Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Changes in our Universal Connections

Great Changes in our Universal Connections
By Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
April 5, 2010

Greetings to each of you!

There are so many changes happening on the energy fields lately and even now that it seems important to get this newsletter out early.

Have you been feeling disconnected this past week? As if you aren't quite in your body? Having spurts of energy only to later need to curl up somewhere? Has your creativity blossomed the past few weeks? Do you sometimes feel blank as if your brain doesn't know what to do next? Are you experiencing anomalies in time and space such as doing things then forgetting that you have done them or finding that time went somewhere and where were you when it did?

All of the above are symptoms of the vast changes in energy frequencies that are happening as the star gate systems realign and open. The shifts in frequencies "out there" are hugely different than what we have experienced previously. Further, I have noticed in my healing work, as have other healers, that most people have multiple reversed polarities in their energy fields. This may be causing some of you unexplained body pain or challenges in dealing with everyday life. The other major, major change that I am seeing is that our upper two bodies that reside just below our souls have changed not only their alignments, but they have become more fluid, are not fixed in their positions and have completely changed harmonic relations with the rest of our systems. What this means to us as human beings is that the two bodies that I speak of are our harmonic bridge to our most divine aspects, our souls. They are a harmonic octave point. It appears that these two bodies which had seemed basically inert for as long as I have worked in the multi-dimensional fields (12 years) are now activated.

To me, this is a huge and very clear sign that our awakening process has just taken a huge leap in its evolution. We are now directly connected will all channels open to the divine. We have always been connected but in a way, that connection was inactive. Now, it is sweetly open and we no longer have an energetic density to surpass in order to access our most high forms of knowing.

I have honestly been stunned, as I have seen person after person with these changes. That in conjunction with the reversal of polarities in lay after layer of the energy fields tells me that we are literally as the Masters had predicted, being cosmically rewired. These changes are a positive event for us as human beings. It means that the density we had been experiencing in the veils between worlds is no longer an obstacle and we can easily and fluidly move amongst the worlds of reality.

I know that a lot of you have talked to me about your dreams lately, telling me that they are strange and bizarre, extremely symbolic in their content and a lot of you have been very puzzled as to their meanings. In our dream time we are crossing worlds like never before. We don not need to take our dreams literally. Instead, look for the symbology in them. What do the people and items you see in your dreams mean to you? What do the places, colors, events really mean? Any time we experience changes in consciousness we experience them usually first in our dreams. Later, our abilities to access other information and realities comes forward as we have already learned to access them in our dreams when we are completely out of our own ways.

It is my greatest feeling that as the current changes take root in our awareness we will begin to see great changes in the overall perceptions of most of humanity. What many of us have been feeling and knowing for a lot of years will soon begin to come to the awareness of others, who prior to now had no idea that there was more to life than the obvious and that worlds upon worlds exist beyond our human reality. This is a shift of consciousness like nothing in our history, nothing we have experienced since our evolution as beings of mass and sensory experiences. As we change, our earth also changes. The massive earthquakes we have been seeing are a sign that the earth is responding to the energetic changes as well. She is shaking off some of the build up that happens within her just as we do when the energy amps us up. As the energies shift and change, so do we and so does our planet. As the galactic alignment moves into place, we cannot help but to feel changes in energetic relationships, changes in our perceptions, our thoughts, our inner worlds.

This is a time not for fear, but for celebration. We are returning to our natural state, slowly but surely, as beings of light. The gifts of being human are only beginning to come forward for our recognition. To me, it is a time to look past the everyday challenges that we face and to let ourselves easily and gracefully evolve into awareness of our connections throughout creation.

This is the time that peace begins to infiltrate consciousness on all levels as the innate awareness that is ours begins to realize the cohesiveness of souls to our source.

As a result of these changes and the perceptions that come with them, we may also see a temporary rise in what we consider to be negative forces and actions on the part of some people. What we must remember is that as creation balances within its changes, there are always periods of balancing. There are always a dichotomy of energies, a yin and yang so to speak as there must be to create an entirety. Remember that these challenges for balance are temporary and that we are who we are no matter what. That is something we most often forget. We are whole and perfect beings of creation all of the time. Now, with these changes, our abilities to see and remember that are only a glimmer of consciousness away.

Until next time, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do. In peace,

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