Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Expansion of Consciousness for 2007

The Expansion of Consciousness for 2007 By Mark Stearn========================================Our capacity to give is opening up as we receive the unbounded gratitude from home for what all that we are doing. We are acting as corridors for the source and the tide of expansion is swelling on the planet Earth. Consciousness is in the formative stages of fully enlightened human consciousness. The flora and fauna have always held a highly developed state of awareness directly with home's rhythm and heartbeat. What is happening for humanity in a very gentle way is that through the embrace of the eye of home we are gently stepping into our fullness. Like a flower blossoming in the light of the sun, so are we blossoming in awareness knowing that love is indeed our undertone and not the pain of past experience. It is forever about the experience. For many have theories and concepts about spirituality, our origins, and the higher nature of creation but very little direct experience of it. Opening and allowing the grace of home to enliven us and flow through us like an ever expanding river is our greatest gift to ourselves. All falls into place once we allow this grace into our lives in a spirit of gratitude. We will see many worldly patterns and structures crumble and fall away in the coming year as physical planet Earth opens to the fullest influences of home. Where is home anyway? For each of us it is a unique experience. Forever found in the heart, it is the source of all truth, love and light. This is why we never left home. Oneness cannot know separation or even the illusion of it for oneness is the underlying pervading truth of all of creation. We are just now beginning to know ourselves, forgive ourselves and know that we are loveable. We are beginning to grow in the truth of our light that resonates from the deepest recesses of our being. The light appears through grace from the infinite beacon of the source fills us up, we swell in love and gratitude and then it is passed through us out to the world for all to receive in return. This is the flow of creation, constantly giving back and forth. True symbiosis.A huge lesson for us all is that we are forever complete in ourselves without needing another to fill the void created by the pain of past experience. Once we begin to realise our fullness, a freedom embraces our being and we begin to know an independence that works through us in a spirit of unity. This is when the full power and capacity of our being begins to flow through us in ever expanding harmonising waves of love and high vibration frequency. When we know it is us in harmony with the greater flow that we are one with we are open to the universe operating through us in the complete light of divine will. This is indeed a great stage of progress. It is forever a surprise to us how infinitely loved we are. So many of us operate from expectations and always end up having them disappointed. Understanding in love which is the vibration of compassion is our greatest asset in assisting in healing the world through the movement of our growing consciousness. In this year it is important to know that each of us can open in our own unique way and contribute to our rapidly changing world.It is a time of trusting through the deepest surrender to the infinite source inside of us and knowing that the full capacity of heaven is within us forever guiding our hearts in all that we do, think, feel and experience. Thinking we are not good enough or that we cannot make as significant a contribution as others, is our heads telling us based on past experience when our hearts always know better. Light Servers fear getting lost in the swell of the tide that sweeps the planet and question themselves about fear of loss of identity. Knowing who we truly are is forever an unchanging experience at the core of our being and is never something we can manipulate. We can however experience it's ever expanding nature knowing what a difference we forever bring to our world. The infinite source inside us knows us better than we know ourselves, is forever present just waiting to give to us when we open in the light of true innocence. 2007 is the year of unlimited expansion, infinite gratitude for all that we are and all the glory that pours through us to a rapidly awakening world.Conscious Creation===============As light workers now dear friends we are anchoring the will of the Great central sun on the earth. I mentioned already that this year is the integration of the soul. For the earth it is the year of the integration of the full body of god with all essences of god on earth moving into full awareness and clarity of their connection with home. That is why it is such an exciting time. The most clear and profound work happening right now is the massive influx of hope and gratitude created by the world's light servers that lights up the ethers like the night sky, this sails into all higher vibrations to be met by even higher tones of acknowledgement of that gratitude from the heart of home. Home is pouring its essence, heart and soul experience into the root of the earth to affect everything from the ground up. In answer to all this beautiful vibration being laid at our feet we have in each moment to open forever more in the upward ascending vibrations of praise, gratitude, love and compassion. These are the foundations for the new world. They are remaking the pain and sorrow of the old collective world and patiently paving the tones for our new conscious creation together.The faerie folk, sylphs, dryads, nature spirits, tree spirits, the standing people, the elements and all aspects of the natural energetic realms are beside themselves as they witness us weaving the tones of heaven in a new celestial dance on planet Earth. This is what we are here to do. There is no greater act of love than to be your fully present self on the planet Earth. It uplifts all life forms and sends the harmonic tones of home through the roof with collective joy, love lives to create more love and to bask in these incredible tones. Finding the home and finding the centre of the heart and soul are at the foreground of everyone's journeys for 2007. We will never know just how much we are contributing to this creation just by being our bright beautiful selves. It uplifts the celestial spheres and creates such indelible radiance throughout planet Earth and this energy is being fully utilised by Mother Earth in her integration of the body of god. The system of home is graduating into our awareness in a gentle way and all we ever have to do is to accept its constant warm loving embrace.Exciting Changes Abound =====================The tide is high. I say this in experiencing the higher tide of consciousness that is now embracing the Earth. Ascended Masters and Angels from all traditions surround our blessed planet embracing her in their bosom and transmit their loving vibrations of truth and reconnection to all hearts on our blessed sphere. I have been having many exciting personal experiences over the past couple of Earth days that speak strongly of the passage that we are now embracing to the higher vibrations. The planet feels as though it is embracing another point of the stillness of consciousness that is the eye of the Great Central Sun in motion. Last night I received an intuition that the Earth work had in a sense left one level and entered another. Spirit are currently giving me the image that we are passing through a consciousness corridor of reconnection with our new blessed planet. This is not just the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one. It is much more than this. I wrote that the new year will herald a new relationship between the Ethereal realms and the physical only a few days ago. I still feel this to be so. Consciousness is bridging with higher facets of itself now in many fashions. Many are feeling quite lost as they find their way into new avenues of awareness. The road less traveled is being traversed by all now simply because it is the sacred motion of our voyage to the New World. The magnetics of the physical Earth feel as though they have shifted. There is an alternate mood in the air. It is umistakeable as it is unavoidable for one and all. Oneness excludes no being. Our passage affects all that is in this creation.Mark Stearn is 30 and resides in Southeast Ireland. He is an indigo, a bridge soul and a consciousness worker for the divine word. He has been consciously working on behalf of the light with the Universal Ascension process since 1999. Mark is also a channel for Earth's Crystal Cities, the Celestial Hierarchy and the Ashtar Command. His work is all about unifying creation in all it's diversity. Email: * New Earth Communications: * s * New Blog site: *