Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Rapid Decline of Misaligned Energies

The Rapid Decline of Misaligned Energies
DL Zeta
Sun May 3, 2009

Note from Deborah:

I received the following channeling last September. It seems to be
pointing toward events recently unfolding. I have been asking to "tune
in" the process for one to "reach up and pull in cosmic energy to
strengthen their immune system against organisms."

Blessings, Deborah

As Earth's energetic resonance rises, you will see many aspects of
collective consciousness fall away. Those aspects of reality not
aligned with the new frequencies are simply demagnetized. This is why
you're seeing many institutions, ideas, patterns and ways of being
fall away now. If you examine those energies being phased out, you
will find they contain unholistic frequencies incompatible with the
energies of the New Earth.

As the energy of the Earth shifts to a higher vibration, many souls
who have been incarnating on this plane of existence will effectively
be demagnetized. That is to say, all those not in resonance with the
vibration of the earth in its new timeframe will no longer incarnate
here. This is according to the Law of Attraction.

It is for this reason that the Earth's future population will dwindle;
many souls who have been incarnating on Earth will incarnate into a
time dimension you perceive as a "past-time dimension" due to an
inability to match the resonance of Earth's future.

We would like to clarify what it means when a soul ceases to incarnate
into the new timeframe on Earth. This simply means the soul will
choose to incarnate into a timeframe dimension on Earth (or elsewhere
in the universe) where it can continue to gather needed learning
experiences. It has always been so that each soul has been born into
the time in Earth's history best suited to its next stage of growth
and development.

The "outer clothes" of the mass exodus from Earth's future-time
dimension will come in the form of various organisms that will impact
the immune system.

This phenomenon has been seen to some extent with outbreaks such as
SARS, but that was just a preview of epidemics that will unfold in
near-future times. Spiritually, epidemics are a mechanism through
which mass numbers of souls being demagnetized are able to quickly
leave the Earth. Those who remain on Earth will evolve their own
survival mechanism. By aligning with spirit, they will know how to
reach up and pull in cosmic energy to strengthen their immune system
against organisms that would otherwise weaken and destroy it.

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