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The Council of 12: Moving Forward in the Window of 2012

The Council of 12: Moving Forward in the Window of 2012
Transmitted through Selacia
June 2009

In these recent months, as you have observed your world and noticed increasing amounts of dysfunction, you may be asking how the multitude of global problems can be remedied.

You also may be wondering how the world's disarray will impact your life and your ability to thrive and live in joy. And you may be asking how you can find your center when the world won't stop long enough for you to catch your breath.

You may question how you can successfully navigate the great shift happening in this window of 2012.

As you have listened to the news, or even observed people around you, you have been reminded of familiar themes. These include the global economic meltdown, the energy crisis, and a seemingly endless battle of ideas.

These themes are familiar on a number of levels, the most obvious being their frequent mention in your media. To the extent that you feel personally impacted by these things, they become even more familiar to you.

Economic Meltdown

Consider the economic meltdown, for example. Perhaps you have real concerns about your financial well being, your ability to provide for your children, or the prospect of having even less money than you have now.

Even without these concerns, if your loved ones or coworkers are stressed about finances, you likely will experience an indirect impact. Money may not be at the top of your "worry list," yet the more you hear about others' woes, the more that your own subconscious fears of lack and limitation come to the surface.

Energy Crisis

The energy crisis, often linked with the environment and global warming, is not an issue that will be going away anytime soon. This highly politicized topic is now receiving a substantial amount of attention worldwide, putting the issue of energy on the everyday person's radar.

When gas prices skyrocketed to record levels in summer 2008, the notion of an energy crisis became personal for millions of people who either drive or take public transportation. By now, you may have purchased a more fuel-efficient car, added solar panels to your house, or found ways to enjoy more activities close to home. Regardless, you have ongoing reminders that this is a problem much bigger than you personally.

Battle of Ideas

The world's modern day conflicts between countries are focused more on ideas than on territory. There is a growing understanding that battles of ideas are even more problematical to resolve than the physical turf-oriented wars of previous generations. Ideas in these days of instant information dissemination can proliferate across borders like wildfire.

An idea can take hold within someone half way around the world. A young man in New York, for example, may speak a different language than the extremists of a distant country, and have no previous training in the ideas presented. However, if that young man is feeling lost or otherwise disenfranchised from his society, he can be vulnerable to the suggestions of others. These ideas can play upon his fears and his anger at the unjust world he sees around him.

Propaganda and extremism are on the rise, showing up with much more transparency than ever before. At the root of these responses are fear-based energies that keep the old paradigm structures locked in place. These energies include hatred, prejudice, a desire to control and dominate, and a false viewing of others as the enemy.

It has been these energies throughout humanity's past that have led to warfare on multiple levels-appearing as blockades, divisions of country borders, trade embargoes, genocide, and other mass killings. Whether humans wage bloody battles of physical conquest with weapons or conflicts based on ideas, the underlying driving force of these battles is the same.

From a higher spiritual perspective, there is no winning involved-in either type of war.

On a personal level, if you take no interest in politics and watch little television, you may feel insulated from this battle of ideas. To be sure, though, the new more light-filled world that you seek to inhabit cannot exist amidst this pervasive battle. Therefore, you will want to care about this war of ideas, and you will want to address it in your own personal way.

What You Can Do

How can you do this?

First, it is useful to remember that anything playing out in your world is an outer manifestation of inner conflicts existing within the whole of humanity.

Judgments of all kinds must cease for you to be free. You can judge others as bad, and you can judge yourself as better than the others. Any form of judgment will keep you in bondage. Judgment, both good and bad, is tied to separation.

The idea of separation is a false identity that prevents you from inhabiting your New Earth.

As long as you cling to notions of separation, you will be challenged to find your center. You also will feel blocked from fully expressing your Divine purpose on Earth.

For many people on a spiritual path, there is a tendency to view the world's fear-based conflicts as separate and unfathomable. There is a distancing and a horror often felt, as though the world's atrocities are things only others could carry out. Oftentimes, there is smugness, expressed as feelings of superiority and specialness.

When you approach it this way, you are living a lie of separation, forgetting that you are an eternal being.

You Have Lived Before

You indeed have lived before, sometimes in quite different circumstances than you now enjoy. You may have been born into much less fortunate conditions, without access to spiritual teachings and without positive role models to steer you in the direction of sanity.

In another time and place, without the awareness you have now, you could have been subject to the same energies of meanness and retribution you observe playing out in your current world's battle of ideas. You might not have had the consciousness to avoid the temptations of those energies. You may indeed have caused great harm to others.

Even if all of your previous incarnations were at the consciousness level of a great spiritual teacher, your human DNA connects you with all of humanity and with the lineages of humanity's past.

At the highest levels of truth, there is no separation. There is no good and evil. There is no "you and them."

When you are vibrating at that highest level of truth, you see love and Divine perfection everywhere. You recognize this energy in yourself, in your outer world, and in the seemingly diverse people you meet.

