Tuesday, May 6, 2008

10:10 Stargate : Our True Path of Service

10:10 Stargate : Our True Path of Service
By Kate A. Spreckley

"Service to humanity is service to God.
Let the love and light of the Kingdom radiate through you until all who look upon you shall be illumined by its reflection."Abdu'l Baha

Our true path of service is a path of respect, honour and Love to all of Creation. It is a path that requires us to carry and manifest the Light and Love of our Creator, the Great Spirit.

The Stargate of the 5th of May 2008 will activate dormant powers of knowledge and wisdom held within our hearts, leading us to the perfection, light and awareness of the Great Spirit. This hidden knowledge and wisdom will show us our paths of service.

We have all at some time questioned why we have incarnated at this time and asked the questions: why we are here and what is our purpose?

We are all here on this Earth to fulfill and complete certain tasks that are unique and important to us as individual Souls. We all have unique talents and abilities that are important to our purpose. When we use these abilities to perform our tasks in Spiritual service we find ourselves living in the moment, fulfilled, open and at peace.

We are being called to remember our personal gifts and to find ways to apply them for the highest good and in service to all of Creation. It is time to redefine our purpose and to joyfully share the wisdom and gifts that we have to offer with humanity and our world.

Our minds are being cleared and our higher chakras cleansed, allowing us an opportunity to reconnect with our Creator and to receive the guidance necessary for us to follow our paths of service.

In opening ourselves up to communion with the Great Spirit, our Creator, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of our path and how best to serve as emissonary's of Light and Love on Mother Earth. This communion is the key that opens doorways to higher levels of consciousness and to teachings of ageless wisdom. These doorways enable the vibration of our Higher Self to enter into our consciousness and our physical reality.

The Higher Self is a fundamental and intimate aspect of ourselves that remains aware of the totality of our being on the many different levels or planes of existence. When we are connected to our Higher Self our physical body and manifestations become direct and conscious tools for the Divine expression of Love and Light.

At this time we are being shown a gateway to new awareness that is beyond our current boundaries of resistance. This new awareness will show us another view of the world that can recapture or open us to the mysterious and ageless wisdom that lives within. Only by journeying to the source of our own ageless wisdom and mystery will we learn to master our abilities and gifts. In reconnecting with the enchantment held within our Soul, we open a doorway to immortal love.

This is a time to explore the sacred and secret passages of our Spirit and thus complete an important evolutionary cycle. We are at a point where we must return to a state of interconnection and connection with the Divine force and will of the Universe. Without this connection we will be unable to attain mastery and total development.

During this process we are healing and activating all the separate aspects of our consciousness enabling our highest visions to enter into our physical world. This is the purpose of being physical; to bring our consciousness into the physical world and to use it to create an enlightened reality. The ability to move the energy of the Divine through the physical body is a vital part of our journey and it is through this process that we are able to bring all of humanity into resonance. Resonance is being created within our energy and body which will initiate in us a time of renewed connection to the Divine.

Universal love is our birthright and the only lasting lesson is love. We have already learned it we need only to open ourselves to its healing truth. We are being offered the love of the Divine to support and assist us in opening to the abundance of love that exists in and around us all.

We are being helped to see our own divinity thus freeing our capacity to give and receive love. Only love can heal our lives and our creations. Reconnect to the source of all beauty and harmony on a Spiritual level and focus on your own self love in order to gather the inner strength needed to take the next step forward.

By opening our hearts and quieting our minds we are able to listen to the soft voice of our heart which leads us into the flow of love enabling us to carry this vibration into our physical lives. If we trust and follow the path of our heart we will always know what to do and when to do it.

It is through our creations, body, speech and emotions that we express the Divine in each moment. We are being alerted to begin developing our physical beings so that we may carry even higher frequencies of energy through our physical body.

Paying attention to the signals you receive will lead you to make any changes that are beneficial to you at this time. You may be required to change your diet, exercise habits, or any other lifestyle choices which may affect your abilities.

Change, freedom and liberation are all attributes of this time. There is a pressing need within humanity to break free from the constrictions of over identification with the material world and to experience the mystery and wisdom of other realities. This is the time of great awakenings. The forms of awakening vary, for some the awakening process may be gradual, for others the power may be so great as to rip apart what has been previously known as reality, security, understanding and belief.

Your inner strength and knowing will provide support and guidance during this time when everything we have taken for granted is being challenged. A major breakthrough is in process and from this process shall come a complete transformation. If this moment is recognized and seized the course of life will be forever transformed.

It is not a time to be bound by old patterns and conditioning. As we encounter obstacles and sudden challenges we are urged not to fall back into old patterns of fear. While it makes sense to strive for safety and security on a day to day basis, we must allow ourselves the time and freedom to dream.

Our Spirit is a force that is capable of extraordinary strength and yet it is invisible and cannot be seen other than through the effects of our own creations. It is time for us to take our responsibility and apply it to the new awareness that we are embodying at this time. We are being called to balance our Earthly life with the life of our Spirit.

The breath of the Great Spirit is here to cleanse our lives and to create the necessary changes required to improve our lives and our world. Guidance and information from the higher realms is entering our conscious minds and we are reminded to listen to the voice of Spirit and to open ourselves to the guidance of the beings of Light.

The comfort of self centered thoughts and ego based decisions must be sacrificed to the knowledge of self discipline, humility and service. Responsibility and discipline are the tools required to create new structures and functions within your life. Balance is required between these in order for us to have working creation.

When we are in touch with our inner guidance and wisdom we are able to move gracefully through our lives, open and free to explore the spiral dance of light and dark, balancing and healing each aspect.

We must find new ways to live our lives according to the wisdom that if gifted to us by Spirit. The Light of Spirit is now brought into our plane of existence, heralding a time of new life and higher revelations.

Move steadily forward in the courage of your hearts convictions and uncover your hidden resources. Embrace the transition taking place. Consider not only what will benefit you, but what will benefit others. Remember the ability that Light has to influence matter in our physical reality. Act in accordance with the higher knowledge you now possess and with a sense of obligation to the welfare of others. This is a major period of achievement and prosperity indicating a time of renewed clarity and an increased ability to affect change.

Close your eyes and journey to the beautiful fragrant gardens of your heart and mind and above all else remember to PLAY.