Thursday, April 19, 2007

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ April 2007 Issue

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ April 2007 Issuehttp://www.sedonajournal.comThe New Earth Is HereThe Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light through Karen L. MoyeWe, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, come forth to you on thisnight of the winter solstice, the time of celebration and ceremony,to herald in the return of the light in the Northern Hemisphere. Thereis much rejoicing on this side of the veil at this time in the historyof humanity upon the Earth. You humans have surpassed all our hopesand expectations as to what you could accomplish in bringing back thelight to the Earth and to all humanity. And here you are, poised onthe eve of a new year and a new future upon a new Earth, with a newer,higher vibration. You are on the brink, as on the edge of a cliff,hovering before stepping forward and over the cliff and into a newexistence, a new way of being.But you ask of us, "If there is so much light, if all is in readinessfor us to step onto the new Earth and live in a higher, lightervibration, why is it that we feel as though life is tougher than everbefore? Why are our physical bodies experiencing more pain, moredis-ease, more symptoms than ever before? Why do the world governmentscontinue to bicker and fight with one another? Why is the threat ofnuclear annihilation once more rising in the world? Why are humanrights violations seemingly on the rise? Why are the rich gettingricher and the poor seemingly getting poorer? Why does the Earth shakeand groan from the abuses she has to endure, and why are we threatenedwith global warming as never before? If there is so much light hittingthe Earth, why does there seem to be such darkness in the world?"Dear ones, we hear your concerns and your pleas for understanding. Andwe are come forth today to bring the light of knowledge to the fears,to the dark places. For fear cannot exist in the light of knowledge;fear is simply that-a lack of knowledge. So allow us to shine thelight of our truth upon what you see as problems upon the planet atthis time.Humans are currently undergoing a restructuring, a realignment withthe new energies of the new Earth. Many other channels have foretoldthe coming of the new Earth for many years now. Many of you who arereading these words today have assisted the planet Earth in herrebirth during the last three years by holding the dream, the visionof the new Earth in your thoughts and in your hearts, thus creating aholographic template of a new way of living, a new way of experiencingthat which you call human incarnation. By so many of you holding theessence of this dream and daring to dream and put forth the image-theidea of a world where all are acknowledged as one, where the physicalplanet is honored and respected as the life bringer and where all arehonored for their unique gifts and abilities-your visualizations,dreams and hopes have created a holographic template for a new Earth,a holographic template that grew to overshadow the current 3D Earth.This overshadowing took place until there was enough light streamingto the Earth from the Great Central Sun, and the vibrations of lightfrom the awakened ones on the planet were great enough, that wasstrong enough to bring this holographic image into reality. This hasnow occurred, and the new Earth is, in fact, a living, breathinghigher aspect of the old Earth. It can be seen as Mother Earth's nextstep on the ladder of ascension and the next step on the ladder ofascension for all who choose enlightenment.EMPLOY PATIENT PERSISTENCE FOR ONGOINGPERSONAL AND GLOBAL RESTRUCTURINGSo your next questions become, "Why, if this is the new reality, doesthe old reality seem to loom so large at this time? Why are we sobogged down energetically? Why do we seem to be going backward in ourpersonal evolutions, rather than forward into the light of the newEarth, the new vibrations?" We ask you, dear readers, to take a momentat this juncture and breathe. Stop reading this page and breathe.Breathe the light of truth and knowledge in through your crownchakra-allowing the light to shine forth and fill all your chakras,fill your physical body and your etheric body-and then breathe thefear and the confusion out through your mouth. Allow, with eachbreath, the light to fill you and to shine forth into the darkness,and then breathe this gray energy out through your mouth.You live in a world where fear meets you at every turn. Your news-onthe radio, television and newspapers-is filled with it. When yougather together, many of your conversations are fear-based. The veryvibration that is being telepathically sent throughout all humanity bythose beings in charge of your governments and your major corporationsis fear-based. Take a moment, dear ones, to take a break from thisvibration, to breathe it out of your systems, replacing it with lightand knowledge. Take a moment and find the essence of peace and innerknowing within you as you read our words.Yes, the new Earth is at hand. Many of you are living at least part ofyour day, every day, in the new Energy. You are now vibrating at ahigher rate, and you are encompassing more and more of your soul'slight and essence. This is fact. It is truth. It is also truth thatyour bodies are being reborn. The human body, as your scientistsunderstand it, is changing very rapidly at this time. You are fullyincorporating the whole of your DNA. The veil, the membrane that hasseparated your brain into a right brain and left brain-which kept youin separation-is dissolving, and new synapses, new connections, arebeing forged between both sides of the brain. Areas of the humanbrain that have not been active for tens of thousands of years arebeing reactivated. Access to your guides and angels and personal soulknowledge is present in a way it has not been for millennia. The humanbody is being rewired in such a way that gifts and abilities that haveonly been written about in science fiction and fantasy will begin tobe accessed and used in day-to-day life. Mother Earth is not the onlyentity on the planet who is experiencing a rebirth and newempowerment. Humanity is also undergoing a very similar process.IT TAKES TIME TO ACCLIMATE TO VARIOUSSTAGES OF THE NEW YOUThe challenge, though, dear ones, is that you are each having toacclimate to the physical, electrical and energetic changes that areoccurring in your bodies at this time. You are having symptoms asthough you are rejecting the new you. You are experiencing energeticillnesses as have never before been experienced on the Earth as youacclimate to the new you. And yes, some of you are rejecting the newyou, just as an organ transplant patient will sometimes reject her