Recognizing the Divine in Others

You are able to look past surface appearances and peoples' expression of spiritual ignorance. You are able to look into their soul, and to know that they are one with you. They have the same Divine spark that you do. You recognize that.

You have compassion for the misguided people around you, understanding that if they knew a better way, they would choose it. You know that they are suffering. You have compassion when you see that they are creating even more suffering for themselves by their current fear-based actions. At the same time, you trust that these people will eventually-in some lifetime-awaken and reconnect with their own enlightenment potential.

Meanwhile, as you observe and interact with people not yet fully awake, you hold the space for them to awaken. One way you do this is to have patience, and to show kindness even when someone else is mean. You hold the space for others' awakening, also, by listening deeply and by being very present. You teach them this way, too.

You teach others by your actions, by your words, and sometimes by your silence. You show others, by your own example, how to be free of the fear and judgment at the root of your world's battle of ideas.

Taking Care of Yourself

What else can you do?

The most useful thing you can do is to make a commitment to your own self realization. As part of that, you can take action daily to better understand yourself. This is not a surface-level knowing, but a deep look into your inner motivations, your unique challenges, and your key relationships.

The knowing you seek goes beyond your humanness, yet it includes an understanding of the various masks you have taken on without knowing. You want to be able to discover those, and yet know all the while that underneath the disguises, your Divine self sparkles like a diamond! It is that sparkling self you seek to find.

Trust that you have an abundance of help to find this diamond during this auspicious lifetime. The help available to you is both on the inner and outer planes. It is ever present.

Go at your own pace, yet know that your soul may sometimes give you a strong nudge! If you have felt these nudges in the past, you may have thought of them as "wake up calls" or even as a "dark night of the soul."

Preparing for 2012

It is not your imagination if you sense that the number and intensity of nudges has intensified in the past few years. A wise part of you knows that you live in a unique window of time ahead of 2012.

It is a pivotal opportunity for you and all of humanity to awaken more fully and to make radically different choices in how you express your humanness. These choices begin with you, and with how you approach living on the Earth.

You are making choices already, of course. The idea here is to become fully conscious of your choices, in present time as you contemplate them and make them. Your choices can no longer be secrets, your being the "last to know" their impact. You must be willing to see how your energy is playing out. Becoming awake to this helps you to become responsible for your own forward movement. When you do this, you realize that no one can hold you in limbo except you.

The wise aspect of you understands what is happening, and fully accepts it. It has a timeless insight, along with a knowing about past and future cycles That part of you is aware of your involvement in previous great shifts on your planet, and knows what you will need to do differently this time in order to catapult yourself into a light-filled existence.

This wise part of you, possessing a keen knowing about what you have incarnated to accomplish, is now turning up the volume of wake up calls. It is time for you to remember.

This remembering and understanding of self obviously does not happen overnight, but is a process of unfolding over time.

The remembering you seek to have is heightened when you can remember to look at your life as though it were a mirror.

This mirror is symbolic, yet it is all around you. You see the mirror when you become a conscious observer of your life, watching yourself.

What do you observe?

· You observe your mind. You track the pattern of your thoughts as you respond to life events and decide what those things mean. You notice how your thoughts are influenced by other people and outer world circumstances.

· You pay attention to your emotions, learning to understand how those feeling responses trigger thoughts leading to sabotage and suffering.

· You notice what you do with your body, how you take care of it, and the subtle messages it gives you when you are off-balance.

· You get in touch with your habitual way of being with yourself. You discover how to be with yourself in all sorts of situations, noticing how you respond when you feel alone, left out, criticized, and abandoned.

· You learn what brings you joy, how that joy feels to you, and what within you gets in the way of accessing that natural state of joy more of the time.

As you see dysfunctional things about yourself that you did not see before, you have an opportunity to heal them.

In that process, you will get in touch with your own personal battle of ideas. One example is how you can love and hate someone at the same time. Another is how you can think that your solution for something is the only remedy, refusing to allow another person to have their view.

This is the type of inner war all humans have. You will learn to appreciate what others struggle with as you learn about your own struggles.

The Discovery That Sets You Free

As you observe these battles of ideas, you will discover the connectedness and similarities of all on your planet. You will know beyond a doubt the oneness and love that was always there.

This discovery will go beyond words, beyond concepts, and beyond new age thinking that simply tells you that this is so. It will be something that you sense in your heart, and a truth that you know and feel with your entire being. When that happens, you will be free.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12,
* All Rights Reserved * *

From Selacia--"This message comes in response to questions I've received from people worldwide, asking about the great shifting in this pre 2012 window. People want to understand what is happening, their role in the events, and what they can do to stay in balance. There is a desire to know how to soften the harshness and how to look upon our world right now more kindly and with more compassion. I asked The Council of 12 to address these things, and to give a higher spiritual perspective on our current times. They will address more of this in the forthcoming book I plan to publish and release in late 2009, focused on the 2012 window. In the meantime, I welcome your feedback, and your inquiries of other topics you would like The Council to address. Meanwhile, remember that we remain in the potent energies of this year's Wesak season, with many blessings available to us from the Masters.