Friday, June 5, 2009

The Diamond Prism and the Planetary Awakening

The Diamond Prism and the Planetary Awakening

The Energies for June 2009

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, as you enter this month of June 2009, you are
experiencing some of the most powerful Cosmic energies that are
assisting in lifting your Planet into the Higher Frequencies of Light.
The Planet is Radiant and has bcome a Diamond Prism of Light in the
Cosmos. You are being assisted in this process of Awakening and
Transformation by so many Beings of Light, Angelic Beings, Elemental
Beings, Galactic Beings, and your Beloved Cetacean families. It is not
an easy time to be incarnated in a physical body, for there is so much
that is happening in the Realms of Light that must be integrated and
incarnated by you, that you may, at times, feel confused and lost and
disconnected. Beloved Ones, at this time, it is so important that you
remain grounded within your physical being and that you hold your
energy and light in your heart and in your center. That is the most
important and powerful work that you can do right now, as you ground
the Cosmic light into your bodies and into Planet Earth.

The Diamond Light energy will intensify at the Full Moon on the 7th of
June. The Full Moon in Sagittarius, a Fire energy, along with the Sun
in Gemini, an Air energy, will provide much volatile energy that will
contribute to the energy of change and transformation in your lives
and on the Planet. This energy will continue to intensify to the 21st
of June, which is the mid-year Planetary Solstice. At this time, the
energy of Awakening will activate in the lives of many people around
the Planet, as more and more souls awken to the reality of their
Cosmic Being and Existence. You are all Starchildren, beings of Light
and Spirit in Human incarnation, and you are awakening to your Cosmic
nature and essence. But, even as you flow the Diamond Cosmic Light
into your own Cosmic Heart Center and learn to dream your way through
the Stars, it is so important that you be Grounded and Present, and
that you remember that you chose to be here on Planet Earth in order
to co-create the New Earth Reality. You are here, Beloved Ones, to
ground Heaven on Earth, and to be the manifestation of that energy.

So, dearest Lightworkers, at this time of great soul awakening, it
will be useful for you to focus your energy into Grounding, Connection
and being Present. Be fully grounded in your physical body and enjoy
each day of your life as a gift from Spirit. Be grateful and thankful
for each day and its blessings and learnings. Remember to give thanks
at the end of each day for all that has been given. The essence of
Higher Dimensional life is Connection and Inter-connection. Even if
the chaos of dimensional flux makes you feel disconnected on the outer
levels of existence, go within, into your beautiful Diamond Heart
Center, and feel the deep inner connection to All That Is and to all
other Beings. Know that "disconnection" and "aloneness" are
essentially third-dimensional experiences, and that when you enter
into the awareness of the soul state of multi-dimensional inter-
connectivity, then you are always supported in the flow of Abundant
Love at all times.

Beloved Lightworkers, the most effective way to experience the
blessings of Grounding and Connection is through the experience of
Presence. This is the way in which you center your energy clearly into
your present material reality, that you have created, and open
yourself to receiving the blessings that exist within that Reality
Creation. To be "present" in your own life means to take the time to
experience each moment and each action as a miracle and as a blessing
of love. To be Present means to value and deeply bless all that is in
your life as a gift from the Creative Source. Beloved Ones, in this
time of accelerated light energy, many of you are trying to live your
material lives at the "speed of light" that is comfortable for your
souls, but remember that the Sacred Union is a relationship between
the Body and the Soul, and that the Body must feel equally as happy
within the Union. The pace of the Body is slower. The Body needs time
to experience, evaluate, discern and discriminate, in order to be
comfortable. When your soul and spirit energies are aligned with your
physical energies, then you will indeed feel the infinite expansion of
Cosmic awareness, but you will also feel rested, relaxed and at ease
within your physical being. If, at this time, you feel tense and
anxious, or depressed, or if you have other physical symptoms of
distress, or even if you feel ungrounded, then you will need to slow
things down, until your body regains its sense of comfort and well-

