Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keep Right On to the End of the Road

Keep Right On to the End of the Road
by Alec Christos Gabbitas
May 27. 2009

All life's pathways lead homewards to All That Is, and we are all very well aware that it is sure folly and inadequate to judge anther's pathway as being something lesser than the pathway you / I may be choosing so to travel, at this moment of time. It is always the 'intent' that surely is the most important factor in any ones choice or style of journey, and whatever variation is selected will indeed be 'right' for him / her. It would not do for all to be walking the very same pathway for it would become over-busy and over populated, down one side of the street! The age old cliche intimating "walking a mile or two in anothers moccasin," before making a judgement, would be perhaps wise, and the rule of thumb.

It would be absurdly comical if all were on the exact same pathway and relevant intent, for then there would be an obvious imbalance within the grand universal scheme of things, and it would be a little 'odd' if those scales of equilibrium and balance were out of cinque! It is, of course, totally impossible for such an imbalance within the universe in it's most exact precision and divinely orchestrated purpose. Everything is always in the highest divine order and all that ensues is in perfection. No such things as an accident, only ever the rightful outplaying within the grandiose scheme of things.

All are experiencing the rather grand current energies of the day in the manner most suited and appropriate, and it would be wise to suggest that no two will see or feel the energy in exactly the same way or extent. It is always quite a personal thing and it would clarify and add substance to the fact as each individual will measure the same input with their own yard stick which will inevitably be precisely right for themselves. In Gods house there are many mansions and each is as acceptable as another. There will ever be slightly different perspectives and 'right and wrong' is never in the overall equation.

Moving steadfastly onwards and integrating 'the energies' as you feel personally comfortable so to do, is ever the way to be and to experience. There are currently many inputs, some 'greater' and some 'lesser,' but all with the same purpose and resulting overall benefit for the 'One,' for All.

'Keep on keeping on' is another subtle yet most powerful cliche that is a simplistic definition of all that perhaps we have a need so to do on this sojourn of some notability, on our beloved planet Mother Earth. We, She and all Universal life forms and lifestyles, are all very much interacting and interfacing one with another, and all are interdependent one on each other. It is indeed a grand and meticulous geometric patterning of life or being, with every animated atom or molecule uniting to co-create that grand and glorious tapestry of life, that caresses us with such a gentility and ever supporting uplift.

The years of preparation continue which great anticipation and seeking, as the mighty forces that you are, the radiant lightworkers, forge ahead in ever magnificent style and purpose - continually dealing with all that is coming up to be dealt with - with ever greater expertise and ever more masterly aptitude! Little outwardly seems to change, albeit the physical tragedy and traumas that are still quite explicit, yet more 'accepted' now as part of the 'norm!' There are ongoing adjustments and rectification's occurring world wide, and of course all these changes effect the solar system as well as the universe as a whole.

AND SO, YET AGAIN, do we wish to convey to you our ever protective love and healing inputs that we are so blessed indeed to share with you. You, whom walk this path so grandly, so persistently, and so masterly, aiding all around you to realise that there is a LIFE to be lived, a LOVE to be shared, and a purpose to be REALISED. For you stand so strong and so firm, allowing the tremors - whether within or without - to be ingested and digested into your greater self and balancing out, even in the most exhaustive trying times and modalities. PLEASE do not give a thought to any possibility that you are struggling - merely battling through the choppy waves and pounding surfs onto the beach of life. You are slowly yet surely, rebuilding the superstructure onto those foundations already laid with such caring, skilful, art and precision. WELL DONE!

There are times to forge ahead, and there are times to simply go with the flow, as there are also times to stay quite still, bathing and resting on your mighty laurels. Now, maybe, might well be one of those times as you may need to be still in this further 'watershed' that you have graced 'yourselves' with. Be still, inwardly digest and discern all that is in need and dissolve all that is in need of ejection. Preen yourselves in the so lively universal sacred geometry's, realigning your multidimensional and multifaceted bodies and simply chill out in the manner only you can personally do so well! You have collectively achieved oh so much! There is a ribbon of light that weaves in majestic splendour throughout the heavens - this mighty ribbon of light is representative of YOU weaving the reverberations throughout the ethers, and echoing trumpets played in your honour! Again we affirm, well done, take a bow and harken to music of the spheres that so rhythmically blesses each one of you.

For so it is........

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