Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Pleiadian Light: The Financial Ascension

The Pleiadian Light: The Financial Ascension
through Hannah Beaconsfield
September 24, 2010

When we tell you about ascension and we say that it is the transmutation of everything on your world, you say, "Great! Then my dog, Birch, will be ascending, too." When we say everything, we mean everything.

There are aspects of your total reality that you might not take into consideration as you project ascension changes, such as beliefs, concepts, perceptions of reality, and so on. These and other intangible aspects cannot be readily measured in the way genetic patterns or the expanded abilities to affect the material world can and will be measured. The changes we speak of are subtler, but they will alter your reality by creating new perspectives. And there are other patterns in your ascended future that will be almost as alien to your present circumstances as moving to a distant planet.

One of the most important concepts that will be changing, along with you and your dog, is the symbolic form of worth exchange you call "money." In the world of those who are "seekers," it is often said that money is just another form of energy. It is. What is not truly understood is that it is life force energy. It is the same energy that supports your life, your health, and the entire spectrum of energies of the God-Source alive on Earth. The energy of money, however, has been disengaged from its source and given a special status.

When you separate money, as a concept, from its natural source and view it as an external entity, you project on it all sorts of distortions. The word "money" (and comparable terms in other languages) is one of the most powerful words on Earth and this power only intensifies your faulty beliefs and illusions about it. As an isolated abstraction money loses its true nature, which is to be an agent of exchange and to provide support and nourishment for life. It is simply a form of convenience.

One of the biggest distortions is your belief that money is not yours by right, but by circumstance only. Whether you earn it, inherit it, receive it as a gift or even steal it, it comes from outside you. And for many who struggle at subsistence levels, acquiring money seems to be beyond them. You define yourself and your worth by how much money you accumulate. This is a gross distortion of your true nature. You believe that money is power, but money only represents power. There is one power and that power is already yours by Divine Right.

How do you reintegrate this disenfranchised part of your life force energy? How do you return it to its place as an element of the God Force that creates, animates, and supports all life, all realities, and the infinity that contains them? You can take a major step toward this reintegration by simply accepting the concept of money as an integral component of the energy that supports your existence. Sensing that this is a rightful part of your personal energy will open the door for its natural flow to be a part of you - always.

We will give you a meditation to help you:

Quietly go into a meditative state, using whatever imagery or practice is the most effective for you. Create a mental image that represents the energy of money for you. See it detached from you, floating in space. Choose an image that has an emotional charge. The emotional aspect of this visualization is the power that will activate your intent.

Charge this image with light of a particular color that pleases you. Now, see that there is a fine gold thread linking you and the object; it is almost invisible, but it has been there all the time because this energy rightly belongs to you. Pick up the thread very carefully and draw the image to you. As it nears your body you become aware that your energy field is brilliant white light. Create an opening at your heart level and allow the image to float in.

The image, in whatever color you have chosen begins to dissolve and blend with the white light. The particles of color spread throughout your energy sphere, blending until it is entirely absorbed. Carefully close the opening at your heart level and remain in a meditative state for a while, sensing the expanded dimension of your total self.

Some people may need to do this meditation only once for a real shift to occur in their relationship to money; others may have to repeat it regularly to create a flow of change.

The concept of money as it functions in world commerce will also be transformed, like everything else. There is a great flow of financial energy that is a disenfranchised portion of Earth's life force energy. This energy has become greatly distorted by separation from its rightful function to nurture and support the wellbeing of the planet. The isolation and control of this energy by a limited number of human groups has fostered the present exhaustion of Earth's natural resources and natural wealth. This separation must undergo a process of reintegration similar to the personal one we described.

Global financial values will be altered, and the imbalance of wealth held by a limited few will be changed to a more equitable balance. The energy that money represents will be made more readily available to all people. This process will take time, and the probabilities as to how it will play out have not yet been chosen. It could happen through some disruptive financial circumstances or it could shift with a level of ease and grace.

Changes are also influenced by the intent "invitation" you send out. If you are fearful, you will attract cause for fear. As more people integrate their own disparate elements and hold an inner sense of trust and peace, the greater is the likelihood that you will choose benign probabilities for change. One aspect of the change in world concepts that could hasten this rebalancing would be the acceptance of the spiritual equality of all humans. The hub of the wheel of ascension is integration, and ascension in action will hasten the recognition of the equality of all.

Whatever means you choose for the reintegration of the flow of wealth, at both an individual level and on a global level, will create a better balance of plenty for all and support for the Earth's natural abundance.

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