Monday, March 2, 2009

Ascension Wave Update!

Ascension Wave Update!

News Alert!
"Collapsing Karmic Timelines" - March 1st, 2009

There has been a global activation for the First Wave of Lightworkers
who are witnessing the collapse of parallel timelines, in a recent
move to abandon the reincarnation karmic wheel. By doing this, there
has been an up-swell of polarized resistance in the planetary energy
field that may feel like physical disturbances and emotional
oppression. More recently, we are witnessing a catastrophic time warp,
or ripple of karma, that is running through the mass consciousness and
can be felt as heavy depression, loneliness, painful body weight,
physical fatigue, vertigo and body aches.

What we want you to be aware of is that this release is essential to
breaking free of the karmic cycle and human enslavement of trapped
timelines. For our minds to break free of the Mind Matrix, we need to
disconnect from all false identity programs still being upheld in the
auric field. And this includes this current life as well as past
lives...all human incarnational aspects of the Over-Soul must be
liberated and healed.

And so to assist with this current activation, we are establishing a
sacred netting of unconditional love that is wrapping around your
human energy field, so that you can begin to reconnect to divine love
and care. The breaking off point from the corrupted timelines of karma
will feel like an energetic death and demise of your past identities
and ego attachments, and could feel disruptive and "battle-like". You
may even experience the ego-self asserting controlling, rigid energy
or feel like you are splitting out of the body.

It's important to realize the quickest, easiest way to move through
this process is to surrender and allow whatever is collapsing and
"dying" inside, needs to drop out! It is old energy from the past
paradigm and does not serve you, but weighs you down and holds you
enslaved. Help the human ego-self to relax and let it collapse inside
and around you. This is the death of the karmic timelines of enslavement!

We need to establish a new rooting mechanism into the New Earth
hologram, as we break out of the polarized karmic hologram. We also
need to assist the clearing of past polarity from our bio-energetics,
as we release and collapse the karmic timelines. The Vortex Healing
system can assist the latest Ascension Wave by stabilizing and
grounding the human energy field, while spinning polarity out of the

If you are not currently experiencing this stage of the Ascension
process, it will be activated within divine timing by your Over-Soul
in the future.

I've recorded a Vortex Meditation to assist the healing process of the
collapsing karmic timelines. Work with it as long as you need to pass
through this current Ascension Wave. In love and light,

Meg Benedicte

Listen to audio recording of Vortex Activations for latest Ascension Wave!

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