Thursday, October 19, 2023

Lunar Eclipse Enhances Spiritual Development - by Meg Benedicte


We are currently in the Eclipse Corridor, the two weeks between powerful Eclipses that activated on October 14 with a ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse across the United States. We are heading toward the 2nd Eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus on October 28, 2023. The Eclipse is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and it’s opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio.

The Full Moon Eclipse occurs when the Sun in Scorpio forms an opposition to the Moon in Taurus. This Full Moon Eclipse culminates what was set in motion in 2021. This will be the last Eclipse on Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis for years to come. This Eclipse is a bit of a wild card, concluding several disruptive years in economic turbulence, inflation, banking and finance industries, supply chain and global resources.

This is a North Node Eclipse of destiny, which highlights on a personal level what path and direction you are headed. It provides course-correction opportunities to resolve past karma and align with your Soul purpose going forward. In Taurus, the key theme of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse involves insatiable hunger, ambition, and greed complexes. Are you manifesting with a full, compassionate heart or ego-driven to acquire and possess?

In Jungian theory, “the shadow” is made up of the disowned parts of ourselves, the unconscious self. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse illuminates our internal experience, the hidden fragments and core wounds. In the sign of Taurus, this Lunar Eclipse reveals shadow aspects and toxic situations in areas of income, security, beauty, love, and self-worth. 

On the Taurus-Scorpio axis, this Lunar Eclipse highlights human needs, lacks, and wants in earthy, practical, Taurus ways with emotional, transformative Scorpio influence. The Full Moon in Taurus enhances emotional fulfillment through more physical, tangible things in life, while the Scorpio Sun explores life’s supernatural mysteries.

For the past two years the Eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio nodal points have emphasized a daily practice of spiritual development. It has reinforced the bridge between spirit and human, the path of Soul embodiment. This Lunar Eclipse amplifies the emotional realm. It is bringing to our attention what is out-of-balance, what is still dysfunctional in the daily life. This is a highly personal lunation, with Jupiter conjunct Taurus, the Lunar Eclipse enhances deeper spiritual growth and purpose.

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