Monday, October 2, 2023

144,000 Starseeded Dragon Timekeepers, OCTOBER 14 RING of FIRE ECLIPSE: by EarthStar Academy

Dragon Grid Intel 🐉  

 A massive solar event will take place in October during the Ring of Fire Eclipse. A new wave of activation/installation of Planetary Ascension Hub Systems will catalyze through the Dragon lines. The Master Dragon line in the crystal core of the Earth will be awakened, and catalyze a mass awakening in the Starseed Family. 

Those with the genetic templating (12-48 strand indigos, starseeds, 144000, angelics, etc) are the first to become aware of planetary genetic upgrades because we are coded to support these changes. If you’re feeling this, then you are one! 

The frontrunners and wayshowers are being called to the next levels of our leadership. Our awareness of our connection to the planetary and universal body allow us to work directly with the collective fields and grids. 

Gridwork allows us both to upgrade our genetic and lightbody grids to become a facilitator of these upgrades for the planetary body - and to support humanity through these epic dimensional shifts by keeping the fields as stable as possible.

Christ Consciousness is the golden child of the perfect Hiero Gamic Union of Holy Mother and Father Original Creation Intelligence. When there is a divine balance of divine Feminine and Masculine energies, together they give rise to Christ as their perfect divine co-creation of Form. 

Our planet has been programmed and enslaved through anti-union propaganda, through masculine dominant religion, anti-mother and female erasure campaigns, and false feminism. Anti-union viruses blocks Christ Consciousness from activating nor able to be experienced by human beings. 

All programs of feminine or masculine domination, separation, trauma, and splitting are part of this agenda. 

In order for Christ Consciousness to fully return to Reign over the Earth, a balance must be reached in the Earth’s Grids of divine feminine and masculine energies in perfect Union. 

Christ's second coming is not as a single person but as a Frequency and Timeline of miracles, divine union, perfect love, and eternal Peace. This Frequency is being remembered, activated, embodied, hosted, and wayshowed in the Starseeds, this is our Mission. 

This is a cosmic level of creational alchemy we have the opportunity to perceive, experience, and even participate in this upcoming Eclipse!

The Ring of Fire Eclipse creates a ring of Solar Light representing the Holy Father, and the Ring of Fire of volcanos surrounding the Pacific Ocean the Womb of Creation, represents the Divine Mother. 

Through an intentional sequence of activations, we will get to witness and support a cosmic ceremony of Hieros Gamos which is needed to awaken the 13th Master Dragon Line in the crystal core of the Earth.  

Facilitating high level planetary Gridwork requires us to become Krystal masters of our own field and consciousness. This means many different training areas are needed, like ego mastery, earth self-healing, psychic sovereignty and skills, and continuous genetic bioregenesis.

This is what we facilitate inside the EarthStar Academy. 

As these high-octane energies flood the earth, we should be feeling elated, easily pulled into deep and mystical meditations, ecstatic spiritual pleasure in the body, resolution of long standing karmic issues, and an immense peace of inner knowing.  Ascension symptoms like anxiety, pain, emotional turmoil and triggers are the result of blockages revealed and healed by the high frequency amplifications. 

The Dragons in Stasis represent epic proportions of Power, Wisdom and Love of God, waiting for divinely ordained time to awaken and reclaim the Earth. 

It also represents the Power, Wisdom and Love inside of You, imbued by the hands of Creation. The 144,000 are Starseeded Harbingers of Gods Love, Sanctity, Eternal Peace & Prophecy. 

This Eclipse Solar Union Event will be an opportunity of a life time to receive these avatar level activations, and allow them to Awaken the Dragon Powers of Co-Creation within You!

EarthStar Academy

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