Friday, March 6, 2015

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Shifts - By Kiara Windrider

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Shifts
By Kiara Windrider

 All life is held and sustained by the magnetic fields of the Earth. Our thoughts, feelings and memories are supported by magnetic fields. Our physical bodies are linked with etheric, astral and causal bodies through these same magnetic fields. Our sense of human identity could not exist without reference to these magnetic fields.

 Scientists tell us that the magnetic fields of the Earth have been steadily weakening. There has been a strong exponential decline in recent years. Over the past two thousand years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the magnetic field strength has dropped by roughly 40-50%. A hundred years ago, it was decreasing at the rate of 5% every hundred years. And now, according to the European Space Agency, who recently sent up an array of 3 satellites to specifically measure these magnetic fields, it is falling at the rate of 5% every decade, much faster than anyone had thought.

 Scientists also tell us that the magnetic poles of the Earth reverse periodically. Although they differ about what the exact periodicity may be, science researchers such as Robert Felix present evidence that this could be linked with the Milankovitch Cycles, and that they undergo either a full reversal or partial excursion every 11,500 years. Felix also correlates these magnetic reversals with genetic mutations and evolutionary leaps.

 Many researchers agree that the last reversal took place between 11,500 years and 12,000 years ago, which means the next reversal could take place anytime now. A reversal generally takes place when the magnetic fields of the Earth drop to about 15% of its original field strength, simultaneous with strong incoming flares from the sun. At the rate of current exponential collapse this could well happen within the next decade or two!

 The Toltecs say we are currently in a cycle known as the Fifth Sun, characterized by separation and duality. They say that a Sixth Sun, characterized by unity consciousness, is now dawning. Toltec teacher Sergio Magana says that this Sixth Sun first made its presence felt in 1991 and will be fully manifest by the year 2021 AD.

 The Mayas refer to the birth tunnel between these two worlds as the ‘three days of darkness’. Mayan spokesperson Don Alejandro Cirilo emphasizes that this is not something to fear, rather something which we have been awaiting a long time, heralding the dawning of a new species of humanity, homo luminous.

 There is growing evidence that the last phase of a magnetic field collapse usually takes place very quickly, in the space of a few hours or days, following which the magnetic field reorganizes itself with reversed polarity. As I explore our current understanding of these discoveries in the context of ancient prophecies and calendar systems, it appears that these three days of darkness could well be referring to this last phase of the Earth’s magnetic field collapse and reversal, corresponding to the dawning of the Sixth Sun.

 What can we expect to happen in these three days of darkness? Our sense of personal identity is based on the continuity of thoughts, feelings and memories, created by interconnections between the physical and subtle bodies. Since our bodies and all life on Earth are linked together through magnetic fields, it seems probable that as these begin to de-link during the reversal process, the continuity of personal identity would be broken, and our normal perceptions of reality would cease to function.

 There is a matrix of human conditioning that we get plugged into the moment we take incarnation on Earth. Like all fields, this collective matrix is electromagnetic in nature. Our conditioning over the past few cycles in this particular matrix has become increasingly programmed by rigid expressions of fear, greed and violence, creating an escalating veil of separation and duality which the ancient Vedic seers referred to as Maya.

 There is however a subtler source of identity that most of us are not always in touch with, which we might refer to as the Soul. I have begun to suspect that as we make the transition through the three days of darkness, the entire electromagnetic matrix of Maya could begin to disintegrate, allowing us to recalibrate our thoughts and perceptions in attunement with the multi-dimensional realms of the Soul. This is why some mystical traditions have stated that for the advanced soul these times of magnetic reversal are the most auspicious times to be on Earth.

 My own sense is that although most humans will fall into a deep sleep or coma during this transition, those who can prepare themselves by unifying their physical body with their subtle light bodies, will be enabled to journey through these three days of darkness with full awareness, thus serving as a bridge between the current consensus of reality and the infinite potential available to us from the highest levels of creation. We can choose to collaborate with the forces of galactic creation to birth a new evolution on Earth.

 Contrary to Darwin’s hypothesis, many biologists today have come to the realization that evolution does not happen in a ‘slow and stately’ manner but rather in swift and dramatic leaps directly linked with magnetic reversals.

 What is the mechanism behind these evolutionary leaps? The magnetic field of the earth not only organizes life on earth but also acts as a shield against storms of cosmic radiation constantly moving through interplanetary space. However, during this brief period of collapse and reversal which the Mayas referred to as the days of darkness, highly amplified levels of cosmic radioactivity rain down from the skies, creating a ripple of biological extinctions as well as mutations across the planet.

