Thursday, May 27, 2010

Polaris: Preparing for Earth Vibration Changes

Polaris: Preparing for Earth Vibration Changes
by Karen Murphy
May 24, 2010

Most of you reading this are already aware on some level of the change upon which your planet and those inhabiting it are undergoing at this time. Change has been taking place for a long time now (one could argue successfully that change is a constant state), but the degree and intensity of change has been on the increase and is now something that many of you can sense or feel on a number of levels. We would like to offer our encouragement in the support of these changes as well as some practical advice on what to expect and how to gracefully move through this time while at the same time applying conscious awareness to your part in the play, your place in the overall tapestry of the universe.

Signs of planetary vibration changes:

Feelings of unease
Vivid dreams
Déjà vu, synchronicities, or similar phenomena
Sleep issues
Wanting change, but not knowing what to change
Feeling like your personality is changing
Wanting to end life as you know it
Wanting to connect with people
General malaise
Feeling that you are receiving messages
Feelings of fear that you can't connect to anything known

If these are familiar, you are not alone. You are moving toward a time when the higher emotional state is honored and accepted more than it has been. This necessitates some growing pains during a lengthy transition period as you move away from what has been into what is coming. We offer our energetic support to you during this time, to assist in the self understanding and growth you are undertaking as part of the process of being on the planet and accepting your choice to be a part of the changes that are taking place.


It is not necessary to be aware or conscious of what is happening within and around you, but awareness helps with the sense of disorientation that can occur. But how to increase awareness? We give practical exercises frequently that can assist in your own awareness not only of Self and your place in that universal tapestry but also in your awareness of the bigger picture and of the connections you forge and maintain with Nature and with the millions of people connected to you in some fashion. We extend such an exercise now:

Sitting quietly and comfortably, rest your hands on your knees. Allow your eyes to close and allow the thoughts of the day and the moment to slip away. You are only here now. You are only in this moment, sitting and resting comfortably, with your hands on your knees. You feel the weight of your hands and the warmth that melts into the space between hand and knee. You breathe now, breathing in and then out again, feeling once more the weight of hand upon knee.

There is a circle being created here, a circle made of your own body. Hand to knee and back up through all your chakras, then down again with your breath to your hands once more. Hand to knee, up with your breath, out again to hand on knee. Over and over, around and around. Feel as you notice this circle how there are so many other such circles being met and made in the same moment. In this moment, countless other people are sitting, hand upon knee, breathing around and around. Feel these circles and your connection to them. Notice that they are there, simply be aware that they exist.

And then come back to yourself, your own small circle, now enlarged. Breathe in and around once more.

The next time you sit in such a manner, hand to knee, a part of you will remember this connection and you will build upon it. It is a common pose and therefore will bring your awareness that much deeper each time you find your body resting in this manner.


The Earth's vibration rate is changing and is increasing overall. This also can lead to feelings of disorientation, of spinning out of control in one's life, especially if control is an issue for you to begin with. It is a common issue and so it is likely that many people are affected by this sense that the world is moving faster than they are prepared for.

The simplest thing to do, from our perspective, is to let go and release any expectations about what comes next or even of having a feeling of "being okay." But that is from our perspective and doesn't necessarily speak to the challenges of life in a physical body, where safety is not always a given.

What do we mean when we say, "let go and release"? There are connotations with those words that can lead one to conclude that letting go is a painful and arduous process. Letting go and releasing simply means detaching from expectation. Allowing for ALL possibilities, even when you can only see one or two.

Letting go exercise

Here is a simple exercise designed to assist you with feeling more comfortable in letting go.

Close your eyes. You can do this in any position, even seated at a desk. Focus your attention on the tip of your nose. For the next moment or two, the tip of your nose is the only thing that exists. There is nothing else. If any other thoughts come in, set them aside for the moment and refocus again on your nose. Just the tip of your nose. There is nothing else in the universe, just the tip of your nose. There is an entire world populated on the tip of your nose. You can imagine this. An entire world, resting there on the tip of your nose. Ives are lived, loves are loved, wars are fought, babies are born, just there on the tip of your nose. Nothing else exists but this space.

Breathe that in for a moment. Just the tip of your nose. Nothing else exists.

