Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Are The Intersection of The Light Meeting The Light

You Are The Intersection of The
Light Meeting The Light.
You Stand At The Crossroad Of Time
as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
As the time of Easter enters your consciousness, realize that you will energetically walk through rememberings of Biblical Times past. You will walk through extensions of your parallel and multi-dimensional time selves that are overlying and underlying your sacred path. You will part the seas of existence as you look between the past and the present.
At the time of Easter you will connect fully with the multidimensional aspects of your soul. you running dimensional sequences within simultaneous time, also you are running dimensional sequences with Higher Selves, Soul Selves, Angelic Selves, and Over-soul Selves. You are the intersection of the Light meeting the Light. You stand at the crossroad of time. Everything cavorts about and upon you, surrounding you in a vastness of knowledge that surmounts time,
You will see as you stand in the center of your multi-universal being that the present is the point of manifestation and creation. You house internally and externally all possibilities. You can and will resurrect through time and space, releasing linear conjunctions and linear expectations as you mount your full potential to receive the 144 Commandments of Light.
I the higher aspect of the Christ speak to you from the intersection of humanness, Soul, and Over Soul. I speak to you at the point that you and I intersect and we form a Star of David, the Star Tetrahedron, and the living Mercaba. I ask you to take a precious moment and turn your eyes inward-to the focul point of your 3rd eye. place your consciousness there on the screen of all possibilities and see the light that I AM, the Light that you are, and the Light that we can become together.
When Jesus the man left the earth as his Christed self, and crowned his humanness in glory and Ascension, his disciples hid behind his event of transformation and transmutation. They focused upon this awe-inspiring event with fear, and doubt. They felt deserted, and abandoned. They felt empty.
As you have the opportunity to fully walk into your Christed garments of Light, will you feel as though you have abandoned your humanness? Will you feel as though you have abandoned the pleasures of earth, and those you love? Do not allow your garment of Christed Light to be something that you only wear on Sundays or holidays. Wear it continually with the knowledge that you can be divine, holy, and human simultaneously. For Jesus the man said that the future generations of light walkers would do greater deeds than he, which was a promise he made to the future children of light that would walk earth.
You shift the future by your thought, by your actions, by your awareness', and by your declarations. You have changed the molecular structure of the mind; the past will not enter your future. The instructions are as such. As you celebrate Easter - celebrate the Cosmic Christ, and the Human Being who lovingly moves toward Christed awareness. Do not get caught up in the trappings of what happened in Biblical Times, move past it.
Don't camp out too long in the Spiritual Stigmata of your old selves. Yes, there were injustices. and pain. But it is not your job to own it. Your heart is a Christ Heart. Yes you take everything to heart. yes you feel the injustices, But how do those feelings serve you? You cannot move when you are drenched in pity, in shackled in sadness. mobility comes with love. Whenever your life is not moving, it is because you have cemented your feet in the past the way it was. I represent the Trinity of all the incarnations of Christ as do you. You have worn every religion, every faith, and every conviction. You have worn every magical, alchemical thought through time and space. You wear it all, for it can be no other way.
Look to the future with a heart that is Light. I AM the essence of the Cosmic Christ. I am in you as you are in me. For we are cut from the same fabric of light. We are the same. I am not mightier than you are. I am not grander than you are. I am you. I ask you to lovingly lift the memory of my time on earth out of the pain and crucifixion and see it fly as the Phoenix into a place of perfect light.
Your potential is unlimited. It goes beyond words or expectations. I ask you at this time of Easter to receive my body in communion - but not through a wafer- but through a vibration. When the sun rises on the morn of Easter - breathe me into you. Sup upon my knowledge of all time - and I will sup upon your humanness. You are the pride and the joy of this universe. Stand up - to see in truth, the true reflection of the Cosmic Christ you are! You are born to begin anew every day.