Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Just Existing or Are you Alive?

Are You Just Existing or Are you Alive?

I just got back from two weeks in Ecuador in which I "died" there. It wasn't a physical near death experience, it was an energetic death. A letting go, surrendering, allowing of the personality/EGO part of me to die, which then allowed my true nature, my essence to stretch across infinity, re-connecting and re-aligning to ALL that is.

I "saw" "myself" at first as a little tiny speck of energy then as my awareness zoned into the tiny speck I entered into it and everything flipped. I felt myself becoming bigger, infinite, then I saw myself stretching out to what only could be described as Infinity. It was like breathing in a way - inhalation, small, finite and contained then exhalation, expansion, infinite and eternal. I had this experience for hours, finite, infinity, finite, infinity.....

I heard we are here to learn how to live "By a Loose Outline". Be flexible, infinite enough to change at a moments notice but we need some kind of "structure", finite in the physical world.

Since that event EVERYTHING in the 3-D physical and spiritual worlds looks different. The thought of getting stuck into dramas, draining emotions, baggage and mind games feels so restrictive and heavy. It makes it easy to choose something else.

It's been said that until we get so sick and tired of being sick and tired we continue to stay in old patterns and programs. So many of us are just existing, not living, worrying about things that may or may not happen. An existence in our past pains restricts us and we don't feel alive. We're existing in the soap opera's of "daily" life. We are blind to what it means to live awake, to be present and see all the beauty that surrounds us, to be grateful for our next breath, to be breathed by and with Creator/God-Force. You don't have to go to Ecuador and "die" to ask yourself, am I just existing? The "waiting for the job, boyfriend, girlfriend, money, health etc" to happen THEN "I'll really start doing what I am supposed to be doing attitude".

You can decide RIGHT NOW that you are so sick and tired of being sick and tired (emotionally, mentally, physically) that you're going to start to live NOW. Stop putting life experiences on hold until.....You can get real with yourself, drop the emotional and mental baggage and BE "God" in the Creation Process. I highly recommend it; life is so much easier if the Universe is abundant but if we restrict ourselves that's your experience, a life with self imposed restrictions OR you can see the Divine order/nature in EVERYTHING.

So ask yourself "Am I Just Existing or Am I Alive?". You know it's not hard to figure out then decide; only you can stop just existing. NO-ONE can do it for you; NO-ONE can rescue you, that's not the "rules" of the game called Life. We are an aspect of God/Creator, God doesn't do existing, Creators create, step back a little, get rid of the heaviness, lighten up and you WILL experience the flow of Creator energy running through you, around you because it is YOU.