Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making Your Way Through the Forest

Making Your Way Through the Forestby Carrie Hart================================
The more you look within, the more you will see clearly and truly. The more you invite the golden light of your soul self to flow down within you, clearing your inner eye, the more brightly will glow all that you can do and be. For it is all within you. You are, right now, everything that you need to be. You, just as you are, are exactly as you should be. There is nothing missing. There have been no mistakes.
By definition, you own the capabilities to be, express and show who you truly are. And this is what you are meant to do, to expand and glow, showing and sharing the truth that burns within you.
If you cannot see clearly where the path lies for you, do not be concerned. Sometimes it is revealed only step by step, moment by moment, like making your way through the forest in a fog. At other times, the sun shines brightly and a clearing opens for you to run across in clarity and joy.
It does not matter if you find yourself in a dense forest in the fog or in that open clearing. Either way, your shining inner self has a compass, a compass that lives in your center, deep in your heart of truth and peace. And as you feel your way along through the mossy trees, it will tell you if you are heading the right direction.
And this journey will continue until your days on the earth are over. There is no time that you will say, this is it, this is finally what I am meant to do or be. For you are already there. You are already who you are meant to be. It does not take any struggle to become yourself, for this is already achieved. And this is why your circumstances do not matter, because you have already arrived.
For in the forest of life, you only find yourself. In the depths and in the clearings, in the dappled sunshine and in the darkest undergrowth, all you find is yourself. And in truth, you are already what you seek.
Relax and be. Relax and be. Reach in and find yourself and then expand. Begin by expanding from your center, letting the golden light from your soul self fill you and set you aglow. Expand out and out. And eventually, what you do with your time here will be a reflection of this glow and you will be offered opportunities to use the glow that is you more and more. And a day will come when your truth will shine out so brightly that every word from your mouth and every movement you make will be a complete expression of your truth, pure and unsullied, and all confusion will go away. And you will shine out with a light so bright that the forest will be seen as what it is, a dream, a shadow, insubstantial, something you can see right through.
And this glow may last a moment only or it may last an hour, a day. But it will show you what is possible. And the more time you spend in that brightest glow, the more the forest will be there but not there, the more you will not even need a sun-filled clearing to run across, for the sunshine will be within you, generated by your own glow, and you will find that you can run through the trees just for the sheer joy of being.
And then, for that moment, that hour, that day, you can also lift yourself up and out of the forest altogether, to become one with the great glow that is the glow of all, of the highest and widest, of the very mind and heart of God, the glow of being and flowing and oneness, the ground state of being, the I Am presence, the heart and soul of all that is.
Touch this bright glow with your soul. Be one with it. Then carry it back down within you, to make your own truth brighter and clearer. For in the end, it is all one truth and that truth is love.
I wish you love and peace, Carrie
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