The energies in June will support this process of Balance. The sun
will be in Gemini, which is the sign of the "Twins". In the New Earth,
this is the energy of the Twin Flame, and its energy will work within
you to create Solar Balance between the inner aspects of the Divine
Masculine and Feminine and will Balance and Activate the Golden Flame
of Christ Consciousnes that will contribute to awakening and balancing
on a deep level. Also, in June, the Planets of Venus and Mars, which
represent the inner Masculine and Feminine energies, will travel
together through the sign of Taurus. Taurus, the second house, ruled
by Venus, creates a focus on Beauty, Grace, Art, Comfort and
Abundance. It is a time to relax and focus on the well-being and joy
of life in a physical body on Planet Earth. Allow the energies to lift
you up and support you in your process of integration and balance at
all times.

The Cosmic "Communion" of Light and the Cetacean Family of Light
Beloved Ones, at this time of Cosmic Reconnection and Soul Awakening,
you are indeed becoming aware of your roles as members of the Cosmic
Stellar Community, or Star Nations. You are representatives of the New
Earth Star, the Blue Star Planet. As such, you are entering into co-
creative partnerships with other Cosmic Beings and civilizations who
co-create on the Quantum Fields of Light. Your most close connection
here is with the Cetacean Family of Light, the Whales and Dolphins,
who are not only your Star brothers and sisters, but they are your
Ancestors and your fellow travellers in your Earth Star Journey.

Beloved Lightworkers, at this time, the Cetacean Consciousness is
entering into a Conscious Communion or partnership with the Human
Collective to assist Planet Earth to evolve towards the Stargates of
Higher Consciousness. Many of you, as beloved Human Family of Light,
will be called to work with the Ancient Ones, the Cetaceans, and to
move the Earth Dream forward in Conscious and Awakened partnerships.

The Cetacean Consciousness is an advanced Stellar navigation
consciousness. They are the "pilots" of the Cosmic Ocean and the
navigators of the Cosmic Journey. Many of you in Human incarnation are
also "pilots" of the Cosmic Journey, and you are beginning to feel
your "wings" unfurl as you prepare to resume your roles as Cosmic
travellers for the Planetary Consciousness, as Dreamers of the New
Dream for All. At this time, the Cetacean Consciousness will support
you as you take your first "flights" into the Cosmic Heart and the
Cosmic Dream.

Journey through Infinity by Blue Diamond Technologies...experience the

So, Beloved Ones, expect an intensification of the energies of
Awakening on your Planet in June. But, amid the chaos, find that deep
inner connection that will sustain you and support you in your changes
and transformations. You are becoming an awakened Cosmic Traveller.

The Energies for June 2009
The Full Moon falls on the 7th of June. The Full Moon will be in
Sagittarius, which is a Fire sign. This is a good time for a Fire
Ceremony to release all that is not needed and to welcome the power of
Fire in its work of transformation. It is a powerful time for
embracing the energy of Fire, the energy of Spirit, within your own
Heart and Soul. When the Fire energy moves through a Diamond Heart, it
creates the most beautiful rainbows of Light that can be shared with
many other souls. Allow your Heart to become a Diamond Prism and to
radiate the rainbow colors of your soul to others at this time. Be a
Rainbow Receiver, and open your Heart to receive the Rainbow Light of
others into your Being as One.

The 21st of June is the Planetary Solstice, and this will be a time of
awakening, healing and balancing for the Planet and her inhabitants.
Poweful waves of Diamond Light will continue to illuminate the Planet
from the Cosmic Heart of All That Is. Those who open their Diamond
Heart prism to receive these energies will be able to work as
transmitters of the Diamond Light into the Hearts of Others at this
time, and will become powerful agents of transmutation and change for
the Planet.

On the 22nd of June the Sun moves into Cancer, and it is New Moon in
Cancer. Cancer is a Water sign that is ruled by the Moon and the
powerful Feminine energies of Intuition and Telepathy. At this time,
it is a good idea to reconnect with the energies of the inner Lunar
Being, the Moon Goddess, and to allow the quiet waters of the Heart
and Soul to flow in Peace and Harmony as a support to the Diamond
Light Radiance from the Cosmic Center.

We wish you Love and Radiance in your Journey in June!

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