shifting. Paradigms are shifting. The transition is in full swing, and accelerating. The Hopi of North America call this the Great Purification. The Mayan calendar links the acceleration to the expansion of consciousness and the cosmos. The energies of back-to-back Scorpio Moons, with Beltane in between, amplify the effects. Everything’s in flux. The energies ofupheaval and manifestation are equally powerful, accompanied by waves of emotion. The Moon is now waxing toward a rare second Scorpio Full Moon. The alignment is exact on Monday, May 19. This is the festival of Wesak in the Buddhist tradition, a holy time of healing and enlightenment. The potential is enormous for rebirth, renewal, a new beginning. We have a special opportunity to more fully embody our divinity, to bring more peace to the planet. The Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus, with the Earth balanced in between, creating an energetic tension divinely designed to catalyze miracles and breakthrough. The Scorpio Moon digs deep to reveal and purify what's been hidden in the subconscious. In Taurus, the Sun and Venus focus on the self, the Earth and this physical existence. In our universe, the process of creation necessarily involves destruction. A shamanic process of death and rebirth is unfolding. As the Wesak Moon waxes to full, we and Mother Earth arebeing recalibrated to a higher frequency. Meditation, prayer, ritual and healing are especially potent during this period. I hope you’ll reserve time each morning or evening to receive the divine, essence energies and pray for all those so deeply affected by the recent changes, holding the intent that relief and aid will reach them.
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---------------------------------Wesak Moon Imagine watching the Full Moon rise over the frosty peaks of the Himalayas as you join with others gathered high in a mountain valley to receive the frequencies of enlightened consciousness streaming through the ascended realms to Earth. In 1966, the Lama Govinda poetically described the scene: "On this night a wondrous sight is seen by those who are present. The Full Moon rises like a fiery dome over the icy crests of Mount Kailash...Heaven and Earth are connected...projecting a flood of light into the world of man. The Enlightened Ones and their retinue are believed to descend on the rays of the bless the faithful by their luminous presence. It is like a rite of transcendental communion...a truly universal Mass..." This is Wesak, sacred communion. In the milky glow of the Wesak Moon, we grow in consciousness, grow in love. The lotus blooms within the heart of humanity in this moment. A new cycle is flowing into manifestation as theMoon waxes to full this week. On the Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on May 19/20, we honor the path of mastery each soul has accepted for this lifetime. We meet on the etheric web, in an enchanted valley high in the Himalayas, to embrace and embody Divine Consciousness. Enter the temple of Shambala, meeting point of Heaven and Earth, for guidance, initiation, enlightenment. Wesak is one of the holiest days for Buddhists around the world, a celebration of the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. In esoteric teachings, Wesak is a focal point for the ascended realms and incarnated initiates to join in communion, linking Heaven and Earth for the benefit of all beings. Please consider joining with those around the world who will be anchoring higher-dimensional frequencies for Earth's ascension on this most powerful lunation. The following web page has excellent suggestions for observing Wesak including preparation, a Wesak legend visualization, meditation and rituals: You can read more about Wesak, Beltane and other planetary alignments in the Cosmic Time archives:
The Lunation Exact timing of the Scorpio Full Moon follows. Observance is appropriate throughout the period leading up to and just after the Full Moon as the spiritual energy culminates, then disseminates, through the lunar portal. Scorpio/Taurus Wesak Full Moon - May 19/20 - 7:11 PM PDT May 19; 10:11 PM EDT May 19; 3:11 AM GMT May 20 On April 20, a Full Moon occurred in the first degree of Scorpio. The second Wesak Moon happens May 19/20 in the last degree of Scorpio. Life as we know it could change radically between Point A and Point B. In the relentlessly transformative sign of Scorpio, the Moon's rays dig deep to illuminate what's been held in the subconscious, both individually and collectively. In shamanic Scorpio, death and rebirth are the vehicle of transformation. In Tibetan Buddhism, Wesak celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha. Again and again, death is spiritually linked with new life, the great cycle of existence. In esotericteachings rooted in Buddhist and Vedic traditions, Wesak Festival is the second of the three great spring lunar festivals, a focal point for humanity to receive the cosmic energies of enlightenment. This is an ideal time for prayer and meditation in service to the collective.
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