 Earlier cycles of magnetic reversal were accompanied by peaks in earthquake and volcanic activity, which created widespread and often cataclysmic changes on the planet. In the cycle immediately prior to our own, we even experienced a displacement of crustal plates which led to the sinking and rising of entire continents.

 So what is our own role within these evolutionary times? Many esoteric traditions correlate the degree of catastrophic change experienced during a magnetic reversal with the collective consciousness existing on the planet during that time. The great English biologist James Lovelock refers to the Earth as a living conscious biological organism, and hypothesizes that humans are perhaps the nervous system of this larger organism, which he refers to as Gaia.

 Could it be that our role is to be conduits between galactic forces and the living intelligence of Gaia? Is there a unified field of intelligence currently anchored within the higher fields of Gaia that can be accessed in order to make this transition smoother and easier? Are there enough human beings on this planet who have evolved to a stage of consciousness where we can collectively direct our own evolutionary course?

 I believe that the degree of catastrophic change experienced during a magnetic reversal has to do with the collective consciousness existing on the planet during that time. I do feel that there is a unified field of light currently anchored within the higher fields of Gaia that could help make this current transition relatively smooth. But we must remember that we have evolved to a stage now where we are no longer simply passive observers in a random chain of events.

 As the nervous system of Gaia, human organisms are conduits between galactic forces and the living intelligence of the earth. We are taking our place now as conscious co-creators for a new stage of evolution. To the extent that we are able to align ourselves with cosmic and galactic forces, allowing these fields of intelligence to channel through our physical bodies, we become conscious participants in the evolutionary process.

 Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to a pulse of galactic superwaves emanating from the core of our galaxy and periodically moving through our solar system, carrying with it new waves of creative potential. These are intelligent fields of light with the power to inform and direct new cycles of evolution on Earth.

 Evolution and involution are two expressions of the same movement. The evolution of life on earth has to do with a long series of genetic mutations within the matrix of Gaia’s consciousness. Meanwhile, the Self is on a journey of awakening to itself within the consciousness of matter. As we refine our nervous systems, we become a bridge between the worlds.

 The radioactivity unleashed during the upcoming magnetic reversal could then be harmonized within the consciousness of Gaia towards the manifestation of an entirely new wave of biological creation. These three days of darkness would become an unprecedented opportunity for creator consciousness to incarnate into matter. A next stage of human evolution would be initiated, the homo luminous or divine human. To the extent that we can remain conscious during the magnetic reversal, this might even allow a certain number of individuals to move into a further stage of evolution which the Indian seer, Sri Aurobindo, referred to as the supramental human.

 What would be the mechanism for such a process?

 Scientists tell us that under certain conditions the pineal gland produces massive amounts of DMT, which is the same substance contained in plant medicines such as ayahuasca, used by shamans for accessing alternate worlds or dimensions. When a person dies and their heart stops, the magnetic field normally generated by the heart collapses. As this heart-generated magnetic field collapses, DMT is spontaneously generated within the pineal gland, which in turn opens a doorway between worlds so that the person can exit their physical body and move into subtler levels of existence. DMT is also produced in large quantities during the passage of birth.

 It turns out that DMT is also produced by the pineal gland when magnetic fields weaken or collapse. What would be the effect during a magnetic reversal if all of us were to experience a DMT spike simultaneously? Imagine the whole world on ayahuasca! Would we choose to use this moment to dissolve the illusory matrix of suffering, duality and fear?

 And what would happen if we were simultaneously bombarded by massive amounts of cosmic radioactivity? Radioactivity causes mutations and most mutations are harmful to biological life. Yet, there are certain receptors in the brain which respond to the presence of DMT by rendering a person immune to the ill effects of nuclear radiation. Is it possible that during a magnetic reversal these receptors are activated by the collective activation of DMT, such that our DNA can mutate positively under the direction of a higher planetary or galactic intelligence? Is this the mechanism for how evolution makes quantum shifts during magnetic reversals so that an entirely new range of species could be created within a single generation?

To the extent that we realize ourselves as active creators rather than passive observers, the radioactivity unleashed during a magnetic reversal can be directed with conscious intent towards the birth of a new multi-dimensional species of humanity. Each reversal is an evolutionary reset. As we pass through the three days of darkness, we can dissolve the programming held within the subconscious matrix of human history, release old identities based on fear and illusion, pierce through the veils of maya that keep us in ignorance of our true Self, and take our place as divine humans, wide-browed creators playing within the field of our own creation, expressing our highest potential and creativity as multidimensional beings of light!

 We are midwives for a new wave of creation. What kind of world do we wish to create?