Monday, May 4, 2009

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of May 2009

A Channeling from the Akashic Records of May 2009
Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA

What energy and experiences can we expect from the month of May 2009?

The energy you can expect is the energy of work. That is not difficult work; it is good work. May is an excellent time to embrace the satisfaction of doing good work. The energy this month is the energy of having things under way. The process has begun. Whatever processes you are in the midst of, embrace the fact that you are in the midst of it. There is nothing left to figure out for now. All that is left to do is to do it. Do the work that is before you, resolve and work with what you have in your lives now. The time for seeking is done in this cycle. There will be time to seek, ponder and explore later.

The month of May is best utilized by doing your work. Whatever is before you, even if before you lies a question, work with it, do something with it, try something, even if you are sure it will not work out the way you hope it will, give it a try. The energy of May can be very practical, utilitarian, it can really move you forward, but it requires that you embrace what you are doing rather than look for something different. Now many of you are changing the work that you do in the world. You are changing your profession either by choice or by circumstance. Allow that transition to be the work that you are doing. Do not wait for something to come along. Move toward anything in your life that seems worthy of your time regardless of whether you are sure it is what you want to do forever, regardless of whether you are clear about where it will lead. Whatever draws your attention at this time is yours to do. Any tricks or practices you can do to avoid procrastination or distraction will serve you well this month.

A further piece of energy this month is a very feminine, strong, practical mother type of energy that is available for all of you. This is like a blessing. Again, it is the blessing that comes through doing good work. It is not a passive, ethereal blessing. It is the blessing inherent in living your life to the fullest. Do not worry about your big dreams or abstract ideals. Concern yourself with what lies before you and do it. That is the energy set in motion for May 2009.

How can we best work with this energy?

More specifically, the way you can work with the energy in May is to consider the word 'occupation'. This word has become, in western society, equated with profession. The Keepers are suggesting that you consider the word as separate from profession and instead, in its purest definition as that which occupies you. Consider what occupies you. What relationships, ideas, concerns, most often occupy your mind? What activities or behaviors most often occupy your time? Consider these and revise them according to what you wish to be occupied by. If you find yourself sitting alone at home more often than being outside, yet you find yourself longing for connection with others, occupy yourself in connection with others. Occupy your time with the things that you yearn for rather than waiting for those things to come to you, occupy yourself with them. That is the most specific way you can work with the energy offered in May in terms of generalized advice.

The other thing about working with this energy in May is to continue to employ a practice that the Keepers have recommended for months now, which is to continue to employ the practice of grace. Give forgiveness to yourself for the ways that you feel you are failing, give forgiveness to others for the way they make mistakes, allow room for yourself and others to change your minds and behavior. You are not locked into anything at this time on Planet Earth; even the things that seem to be most binding are really not. Your whole lives, all the systems that have governed human life for generations are being actively revised right now. Not just the obvious ones like the economy, but the more subtle ones like patriarchy and racism. They are not that subtle, but the paradigms, the institutions and all of the barriers and limitations that humans have built for yourselves are being revised and released.

It is a given that all of you are going to change. Every single one of you is deeply involved in the process of change right now. If a friend says something, do not hold them to it. They may need to change their mind tomorrow. The most graceful and productive way you can move through this month is to allow them to change their mind. If someone says something hurtful, allow them the next day to apologize and tell you that they actually meant something completely different. Let go of grudges against others and yourselves. Allow as much room as you can for change. This is a time of experimentation and you need the space to make mistakes. You need to give the space to others to make mistakes and then to move past them.

What days will be important in May 2009?

The whole month is like a big bubble of productive, rosy, energetic light. Throughout the month, you will have a lot of dynamic days and a lot of that will be based on how you are using the advice given above.

May 7 has a sharper energy - an energy that is more distinct in which you may need to face some important truths or see things in a new way. On May 7, strive for clarity and look for clarity. If something is unclear to you on May 7, assume that you are not seeing it fully or you are missing some of the pieces. Anything that is unclear to you on May 7 can become clear if you will step out of denial and really allow things to be as they are without attachments, without your hopes or fears about them.

May 14 and 15 have a lot of energy around relationships. On these two days it will be important to find integrity in your relationships. The people that you talk to, the people that you interact with on these days are going to be like catalysts for your growth in terms of finding your integrity; in terms of standing in your truth and really behaving according to the things you value most, and the things that you truly believe. Do your best on these days to stay centered, grounded, and avoid being impulsive or reactive. Take the time you need to develop your message before you speak. Do your best to stay in integrity with yourself on these days with regard to how you relate to other people.

May 25 is like a blessing, but more like a blessing in disguise. It is likely to bring a challenge for many of you and the challenge will depend on what is happening in your individual life. Whatever your story is, look for a challenge or turning point in the story on May 25. Be willing to turn things around. Be willing to see things in a new way. You are able to rise to the challenge. Go ahead and anticipate that challenge and move into it rather than resisting or avoiding. You will find on the other side of this challenge is a whole new, stronger, sweeter version of you. If you will face the challenge that arises on May 25.

Is there anything else the Keepers would like to tell us about May 2009?

Remember overall this month that you have this strong yet tender, feminine energy available this month. Of course it is always available, but during this month of May 2009, it is a strong energy. It is a guiding energy for the month. This is an energy that resides in each of you. All of you have the strong, secure, tender motherhood energy in you - men and women, young and old - you all have this within you. Find that part of you that can be strong in the face of change and yet not hard but tender. Tender, sweet, loving with yourselves and with others. That energy is easy, or at least easier, than usual to tap into and execute this month. Take that as a blessing coming to you and coming through you to be given to others. Let it be rosy. This month has the potential to be very enjoyable. The joy available comes through. It is the joy of doing good work, of getting things done, of accomplishing things over and over again -- even if what you are accomplishing is as simples as cleaning out your closets. Enjoy yourselves this month and enjoy one another.

From Keepers of the Akashic Records * Channeled by Jen Eramith, MA *

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