Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What's Up On Planet Earth

What's Up On Planet EarthEnergy AlertJanuary 5, 2007=======================Greetings!If you've had an experience within the last month of being totally flattened, feeling immense physical or emotional "pain," or simply collapsing with no apparent ability to do much of anything, you are right in perfect alignment with the most enormous and incredible shift I have seen yet within our on-going spiritual evolutionary process.Each of us is being affected in relation to our weak areas.some are experiencing immense head and sinus colds, severe ear aches, others vomiting, some with intense body aches, and even outbreaks of canker sores. All in all, we are experiencing an immense internal shift, and even though it may manifest as a very painful process, it is moving huge amounts of energy.This enormous shift is bringing much together in unity. Many who were vibrating at lower levels than others are now joining the higher realms. It is as if everything has suddenly joined together and what a glorious sight it is. A more grand blending I have yet to see. Unity is the theme here, and it will continue on.So all encompassing is this shift, that it is creating "collapsing" energy. Becoming flattened to the point of not being able to function is a necessary part of the process. What is collapsing are the old boundaries and the lower vibrating energies that created separation. These were simply an illusion that we believed was real.As we vibrate higher, these illusions are dissipated, broken apart, and dispersed back into a lower vibrating reality within a part of the cosmos where we no longer reside. The entire month of December served to move out and push these energies up and out. This shift was extremely deep and really moved much that was deep within us. For me, it felt like a bulldozer pushing great amounts of dense energy to another location.Many, many have been bumped up to higher levels of reality through this shift. Like outstretched arms of loving higher vibrational energy, so much has been embraced and welcomed into this new space of wholeness and unity. These intense shifts can create sleepless nights as well. And you may not feel like doing anything at all. All the motivation you can muster up cannot seem to get you to accomplish a thing. You may not want to do a thing, and may not know what you even want to do anyway! Remember, this is a great shift.But as with most shifts, when we are in the throes of the rotor rooter cleansing and experiencing the great depths of emotion and pain, we can then reach higher states of love and compassion. Pain can always create higher states of being. When we come to find that pain actually serves to create a greater connection to our higher selves and to Source, we can then learn to embrace it when it arrives.And when the deep pain and cleansing phase is over, we are then residing in a higher state of being and it can feel glorious, while our values have once again shifted to a more elevated state. And this is precisely when you may feel like you no longer want to do a thing.Much left during this shift. The old denser ways of being and the old and denser structures of survival are now holding very little energy and power. They are literally hanging on by a thread. And along with this, we are more and more able to see the higher aspects of our brothers and sisters. As we let go of more and more of our own lower vibrating selves, we can then see others from a state of love and understanding, because we are not seeing things according to "us," or how we are personally affected. We no longer see through a filter of our mis-perceptions or "issues." It is no longer all about us. It is now much more about all of us . We are uniting now with others and we may not even know why. This is because our souls are at the helm and they always know what they are doing. Being in this new space can create a sense of wanting to serve others and the planet as much as possible. And this is the way of a higher vibrating being.When the dust finally clears from this massive shift, we will find that most of us are now in the same place. This shift has brought us together to a place where the majority will now reside. In this way, all others will have no choice but to be swept up into this higher vibrating space, if they have chosen to stay.The influence of the majority will affect everyone and everything. And although there will still be some at different levels of reality and perception, the opportunity is very intact for anyone to join in these higher ways of being.I had a long term substitute teaching job many years ago with a 6 th grade class. This was an incredible loving and bonded class of caring students, and I was very blessed. One day a new student arrived. He naturally assumed the traditional role of goofing off, disrespecting the teacher, and rebelling in an insecure way. This lasted for one day. Because he had entered an environment of a group of amazing students, he had to then assume their ways, and it almost seemed a relief to him! This different energy of a higher vibrating class had surrounded him and transformed and allowed him to be a higher vibrating being.And this is how it will be because of our latest shift. Giving love, compassion, and understanding to others will immediately bring them into this new reality. They will now be open to a new way of being through this energy. Expect it to be so and it will. Expect miracles to occur and they will. Expect something different and it will be.These are times of amazing manifestations and experiences. And we can take advantage of these times and fully utilize this miracle energy.As we begin to come out of the shifting phase, we will find that we are once again wildly excited about life. We will feel much lighter. Much lighter. We have let go of so much density. But this is simply our spiritual evolutionary process in action, and always has been. And it will continue on for a very long time as we progress up the rungs of the evolutionary ladder of expansion into the higher realms. * www.whatsuponplanetearth.com * Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. *