Now, slowly, bring your awareness to a larger area. The whole of your nose. Your mouth. Your eyes. Your face. There is still a world balanced on the tip of your nose but now that universe expands. Expand it now once again, this time on a macro level. Planets, Stars. Galaxies. And still, the tip of your nose. See how they coexist? The micro and the macro.

All possibilities exist in this moment.

Vibrational changes also occur on a very physical level. Not only is time speeding up a bit, but there is also a sense of urgency for many people about getting themselves in a better space personally. You will notice an emphasis on personal growth, even more than before. An additional emphasis is placed, for many people, on consciously being aware of AND DOING their unique life purpose.

Being a part of these changes doesn't have to mean making any overt change within yourself or doing any particular action, but for many these types of changes become paramount. You may find yourself wishing to completely change your lifestyle now and the company that you keep. People who were friends or were in close relationship in the past may seem less satisfying to you now. This has a lot to do with vibration - not everyone processes vibrational changes at the same rate. Not everyone even responds to overall vibrational change in the same way. If you find yourself moving away from people, there is likely good reason to do so. It is not that they are detrimental to you, simply that they are not serving the same purpose for you. Look for new groups that support the things you feel are important.

Finding a passion

One thing that can help ground you through this period is finding something that you can be passionate about. Not everyone is into activism, but this is an excellent time for it. Activism moves large numbers of people into action. Positive activism (about creating something new and not about destroying what doesn't work) can be immensely helpful at this time in grounding and helping you find like-minded people with whom you can weather the vibrational changes together. This is very important at this time.

Another way to find passion is to look inward. Is it finally time to write that book? To publish those poems? To think seriously about a career change? To find a personal practice that fulfills you? Use the next few months to try some new activities that you have been putting off for a while, or to bring out an old project that calls to you.

Reach out and reach within

Again, we can't stress enough the importance of forging a sense of connection to Self and to others around you. This is a challenging time with challenging energies, but you will be best served (and best serving others) if your connection to Self is strong and your connection to the spheres that surround you is acknowledged. Challenge yourself over the next few months by reaching both outward and inward.

Reach out to people you might not have in the past. Whether you dismissed them or felt dismissed by them, now is a time to acknowledge the connections that exist around you. Be open to introductions from others. Be open to people handing you gifts of a phrase, word, book title, or thought that becomes a part of you afterward, Be open to new experience and to new perceptions. Others are changing as rapidly as you are, and, just as you are, are looking for an anchor in the storm. Remember that you give as much as you receive - if not more.

Reach inward to deeper and deeper places within you. Yes, there are dark corners you have avoided. Now is the time to shine light on them and to invite them into your experience. Make friends with your darkness. Find ways of pleasing yourself with small things - a bunch of flowers, an ice cream cone, 20 minutes to make a quick drawing. Notice the connection between you and the greater You that exists within.

You are part of the change. Everything you do is helping to create, maintain, and support life in this planet as you know it to be. Each breath and each moment is important. You are important.

Who is Polaris?

Names are kind of arbitrary. Energy, however, is not. Polaris is wisdom. Polaris is teaching. Polaris is knowing. Polaris, most of all, is love.

Polaris is wonderful and loving, sort of a super-being who is guiding us on our path to joy. Polaris is a group consciousness that exists in a reality we can't see-but we sure can feel it! The feeling Polaris brings is something Karen describes as "a feeling of pure love, in a totally physical fashion. Polaris is what each of us is, the highest and best of all of us in every moment."

Polaris comes to us from the non-physical world.

They operate in another plane of reality-a reality in which the perception of separation does not exist. Polaris knows-and experiences-that we are all One! While not having eyes or other physical senses, their perception goes to the very heart of things and they have complete knowingness of the perfection of the oneness of All: the energy, vibration, and connections that exist between everything there is.

We talk about Polaris as "they" and "them" because, as they tell it, they are a group of thousands of souls that have united to teach those of us still in physical reality. Each of these souls brings lifetimes of glorious experience in the physical reality that we know of as home. Each of them experienced everything that we think of as simply a part of being alive. Because of this, they truly understand the challenges and joys we feel every day.

Polaris brings with them an unlimited wisdom. They bring to us a stronger connection to the Source of All That Is.

They lived, they loved, and they experienced sadness, joy and all of the human emotions and experiences that we encounter every day. These experiences served to reconnect them to who they are and to the awareness that we all have access to: of the oneness of All That Is-Love.

Polaris is a being of energy. * *