Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Frequency of your True Self

The Frequency of your True Selfhttp://www.bashar.orgBashar through Darryl AnkaB: Do you understand why acting on the highest excitement is soimportant, and is it's own confirmation, and is the thing that willallow things to happen as quickly as possible? Do you understand whythat is?Q: I hear that ... and I...B: Do you understand why that is? Why it is essential to act on yourhighest joy?Q: It's like, we follow it so we will fulfill ourselves.B: Why?Q: Why?B: Yes, why? What is excitement that it makes that so? Why isexcitement the thing that lets you know that, if you follow it, youwill be manifesting, in a sense, your true Self? Why?Q: Why is that so?B: Yes. Why is excitement the sign, the symbol that tells you thatthat is so? Why? What is excitement that it tells you that? What isit, what's your definition of excitement? Do you know? Do you have one?Q: Well, to me it's just feeling good, feeling high energy, feelingenthused...B: All right.Q: ... and those kind of words.B: Let's be more specific.Q: Okay.B: Here's our definition.Q: All right.B: Excitement is the physical translation of the frequency of yourtrue Self.Q: Okay.B: So if you follow it, if you act on it ... what are you being? Ijust told you.Q: Well, you're realizing...B: If you're following your highest excitement at every moment, whatare you being? Your true Self.Q: Okay.B: And if you're being your true Self that means your operating on thehighest frequency possible at that moment. And that means you'reattracting the opportunities and the circumstances and the tools andeverything you need at that moment, to the best of your ability, toallow you to continue to move in that direction; because you arealready a "complete kit." You contain everything you need, and theonly way you need to activate it, the only thing you need to activateany proper tool, at any given moment, for any proper opportunity orcircumstance or situation, at any given moment, is to pour in to thattool kit the activation energy. That means, act on your highestexcitement in any given moment. That's all you have to do, that's whythat works. That's why it helps things happen as fast as they canhappen, because you follow your joy and act on your love. That's whyit works that way, because that feeling, that vibration, is your mostnatural core vibrational frequency. That's who you are. Q: Okay, it makes a lot of sense. And, if I may add, what you'resaying is, if there is any fear left, like in her case leaving hercurrent income source and things like that?B: Then that is her energy, her excitement energy, the same energythat generates her excitement, being filtered through a definitionthat she has bought into, that is coloring that energy and making thatenergy be experienced as fear. Which is simply saying that you have adefinition through which you are running your energy that makes youexperience your energy as if it were out of tune with your true fundamental Self.That's what fear is, it's again, by analogy, like what you call thesour note on your piano instrument. It simply means that you need totune it.All of you have definitions that you have bought into. You have oneenergy that's who you are. You run your energy, when you create apersonality structure in physical reality, you flow your energythrough the personality structure -- it's, in a sense, a construction,a persona construction, the personality structure is created of beliefsystems, definitions. These definitions alter the frequency of theenergy based on how much they are, or are not aligned with your truefundamental Self. When they are aligned with your true fundamentalSelf, you experience the flow of energy as joy, ecstasy, creativity,excitement, inspiration, imagination and so forth, and love. When theyare out of whack, as you say, when they are "mis-atuned" to your truecore Self, you feel your energy as fear, anxiety, and so forth. That'swhat let's you know that you have a definition that's out of alignmentwith your truth.So, if you experience fear about a given situation, it means you havea definition of the situation that has been fed to you, that you'vebought into, maybe even unconsciously, and your energy's flowingthrough it, and it's making you feel that the definition you have,makes you feel the energy as if it is out of alignment with yourtruth. So you have to get in touch with what that definition would be,replace it with the definition of your preference, flow your energythrough that, and then you will have removed the so called fear, youwill have transformed it ... make sense?Q: Yes, it does.B: That's it! That's all there is to it, no mystery, that's how itworks, guaranteed.Q: Great. May I make just one more statement?B: You may.Q: It's really a question ... again I'd like a confirmation alongthose lines.B: Oh, I see. And so, we are going full circle. (Laughter)Q: Well, I keep stepping into that! Wait a minute ... just say, yes,based upon what you've just told me, I think I understand it.B: All right, we'll see.Q: I'd just like you to confirm that, okay? Once again, my questionwas, to what extent should I participate in setting up workshops forher across the country?B: How excited about it are you?Q: That's right, that's what I was going to say. So really, it's up tome, if I'm excited about doing that...B: Here's the formula, it's as simple as this.Q: Aha.B: All right? At any given moment, could be anything, doesn't matter,doesn't have to be a career, doesn't have to be a project. At anygiven moment, you have available to you things that you could takesome action on -- whatever it is you have the ability to take actionon, take action on the one that contains the highest amount ofexcitement, first. When you have taken that as far as you can, at anygiven moment, then act on the next most exciting thing you have theability to take some action on, and go on down the line, one after theother.Q: Okay.B: That's all you have to do. In the course of any day, the amount ofthings you are capable of, whether it's one or a thousand, the amountof things that you are capable of continuing to take action on, aslong as you make sure that you're always acting on, at any givenmoment, the thing that excites you the MOST out of anything you couldbe doing. As soon as you have done all you can on that and you go to the next,whatever amount of things you get done in a day, that's all you needto do in that day. And whatever you don't get to, doesn't need doing. Q: Okay.B: Because the thing that excites you the most, as long as you aresure in your CLARITY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY, that what you are actingon is your excitement and not a disguised anxiety, not an avoidancethat you say is your excitement. But as long as you truly are actingon your true, fundamental joy, then that is the organizing principleand theguiding, driving engine that organizes the amount of time you need,and the amount of things that will come your way that you need to takeaction on. It is the thing that automatically organizes all the otherthings you need to do. Do you follow?Q: Yes, I do.B: It's as simple as that, when you allow it to be that simple and acton it as if it is ... you will, again, I guarantee, I promise, youwill see, it is that simple.Q: Okay.B: Does that help you?Q: It does very much, and certainly it will help me express my true Self.B: Thank you.Q: Thank you very much.