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Dimension Shift: A Preview of 2007

Dimension Shift: A Preview of 2007Everything can change in the wink of an eye. That's the promise andpotential of this new year.In numerology, 2007 is a "9" year, a period of endings, completion andletting go. A nine-year cycle is coming to an end. We're ascending toa higher vibrational frequency.Pluto's transit of the Galactic Center steals the show as the mostsignificant astro event in 2007. We've been writing about it for overa year. Now it's here. Pluto the Transformer aligns with the center ofour galaxy - the heart of creation, Vishnunabi in Vedic tradition,"God" to others - all year.Through this portal, we will be unceremoniously stripped of thoughtsand beliefs that no longer serve us in a new reality creation matrix.We will remember our mastery. We must first release what we think weknow, then we can access higher dimensional frequencies that allow usto create as fully empowered, masterful beings.Jupiter's year-long transit of his home sign of Sagittarius in 2007stimulates hope, optimism and expansion. Sagittarius urges us to seekhigher truth. Follow the Archer's arrow to the stars. Cosmic knowledgewill be revealed.The culmination and focal point of 2007 comes in December when Jupitercatches up to Pluto in late Sagittarius, very near the degree of theGalactic Center. The effects of our thoughts and actions at this timewill reverberate throughout the cosmos. The signficance of thisspecial moment of manifestation can't be overestimated. The potentialis simply mindblowing. Mark December 11 on your calendar. Now.Major planetary aspects and transits in 2007Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center First exact conjunction December28, 2006. Two more passes in 2007 - July 15 and October 26/27. Intensecreativity, enhanced manifestation, extrasesensory awareness andaccess to other dimensions are just a few of the possibilities of thistransit. The destruction of outdated ways of being seems a small priceto pay . . .March eclipse series Uranus conjuncts the Sun and opposes the Moon onthe Total Lunar Eclipse on March 3. Pluto plays a significant role inthe New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 18. Layers upon layersof subconscious patterning can be released, to be replaced by new,higher frequency insights and thoughtforms.Saturn trine Pluto Saturn in Leo trines Pluto in Sagittarius on August6. This is a turning point in the same Saturn-Pluto cycle thatshockingly changed our reality with the events of September 11, 2001.Back then, Saturn opposed Pluto three times (in 2001-2002). Saturnrepresents karma, structure and form. Pluto obliterates in order tocreate. This year's trine is a choice point. How will we asindividuals, communities and nations respond under intense pressure toevolve, six years after 9/11? And is it a coincidence that we have aNew Moon Solar Eclipse on September 11 this year?Jupiter in Sagittarius Jupiter transits Sagittarius through December18. The high point is his conjuntion with Pluto, just past the degreeof the Galactic Center, on December 11. By now our inner and outerrealities are so changed we wouldn't recognize them today. Jupiter andSagittarius fill our hearts with optimism. Pluto fuels our creativeprocess, infused with Divine Essence. This is truly a new day forhumanity and the Earth.Jupiter squares Uranus and trines Saturn three times each this year.Unexpected opportunities and breakthroughs are possible. Ride the waveof expansion as you create new forms in your life.Saturn opposed Neptune Saturn and Neptune continue their oppositionthat began in August 2006. Saturn is regal in Leo and calls us toheart-centered leadership. Neptune in Aquarius keeps us focused onhumanitarian ideals and the needs of the collective. Through June2007, outdated forms are dissolved to make way for more evolvedexpressions. Leadership is transformed to better serve humanity.Uranus in Pisces Uranus' transit of Pisces continues through 2011,accelerating innovations in "new science," social systems, the arts,energy medicine, alternative technologies and other new frontiers. InPisces, Uranus catalyzes a mass spiritual awakening, the birthing of anew world consciousness. Uranus plays a major role in both the FullMoon Lunar Eclipse on August 28, and in the New Moon Solar Eclipse onSeptember 11. Sudden changes and innovations are on the horizon.Mercury Retrograde Everything seems to slow down during Mercury'sretrograde periods. This year the Messenger will be retrogradeFebruary 13-March 7; June 15-July 9; and October 11-November 1. Theseperiods are perfect for retreat, re-evaluation and taking care of oldbusiness.Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto change signs Three planetary heavyweightsmove from volatile fire signs into more stable Earth signs beginningin September. Saturn ends his two-year transit of Leo and enters Virgoon September 2. Jupiter travels from Sagittarius into Capricorn onDecember 18. And Pluto, fresh from his rendezvous with the GalacticCenter, finally enters Capricorn in January 2008. This is a rathersobering and welcome finale to a highly charged, tumultuous cycle in2006-2007. We have an opportunity now to ground the energies of allthis upheaval and change, and manifest our path of service at a higherlevel, aligned with divine intent.We'll detail these alignments - along with the Solstices, Equinoxesand Cross-Quarters - throughout the year in Cosmic Time. Stay tuned!----------------------------------------------------------Pluto PowerWhat's the potential as this tiny little (now) sub-planet at the veryfringes of our solar system aligns with the center of the Milky Way?Despite his planetary status, Pluto, the Transformer, is integral tothe evolutionary process in astrology. His first exact conjunctionwith the Galactic Center at 26 degrees 55 minutes Sagittarius happenedDecember 28, 2006. Because of Pluto's retrograde motion, this galacticalignment continues through 2007. We're experiencing it full force now.This transit only happens every 248 years, and it's never happenedwithin the context of the Great Shift. How will it affect usindividually and collectively? What can we expect?In a sentence, reality as we know it will be shattered. A new realityis about to be born.Pluto and the black hole at the center of our galaxy operate in thesame way. They annihilate in order to create. This is raw, primalcosmic creation energy we're dealing with here. How will we manageourselves as the Earth and humanity are exposed to it?The destructive/creative force of Pluto combined with the GalacticCenter will be profoundly transformational, both individually andcollectively. This is a path of empowerment. A new planetaryconsciousness is being born. Aligning with the energies facilitatesthe Earth's and humanity's shift into a higher vibrational frequency.You might call it ascension. Enlightenment. Mastery.To achieve this potential, our inner and outer worlds will shake,rattle 'n roll as we break free of limiting thoughtforms,conditioning, subconscious patterning and outdated beliefs. The divineintelligence of the cosmos will orchestrate this transformation. Weare asked simply to let go and flow with the changes.Pluto equals power. During this transit, we'll explore, individuallyand collectively: What is the nature of power, and how do we use itresponsibly? We will face our deepest fears, embrace the shadow self,reunify darkness and light.There will be growing pains as we shift into this new dimensionalfrequency. What can we expect? Death and destruction. Earthchanges/extreme weather. Outburts of personal violence and militaryaggression. A focus on nuclear power. Economic upheaval. Personalcrisis. Relationship quakes.So what's the good news? What else is possible? Acceleratedmanifestation. Unbridled creativity. Infinite possibilities,opportunities and breakthroughs. Spontaneous clairvoyance,clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, healing and other gifts.Union with the Divine.We can experience these intense energies in any number of ways.Disorientation and a sense of unsureness are common and perfectlynormal considering that reality is shifting, disintegrating andreforming. You might feel super-charged, electrified, frenetic, out ofcontrol, "discombobulated." Most if not all of us will witness andexperience upheaval, destruction, anger and aggression. You might alsobegin to experience spontaneous bliss as Divine Love beaming directlyfrom the Galactic Core fills your heart and euphoria overcomes you.How can we ease the transition and tap into the potential? The centeris shifting, and it's important to tune in with it every day throughmeditation, being in nature, exercise, yoga, t'ai chi, dance and othergrounding activities. Journaling can be helpful in sorting out yourthoughts and feelings, and for downloading cosmic insights. Relax.Stay positive. Stay focused. Breathe. Create with intent. Honor theEarth and all beings.Release what no longer serves, especially patterns of addiction,dependence and co-dependence. Create time for inner healing. Manifestfrom a position of strength.With these energies, personal mastery is possible. 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