orhis new organ. Why? Because a part of you is stuck, held in a placethat is not accepting of change and moving forward. This is occurringfor some of you because of energetic blocks and resistance towardmoving into all that you are. It is as though you were climbing a tallladder and were moving slowly but steadily up the ladder, and then yousuddenly stop and happen to glance down. You see how far you haveclimbed, and you suddenly are overwhelmed by fear. The fear is sogreat that you find you cannot continue up the ladder or even startback down. You are as though frozen in place. How do you unfreeze so that you can allow yourself to truly experiencethe rebirthing of the human race? We ask you to seek out those healerswho are beginning to work with the energies and imbalances caused bythis evolution. Realize that many of the old tried-and-true healingmodalities that you have used and trusted for many years will be oflittle use to you at this time. Instead, you must seek out thepioneers, the new healing modalities that are being brought forth atthis time to work specifically with the challenges of the new energiesand the rebirthing of the human body and consciousness.For those of you who are suffering from milder symptoms, such asirregular sleep patterns, new aches and pains or a new susceptibilityto colds and allergies, know that your being in a state ofallowance-allowing these energies to work with you and through youwithout hindrance-will speed the process of your transformation. Moreand more information will be made available to you in the comingmonths from many different sources. There will be more help andsupport for you as these new energies begin to be understood andworked with.The year 2006 has been one of many challenges for lightworkerseverywhere. Old beliefs, patterns of being and woundings that you haveworked on and cleared and healed so many times in this incarnation,seemed to rise up out of nowhere to loom large in your life, creatingmore pain and suffering. Many of you have cried out to God indisbelief and desperation, "We have cleared these patterns andwoundings. Why are they back again?" We tell you, dear ones, in allcompassion, that you have seen and experienced old ways of being inthe world once more, because you contracted in this lifetime to notonly clear, release and heal these woundings within yourselves, youalso agreed to help release these forces for the mass consciousness.Even though your personal percentage of this energy-this invalidbelief or wounding-was very low, say only 15 percent, through theuniversal law of attraction, your 15 percent resonated with the 85percent of mass consciousness, creating a feeling of being overwhelmedby the enormity of your experience of these forces.Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you volunteered toassist the planet and mass consciousness in this way. And this time,when you once more released and cleared these energies, you not onlycleared them for yourselves, you also helped clear them for humanity.And we on this side of the veil celebrate your bravery and love forthe earth and humanity. You are the way-showers. And though many timesyou have felt alone and exhausted and as though you could notcontinue, somewhere deep within you, a light has continued to shine,illuminating your belief in yourselves and your missions in thislifetime. And we salute you, dear ones. Your courage and dedication isbeing celebrated throughout the multiverses.2007 WILL BE LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER FOR THOSEWHO ALLOW HIGHER ENERGIES TO WORKSo 2006 has been a time of clearing and cleansing, a time of veryheavy energies that have come up to be released and healed once andfor all. Many of you have despaired that your lives will ever geteasier and that prosperity, good health and happiness will ever flowfreely to and through you. Know, dear ones, deliverance is at hand.The light of 2007 will shine into the dark recesses of your being, aswell as within the darkness of global events. More light will comeupon the earth in 2007 than at any other point in human history.The year 2007 will dawn brighter and lighter for all who are willingto allow these energies to work in their lives and to be a part oftheir new reality.There will be those who will choose to stay unconscious and stuck inthe older, lower vibrating energies of the 3D Earth. For theseindividuals, let there be no judgment. They have only made a differentchoice. If one of these individuals is a partner or family member ordear friend, hold the light for them, and know that at any moment,they can choose again. They can choose a different reality.But for those of you who are willing to embrace the new energies andlive life fully on the new Earth, you will have the experience ofwatching as the light of knowledge is shone throughout the governmentsand corporations of the world. Secrets, double-dealings and decisionsthat have been made for the good of the few will be illuminated asnever before. The old leadership will begin to lose power andcredibility, and a new order that celebrates the good of the wholewill begin to be seen and heard and rise in power as never before. Thelight of knowledge and truth will be shown in the dark places.NEW MOMENTUM FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVINGWILL BE BROUGHT FORTHAnd because the light will be heightened on the planet, the planetherself will make changes and release pent-up energies that no longerserve her. There will be an internal and external reorganization onthe planet that will bring many changes to her land masses over thenext few years. We tell you, though, there is nothing to fear, for allis in divine order. Know that changes will need to occur in theproduction of energy, in the gathering of pure water, in the growingof food and the providing of other resources. A new momentum forecologically sustainable living will be brought forth. Individuals andfamilies will begin to desire and seek out community with like-mindedothers. More and more people will begin to realize that humanity willnot be able to survive as individuals. It will be through the comingtogether into communities and villages, growing and living togetherand celebrating the bounty and the rhythms of the Earth that willherald in living in harmony upon the new Earth.Put forth your intentions, dear ones, for that which you wish tomanifest for your lives, for your future. Hold this vision foryourself, for the Earth and for all humanity. And know that you areloved and supported by countless beings of light who await yourrequests for assistance in bringing the new Earth into its totality.We, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, shower our love and lightupon you and wish you all the joy your true resonance can bring.