Thursday, May 8, 2008

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Freedom

Entering the Portal of Spiritual Freedom
There is a thoughtform that exists on the Earth plane that thrives incertain levels of consciousness. This is the thoughtform of slavery.There are obvious ways in which this thoughtform manifests itself inyour world. In some cases, human beings are literally bought andsold. To those who consider themselves to be living in an enlightenedsociety, these more obvious forms of slavery are not acceptable. Yeteven as you may consider this reality far from your daily existence,it swirls all around you, eating at the heart of collectiveconsciousness, a worm constantly reproducing itself in new forms. Thebright hope of all the universe is that a new awareness driftingthrough the dreams of earthly life will take hold and seed freedomwithin Earth's future history. To assist you in awakening to these newdreams, we will shine the light of awareness on the many ways thethoughtform of slavery infiltrates your world.
The Master/Slave Thought Form
First, we bring your attention to the mindset many humans hold towardthe other kingdoms that exist on the Earth plane. These are animal,plant and mineral. There is a way of seeing all life subjugated tothe careless will of a blind master who sees only his own wishes anddesires. There is a great misunderstanding in your world that thiscarelessness is acceptable. It is the way in which the most helplessin your world are treated that charts the course of your society inthe records of all-time. This includes the way in which theenvironment is viewed. This perspective is at the root of your presentenvironmental crisis and the extinction of many animal and plantspecies.Those who enslave and mistreat the meek among you reap therewards of an enslaved consciousness constantly pushing against theever narrowing confines of a closed heart and mind. Whenever a humansteps free of this most basic enslaving thoughtform, a great songrises from the angelic realm. Heaven and Earth step closer together.
The second form of enslavement is false wealth. Understand the onlytrue wealth is an abundance of the flow of spirit into the life. Ifwealth of resources is needed to fulfill one's earthly mission, wealthin all forms materializes to the extent it is needed and used. If theneed is for an abundance of time, wealth will appear in that form.True wealth takes many forms depending on the need of the life purpose.
The True Nature of `Karma'
On Earth, false wealth is often created by those who do not understandthe principles of true wealth. False wealth is any gain created atthe expense of others -- other humans, animals, plants, minerals andthe Earth itself. This wealth is always created at the expense ofone's own personal mission in life, and at the expense of one'sspiritual progression. This is a point where great karma is createdin your world. Remember that karma is the triggering of a series ofevents to create needed understandings. If a person is in thebusiness of buying and selling human beings, they in effect triggerand set into motion future events -- in this lifetime or another --that will help them understand how this activity is not aligned withthe will and desire of their spirit. Sometimes gaining anunderstanding of this magnitude is a journey that spans lifetimes.Sometimes it is the journey of a few hours or seconds, depending onthe readiness of the consciousness for spiritual alignment.
The Master is the Slave
Even when one gains awareness of ways in which they seek to enslaveothers, they may remain unaware of ways in which they continue toenslave themselves. Examples would be jobs that are not fulfilling,religions and ideologies that limit growth, diets and lifestyles thatpoison the existence, and old programming from a number of sourcesthat range from family influences to institutional efforts to programand enslave mass consciousness.
At subtle levels, the enslavement of others may be unintentional andmay only be an offshoot of the practice of enslaving oneself. Here isa great truth about the human condition: a person rarely treats othersbetter than they treat themselves. That is why true love andcompassion must grow from within.
This enslavement of self is the third means of enslavement. This isoften the last to go and the most difficult to release. It isimportant you understand that all of what has been described -- theenslavement of the helpless and the enslavement of false wealth - bothof these include enslavement of self. If a person seeks to enslaveanother, they enslave themselves. This may not be in the same waythat one is enslaving others because enslavement of self is infinitelymore profound. While a person may be able to enslave another'sphysical existence, they are not necessarily able to enslave another'sspirit. When one enslaves oneself, it is at all levels – body, mindand soul.
Lightworkers and Self-Enslaving Thoughtforms
This self-enslavement is a thread that continues to bind many would-belightworkers to a lower vibration that casts a dim glow on the worldthey seek to heal. At this time when the radiant light of spirit isgreatly needed to free the Earth plane of its shackles, many of thosewho have volunteered to focus and anchor the beam of this lightenslave themselves in many manifestations of illusion such asaddictions, codependency, false wealth and apathy. Some in your worldhave chosen to enclose themselves in a literal wall of flesh,effectively shackling their present existence to past dietary choicesand self-destructive habits. What is worse, powerful souls who chooseto enslave themselves unconsciously bring down the vibration of allthose around them.
To free one's own consciousness, one must be willing to enter thePortal of Spiritual Freedom again and again. Spiritual freedom is theability to choose one's highest path inside every moment, unhinderedby illusory thoughts and beliefs that block the path toself-realization and the unconditional love of all-that-is. It isinside this portal where every aspect of one's waking dream isexamined to detect the ways in which one is enslaving their ownconsciousness and that of others. Inside this portal, guides assistin bringing awareness of enslaving thoughtforms that still permeatethe consciousness, and help create the vision for a future free of allforms of slavery. It is the recognition of one's own enslavement andwill toward freedom that turns the key in the lock, releasing theshackles of all thoughtforms that imprison consciousness. Beyondthese shackles exists a deep and profound freedom where the soulunites fully with the earthly consciousness, ushering in a new day inhuman consciousness.
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