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Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT

Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT
Well here we go again with another Mercury Retrograde, May 26, 2008 @ 11:48 am, EDT. This time Mercury will be turning Retrograde at 22 degrees of Gemini and moving back to 14 degrees of Gemini, to turn direct on June 19th. Along with the usual Mercury Retrograde interpretation, which I have delineated below, I want to say something about the sign (Gemini) for this retrograde motion and the aspects for the other astral phenomena during this time period. This Mercury Retrograde is unique in that with in an hour Neptune also turns Retrograde at 25 Aquarius. Mercury retrograde in Gemini, which is Mercury’s Rulership, is offering us a period of about 28 days to rethink or change our thinking and perceptions about our connection to our extended family, siblings and neighbors and how we communicate with them. Neptune could bring much confusion or even deception during this period. Care should be taken with any decisions made at this time. And yet, this is a particularly good time for spiritual retreats and/or just taking the time for searching deep within for our connection to Divine Direction. This is the time to gather family together and/or let go of old grudges and forgive each other.
Some of you with planets in the Gemini area of this retrograde may bring forth revolutionary and transformational ideas that we will explore now that will help us build a new future. With the Spiritual Influence of Neptune on the North Node and Chiron making a Trine aspect to Retrograde Mercury this could be the beginning of a Great New Spiritual Awakening on a global level.
A planet is retrograde when it appears to be moving backward in the Zodiac as seen from the Earth. When a planet is retrograde in a horoscope, or goes retrograde by progression, or by transit, the affairs ruled by that planet are slowed down and the individual is more introspective combining them. Because of this slowed motion, the person is able to profit from all the fine details that would otherwise be missed. Even if the introspection is not obvious, deep psychological processes are at work. The affairs (houses) ruled by retrograde planets are sometimes conducted in a behind-the-scene manner until the planet resumes its forward motion.
TRANSIT DELINATION = There is a slowing down of communications, which can be accompanied by confusion, change of plans, indecisiveness, and unexpected factors which make work and communication go awry. This can include mail slowdowns, telephone breakdowns, transportation problems, misprints, and so on. (Not to forget COMPUTER BREAK-DOWNS.) This is also a poor period for signing contracts or launching new projects. On the positive side, an individual can go into an introspective state to draw knowledge and guidance from the deeper levels of consciousness making it possible to carefully consider, at their leisure, all of the possible ramifications of actions and decisions. Many factors can come to ‘light’, which enables you to make wiser choices or decisions in the long run. Retrograde periods can be utilized to take care of unfinished tasks and business affairs that were started while Mercury was in direct motion. So Mercury in retrograde can be a blessing in disguise. During the period, usually about three weeks, things (HOUSES) ruled by Mercury seem to be put on hold or repressed of sorts, or may take an inward rather than an outward turn. Sometimes we have to do things “over” associated with the house (area of life) in you birth chart where in Mercury takes this retrograde motion.
Mercury Retrograde delineations for where it falls in your natal houses:
The first house is Aries ruled by Mars and is your immediate surroundings, your physical body, especially the head and face, your health, accidents, arrivals, the present or today. New ventures and beginnings, your early environment, your personality, how you present yourself to others.
With this Mercury Rx you may have to take a second look at anything that you have committed to since November 2007. This Retrograde could bring out into the open something very personal that seemed to have been confused or hidden and/or a feeling that Force Major is making you deal with them. This could be a turning point in your personal life for new spiritual concepts to emerge from the subconscious.
The second house is Taurus ruled by Venus. The second house is your money and possessions, your inner resources and at times your freedom to do what you want. Your values or what you value in life and how you use your inner resources to get what you value. Personal income, belongings, gifts, bonus, profits and loss, purchases and financial dealings with banks, loan companies.
With this Mercury Rx you may have to get on a strict budget or hire a bookkeeper or financial advisor to get you back on track to paying off your debt. This is a perfect time to find your source deep within you rather than to keep searching for it outside your center. The God within you is the source of all abundance and this is the time to come to that realization.
The third house is Gemini ruled by Mercury. The third house rules siblings and extended family, communication, short trips, signing contracts or papers. Correspondence such as letters messages conversation, news and gossip. Also education and learning, instruction, private studies could bring changes or come under scrutiny for change. Transportation and cars also are effected by this eclipse energy. Show how and what you study, communicate or write, teach or talk about.
Mercury Rx here is giving you an opportunity to change your mind and search out new information to communicate or teach or write. Trips could be postponed and family members could be difficult to communicate with, the need to forestall knee jerk reactions to others, especially extended family members, so as to avoid conflict is important.
The fourth house is Cancer ruled by the Moon. The 4th house is your home and base of operations, your family and parents, the root of your soul. This house also covers real estate and the end of matters.
Mercury Rx in this house could bring a good time to catch up on time spent with family and work done in and around your home. Some will plan a move or sale of property that will change their foundations or home in the next 9 months.
