Friday, May 16, 2008

Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic

Aligning to the Crystalline Harmonic
The Planetary Grid TransmissionsMonday, May 19
A new harmonic is being anchored on our planet and it is happening quicker than what anyone has expected. It is a crystalline frequency that is paving the way for all of us to make accelerated transition into a full multidimensional reality.
As the old world is collapsing, there is a simultaneous emergence of New Earth structure. With this accelerated emergence of new energy, we have easier ability to connect with a living crystalline force that greatly assists us to stabilize in the faster light velocities of higher dimension.
Crystal Consciousness
The crystalline vibration is simply the geometrical blueprint and frequency of higher dimension.
The earth, as a living sentient being, is undergoing transformation into a crystalline form. All humans choosing this path of evolution are also undergoing transformation from a carbon based body to a super-human matrix of crystalline light. This awakening of crystal vibration in both our human bio-field and in the earth creates major transformation in every aspect of our life and in our relationship to the world.

The children being born today carry this pure crystal frequencyand New Earth human blueprint..
As we come from love rather than fear, we transition into heighten states of clarity and pristine vibration. As clarity increases, we are able to more fully access the spectrum of DNA encodement to fully awaken our light body and transition into higher consciousness.
Like the caterpillar in a chrysalis, crystallization is a vibration achieved through a very personal metamorphic process. This highest alchemy requires the release of all fear and conditioned mental and emotional construct.
New Earth Crystalline Structures
As everything crystal is now activating, the veils are disappearing and more of the celestial plan is being revealed. We are merging into higher dimension, and, as a result, much more is being seen and experienced.
The Earth Crystals
The entire planet has been seeded with information, codes and programming for this shifting time and by other civilizations, star families and galaxies.
All has been purposely dormant until this now time of the planetary dimensional shift.
Many of the dormant crystals, stone structures and held records within and upon the earth are now in a major activating phase to reveal and support the massive anchoring of the new harmonic and energetic template.
As a result, we are feeling and experiencing stronger and easier access to the new grids and the unified field matrix. We are experiencing increased remembrance, sense perception, expansion of consciousness and emerging multidimensional ability. Many of us are even shifting dimensional frequency quite often.
Additionally and as support to our bridging, new dimensional portals are opening in many locations beyond the sacred sites including our own local geographical areas. As we advance into heightened states of purity, we will have increasing ablity to open and close portals at will.
The Crystalline Grid
The Crystalline Grid has been specifically put in place to make it easier for earth to vibrate at a higher oscillation while helping the human form morph into crystalline light.
Linking all of the crystals in the Earth and crossing major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways, the Crystalline Grid provides a doorway between worlds. Additonally, it is through this geodesic, holographic crystalline matrix that the new earth paradigm is being anchored.
The grid will get stronger and stronger as it reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of collective consciousness. It is a New Earth structure that is continually activated the more we consciously merge into its frequency and bring it in as part of our life and new multidimensional human form.
The Crystalline Grid is also a grid of stabilization which is an especially important alignment for us during these time of intensified earth change.
The Golden Sun Discs
Described as the "DNA of the Crystalline Grid", the Golden Sun Discs are now activating in certain locations around the planet to anchor amplified levels of the Divine Love frequency and its universal hologram to the earth plane. These discs hold the Great Central Sun encodments to help us return to our original state of multidimensional purity and harmonic Love.
According to geologist and grid expert, Tyberonn,
"These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field ~ of pure love, unconditional love ~ a light code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above. The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blueprint for the crystalline field, indeed for the Crystalline 144 Grid! Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, similar to the DNA of the Earth itself."
These discs, located at Crystalline Grid nodal power areas such as LakeTiticaca and Mt. Shasta, are very potent activation features and part of the higher dimensional technology arriving for the New Earth creation. Vibrating at extremely high frequency, they contribute greatly to the quantum crystalline field.
The Golden Sun Discs are also part of the multidimensional energetic structure for the crystalline "Cities of Light" that are part of the New Earth emergence.
The Crystalline Cities of Light
The Tibetans prophesize the appearance of a great City of Light in these shifting times and refer to it as "Shamballa" manifesting in the physical.
In the Bible's Book of Revelation, John the Beloved saw the descent of the "Holy City" as the immaculate geometry of that which now is in the invisible realms of light.
Other spiritual prophecy foretells of the great Cities of Light that will make their physical emergence as the vibration of the planet has been sufficiently raised.

Many people are now confirming what's been prophesized by many spiritual scholars as a result of seeing, experiencing and receiving a greater depth of information on the Cities of Light and their supporting crystal portal communities.
As blueprints for the New Earth structure, the Cities of Light are seen to already exist in their higher dimensional template. Some feel that the Cities of Light will make their grand emergence in several locations of the world and all linked and operating as one.
The magnificent Cities of Light, advanced crystalline technology and other New Earth structures and systems of energy will receive increased attention as we continue to advance in the crystalline fields of higher consciousness.
This Monday and during the Wesak full moon celebration, we are consciously linking into the Crystalline Grid to align more deeply to the crystalline love harmonic that is the New Earth frequency.
We also send our prayers of love, compassion and support to our family in Burma and China and also the many souls who have and are making transition at this time.

From the Heart of the Sun,