Sunday, March 8, 2009


by Dorene A. Carrel

March is highlighted by a Venus retrograde cycle, a Saturn/
Uranus lunation and the Spring Equinox. We begin this month under a
Pisces New Moon period from late February. As Pisces blends into
Aries, we turn from introspection to energized new beginnings.

Venus turns retrograde from March 6 until April 17,
traveling from mid-Aries to late Pisces. During this cycle, our
relationships, finances, personal values, artistic expression and
quality of life are likely to undergo more fluctuations and changes.
Traditionally, it is said to be a poor time to make major purchases,
investments, get married or divorced, or start a new relationship.
This period is favorable for re-evaluation and re-ordering our
priorities in order to bring more balance to our lives, relationships
and finances. When Venus retrogrades in Aries (March 7-April 11), we
may review how well we assert our needs in relationships; while Venus
retrogrades in Pisces (April 12-19) will be a good time to review any
victim/savior patterns and patterns of self-delusion.

On March 10, a Full Moon occurs at 21 Virgo. This
lunation aligns with both Saturn and Uranus, amplifying the ongoing
opposition that began last fall and continues until 2010. This
influence will be strongest from March 8-12. Virgo themes include
health, nutrition, work/service; being pragmatic, efficient, thorough,
exacting, critical, discerning, methodical and detail-oriented.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation speaks to the feeling
of participation in a collective culture. The Saturn/Uranus focus has
resulted in old vested interests being challenged by new humanitarian
forces. The intent is to bring about more equal opportunity for all.
On a personal level, we need to discern where we are too stagnant and
be open to new ideas and innovative change. Some Uranian options
include doing volunteer work, seeking alternative healing or learning
a new technology.

The Spring Equinox on March 20 is the astrological New
Year and a better time for new beginnings than January 1. An influx
of innovative ideas can lead to some creative breakthroughs when
Mercury aligns with Uranus in Pisces the next day. However, since this
is the last lunar phase, it won’t be time to take action for another

The New Moon occurs on March 26 at 6 Aries. It is aligned
with Venus and Mercury, and makes a difficult square to Pluto. Aries
themes include leadership, new beginnings, taking initiative; being
energetic, assertive, independent, confident and pioneering. This
lunation period will be especially good for beginning a new creative
project or long-term personal goal, although it may be best to wait
until Venus turns direct in mid-April to begin a new business.

As Pluto stations in the next week, it is even stronger
and more intense. With Pluto aspects, there is always the potential
for power and control issues. During this lunation period we will be
challenged to find a good balance between cooperation and self-
assertion within our relationships. The Sabian symbol describes the
dual nature of man and the possibilities this implies. This energy is
favorable for going deeper to find the essential truths within our
life issues in order for a transformation to occur.

April is a powerful month, with several energizing Mars
aspects and two planetary stations. In addition, Pluto turns
stationary retrograde on April 4, at 3 Capricorn, continuing the power
trends mentioned in the last paragraph.

On this same day, Mars opposes Saturn in Pisces/Virgo.
This is not the time to take any undue risks or act too boldly, as
this challenging combination calls for caution on all levels. With
Mars in a water sign, some unresolved emotional issues may come up
that can result in feelings of insecurity or victimization. We may
want to act on something, but feel too anxious or constrained. At any
rate, the timing is off right now. However, a harmonious alignment of
Mercury and Jupiter will help us achieve more tolerance and clarity in
our thinking and communications.

The Full Moon occurs on April 9 at 20 Libra. A favorable
trine to Jupiter brings an expansive quality to this period, which
will be beneficial for travel, writing, taking a new class and
creative visualization or dream work. Libra rules relationships,
partnerships, diplomacy, mediation, cooperation, equality and seeking
harmony. The Sabian symbol describes the ability to draw on the power
of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one’s fellow

The second challenging Mars aspect occurs on April 15 when
Mars conjuncts Uranus at 25 Pisces. This combination often brings
about unexpected changes or upheavals. The Sabian symbol for this
degree speaks about the need for purging or catharsis to overcome
corrupting influences. In Pisces, this could refer to disturbed
feelings or images that have interfered with our inner self or soul
connection. The sun in favorable aspect to Neptune may bring some
time for peaceful solitude and reflection.

On April 17, Venus turns direct at 29 Pisces, which is a
critical degree. The Sabian symbol for this degree suggests that
clearly visualized ideals can be powerful in molding one’s life. We
can use this last lunar phase to visualize ideals for our current and
future relationships. On April 24, Venus aligns with Mars, also at 29
Pisces. This is normally a potent time for attracting new
relationships, although Pisces has an overly idealistic and illusive
quality that can result in deception. However, it is possible that
soul mate connections with a very spiritual quality can be made at
this time.

The New Moon, occurring on April 24 at 5 Taurus, is in a
favorable trine to Pluto. Taurus themes include finances, resources,
art, values; being practical, patient, stable, thorough, comfortable,
sensual and possessive. The Sabian symbol speaks to the conquest of
separation through group cooperation (Pluto). This would be a
favorable month to gain more clarity on personal resources, values and
how to create more stability and comfort in one’s daily life.

The month ends with the last challenging Mars aspect on
April 26, which is Mars square Pluto at 3 Aries/Capricorn. An
impetuous Mars in Aries experiences a stronger resistance from Pluto
that can lead to clashes of will, breakups, accidents and powerful
storms. Since a Moon wobble at this time also heightens emotional
responses, acting with caution is advised. On an inner level, one
might use this energy to purge thoughts and beliefs that are harmful
or counterproductive.

In May, benevolent Jupiter and mystical Neptune join
forces in Aquarius to bring more grace, harmony and compassion into
our lives. Blessings for a prosperous spring!

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