The fifth house is Leo ruled by the Sun. The 5th house is creativity, children, love affairs and giving your love. Recreation and amusement and all forms of fun and enjoyment of life and the places where you have fun such as parks, theaters, playgrounds, recreation rooms, beaches, ski resorts, ect…
This Mercury Rx could bring a time to take that vacation you need so badly…maybe to a sacred site to re-establish your connection with your own creativity and teaching. Some may be rethinking their children’s direction especially where education is concerned.
The sixth house is Virgo ruled by Mercury. The 6th house is your working atmosphere, and your job or service and your daily routine. Food, diet, health, sickness, and medical matters need to be looked at for change. Small animals and pets. Employees.
Mercury Rx in this 6th house could bring a recurrence of health issues from the past. Try to get involved in a new routine or diet and exercise plan that gives time for leisure and spiritual work or volunteer work. Watch out for value conflicts with other.
The seventh house is Libra ruled by Venus. The 7th house is your partnerships and marriage. The emphasis is on committed intimate or marital and business partners, teammates, competitors, allies, large-scale negotiations, being ready to make concessions and improving understanding with others.
Mercury Rx here brings an opportunity to rethink or reexamine your personal relationships. Maybe some with find new ways for connection to partners with spiritual work or community work. Clear out past confusion in communication issues with others.
The eighth house is Scorpio ruled by Pluto/Mars. The 8th house is healing, transformational emotional events, death and dying, sexuality. Insurance, tax matters, other people’s money and investments, surgery or the removal of something. Also marital or partnership funds and joint financial dealings with other people, alimony. Jointly held money and property, resources and savings. Private transactions, secret and hidden talents. Legacies and inheritances. Debts and collections. Mortgages.
This Mercury Retrograde in the 8th house can be really mind boggling for most, as there could be spontaneous communications from the other sides of life as in disincarnate spirits or channeling experiences that come out of the blue. Could challenge a change of values or spiritual direction. Time to clear out old emotional trauma and find healing with the new ideas that unfold spontaneously. Try not to forget to pay important bills.
The ninth house is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. The 9th house rules long distance travel, courts and law, foreigners, higher mind, and abstract concepts, religion and philosophy. Also your public opinion, publishing. Mercury Rx influences communications or transactions with people from a distance in the 9th house. Religious and intellectual interests and affairs of the partner’s relatives, your in-laws are also some of this house’s influence. This Mercury Rx influence may have you spinning in circles if you have planned long trips that have to be postponed or canceled, or legal matters that come up at this time that seem to get you nowhere and just have to be repeated.
The tenth house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. The 10th house is career and goals you set for your life. It is your reputation, your ego, and your social status. Also government officials or agencies, bosses, important people or a parents. Job interests responsibilities, your business, occupation and career, attaining your goals and aims in life and this house also rules improvement of your credit rating. Possible honors and popularity or coming to the public’s attention also is influenced in this house.
Mercury Rx in the 10th house could get you to thinking of a new kind of work or career and planning changes to initiate in the next 9 months. Could be time to do a more spiritually fulfilling type of work. You may link with others in the community to use your talents and creativity to help those that are less fortunate.
The eleventh house is Aquarius ruled by Uranus/Saturn. The 11th house is friends and associates, groups that you belong to and their activities, boosting community projects. Joining clubs and organizations. Pursuit of your hopes and wishes for the future. Also this is the house of things that happen beyond your control. With this house accented there could be an emphasis on social ties, group activities and friendships. Business income and assets. Seeking people who can help you.
With Mercury Rx in your 11th house it is time to dream big and open up to new goals and objectives for making those visions come true. Take time out during this Rx to go back to what your dreams were at least 17 to 20 years ago and look at what took you on a different path. This may be the time to get back on track and see if all those idealistic goals and visions can be accomplished or at least put into motion for completion.
The Twelfth house is Pisces ruled by Neptune/Jupiter. The 12th house rules large animals, sorrow, imprisonment, affliction, seclusion, detention, subversion, the past and yesterday. Your own self-undoing and limitations, secrecy, sorrows and intuitive connection to subconscious mind. Emphasis here can bring you in to contact with institutions such as schools and hospitals or jails. There may be an accent on confidential and investigative matters and possible police activity. You may have contacts with hospitals, institutions and invalids. Solitude, personal limitations and problems will confront you. Stick to regular routine work and try to find the cause for past mistakes now.
The twelfth house is the house of retreat, where we go to recharge and renew ourselves. It tells us about our subconscious, our inner spiritual life and our mental health. It is also the house of karma and influences from the past. Any planet located in the twelfth house of your chart is strongly charged with memories from the past and its action is influenced by unconscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.
This Mercury Rx is a time for inner peace and meditation. It is a good time to start a class in yoga or Chi Gong or a new meditation practice. Open up to nature and channel your inner thoughts from the Divine Direction inside you. Rest and retreats are on the menu!
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